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FTSFD – Part Three (Genevieve Takes a Shower and Makes a Friend)

(Part 1, Part 2)

Genevieve strode briskly along, trying to ignore her totally nude state relative to her (primarily) (comparatively) clothed female counterparts. This was made harder by the way boys and girls alike would still point at her and snicker, as well as occasionally snap photos. This wasn’t helped by the fact that Genevieve had failed to realize that even after her very dirty cleanup job, she still had several long streaks of cum in her hair, making it very obvious that in addition to being very naked she had very recently been very well fucked.

As she walked Genevieve was surprised to see a girl who was evidently taking a shower and lathering up right in public!




Genevieve blushed prettily as the girl, catching on that she was being watched, turned and clearly spotted Genevieve staring. Genevieve was surprised (though far less so than she would have been even earlier that day) as the girl continued to lather up with no sign of embarrassment whatsoever, even turning around to face her.




The girl spoke to Genevieve directly, looking her right in the eye. “So, little voyeur, enjoy the show?” Genevieve blushed even more intently and hoped the girl hadn’t noticed the way her cute little pussy had flushed along with her face as she watched, offering mute testimony that yes, yes she had. “I – I mean, I’m not like – that is, I didn’t mean to-”, Genevieve stammered. The girl laughed at her obvious embarrassment as she stood up to rinse off. “It’s alright. Always nice to have an admirer.”, she said with a smile.


“Say”, she said, looking back at Genevieve, who was still unable to tear her eyes away, “you look like you could use a turn washing up yourself.


Genevieve considered. Well, she was already naked in public anyway, and while her seminal – no, that should be semen-al – (get it? get it? –ed) luncheon earlier had removed (most) of the obvious cumsplatters from her face and body, it couldn’t be denied she was still decidedly… sticky. Not to mention the annoying fact that she’d been pumped so full of cum by her various consensual rapists that it had been leaking down her legs out of both her pussy and asshole as she walked. Yes, she decided, a shower was just the thing – public or not.

“Thanks! Let me just, um, step on in here…” Genevieve said, easing her way under the water as the now suds-free other girl made room. Genevieve looked about for the soap, but was surprised to find it in the other girls hands. Well, really more surprised to find the other girl’s hands on her body, gliding over its smooth surfaces and delightful curves. “Oh!” Genevieve gasped. “That’s really – really not necessary…” The other girl smirked. “Nonsense. Always happy to help out a fan.” Genevieve blushed again, both from the girl’s words and from the way her pussy was moistening and her nipples were standing erect and almost painfully hard from the feel of the girl’s attentive hands – not to mention the way she kept pressing her naked body against Genevieve’s.

Genevieve gasped again as, while the warm falling water sluiced the suds away, the girl slid down her body as well to stick her tongue up Genevieve’s still cum-filled asshole. “Mmm. Tastes like somebody’s been having fun.”, she said, much to Genevieve’s further embarrassment. “Here. Let me help clean this up for you too.” Genevieve’s previous embarrassment catapulted to new heights of humiliation as the girl enthusiastically went to work on both her pussy and asshole, switching back and forth from one to the other as she tongued and sucked the cum out of Genevieve’s still tight young holes, vigorously fingering each to pump out still more cum to be devoured. Genevieve moaned louder and louder in increasing arousal and pleasure under the girl’s expert administrations, almost but not quite oblivious to the gathering crowd admiring yet another of her humiliatingly public sexual displays. With a cry of unrestrained ecstasy Genevieve came hard in front of all her witnesses as a knee-weakening orgasm pulsed through her receptive body.

Genevieve barely had a moment to recover before she suddenly felt another, thicker, undeniably male set of fingers probing the inside of her pussy from behind. “Yup, soaking inside and out!” She could practically hear the grin in his voice as he continued, “Ready for your punishment, sweetheart?” Ready or not, here he came, bending her over and plunging his big hard cock deep inside Genevieve’s wet eager pussy in yet another consensual rape for her day. As he pounded her tight hole so hard she was lifted partway onto her toes with each thrust, her combined pleasure and humiliation barely left her enough awareness to see another boy similarly bending over and fucking her shower friend right in front of her. When she leaned forward a little further to lock lips (and tongues) with Genevieve as they each got the public deep-dicking of a lifetime (or perhaps a weektime on the Campus), Genevieve was so overcome with gratitude for this kindness (not to mention with arousal) that she returned the kiss eagerly, making out enthusiastically with the other girl even in the middle of getting fucked hard. Her consensual rapist considerately lessened the force of his strokes to help enable this tender moment of connection, causing Genevieve’s pussy to moisten still further in gratitude for his thoughtfulness. Even if she wasn’t in the shower, she’d still have been dripping.

Suddenly, with almost simultaneous cries of pleasure, all four of them came together, the two boys pumping the two girls pussies full of their hot sticky cum. As they pulled out the two girls had to lean forward and cling to each other to stay upright, their orgasms had been such knee-tremblers. The watching crowd applauded this fine foursome’s performance with enthusiastic appreciation, causing the already-flushed Genevieve to redden still further from her deep embarrassment.

As she clung to her comrade-in-fuckery, one wet young body pressed against another, it occurred to Genevieve that right after her cleanup by her friend, here she was full of cum again. Well, there was only one thing for it, she told herself. And with unspoken agreement, the two girls arranged themselves in a 69 on the ground – ready to help each other clean out their cum-sticky holes this time.

And to think – some people say it’s hard to make new friends on your first day on a new campus.

[to be continued! and comments, as always, welcomed]

Advisory to Students Re: Shower Availability for Females

Hello again, campus residents! This is another message from your beloved Campus Office of Decency, which as you may recall has helped improve conditions and decency on campus before, with our innovative Campus Shaving Service (http://www.collegecodeofconduct.com/campus-shaving-service). And now, we have another exciting update! As you are no doubt aware, female shower arrangements on campus have been problematic for some time. As boys and inspectors may burst in on them for peer inspections or just to check up on their dear female friends, all too many girls have suffered embarrassment and humiliation at this unexpected exposure in a presumptively private location. To help illustrate how girls may be embarrassed in this manner, we have chosen to publish several photographs of such embarrassed girls to help our readers better understand what we mean. We are certain these girls, in the spirit of public service, are more than happy to help out in this manner, though technically we did not actually check.





As you can see, these girls seem to suffer acute embarrassment – albeit generally borne with a good-natured smile, as befits a good campus girl – from such exposure in their private showers, as evidenced by the photos taken (and now made widely public). They even seem to forget the campus guidelines against “covering up”, which should of course be understood to apply at all times as we believe decency should know no bounds or limits – and that goes for the measures designed to enforce and encourage it as well, naturally.

Well, worry not, campus residents – your Office of Decency has divined a solution! The problem was clear – embarrassment of our female population by male viewing of their private showering activities. After careful analysis by our finest experts, the solution became self-evident. Since it was the interruption of their private showers that caused the embarrassment, logically making all female showers completely open to public viewing by design should completely eliminate this kind of embarrassment! Now our girls can get wet and rub down every part of their young nude bodies with soap (or those of their friends in the spirit of helpfulness our girls are so well known for) in full view of the entire campus population. Thus, embarrassment from intrusion into private showering spaces will be totally eliminated, as there will be no private showering spaces available for female use.

Of course the simplest way of making girls’ showers open to public viewing is simply to move them outside, avoiding the need for costly and impractical internal renovations. This way students all around campus can admire our naked young coeds as they demonstrate their commitment to personal hygiene as they wash up where absolutely anyone can see them – fellow students, professors, visiting parents, tourists seeing the sights in New Town and stopping by our Central University, which has acquired quite the reputation. For our lovely architecture, we assume. Why else take so many pictures here, and share them so enthusiastically with friends and online? It simply stands to reason. And to our now publicly showering girls: rest assured that your decency is perfectly preserved, as of course nudity is simply expected when showering and thus should not be viewed as indecent at all. No matter how much the boys on campus may take advantage of the fondling rule to grope every part of your totally exposed bodies, even to the point of provoking a sexual reaction in some shamefully indecent girls necessitating an immediate consensual rape by whichever boy (or boys, plural) may be closest. Simply rise above, ladies. Or go down, as the circumstances may indicate.

In any event, the documentary evidence clearly supports the success of the new initiative, already launched into its preliminary stages. The easiest installations were those set up at the beach nearby campus, as showers for washing off sand were already present – they simply had to be designated as repurposed. Take a look:



girls showering outdoors (ccc) 03


girls showering outdoors (ccc) 17

As you can see, no embarrassment is evident, despite the extremely public nature of the shower setups. Or should we say, BECAUSE of the extremely public character of the showers, as our logic is clearly vindicated.

Encouraged by this success, we have proceeded with installing more showers by the sides of buildings and other public locales.

girls showering outdoors (ccc) 24

haydee-navarra-oct-H-extremo-09-830x1056 (ccc material - showering)

joanna-krupa-playboy-02 (ccc material - shower)


Some girls are so eager for the changeover that they are even bathing in water fountains!




We do have two more points to note before we conclude, however. First, the changeover is completely mandatory and must be complied with as soon as possible. We are confident this has nothing to do with the enthusiastic embrace of the new system documented above, as we believe our girls would be fully persuaded that this was the best course of action in any case. Despite our decision not to spend resources on consulting them on the change at all. The mandate is thus simply a fail-safe. Second, to avoid issues such as theft of clothing while in the showers, all girls must be completely naked for the entire trip to and from the new public showers. If time constraints do not permit them to return home before their next class (this applying especially to any girls who have chosen to live off-campus), they must simply remain naked as they go about their day until such opportunity arises, and are expected to bear any prolonged fondling of their most private areas and/or consensual rapes with good grace as simply necessary implications of the new system. They may, however, bring a towel with them so they do not have to walk around wet from the showers. While of course it is possible they may choose to wrap the towel around them, this of course simply means they are likely to be inspected and reveal themselves in an embarrassing public spectacle, as with this girl:



Instead, we recommend they take the lead of these girls, and simply wrap their towels around their heads both before and after showering:

out of the shower (ccc material)

deserea 01 (ccc material - shower)

And so, this concludes our message on the update of female showering facilities. We hope you have all found our frank (and revealing!) explanation to be helpful and informative!

–Your Campus Office of Decency

Helping Hands

A Message From the Office of Decency:

Here at the College, we’re proud to say that maintaining decency isn’t something we just impose on our female population. Males are expected to help, too!

Helping Hands 01

For instance, here’s a girl’s boyfriend helping her check for any offending pubic bottom in the school’s cafeteria. Sure, it wouldn’t be a violation right now, but if she put on another bottom it would be. And they say chivalry is dead!

Helping Hands 02

And here’s another boy doing the same. The girl here looks a bit startled – perhaps this boy isn’t her boyfriend? If so, all the more generous of him to lend a helping hand.

Helping Hands 03 (alumnus)

And helpfulness isn’t limited to current students, either. Here’s a College alumnus helping check a girl’s decency beneath her cute little microminiskirt.

Helping Hands 04 (alumnus)

And another alumnus providing a thorough tactile check for a pubic bottom. Remember fellows, helpfulness should last a lifetime!

Helping Hands 05 (wetness test)

Here, an entire group of boys is helping one of our coeds with her “wetness test” at the beach, to determine if she needs to be given what her body is asking for in a consensual rape or three. In fact, it looks like they were so eager to be helpful they actually pulled down the bikini bottom she had previously been wearing. Such enthusiasm for decency is truly heartening to see!

Helping Hands 06 (wetness test)

A girl who looks likely to be in violation of layering rules is given an impromptu (and judging by her expression, quite surprising) wetness test here. Of course, in fairness a girl who is caught so unready for the test should be given more time to pass it, so her pussy should be pumped and rubbed thoroughly before it is decided if she has passed or not.

Helping Hands 07 (spanking)

And finally, we see the ultimate helpfulness – someone (her thoughtful professor, most likely) giving a coed who had previously been in violation a cheek-reddening spanking to help her remember her decency in future. It wouldn’t do to fail an Inspection, after all!

This has been a message from the Office of Decency. Thank you for reading.

Feminist Transfer Student’s First Day – Part One

Genevieve strode briskly onto the college campus, heart thumping with excited anticipation. The crisp air washed over her with a gust of wind sending her straight black hair streaming. The hair was one of the visible parts of her half-Asian heritage, along with the somewhat slanted appearance of her eyes (which weren’t actually slanted, of course – that was just an optical effect from a difference in the construction of the bridge of her nose, but she usually didn’t bother correcting people unless she really felt like putting some “roundeye” in their place). She sometimes ruefully thought her comparatively petite build must be a legacy of her heritage as well, but then she’d tell herself it didn’t matter anyway. Between her sweetly curved body and her perfectly rounded and perky tits – a C cup minimum, so at least nothing petite there – she felt confident in feeling that she could say good things came in small packages. Meanwhile her mixed heritage also gave her a definite shade of green in her eyes and a dusting of freckles (which could be either side, really), especially on her cheekbones under her eyes. She was a girl to stand out and catch your eye and she’d never minded it – although that didn’t stop her from harshly reprimanding any guy caught “oppressing her with his male gaze”.

She was especially glad to be looking good today – first impressions count for a lot after all. And this was her very first day on the campus of her new College! Sure, she had her feminist ideals – in fact those were precisely what led her to make the seemingly-impulsive decision to transfer. But she still knew appearances mattered. And she really wanted to get off to a good start at a College with such an excitingly feminist Code of Conduct!

Granted, she couldn’t say in detail, exactly, what it was the Code stated. She’d really just skimmed the literature on that – modesty this, safeguarding female students that. It all sounded good. Honestly she’d just been caught up in the excitement of learning that there was a College that had a whole system dedicated just to protecting female students from the leering male gaze, and she’d never been inclined to obsess over details anyway. She figured she’d pick up on any fine points on campus anyway. (and boy, was she gonna be right about that… –your perverted ed.)

As she strode further onto the campus however, Genevieve frowned a little as she looked around her. A lot of the girls seemed to be dressed really skimpily. In fact, pretty much all of them were. Bad enough were the girls in tiny dresses that left their seemingly (but surely not really?) bare bottoms half exposed and their breasts all but falling out – but they were practically the modest ones! She could barely keep her jaw from dropping when she saw one girl who seemed to be wearing a skirt like a dress. A miniskirt. That barely covered her ribcage, much less her round butt or her smooth bare pussy, both of which were totally on display. No doubt left that she really wasn’t wearing anything to cover herself besides the obvious. What on Earth happened to the Code she’d heard about? Is this just what girls started to dress like when they were freed from worrying about males leering at them, or whatever? Well, she certainly wasn’t ever going to dress like that. Genevieve resolved that it was really time to learn more about the details of this Code. She couldn’t just ask somebody and look like a fool, though – she’d just look it up once she got all settled into her dorm or something. She still had that good first impression to make, after all.

But then Genevieve saw something that made her stop dead in her tracks, all affectations of nonchalance forgotten. Just twenty feet away from her on the grass by the walkway, a boy actually had his hand right on the pussy of a totally naked large-breasted redhead! In fact… he actually just slid his index and middle fingers inside her, provoking an audible reaction half gasp and half moan. Then he pulled them back out, glistening with her internal moisture. He looked his fingers over with visible satisfaction. “Well, Cindy, looks like you’re asking for it alright. You know what that means.” The girl – Cindy – sighed with resignation (that had to be genuine resignation, right?). “Oh, okay. You want me doggy-style?” The boy nodded enthusiastically. Without so much as another word, Cindy turned around and got on her hands and knees on the grass – well, technically, elbows and knees, leaving her ever-wetter pussy angled upwards invitingly – while the boy, with practiced ease, pulled an absolutely raging erection out of his pants. Dropping to one knee, he thrust the full considerable length of it into her vagina with one sudden thrust (“Oh GOD!!!” being Cindy’s response) and began pumping.

Genevieve, blushing furiously, had seen enough. She marched over there and demanded: “Um, excuse me.” Alright, so “demanded” was a strong word. She was trying, damnit! “Um, EXCUSE ME!”, she tried again, as her previous effort hadn’t made either party even flinch. This time Cindy the redhead looked up, half-dazed already. “…What? Is, nn, something the matter?” “Um, what exactly is, y’know, happening here?!” “Oh-” She gasped as a particularly strong thrust set her large breasts bouncing back and forth even more wildly than before “-I’m, mm, being raped. Mnh!” Genevieve was shocked! Raped?! She might not have the Code memorized exactly, but that couldn’t be right! She drew herself up to her full unimpressive height and said peremptorily (at least, as much as she could while she was still blushing red from seeing two people fucking so unabashedly right in public before her eyes): “Where’s the nearest officer charged with enforcing the Code?” She knew she remembered there were people supposed to do that, at least. Cindy squinted. “I, ohh!, think I, uhh, saw an In – nn! – spector over there by the, mnh, Quad.” Cindy gestured vaguely towards a large building a couple hundred yards distant. Genevieve steadfastly ignored Cindy’s ever more orgasmic interjections with an effort of will. She also told herself that the heat she could feel building in her abdomen was just a figment or a mistake of her imagination. She needed to focus on getting help for her fellow woman! “Quad. Got it.” With that, she marched off in that direction determinedly. As she strode off, Cindy’s arousal-glazed eyes focused on her fully for the first time. She cried out in sudden concern: “Hey, wait! If you’re gonna see an Inspector, you might not wanna be dressed like –” Another gust of wind carried the rest of her words away from Genevieve’s ears.


A short while later, Genevieve arrived outside the Quad. She quickly spotted a man in an official-looking uniform carrying a clipboard, giving passing students a critical eye. This must be the Inspector. It looked like Cindy’s distracted directions had proven good after all. Genevieve walked right up to him and cleared her throat. “Excuse me, sir? Are you the Inspector? If so, there’s something I really need you to-” The Inspector cut her off, eying her up and down. “Yes, I can certainly see you do need my help.” He could? That was confusing, but great! “And while it’s commendable you’d bring yourself in like this, don’t think that’ll save you if I find what I’m afraid I might.” Wait. What? “Alright. Let’s begin the inspection with you removing that shirt.”

Genevieve huffed in shock. “What?! No way!” The very idea that she’d just peel off her shirt – a cute little dark blue button-up that she’d picked to go with her simple knee-length black skirt – in public was outrageous! The Inspector sighed heavily. “Getting difficult already now, are we? Well, that doesn’t bode well for you.” He made a note on his clipboard and called out to the passersby – “Boys! I need boys to volunteer for restraining duty in an inspection!”. With amazing speed a handful of boys separated themselves from the crowd of people walking by. The Inspector nodded in Genevieve’s direction. Genevieve tried to interject. “Wait, I just wanted to report that – wah!” Even as she was trying to talk, four of the boys grabbed her wrists and ankles and forcibly pulled her into something like a standing spreadeagle – feet and arms stretched out and separated. Although she tried to struggle, they were far stronger than she, and all she accomplished was to twist at the hips and shoulders, inadvertently setting her to bouncing ’til they almost came out of her bra.

The Inspector continued. “Now, please remove the subject’s shirt for her, as she has declined to do so herself.” This latter comment drew a round of anticipatory/admonishing “oohs” (“somebody’s in trouble!”) – Genevieve glanced around in surprise to see that a small clot verging towards a circle or crowd of onlookers had already gathered to stare at her, while others were slowing and nudging their friends to look at what was going on too. What was happening to her?? Genevieve was so preoccupied with this latest observation that she didn’t even notice another one of the boys had stepped in front of her until he’d already undone the first button on her shirt. Then her attention snapped back in a hurry.

“I, please-” Genevieve began. “Shh,” the boy interrupted. “You’ll only make this harder on yourself.” Harder? How could it possibly get worse than this? She wasn’t given long to ponder this thought though, as this boy clearly knew what he was doing, unfastening every button on her shirt in under thirty seconds and peeling it off completely before the half-minute mark hit, coordinating perfectly with the boys restraining Genevieve to get it all the way off her. Genevieve couldn’t do that that quickly herself – under different circumstances she’d have been impressed. As it was, she could only shiver as much in embarrassment as from the breeze as she stood before the whole crowd in her little lacy black bra. Damn, but she wished she’d worn something a little less close to being see-through! The world around her blurred as her eyes suddenly filled with water – it was just the wind, damnit! No way was she that vulnerable, shirt or no.

Distraction vanished at the chill in the Inspector’s next words, however. “First violation noted: upper-body layering. Offending item: black bra.” He marked busily on his clipboard as he spoke. Violation?, thought Genevieve. Of what? And how is “layering” a violation of anything, for that matter? The Inspector spoke again, once more jolting Genevieve from her increasingly shell-shocked reverie. “Boys, please confiscate the offending item.” The offending item? He couldn’t mean – except with practiced hands as swift as before, the boy she was beginning to think of as Mr. Undresser leaned in close to her, unclipped her bra in the back, and lifted it off her in a single swift motion.

Genevieve shrieked in shock and embarrassment now. She instinctively began to twist furiously to free herself again, but with just as great a lack of success. Worse, now the motion set her perky tits to shaking and bouncing with abandon – her sweet C cups were so rounded and full that you could have painted a hemisphere on each one, so there was plenty of jiggle and bounce to be had out of them under the right circumstances. Like these. Genevieve could hardly believe the wave of utter mortification that washed over her along with the laughter of the crowd at her antics – God, the crowd was getting big! She’d never been seen in public in so much as a thong bikini at the beach, and here she was completely topless in front of a huge crowd of strangers. More embarrassing and confusing still was the strange heat – in… other circumstances she might have called it familiar, though – that seemed to be building within her. She was almost painfully aware that her pert brown nipples were standing hard and erect as pencil erasers at the tips of her soft young breasts. Surely that at least was the wind…? Anyway, at least the crowd should be distant enough not to make out a detail like that, right?

Of course, that wasn’t accounting for closer observers. Genevieve gasped as her Mr. Undresser gently traced a circle around one of her all but rock-hard nipples with his forefinger. “So, having a little fun up here after all, are we?” He asked with a crooked grin. Genevieve couldn’t even look him in the eye, much less formulate a response. In fact, when he suddenly switched to lightly flicking the same nipple, she felt her knees suddenly go so weak it was a challenge to keep standing straight and she had to bite her lip to keep from moaning at the stimulus being delivered to her hyper-sensitized anatomy.

“Boys!” The Inspector said curtly, and Mr. Undresser stepped back to look to him. Oh, thank God. If he’d kept that up it might really have gotten embarrassing for me. “Next, I need you to remove the subject’s skirt.” Thanks given too soon. Mr. Undresser stepped in towards Genevieve again, but this time he didn’t choose such a straightforward approach. Instead, he stepped in so close to Genevieve that the sensitive tips of her breasts were brushing against his – actually quite muscular, Genevieve noted dazedly – chest. From there, he slowly lowered himself down to one knee, keeping her immobilized body brushing by his the whole way down. Even on one knee, he was enough taller than her that his head wasn’t below her freshly (and publicly) exposed breasts, a fact he clearly felt no shame in taking advantage of. He planted little kisses on her breasts once there, especially around – but never quite on – her still engorged nipples, sending little shudders of feeling through Genevieve that had her biting her lip again hard enough to leave teeth marks just to try to keep from letting out sounds so loud even the still-growing and ever more animated crowd could hear. There was no way she could keep Mr. Undresser – with his stupid tousled black hair, she noted looking down at what he was doing – from hearing the little noises and half-whimpers his actions were eliciting though, not with his head essentially literally pressed against her chest. God, and why won’t he just kiss my nipples already instead of being such a tease?! – I mean – he obviously wants to, that is. Just get it over with!

But instead he kept leaving little soft kisses on his targets without ever touching the bullseyes as he carefully (well, carefully would be ONE word for it, Genevieve thought) felt with both hands to find the zipper to her skirt. It was obvious there had to be one – the tight little thing couldn’t possibly fit over her cute hips and highly toned yoga butt otherwise. What was less obvious to Genevieve was why instead of checking a couple likely locations – like the side spot where it actually was – Mr. Undresser opted to circumnavigate her entire waist with his full hands. Actually, scratch that – as he helped himself to a none-too-subtle handful of her bottom, it was VERY obvious why he chose that approach. On any other day, Genevieve would have been embarrassed beyond description to have her ass felt up like that in front of a gang of hooting onlookers. But all of a sudden, just the past few minutes had redefined her standards to where that alone was barely enough to make her blush and squirm. Barely. Of course, the teasing attention still being lavished on her breasts might’ve contributed to both those things too.

In the end, though, Mr. Undresser did find the zipper. Genevieve was totally unprepared for what he did then, though. That is, of course she expected he’d unzip it and pull her skirt down and off, increasing her unprecedented humiliation even further, little though she anticipated the event. But what she didn’t see coming was that the campaign of teasing kisses around her diamond-cutter hard nipples she’d almost become used to would abruptly switch to a frontal assault on the primary objectives. As he suddenly began lavishing his mouth and tongue directly on nipples that his previous actions had raised to rock-hard miniature towers two if not three times their original height, the waves of sensation Genevieve had been feeling transformed into lightning bolts. Biting her lip wasn’t gonna cut it anymore – Genevieve almost without realizing it cried out loud at the incredible feeling coursing into her body as one nipple after the other (or both at once when a temporarily free hand darted up) was kissed, teased, and lightly sucked, pinched, pulled, and nibbled, with every sharper action swiftly counterbalanced by more of his energetic brand of tenderness. As he slowly unzipped her skirt and then an inch at a time pulled it to her ankles at the ground, Genevieve could barely notice over the intense pounding of her heart and the cries and other noises of unrestrainable pleasure that found their way from her throat without conscious volition. The admiringly onlooking crowd (and their admiring camera phones) were completely forgotten as Genevieve was bent almost double with this by the time her skirt hit the ground, a seeming eternity in Genevieve’s subjective time later. If she could have mustered enough coherent thought, Genevieve might even almost have been grateful for the captors still holding her by the wrists, since they were the main thing still keeping her even mostly upright.

Eventually her last exterior garment was on the ground around her ankles however, leaving her in nothing but her (sensibly low – well, low-ish) heels and the lacy black panties she’d chosen to match her now-vanished bra. Mr. Undresser stepped back up and away from her then, leaving her panting and still not quite able to stand completely straight. She’d known she had sensitive nipples, but she’d never imagined someone could do that with them! “Ah, miss?” It was Mr. Undresser talking. “Wha?” Genevieve replied dazedly. “I need you to step out of your skirt now.” Genevieve blinked, thought processes still blurred enough not to even have realized the boys holding her ankles had released them. “Oh… okay…” she said as she carefully (and a little shakily) lifted first one foot and then the other free of her skirt. “Ah, thanks much!” Mr. Undresser smiled his crooked smile at her again as he swiped her skirt up off the ground to put it in a small pile of her clothes that seemed to be building by the Inspector.

A wave of lusty applause from Genevieve’s audience cleared most of the cobwebs from her mind, however. The loud clapping and outright cheers and wolf whistles broke over her like cold water, bringing her consciousness crashing back to a realization of her ignominious condition: better than half naked in front of a crowd of strangers after having just put on a performance worthy of a porno, tits still waving in the wind, with who knows what still in front of her. Worse, she was now forced to acknowledge the tremendous heat burning in her pussy – she could no longer possibly deny that this incredibly humiliating episode actually seemed to have turned her on. This further indignity set her cheeks to burning almost as hot as her genitals. Thank God this ordeal had to be almost over now. Right?

Genevieve cringed at the sudden harsh tones of the Inspector’s further verdict. “Second violation noted: lower-body layering. Offending item: black panties.” The Inspector paused for a moment after finishing scribbling on his clipboard – perhaps for dramatic effect. Where a second ago Genevieve’s cheeks had blazed red, now she paled. This couldn’t mean what it seemed like it would? “Boys – confiscate the offending item.” Oh, damn. It did.

Genevieve’s Mr. Undresser stepped forward yet again. Well, at least this’ll have to be the last time. I haven’t got any more clothes! Perhaps not surprisingly, his smile was bigger than ever this time. He didn’t bother with the elaborate preliminaries this time – simply dropped to one knee and hooked his thumbs up through the waistband of her panties from underneath on the sides, clapped both hands from there onto her bottom to give it one more good squeeze, then slowly slid her panties down, keeping both hands pressed to her to get a good feel not just of her ass, but of every inch he could reach of her toned yet butter-smooth (a girl’s got to moisturize, after all) upper and inner thighs as her panties descended. Despite her best intentions, Genevieve’s dignity disintegrated against this fresh assault, as she couldn’t help herself from squealing and squirming helplessly as her last shred of coverage was taken from her, twisting and bucking her hips as if it could somehow make a difference long after her panties were too far gone for there to have been any chance of saving her modesty anyway. The mocking laughter of the onlooking crowd – now truly impressive in size – couldn’t penetrate her futile desperation, even as on some level she knew it would haunt and humiliate her later. But in the end, of course, her panties were gone regardless, leaving her utterly naked in the outdoors before her audience, with her hands restrained and feet separated once more so she couldn’t achieve even the tiniest amount of coverage of her most private areas, even using her own body.

Genevieve stood completely naked before the crowd, shivering (with cold, not sexual excitement, she told herself sternly in increasingly implausible denial) and trying womanfully not to let on how much further she was embarrassed by the pictures being snapped and videos being obviously recorded by many members of the crowd. Her tight round apple-shaped ass, firm full tits, and soft pussy with its cute tucked-in lips were all totally on display now. Genevieve was numbly shocked then, when the Inspector’s harsh tones snapped forth yet again. What humiliation could possibly be left?, she thought dazedly, little realizing. “What’s this?”, the Inspector barked. “Another layering?!” What? How could I possibly be any more naked than I am already? The inspector shook his head as he made yet another mark on his clipboard. “Noted: additional pubic bottom. This makes three separate counts of layering violations at once. Seldom have I ever seen a student in such egregious violation as an Inspector.” Pubic bottom?! With a shock, Genevieve realized he must somehow be referring to her cute little landing strip. How could that possibly be a bottom?! After all (as a little puff of breeze reminded her acutely) it wasn’t as if it even actually covered her pussy at all!

“Alright,” the Inspector said, speaking to Mr. Undresser, who seemed to have become the unofficial student leader of the proceedings, “proceed with the test for indecent arousal.” Genevieve barely even had time to react to this before Mr. Undresser stepped up before her, now grinning hugely. She did let out a clear yelp as his hand reached between her legs and shamelessly clapped right onto her totally exposed pussy, though. If it was physically possible, Genevieve was now blushing even harder than before, especially as his hand began to rub over her sweet young pussy, stimulating it even further than it already was (Genevieve’s mental denials notwithstanding), and worse doing it all completely in public. After taking his own good time with this phase – and incorporating the occasional trip north to play with Genevieve’s now very highly sensitive little button of a clit, making her unwillingly gasp and squeal as the bursts of unasked-for pleasure sent her weak in the knees, he moved on to the next phase. That is to say, thrusting his fingers energetically inside her, slipping inside her now very wet pussy with total ease. After continuing to fingerbang her to just before the point of orgasm, toying with her tits and nipples with his free hand all the while, he slipped his fingers back out of her, making her moan in disappointment at the denial of release. Genevieve was almost totally gone now – she didn’t even recognize the similarity between the events with Cindy earlier as Mr. Undresser, grinning, held his fingers (now very wet with her pussy’s juices) up before the Inspector. “Looks like she failed the test, alright,” the Inspector said. “Well, you know what to do, boys – give her what her body’s asking for.” What… what my body’s asking for? Genevieve thought dazedly.

All soon became clear, however, as the boys holding her ankles apart took grips further up and lifted her up and apart, leaving with her legs spread wide open as she was supported above ground, helpless to remove herself from this humiliating display. And she’d thought she couldn’t be any more exposed than she was before! Her thoughts were redirected again however, as Mr. Undresser stepped up between her legs, pulled his erection from his pants, and slid his hardened penis into her sopping young pussy. Genevieve cried out in pure pleasure as her interrupted stimulus from before was resumed with a will, all thoughts of dignity forgotten. Having been left so close to the edge, she came almost at once as he began pumping away inside her – and loudly at that. He didn’t stop, of course, but continued on – grasping her firm ass, kissing and nibbling on her delectable breasts and nipples as he pumped on to his own conclusion. He didn’t reach it until shortly after Genevieve was brought to a second powerful public orgasm before the watching (and recording) crowd, though. Pulling his cock out of her, he thoughtfully had her lowered so he could come all over her tits instead of inside her.

With a teasing wink towards the still-gasping Genevieve, her recent consensual rapist (to give him his proper honorable title) announced “Well boys, I did my best, but – ” He paused to give a wicked grin to the crowd. ” – it looks like she’s still in violation! And you know what that means!” Boy, did they. Genevieve had hardly caught her breath before she was half-lowered, half-dumped onto the ground and dazedly complied as she was put into a doggy style position, hardly able to focus on what was going on after having her bones rattled by two such powerful orgasms in succession. She certainly noticed when she found two new cocks entering her, however – one in her still-sensitized pussy, and one in her mouth. With her plugged at both ends, the boys proceed to spit-roast her enthusiastically. Genevieve’s tits bounced back and forth like round jiggling pendulums as she took thrusts from first one direction then the opposite, barely able to control her gag reflex as she was energetically face-fucked. To her embarrassed surprise Genevieve felt that heat kindling inside her (or continuing to roar away, to be more honest) as she was driven towards another orgasm – and then crashing over into it, albeit a rather muffled one this time. Continuing the pattern, the boys finished soon after, again opting not to come inside her, but rather spattering her ass, back, and pretty young face with the cum spurting forth from their cocks.

Genevieve’s consensual rape(s, at this point…) weren’t done yet, however. Another boy knelt in position behind her and slipped inside her wet pussy. After just a couple pumps, however, he paused and announced loudly for the benefit of the still-onlooking crowd (now so excited that a number of them had broken into their own busily fucking couples), “You know… I think it’s time we changed things up a little with this one!” An “oooooh” emanated from the crowd as they guessed his meaning. The boy proceed to slip back out of Genevieve’s still-welcoming pussy and put the tip of his rock-hard cock against her asshole. “Oh, no! I’ve never – ” Genevieve cried, startled back to something like alertness by the prospect of this new and unprecedented indignity. “Welp, guess it’s time for a new sexual landmark then,” the boy replied nonchalantly. With that, he proceeded to thrust the tip of his cock (well lubed by its time in Genevieve’s sopping wet pussy) inside her asshole, then, with a grunt, went balls-deep up her virgin backdoor.

Genevieve cried out loudly. This feeling was so – so intense! Painful at first, yes, but helpfully her muscles had been relaxed by her series of powerful orgasms. And then – just – intense! Without even realizing it consciously, Genevieve began to push her hips back against the boy as he fucked her previously-cherry asshole. She continued, grinding her hips back on his cock as he fucked her deep and hard, cooperating in her own consensual anal rape even as an anal virgin. As the boy came to his finish, Genevieve felt another orgasm crashing over her even as he shot his cum deep into her bowels. It was just as powerful as the previous four (four!, Genevieve thought glassily), but somehow different. Her ecstatic cries of sexual climax were certainly no quieter, however.

Genevieve wasn’t given long to contemplate this new experience, though – after all, her asshole was now open for business. Grabbed and repositioned again, this time she found herself standing upright, with one foot stretched high up to the side and resting against a nearby tree. Yet another new boy swiftly inserted himself in her pussy, but Genevieve barely had time to gasp before she had to yelp out loud at the still-more startling sensation of another boy slipping up her asshole (evidently having brought or acquired his own lube rather than using Genevieve’s natural supply like the last boy) at the same time. From very first anal to first double penetration in under thirty seconds – that had to be a record. Genevieve was now getting fucked in her front and back door at once, the twin pressures driving her to even greater heights than before. She soon proved she was a closet (or undiscovered) DP enthusiast, as she spasmed into two howling orgasms before the boys finished (bringing her total to date to seven), her internal pulsing driving the boys onward as well. In a feat of coordination, both finished at almost exactly the same time, dropping her to her knees to take two more facials from them, leaving her pretty young face so covered in strands and spatters of cum that she was starting to look almost as if she’d been given a (highly unorthodox) spa facial instead.

One more sexual escalation awaited Genevieve, however, as now she found herself dropped cowgirl-style onto the cock of a boy already reclining on the ground. From there, she was bent forward on her folded knees to expose her freshly twice-fucked asshole, which was promptly entered again. What took things to the next level, however, was when a third boy appeared to stick a cock in Genevieve’s mouth once more. Now plugged completely airtight with cocks in every available hole, Genevieve had the groundbreaking experience of making a full transition from walking along modestly dressed to being totally naked, covered in different men’s cum, and fucking three boys at once in public. Naturally, this drove her to her most powerful orgasm yet. No matter that her mouth was plugged by a face-fucking cock – Genevieve couldn’t have mustered the power of speech just then anyway. Genevieve did maintain some restraint, however – she only came twice more before the boys all finished, this time pumping their cum inside her by some apparent unspoken agreement. Genevieve instinctively swallowed the load pumped into her mouth, though as she sat up (the cock of the boy on the ground still inside her) some still dribbled down her chin onto her tits, painting them with cum still further.

Totally exhausted by sexual climaxes, Genevieve now gently toppled over onto the ground. “All right – even with all the violations, I think she’s had enough. Call off your dogs, boys,” the Inspector said gruffly, preventing the boys from trying to come up with something even further to do to Genevieve’s fresh young body. No more cocks? Genevieve remembered dimly that this was something she was supposed to be glad about, but couldn’t remember why just then. A number of the boys who’d been fucking their own partners within the crowd, still feeling the spirit of the event, came over to finish on the supine Genevieve, coating her with the cum of even more men all up and down her body.

The Inspector leaned over Genevieve’s naked, cum-painted form. “Hey – girl. Can you hear me? Owing to the violations found, your clothes will be confiscated as evidence until your Hearing as per standard protocol. Also by protocol, you will be expected not to replace them with new clothes until the time of said hearing. Don’t worry – this should be within no more than a week or two.”

The Inspector now turned and walked off, leaving Genevieve where she lay. Slowly, she tabulated the course of events in her head. So – stripped naked before a gawking crowd. Fucked by more men – total strangers, at that – in more ways than in her whole life previously. Also in public. Driven to multiple screaming orgasms – God, could it really be as many as ten? She didn’t even know she was capable of that many – again in public, again with a huge crowd gathered around, gawking and taking pictures and videos of her total sexual humiliation. Currently lying completely naked, covered virtually head to toe in the cum of what had to be more than a dozen men – she’d lost count – and with still more cum leaking from both her asshole and pussy. Apparently forbidden from wearing clothing again for as long as weeks – somehow she felt absolutely sure this would be enforced and applied even in public, dooming her to a whole extended stretch of total public nudity.

What a first day.

Never Argue with mother

Never argue with mother, and never, ever, call her old fashioned. I learned this the hard way. After a year at college, I thought I knew more than she did. I even told her so. that did it. She taught me the meaning of respect.

You see, for the first few weeks of summer vacation, I had been waiting for Mom to head to work, for me to head to the back yard to work on my tan. Last year, I showed up on campus with a nice dark tan and bright little tan lines. I do mean little, too. Last summer I wore this daring little micro mini bikini just to get the small tanlines. I wanted the other girls to see I was no prude. They needn’t know I only dared to wear that bikini in the privacy of my backyard.

Well, it worked, but not the way I intended. The girls rationalized if I was willing to wear such tiny bikinis, what difference did it really matter if I went without? A square inch or two of material for covering? I was practically naked, so when I had to get naked on campus, they just reminded me I was practically naked all summer. All I was showing anew were my nipples since, the tiny strip of bikini left much of my breast exposed. And as far as my bottoms went, the tiny tanline strip over my pussy was barely visible. I got no sympathy from the girls at the dorm whether I was stripped during an inspection, and stripped I was, a lot.

Forced to wear sheer tops to minimize the inspections like other girls, I got more inspections because at a glance, the tanline appeared to be a top under the blouse. Any short dress gave glimpses under the hem of a flash of tanline that the inspectors thought I was trying to wear a g-string under my dress. I was being stripped search all the time. And with such a dark tan, it took much of the school year for that tan to fade.

So my solution this summer? No tanlines. I started laying out back naked to make sure my tan was all over. I even placed a pillow under my hips to ensure no cheek smile tanlines with my legs apart towards the sun for a complete tan between my legs. I took the same precautions to get a full tan under my boobs without any hidden tanline.

All was going good, or so I thought.

Then one day, Mom returned home midday and caught me laying naked outside. She was not happy about my decision to be naked outside. I said those words I regretted. She simply locked the doors to the house and left me outside naked as she returned to work.

Now, being naked outside was not a big deal to me, but I had been careful to avoid letting the neighbors spot me, and I even had a few close calls with the meter readers. Now, I was locked outside for anyone coming through the backyards. Somehow I managed to go undetected that day even though the one neighbor did mow his lawn.

When Mom got home, she left me outside until dinner was ready, then she served the meal on the back patio. I was not allowed inside until it was dark. I was stupid, too. I did not apologize. I made her believe this “punishment” was no big deal. I fell for her trap, and she locked me outside naked once again. This time, the mailman delivered a package, and came around back to leave it. He found me there. I shrugged. He smiled.

It seemed day after day of being locked out of the house meant more and more people seeing me naked. One day, I had to go the bathroom, and I was forced to walk next door to ask the neighbor. He was all questions about me not just being naked, but being so tanned with tanlines. I spent much of the afternoon at his place telling him the story.

He thought it unwise for a young girl to be locked out of her house all day, so he offered his place to me for as long as my mother was punishing me. I should not have accepted his generous offer so quickly. I came over the next day since it looked like storm clouds only to find him and two of his retiree buddies playing cards. I was the fourth for Bridge. They all wanted to see that I had a full and complete tan, too.

When this neighbor had to leave town for a few days, he asked the other neighbor to check in on me, and soon, that other neighbor and his golfing buddies all spent a considerable amount of time with me. I’m not even sure how they convinced me to go to their golf club to “caddy” for them, driving the cart all around the course without so much as shoes or a visor cap. Now, their golf club had seen me naked, and I was invited to come back as many other club members would enjoy a naked caddy for their golf games, too.

I just never told Mom what I was doing during the day. She assumed I was hiding in the backyard. So when she was starting to think I had learned my lesson, I was really having fun and making some spending money.

Mom eventually found out because some idiot at her work place was bragging about having a naked caddy at the club, and Mom put it together to surprise me at this exclusive club. She made sure I was working there full time, too. She dropped me off there each morning, and picked me up after her work. Not to be satisfied with that, she drove me to the strip club where I danced all night. She figured if I was going to be naked for the world to see, I should be seen plus I should make some serious money for tuition.

The only thing saving me was that my friends were not old enough for the strip joints and not members at the country club. Mom finally figured out having my friends know of my naked summer would be embarrassing, and she made sure they all got their time to see me naked on my days off from dancing and caddy work.

So, here is the middle of summer, and I realized in my quest to minimize my nudity on campus, I just maximized my nudity at home. I knew by the time I went back to college, public nudity would never bother me again. And it would have to be that way, too. The one time I peeked into my closet just to see and touch my clothes, I discovered Mom had removed all my clothing and donated them to the Goodwill. She replaced my entire wardrobe with a few very sheer nighties. She told me that was all I would need at school.

Never argue with mother.

images courtesy of DOMAI.com, used with permission

College Tale Trilogy Epilogue – Serena’s Public Punishment

It was late afternoon. Jodie burst into the common room looking for her three friends.

“You guys are not gonna believe what I just saw!” she said eyeing the room. They were the only ones in there.

Bonnie, Ella and Kandi all looked up at her in surprise at the amount of force she had used to crash through the door. They suspected what Jodie was talking about had something to do with one of their friends and to answer her, they all said in unison, “Serena!”
She had been the talk of the college all day.

“Yes!” Jodie said hardly being able to contain her bewilderment. “She’s on the stage in the main hall right now and there’s about 200 people watching her and…!”

“Whatever it is she’s going through right now, it can’t be as bad as when I saw her this morning,” Bonnie interrupted.

“What happened this morning?” Jodie asked.

“Well,” Bonnie began, “as I was just explaining to the girls, Professor McKenzie asked me to visit the Dean’s office for him to sign some papers.
After I knocked, he beckoned me in and I could see he was in the middle of what looked like a serious meeting with four other men. I gave him the documents and was suddenly aware of a faint jingling sound coming from another room.
A few moments later, the Dean called out, ‘Serena!? How are you coming along with that tea?’
I had no idea she was there! I heard her meekly reply, ‘ready…’ and to my utter shock she came out of the other room holding a tray of tea for all the men but, SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY NAKED!
I really tried not to stare at her as I could see that she was the most embarrassed I had ever seen someone, but it was very difficult for me not to.

“As she came nearer to the Dean’s desk, the jingling got louder. I couldn’t work out where it was coming from but then I saw something glint near Serena’s vagina and saw that she was wearing a clitoris clamp with a bell on the end!

“It just kept jingling every time she moved, and as she went around to the men and the Dean handing them their tea, I could see that poor Serena looked sooooo uncomfortable being naked around them and she couldn’t look any of them in the eye. The men looked as though they were used to seeing her in this state and I realised that she must have been naked before them all morning since the meeting began.

“The Dean continued to talk to the men about fiscal reports as if Serena wasn’t even there. After signing some of the forms, he put the pen down but it rolled off the front of his desk and went under the table. He asked Serena to fetch it for him. She got on her hands and knees and had to crawl between the other men who were sitting in front of his desk so she could reach it.
There was no modest way to do this and while she was looking for it under there, all I could see was her naked bottom sticking out, wriggling from side to side as she searched and as the Dean continued to study the documents, the men all had their eyes glued to Serena’s peachy bottom, no doubt looking at her pussy that was peeping out from between her legs while she was bent over.

“She eventually stood and handed the pen back to him and was about to slink off into the other room but he told her to stay in case she was needed again. She stood beside his desk in full view of the men. She was feeling extremely self conscious and moved her arms to cover her tits and hairless pussy but the Dean raised an eyebrow. She looked down at the ground disheartened and lowered her arms exposing herself again.

“One of the other men was in the middle of talking about the college expenditure when he suddenly stopped to look at Serena standing there completely naked with the clit clamp bell attached to her. He said to the Dean, ‘Explain this punishment to me again. I don’t quite understand it.’

“The Dean said, ‘First, I’ll remind you that what you see here is extremely unique in the fact that this particular punishment has never been applied before. As you four know, being College Board members, it is against our rules for any female student to become sexually aroused in public and we have suitable punishments if this rule is broken.
In all my years as Dean of this college I have never before encountered a girl who was so shameless that she got wet in my presence. No girl has ever dared to break this rule in front of me. This was an extreme break of the rules and deserved an extreme punishment as I fear that this girl is so utterly unruly that she’d never learn her lesson if a regular punishment was applied.
In light of this, I’ve arranged for a special day of public punishment for her, the theory being that after a full day of public humiliation and embarrassment, she will never want to be sexually excited in public again and work much harder to control her disgraceful bodily lusts next time.’

“Another man asked, ‘but what is with the thing on her… vagina?’

‘That is to attract everyone’s attention to her and make her feel even more embarrassed. Are you embarrassed Serena? the Dean asked her.

“Serena stared hard at the floor and uttered ‘yes’ but the Dean got a bit short with her and said, ‘Look at me when you are being addressed! You are ashamed, good! Tell these men what disgusting thing you did and why you are such a naughty girl!’

“She had to look each one of them in the eye as she explained. ‘I got sexually excited,’ she said

‘Give them the details!’ the Dean ordered.

“She bit her lower lip feeling very awkward about what she was going to say next. ‘The dentist examined my vagina and I got wet,’ she said hoping that was enough, but it wasn’t.

‘Tell them exactly what you did!’ the Dean said.

‘While he was touching me, I leaked my vaginal fluids all over the dentist’s fingers.’ It was plain to see that she was absolutely mortified at having to go into extreme detail.

‘Yes, and all over the chair he later told me,’ the Dean said. ‘And when I came in with a guest she didn’t have any modesty and allowed herself to become even wetter, so wet in fact that my guest could clearly see how wet and slippery she was and he was standing quite far away. She made quite a mess!’

“All the men tutted and one even mumbled ‘disgraceful!’ making Serena feel even more embarrassed that they were talking about her and her vagina so openly.

“The Dean then said, ‘The clitoris clamp also serves another purpose. It is attached to her clitoris securely enough for her to feel but not tight enough to cause any pain. The fact that she got wet so easily means that she needs to build up a much better sexual resistance. The clamp will provide constant pressure on her clitoris which will stir up strong sexual urges that she will have to resist. This will hopefully desensitise her to sex.’

“I looked at poor Serena, then at her clitoris and could see that it was a little puffed up with the clamp squeezing it. No doubt it was throbbing and tingling and to think that she had to wear it all day!

“The Dean gave the documents back to me and I had to leave. I closed his office door behind me dreading what else was in store for her for the rest of the day.”

“I can tell you what her,” Ella said. “I saw Serena just before lunch and could not believe my eyes! She was out in the middle of the campus with a prefect. She was still completely naked but this time she was bent over and locked in stocks! There was a big crowd around and the prefect was spanking her! She was completely helpless! The stocks had big wheels attached and every so often the prefect would wheel her around so that her butt was facing different portions of the crowd then spank her several times with his hand. Then he’d wheel her around again and let everyone see the humiliation on her face. As he spanked her, he would force her to look directly at everyone and make eye contact thus humiliating her further. She couldn’t shy away.

“With every slap of her buttocks she would whimper and wince. Some of the boys were whooping and cheering, encouraging the prefect on and were even laughing at her every time she flinched from the prefect striking her ass. I could see that some of the girls were starting to feel sorry for her but other girls were saying that she deserved it for getting wet in front of the Dean. I couldn’t believe that everyone knew about her indiscretion.

“Just when I thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse for her, the prefect put his hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. He yelled out that she had to stay dry and that if he removed his hand and saw that it was covered in her pussy juice, she’d receive more spankings. As he rubbed her, you could see the look of torment on her face as she tried not to let his stimulation get to her.
After a while, he held his hand up to the crowd and I prayed that it was dry for her sake but as it glistened in the light I knew she was doomed. ‘Serena’s disgustingly wet!’ the prefect yelled out to everyone. All the guys booed.

“I couldn’t believe what the prefect did next. He took his hand that was slick with Serena’s pussy juice and rubbed it all over her face! ‘This is what you like, isn’t it Serena?’ the prefect said rhetorically as he did that. He then started spanking her butt again making her yelp more.

“A moment later, one of the boys in the crowd yelled out that the prefect should see if Serena had learned her lesson and to test her pussy again to see if she got wet easily. The prefect thought this was a good idea and patted her pussy dry with a paper towel in case she was still wet from before but then instead of testing her himself, he let the boy who made the suggestion step up and do it. The boy walked over and began stroking her pussy. The prefect told him to be careful not to knock the clit clamp off her but he could give it a little tug every now and then.

“Again, I saw the look of total concentration on Serena’s face as she was trying really hard not to get wet and every time the boy gave the clamp a little tug, her face would contort with sweet anguish as the sensation sent rivers of pleasure through her.
After a few moments he held up his hand but it was dry. Another boy yelled, ‘Rubbish! Let me have a go!’

“The prefect gestured him over and the new boy began rubbing his hand all over her pussy, trying to make her wet. Before you knew it there was a queue of about ten boys all lined up eager  to ‘help’ the prefect test if Serena got wet. One by one they gave her a good going over, some even stuck their fingers into her pussy and by about boy 6, she had lost the fight and was very wet. ‘Ah ha!!’ the boy yelled and eagerly pulled down his trousers to consensually rape her but the prefect stopped him. ‘No, no one is allowed to do that to her; the Dean’s orders. We cannot risk her having an orgasm yet. There is something very special planned for her later on. But, you are allowed to spank her yourself.’

“The boy looked so disappointed that he had to put his dick away unused, but cheered up again as he started spanking Serena.
Feeling as sorry as I did for her, I couldn’t stay and watch any longer. I don’t know what happened next but I suspect it was an endless line of boys queuing up to make her wet then spanking her – it must have gone on for a long time.”

“Poor Serena! I wonder what the prefect was referring to when he said about something very special planned.” Kandi mused.

“It must be what I just saw!” Jodie exclaimed. “Serena is on the stage in the main hall. I was there just now! She is completely naked and strapped to a wooden beam / table thing in the shape of an inverted ‘Y’. There are about 200 people all seated, some of them are tutors!

“As I first past the hall,” Jodie continued, “a loud hubbub drew my attention and the Dean was in there giving a speech about how it was all our duty to help one of the flock who had lost her way and that we could all help by donating some time to watch her punishment to make it as humiliating for her as possible so she would learn her lesson. He explained that they were killing two birds with one stone – humiliating her and increasing her sexual tolerance.

“Someone was using a video camera and there was a big screen set up so the people at the back could see all the detail.
I don’t know what had just come before, but her legs were strapped wide open to the ‘Y’ part of the table and a prefect was using a Hitachi massager on her clitoris.

Hitachi massager

“The person with the camera zoomed in very close and you could see that her clit was very engorged and still being clamped. The Hitachi was buzzing away quite loudly and Serena was beside herself with pleasure. She was wriggling and squirming against her restraints.

“I was at the back, quite far away and didn’t realise that she actually had a gag over her mouth she looked like she really wanted to say something. The prefect took the gag off and Serena screamed, ‘PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE CAN I CUM!?!?’

‘How close are you?’ the prefect asked.


‘When?’ he asked.

‘ANY MOMENT NOWWWW!!!’ she shrieked.

“Her faced tensed up and it looked like she was about to have an almighty orgasm but the prefect immediately withdrew the Hitachi and thrust a violet wand into her vagina giving her mild but powerful electric shocks in her pussy.

Violet Wand

“This seemed to wipe out her orgasm and she started to whimper and sob that she was so close to cumming but couldn’t.
I asked a boy next to me how long this had been going on and he said about an hour and a half. An hour and a half?! An hour and a half of being brought to the brink of orgasm then have it cruely snatched away?! And it was probably even worse for her with all the pent up sexual feelings she had from wearing the clit clamp all day!

“The prefect started using the Hitachi again and Serena began moaning. I’m sure that any other time, with this amount of sexual stimulation, she would have been in heaven, but because of all the people watching and the fact that she was not allowed to cum, she was in orgasmic hell, feeling the ultimate in sexual frustration.

“Her moans got louder and louder filling the hall. They got even louder still when the prefect began pulling on the clit clamp a little and I could now see why she had been gagged before.
As her breathing got deeper and deeper, she started to whimper, ‘I need to cum, PLEEEEASE let me cum!’

“The prefect said back, ‘You must resist. This is for your own good. Resist, I will help you.’
He placed suction tubes on her nipples and depressed them till her nipples had grown about an inch! The prefect then began using the Hitachi on her again.
‘Ohhh ,nooo!’ she said as she knew what was going to happen next, thinking that he’d bring her to the brink of orgasm and deny her again for the umpteenth time.

“The prefect then suddenly shocked everyone when he announced that she’d gone all day with constant sexual stimulation without having an orgasm. He said that she’d done well and thought that she’d now finally deserved to cum.

“A massive smile of relief broke out across her face. ‘OH THANK YOU! THANK YOU!’ she said. She was absolutely elated!

‘Just tell me when you’re really close and I’ll make it even better for you,’ the prefect said.

‘OH YESSS!!!’ she cried.

“This time while using the Hitachi, he inserted two fingers deep into her pussy and began rubbing in a circular motion. Her facial expression changed to one of absolute bliss. He was expertly massaging her g-spot while the Hitachi worked on her clit. I began to feel a bit envious because it looked like he really knew what he was doing to bring a girl to a powerful, earth shattering orgasm.
Another prefect went on the stage and inserted a small silver vibrator into her butt and he also began to gently tug on a suction tube on one of her nipples.

“Serena was in throws of delirious ecstasy and was moaning and oohing. ‘YES! YES!! YES!!!’ she wailed. She had seemingly forgotten about everyone else in the hall and it looked like the only thing she could think about was that she was about to have the best orgasm of her entire life.

‘I’m going to cum! I GOING TO CUMMMMMM!’ she screamed.

“The look of pleasure on her face was incredible as her orgasm was about to explode from deep within her. Suddenly, the prefect withdrew his fingers from her pussy and pulled the vibrator out her butt. He quickly inserted the violet wand into her, mildly electrocuting her again.
Her pleasure turned to sheer and utter disappointment with the shock of the electricity and the sudden loss of her orgasm that she didn’t reach but needed so badly.


“This devious play from the prefect made a lot of the students erupt with laughter, which pulled Serena’s attention back to where she was; naked and tied up on a ‘Y’ shaped table, in the main hall, on the stage with her legs splayed wide open and with the hall filled with students, all whom were intently watching her and were able to clearly see her most private area, thanks to the big screen and video camera that another prefect was holding inches away from her quivering pussy.

“She was just absolutely mortified with embarrassment. The Dean walked over to her holding a microphone and asked if at long last she had learned her lesson.
He held the microphone to her face but Serena just sobbed with all the humiliation she was going through and nodded her head the best she could with her being strapped to the table like she was.

“The Dean then said, ‘Finally! I can see in your face that you have finally been humbled and have learned the grave error of your ways.’ As Serena continued to sob, the Dean went on about how her day of public punishment was for her own good and that she has learned a valuable life lesson today and that although he was extremely disappointed that he had been forced into taking such drastic action with her, he admired the fact that she had recognised she was in the wrong and had not complained once all day. ‘We are nearly at the end and there is only one thing left,’ he said. He turned to the main prefect and told him to give her body what it truly desired.

“Serena immediately stopped sobbing and looked around with great anticipation. The Dean was finally going to let her cum! The prefects moved in. One started using the Hitachi on her clit again while working his fingers deep into her pussy no doubt pleasuring her g-spot again. Another was about to slide the small silver vibrator into her butt for the second time but at the last minute, he produced a much larger black one that had a really powerful buzz. He lubed it up and you could see the look of sweet anguish on her face as he pushed it deep into her ass while it was buzzing manically. A third prefect increased the pressure of the suction tubes on her nipples.

“Now Serena was moaning and wailing with intense delight. Her cries got louder and louder, her breathing got deeper and deeper till eventually, she started screaming, ‘OHHH! I GONNA CUM! I GONNA CUMMMMMM!’ All the prefects intensified what they were doing to her as she writhed and bucked against her restraints and as an immensely powerful orgasm erupted through her body she let out a mighty shriek of pleasure at what truly was the best orgasm of Serena’s entire life…
Then she passed out, her body falling limp against the table.

“The Dean tried to wake her but she was out like a light! Seeing her unconscious, he said that ‘we’ had finally accomplished our task and asked for someone to carry her back to her dorm room for rest.

“I suddenly realised that the boy I had asked earlier was sniffing at my neck and I was wondering what on earth he was doing when I suddenly discovered that I was VERY wet under my skirt and I think he could smell it. Although I empathised with her, watching Serena going through her ordeal had aroused me greatly and I had to leave before the boy decided to inspect me.”

As Jodie’s account came to an end, all the girls were silent for a moment thinking about Serena and her plight.

Jodie began to sniff at the air then said, “From the smell of things, I’m not the only one who got wet at what Serena went through.”

The three other girls looked at her sheepishly, raising a hand to indicate that they too were oozing their sweet scented pussy juices under their skirts.

College Tale Trilogy Part 2 – Serena’s Dentist Appointment

Serena walked down the hall looking for a copy of the college newspaper. She usually found them to be a very good read, letting her know the latest news of what was happening. She finally found one and was thumbing though it when a particular article caught her eye, filling her with dread:

“Government Dentist to Visit College

Peter Kent reports:

The Government has identified the college attending society as the most likely to neglect visiting their dentist. Because of studying commitments and their active social life, things like this are often relegated far down their list of priorities.
To keep the young nations teeth healthy, dentists will be sent out to every college in the country and they will perform checkups on every student…”

“Oh no!” Serena whispered to herself. She stopped reading and felt sick. She hated dentists. In fact, she hated anything remotely medical; doctors, opticians, hospitals, etc. Her parents had jokingly said that she had a “healthophobia” but this was looking like it was true.

Serena continued reading to find out the exact details of these visits and discovered that a dentist would be arriving at her college next week and appointments would be scheduled for every student over the next two months.


Three weeks later, it was the day of Serena’s appointment. She sat in the launch hall listening to her friends talk about the volunteer helpers from the men’s charity but couldn’t get into the conversation. Her appointment was scheduled for right after lunch and it was all she could think about.

“I’m sure it will be alright, Serena,” she heard Jodie say to her.

Serena could only smile weakly back at her friend’s attempt to reassure her.

Lunch ended and as the other girls headed off to gym class, Serena made her way to the office the dentist was practicing from. She knocked on the door and was beckoned in.

“You must be Serena. It’s good that you’re on time. I’m Mr. Hawthorn, the dentist. This is my dental nurse Miss Winters. Have a seat.
“There’s no need to be nervous,” he said sensing her anxiety. He pointed to the large leather chair in the centre of the room.

Serena felt a fraction better seeing there was another woman present. She looked around and could see that the room had been converted into a make shift dentist surgery with various posters and diagrams of the mouth pinned to the walls but the room seemed a bit dark. She sat nervously in the chair.

“Sorry about the light. The bulb blew a few moments ago. The janitor is on he’s way over to replace it,” the dentist said. “Right, let’s have a look at you.”

He ushered her to open her mouth. Miss Winters handed him a torch and a small wooden pallet and he began to examine her teeth.

“Hmm,” he said as he looked around her mouth, “What I’d like for you to do is rinse with a special solution.”

He stood and poured a red liquid into a beaker. “I’ve examined many students at this college and one thing I’ve learned is that you are all absolutely convinced that you clean your teeth thoroughly and instead of trying to argue with you, I’ll show you the evidence that you could do better. This solution will stick to all the plaque in your mouth and highlight it red.”

He handed Serena the beaker but she was so nervous that instead of grasping onto it she knocked it out of his hand, spilling it onto her clothes. It soaked through instantly.

“Oh dear!” the dentist said. “Quick, that stuff will stain! Take your clothes off and I’ll have them sent to the laundry immediately!”

Serena was in a little shock from the accident but then suddenly heard what the dentist said about her clothes. She started to look around for a towel or something else to cover herself with.

“Come on, come on now! Your clothes will be ruined if we don’t get this sorted fast!” he said.

“Yes! Please hurry!” Miss Winters added and reached for Serena’s shirt and started to unbutton it.

“Hey! I don’t have anything to change into!” Serena said trying to get Miss Winters’ hands off her.

“Don’t worry about that! Your clothes are more important. We’ll sort something out for you later,” the dentist said.

While Miss Winters was still trying to unbutton her shirt, the dentist grabbed her skirt and pulled it straight down her legs and off her. As she was conforming to the college rules about wearing only one bottom covering, she was not wearing any panties and gasped at the sudden exposure of her bare vagina. Serena instinctively tried to cover herself with her hands which made Miss Winters’ job of trying to get her shirt off even more difficult.

“We don’t have much time, Serena! The longer the solution stays on your clothes, the harder it will be to remove!” the dentist exclaimed. He grabbed her wrists and held them straight up allowing Miss Winters to pull the shirt right off the top of her head. Not having anything underneath the shirt, Serena was now completely naked in the chair save for her shoes. Serena was speechless and sat in the chair, one arm trying to cover her breasts, the other her vagina.

Miss Winters scooped up Serena’s clothes and rushed out the door, off to the laundry.

“I hope it’s not too late. Miss Winters will be back in a moment but we can continue without her,” the dentist said.

“I need something else to wear,” Serena said a little flabbergasted that she had to tell him.

He looked around the room but able to spot anything for her he said, “I’m sure Miss Winters will bring you back something.”

He asked her to open her mouth, deciding not to risk giving her the solution again. “When was the last time you had a check up?”

“Not for a while…” Serena said shyly. She was so uncomfortable being totally naked in front of this man but she was also a little puzzled as to how he was acting so nonchalantly about the situation.

“How long’s a while?”

“…5 years maybe…?” she said trying to remember.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

“Come, come,” the dentist said.

Serena was relieved thinking it was Miss Winters with something else for her to put on but then she heard a male voice.

“I’ve another light bulb for…,” the janitor said as he stepped into the room.

Serena was mortified. The janitor stopped talking mid sentence as he saw her in the chair naked trying to cover herself up.

“Excellent!” the dentist said.

“Err… do you want me to come back?” the janitor asked realising that he might have stumbled across an awkward situation.

“No, no. I need that light as soon as possible,” the dentist said.

“Come on, Stuart,” the janitor said to someone else who had been waiting outside.

Another man entered the room with the janitor and he looked just as bewildered at Serena sitting naked in the chair. She realised that “Stuart” was one of the volunteers sent by the Men’s Help Charity.

They both made their way over to the busted light unable to take their eyes off her. Now with two more strangers in the room who weren’t acting nonchalantly about her nudity, Serena was feeling very embarrassed and tried extra hard to cover herself with what little she could; using both arms to cover her breasts and crossing her legs to shield her vagina.

The dentist continued to ask Serena a few questions while examining her mouth but was finding her raised crossed legs a bit difficult to navigate around.

“Please uncross you legs Serena, they’re in my way.”

She wanted to protest but couldn’t come up with a reason she thought would convince him. She slowly uncrossed her legs and as she did so, she noticed the janitor and Stuart stop working so they could watch her. She bit her lip in an effort to stifle her embarrassment and after uncrossing her legs, she kept them tightly together.

The dentist saw Serena with her arms tightly wrapped across her breasts and legs firmly closed.

“It’s not that cold in her, but I’ll turn the heating up a bit,” he said moving away to the radiator. He also used the opportunity to collect some dentistry equipment from a draw.

“Since my assistant is not back yet, I’m going to need you to hold onto a few things for me.” He held them out to her expectedly.

The janitor and Stuart stopped working once again to watch Serena very closely and she realised that in order to hold the dentists’ items, she would no longer able to guard her breasts and would expose them to all present. She was no longer concerned about the dentist but the other two men were looking at her very lasciviously.

The dentist started waving the tools around breaking her thought process and getting her attention. He looked like he was starting to lose patience with her as he was silently insisting that she took the items from him.

Reluctantly, she let go of her boobs and had to use both hands to grasp what the dentist was trying to give her. From the corner of her eye she could see a look of awe on the other two men’s faces as her breasts sprang to their natural position on her chest.

The dentist noticed their lack of commotion, “All done fellows?”

“Nearly!” they both chorused leaping back into activity.

“So Serena,” the dentist said, “I get the impression that you don’t like dentists very much, with such a long time since your last check up.”

Serena being a polite and nice girl thought that he might be taking offence. “Oh, it’s nothing personal. I have a bit of a phobia with anything medical…”

“So does that mean…? When was the last time you had a checkup from a doctor?”

“Not for years,” Serena said without thinking.

“My dear girl! That’s no good! It’s vitally important you have regular checkups with your doctor. In fact, I would be ignoring my duty as someone who has taken the Hippocratic Oath if I didn’t try to rectify the situation immediately. My wife is a doctor and has taught me everything about examining the female body.”

“It’s not really necessary…” Serena said fearing where this was going. She could sense herself becoming more embarrassed with the talk of a body examination, especially with the other two men listening.

“No, I insist. I would not be able to sleep tonight if you left here without some sort of body examination just to briefly check that everything is okay. ”

Serena cringed but at hearing this, Stuart nearly fell off the ladder he was using, make a loud racket.

“Ah, all done then,” the dentist said looking up at the new bulb fitted in the socket.

The janitor and Stuart quietly huffed at the fact that the dentist had seen the new bulb in the fitting and they could not stall to watch some of Serena’s body exam. The two slowly cleared up their gear and headed out the door.

“Right, as I said, this will be a quick check over, just to make sure you don’t have any obvious problems. Please stand up.”

Serena stood feeling much better now that the janitor and Stuart had left but as the dentist pored over every inch of her naked skin, waves of embarrassment swept though her once again. He got her to turn around a few times while he examined her all over for a few minutes.

“Ok, no obvious problems there. I will now check your breasts.”

She sighed and allowed him to gently touch and squeeze her soft young breasts, carefully checking for any signs of concern. He continued to kneed and squash her boobs asking her to raise her arms. Although she felt uncomfortable, his touch didn’t feel too bad but then he began to focus his attention on her nipples. He lightly pinched and squeezed, making them more sensitive to his touch. It was inevitable, her nipples started to stiffen up and within seconds they were at maximum firmness. He continued to exam her nipples and the areola around them. After some time he said, “Your breasts seem all clear. Now if you could sit back in the chair and place a leg over each of the arm rests.”

Serena grimaced to herself knowing what was going to happen next. She sat back in the chair parting her legs, exposing her pussy to the dentist. He pushed her legs further apart making her vulva open up slightly.

He leaned in very close and proceeded to check over her labia, checking every fold and crease of her pussy for anything suspicious.

With this stranger touching her most intimate area, the embarrassment she was feeling was intolerable, however she began to feel a bizarre sensation of arousal too which the dentist was beginning to make worse.

Unbeknown to Mr. Hawthorn, while examining Serena’s vagina, he accidently bumped her clitoris several times with his fingers, sending little bursts of pleasure through her. He continued to innocently inspect her vagina and noticed that her clitoris had begun to protrude from under its hood slightly.

Just when Serena thought she would not be able to withstand any more stimulating contact without displaying further signs of her arousal, the dentist began to probe inside her, causing her to become very wet. She tried to will her juices not to flow but it was an impossible task. Her pussy began to ooze her fragrant love fluid, leaking about the dentist’s fingers.

“Hmm… you’re very well lubricated down there, aren’t you?” the dentist asked rhetorically. Serena could only gulp with awkwardness.

There was another knock on the door. “Thank God!” Serena thought, “Miss Winters has sure taken her time! I can’t wait to put something on!”

“Come, come,” the dentist said sliding his glistening wet fingers from out of Serena’s slippery pussy lips.

The door open and Serena was once again mortified when two new men stepped into the room. She became horrified when she realised one of them was the Dean.

“How are you getting on Mr. Hawthorn?” the Dean asked.

Serena quickly flung her legs off the sides of the chair, crossed them and leaned forward to cover as much as her exposed body as possible.

“Oh, just fine,” the dentist said.

The Dean now noticed Serena naked in the chair and gave her a quizzical look. The fellow accompanying him had his eyes glued to her naked body from the moment he had stepped in the room.

Serena wasn’t sure what to do with the Dean looking at her as if he was expecting something. Indeed he was expecting an explanation as to why she was naked. But in her anxious state, she got a little confused and suddenly thought of the ‘no covering up’ rule when being inspected. She wasn’t sure if this applied in her situation and figured that it could be why the Dean was looking at her in that way. She decided to play it safe and uncrossed her legs and let her arms fall to her sides.

The dentist suddenly realised what the Dean was after.

“Oh, we had a little accident with some dental solution. My assistant has taken her clothes to be cleaned.”

“Very well,” the Dean said satisfied. “This is Mr. Fairborough, one of the college sponsors. I was just giving him a tour of the campus when he mentioned he had had a bit of a tooth ache all day. Since we had a dentist on campus, I thought we’d pop over for a quick diagnosis.”

“Of course,” the dentist said wiping his pussy coated fingers on a paper towel and extending his hand to Mr. Fairborough for him to shake.

Mr. Fairborough had long since forgotten the pain in his tooth when he saw Serena’s naked body sitting in the chair. For reasons unbeknown to him, she had just uncrossed her legs making her hairless vagina easy to see and also put her arms down presenting her delicious breasts.

As a sponsor of the college, he only had brief knowledge of its rules and regulations. He knew a bit about the code of conduct and that inspections went on but he had never been ‘fortunate’ enough – as he saw it, to have seen an inspection with his own eyes when he visited the college.
While staring intently on Serena’s body, he become conscious that he could detect the faint scent of something in the air. Then began to notice that right at the top of her inner thighs, she was wet and shinny and realised that he was smelling the intoxicating scent of her womanhood.

“…Mr. Fairborough?” the dentist asked. He jumped suddenly realising that he was being spoken to.

Serena cringed again with embarrassment knowing that her nakedness was drawing all of Mr. Fairborough’s unwanted attention. She desperately wanted to cover up again but didn’t want to risk the Dean’s wrath.

Mr. Fairborough, having snapped out it, shook the dentist’s hand, elaborating on his tooth ache. The dentist asked Serena to step out of the chair for a moment while he quickly examined the other guest. She got up and stood in the corner, naked, shy and very embarrassed. Mr. Fairborough sat in the chair and throughout his short examination, he could not take his eyes off Serena’s lovely naked body.

The dentist was soon finished, diagnosing the source of Mr. Fairborough’s tooth ache and told him to see his regular dentist for treatment.
All done, the Dean was keen to resume the tour of the college but Mr. Fairborough had not yet had enough of ogling Serena and tried to think up some reason to stall. He searched his brain and suddenly remembered something in the College Code of Conduct about girls not allowed to become sexually aroused in public. While Serena sat back in the chair, he called the Dean over to the corner of the room.

“I don’t want to get anyone in trouble but I think young Serena may be in breach of the College Code. I think she is sexually excited…”

The Deans eyebrows furrowed and a scowl came across his face. He looked at Serena and with all his years of experience it was very easy for him to spot a girl who was exposed but desperately wanting to cover herself up so it seemed to him as though she was trying to hide something. He then realised that even at the distance he was from her, he could clearly see that her nipples were very erect.

Serena noticed the Dean looking at her sternly. She couldn’t hear what Mr. Fairborough had said to him but he was not pleased.

The Dean stepped to her with Mr. Fairborough in tow, “It appears that you may be in violation of the Code of Conduct, Serena. Please separate your legs, placing each one over the arms of the chair.”

Serena took a large gulp of breath. As if she wasn’t suffering enough embarrassment already being completely naked in front of 3 men, she now had to spread her legs for them. She did as the Dean had commanded and he and Mr. Fairborough bent forward to peer closer at her vagina. She was still very wet and shiny with traces of her pussy juice smeared all over her inner thighs.

“SERENA!” the Dean bellowed, “How dare you allow yourself to become sexually excited in public? …And in front of two guest as well?! I cannot believe you have embarrassed yourself like this! This is wholly unacceptable! You should be very ashamed of yourself!”

Serena wished the ground would open up and swallow her. All she could do was look down at the floor, not sure if she should shut her legs.

The Dean turned to the other two men, “I am very sorry about this display of total indecency.
Mr. Hawthorn, I am sorry to hold up your dental work further but this is very important. I will need an inspector to reprimand Serena immediately.”

The dentist was a little bemused not having much knowledge of the CCC but was more concerned that he had not finished her body exam. He really was concerned for her health. Mr. Fairborough however, was relishing the thought of Serena receiving her ‘reprimand’.

“I am going to continue Mr. Fairborough’s tour. Serena, you will remain here. I will send for an inspector to implement your punishment. After he is done, you will allow Mr. Hawthorn to finish with you then you may be on your way.”

The Dean headed for the door. He turned to Serena one last time and said, “I am thoroughly disappointed in you!” then he left.
Mr. Fairborough followed him out a little confused, thinking that he would have been able to stay and watch the inspector ‘at work’.

With the Dean gone Serena felt safe enough to finally close her legs.

“I’m sorry you’re in trouble Serena, but I should finish the examination to make sure you’re healthy. I just need to check one more area but I need to find something first,” the dentist said. He began rummaging around in his bag.
A few moments later, he still had not found this mystery item. There was a knock on the door and without being asked, a young man opened it and walked in. The dentist looked at the boy silently enquiring as to who he was.

“I’m Mark, an inspector. The Dean sent me.” Mark then looked at Serena.

Having given up searching for what he was looking for, the dentist sat on the counter to see how Mark would discipline Serena.

“Ready?” Mark asked.

She wasn’t but she didn’t really have a choice.

Mark asked her to stand up, “The Dean told me you were wet and that I should see for myself.”

He placed his hand on her vagina and slid it all around noticing a definite slippery moistness and lack of friction as her pussy was still covered in her juices. He slipped a few fingers inside her just to be thorough.

“Well, the Dean was right,” Mark said.

He made her turn around and bend over leaning her weight on the chair. She heard him unzip his trousers and moments later felt his hot penis head pushing against her pussy lips. He sank his dick deep into her and when he was fully in, he leaned against her ear and said, “the Dean wants a full report when we’re done. He said that if by the time I’ve finished punishing you, that you have refrained from showing any further sexual excitement, I am to give you some reprieve but if you cannot control yourself and you orgasm then I must arrange for another punishment in a much more public place …so you must not cum while I fuck you.”

With this news, Serena now had to be determined not to cum as Mark started to slowly withdraw his cock then plunge it into her with enough force that he kept moving the chair she was leaning on forward. If he continued like this, she would be able to hold off an orgasm however, she had thought that too soon.

As Mark fucked her, he picked up his pace considerably, thumping into her quicker and quicker. He brought his right hand around her waist and under her stomach to start playing with her clitoris while his left hand groped for her left breast, gently pinching and squeezing her nipple.

Now she was in big trouble. There was no way she could resist the attention her sensitive nipple and clit were receiving. As Mark continued to fuck her with force, she felt that sweet sensation of an orgasm building rapidly within her. She tried earnestly to stifle these sensations but they were just too strong. With Marks fingers working her clit and nipple and his meaty dick giving her pussy a deep internal massage, she could not take anymore and  simply exploded letting out a cry as she came, her body trembling and twitching, nearly making her loose balance. She half collapsed onto the chair with her ass still in the air while Mark continued to fuck her. Although very strong, her orgasm started to subside and as she came to her senses, she now began to feel humiliated that she was made to cum in front of the dentist and was only glad that she could bury her face in the chair, hiding away.

Having made her cum, Mark concentrated on his own orgasm. He began to grunt and it was clear he was close.

Suddenly, the dentist leapt up asking Mark to cum on her, between her butt cheeks. Mark didn’t know why but didn’t really care. He followed the dentist’s instruction pulling his dick out of Serena’s pussy and ejaculating all down the crack of her ass, his thick gooey spunk oozing down her butt crack, flowing over her butt hole. Serena was too drained to enquire as to what was going on but the dentist offered an explanation.

“I couldn’t find my lubricant and I need to give her a rectal exam,” he told Mark. “Serena stay in that position.”

Another wave of embarrassment flooded over her as the dentist put on a latex glove, smeared Marks cum further around her butt hole, and then slowly eased one of his large fingers deep into her rectum. He moved his finger all around her butt cavity, feeling along the walls. Serena found this to be very uncomfortable but had to grin and bear it. She was unconsciously tensing up.

“Just try to relax Serena, it will be easier for your small bottom,” the dentist said. Just when she thought it could not get any worse, she realised that Mark was still in the room casually watching the dentist exploring her ass hole.

She could help it, she tensed up again. Her ass was automatically trying to force Mr. Hawthorn’s finger out of her.

“Serena, you’re making this very difficult for me, which is making it very difficult for your bottom. Mark could you give me a hand?”

Mark came over and placed a hand on each of her butt cheeks and spread her butt wide apart.

“Oh, that’s much better!” the dentist said scooping some of Mark’s cum from her butt crack into her ass hole. He then buried his chubby finger deep into her ass once again.

She could now feel some of Mark’s spunk dribbling down over her pussy and all of this now made Serena feel totally humiliated.

She heard the door open and closed her eyes not wanting to see who it was this time. She heard a female voice say, “Here are the clothes back, all nice and clean!”

“Good,” the dentist said. “We’re all done here too.” He slipped his finger out of her cum filled ass and let her stand up.

“Well, there’s nothing of major concern. You appear to be fit and healthy but you really should not take chances and should have regular checkups, ok?” he said handing her some paper towels to wipe herself off with.

Serena just nodded taking the towels. She wiped away Mark’s cum and put her clothes back on. She waited hesitantly for Mark to say something about her having an orgasm but he just left the room without saying anything.

“So, that was your first dental exam in 5 years,” the Mr. Hawthorn said. “I hope you didn’t find it too traumatic…”

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College Tale Trilogy Part 1 – The Gym Helpers

“Isn’t it nice for the college to help out that charity?” Bonnie said.

“Yeah,” I said, “It’s great the college can give those unemployed men something to do.”

All week the college had been playing host to the Men’s Help Charity, who had arranged for several unemployed men over the age of 40 to be makeshift teaching assistants for the week on a volunteer basis. The scheme was designed to help them establish a daily routine and give them some work experience and confidence. We were all pleased that people in unfortunate situations could be helped out.

“Come on girls, if we don’t hurry up and finish our lunch, we’re going to be late for gym,” Kandi urged us.

She was right; we had spent so much time talking about the volunteers that Bonnie, Kandi, Ella and I still had our plates half full. Serena however, hadn’t touched her food at all. In fact, she had been very quiet this whole time. I suddenly remembered that she had her dentist appointment right after lunch. Poor thing, she was so nervous about it.

“I’m sure it will be alright, Serena,” I said to her. She kind of smiled back but didn’t say anything.

We all ate in silence so we could finish quickly then us four girls left the dining hall for gym class while Serena went to her appointment.

When we stepped in the gym, most of our female only gym class was already there with our instructor Miss Jayne. There were also six men from the charity who were putting away the apparatus and mats the boys gym class had just used.

“It’s great having the volunteers around,” Miss Jayne said. “The boys used to take forever putting away their equipment but girls, if you get changed we can start straight away.”

“Right, but it’s really hot in here. Is the heating still on?” I asked Miss Jayne.

“Yes Jodie, it is. I don’t want anyone catching cold, it’s freezing outside,” she said. “Now hurry up so we can get started.”

We rushed into the changing room to put out gym kits on.

“What are we going to do about our kits, Jodie? Ella asked me.

All the other girls seconded her question but I didn’t know what she meant.

“You know, our gym kits are so short, they come down to just halfway across our butts. If we go out there wearing them, those male volunteers will see everything!

I thought her concern was a bit silly, “it’s an all female class so they’ll probably be gone and just come back to clear up.” That seemed to make sense with all the girls and we got changed and headed out.

To our shock the six men were still in the gym. They had finished putting everything away and were standing around talking to Miss Jayne. Their eyes nearly popped out of their heads when they saw us in our gym kits. We all became instantly shy and covered our exposed vaginas with our hands and tried not to turn around so they would see our bare butts.

“Good, you’re all ready,” Miss Jayne said when she saw us but she hadn’t picked up on our embarrassment with the men looking at us. We were still standing by the changing room door and beckoned her over.

“Miss, can you send them away now?” We asked her. She gave us the most puzzled look.

Send them away? Girls, they’re here to help out during this class, I’m not going to send them away.”

“But Miss, they’ll see everything!” We said incredulously.

It took a moment for her to realise what we were talking about. She looked up and down our bodies, at the way our gym kits came down to just below our hips and she saw the way we were trying to hide our vaginas with our hands. Then she looked back at the men who were all looking at us but trying hard not to when Miss Jayne looked at them.

“Look girls,” she said, “I’ll let you in on a secret. They’re not interested in any of you; you’re all too young for them. They’ve actually been flirting with me, trying to get my number! These are nice men. They’re all over 40 and are not perverts or young teenage boys with raging hormones. They’re not even going to notice your vaginas.”

We wanted to argue with her but she was adamant.

“Besides, Jodie was right before, it is too hot in here. I’ve turned the heating off but I need to make sure none of you get too hot and faint. I can’t keep my eye on all of you at once so the men will be a great help there. Because of the heat, we will not be doing anything too strenuous today. We’ll start off with some stretching,” Miss Jayne said.

We all groaned and got into space in the gym as she ordered. The six men stood back against the wall facing us. We all just looked at the floor, too embarrassed to look them in the face. Miss Jayne stood in front of us with her back to the men and we began.

“Right, stretch upwards, raising your arms up as high as you can,” she instructed.

We all lifted our arms up and became increasingly aware that our gym kits were riding up our bodies exposing more and more to the men watching us. With our arms fully up, the hems of our kits came down to just below our navels. The men could clearly see our hairless pussies and because Miss Jayne had her back to them, they were not trying to hide their glances.

We carried on stretching and twisting for a while with the men unable to take their eyes off us and Miss Jayne completely oblivious.

She soon asked three of the men to stand at the back of the gym, behind us so they could monitor the girls at the back. As they got into position we could all feel their eyes locked onto our bare juicy butts, getting a good look.

Miss Jayne changed our activity slightly and said we now had to stretch by standing with our legs apart and bending forward touching our toes. As we bend over out kits rode up again fully exposing our butts to the men standing behind us. I couldn’t believe how embarrassing this was! While I was fully bent over, I could see behind me and saw one of the men looking right at my spread butt cheeks and pussy. He was mesmerized and looked like he was in a trance.

The heat in the gym was becoming a real pain. After only about 10 minutes of stretching and bending, some of us were starting to sweat which was making our white gym kits damp and transparent. They were clinging to us, which the men had begun to notice too. This had started to reveal all the curves of our shapely bodies and I could clearly see the breasts and areola of a lot of the girls as their kits had clung to their chests making their nipples standout as if they were cold. I looked down at my own breasts and saw my nipples protruding proudly. My kit had become so sheer with sweat you could make out the exact colour my nipples were through the damp material. I looked up again to see that one of the men was also studying the exact contours and perkiness of my boobs.

Ella was not handling the heat well and was very exasperated.

“I’m very concerned about the heat in here,” Miss Jayne said becoming worried that Ella might pass out. “You are all sweating quite a lot. To prevent you overheating, I want you all to take your gym kits off.”

What?!” We all said.

“What about them?!” Kandi asked nodding to the six men not caring if they heard her.

“Oh I’m sure they won’t mind,” Miss Jayne said. “Would any of you be offended if the girls were to remove their gym kits and continue naked?” she asked them. The men could not believe what they had just been asked and shook their heads rapidly.

“See, I told you,” she said completely missing the point Kandi was making. “Come on girls, hurry up! We have more to do,” Miss Jayne insisted.

We reluctantly peeled off our sodden kits and there we stood, hot, sweaty and naked in front of six men who were all eyeing us up intently!

“Okay girls, I want you to stand with your legs together, hands on hips and elbows back. Now jump up and down on the spot. I’ll tell you when to stop… begin!”

Now this was really humiliating! The position our arms were in, thrust our breasts forward accentuating them and now that we were jumping up and down, out breasts were bouncing and flopping around gratuitously. Peals of sweat were trickling down our bodies making them glisten and the men were focused on our naked bodies more than ever. I think I could even see a few of them with erections in their trousers but I couldn’t be sure.

After a while of us jumping on the spot, Miss Jayne went into the store cupboard and produced a crate of skipping ropes. She distributed them amongst the men then told us to stop jumping. The men went around handing the ropes out and they used the opportunity to get a good look at our glistening naked bodies up close. And yes, as they came close to us I could definitely see bulges in some of their trousers.

With the ropes shared out we had to begin skipping which was even more humiliating then simply jumping on the spot. Miss Jayne wanted us to skip fast to really get our hearts pumping but because of this, our boobs were bouncing and jiggling up and down double-time! The men were really loving the show. We were getting even hotter and our naked bodies were covered in sweat.

After a few minutes we could stop. Miss Jayne told us to rest while the men got the mats out for floor exercises.

With the mats positioned in rows, we had to lie on our backs then raise our legs in the air, supporting ourselves by placing our hands under our backs. I’m sure we all silently groaned because we knew what was coming next. Miss Jayne told us to separate our legs as far as we could then back again. We really didn’t want to with all the men watching us but we could not disobey our instructor.

Grudgingly, we parted our legs wide and could only image the looks on the men’s faces as they saw our beautiful pussies opening up to them every time we spread our legs apart. Thankfully they were all still by the wall away from us but then Miss Jayne asked them if they could walk between the rows to make sure all of us were doing it properly.

By now we were all very embarrassed and extremely humiliated with the men walking down the rows. Each man stood directly behind a girl while she continued to involuntarily expose her pussy as she spread her legs far apart then back again. All of a sudden, one man was standing over me. At this point my legs were closed and I held them there. I really didn’t want to open them but he remained there expectedly waiting for me. I held my legs together hoping he’d move on but then I heard Miss Jayne call my name, “Jodie, do the exercise properly!”

With a deep sigh I had to spread my legs far apart while the man standing over me got a good view of my pussy and ass hole. After a few times of my opening and closing my legs, he moved on.

Miss Jayne stopped us a little while later to let us catch out breaths. We all stood up and got into a huddle again trying to hide our shiny naked bodies from the men who moved back to the wall. Miss Jayne could see that we were all still sweating quite a lot and was wondering what she should have us do next.

“Can all of you do handstands?” she asked. “Hands up everyone who can’t.”

We weren’t sure what she wanted to do and the ones who couldn’t handstand, me included, were in two minds as to whether we should draw attention to ourselves by raising our hands but eventually we did.

“Good,” Miss Jayne said, “the volunteers can help you finally learn how to do them!”

Oh no!” we thought.

“But Miss? Couldn’t the girls that do know how to handstand help us instead?” I asked.

“Mmmm… no. Having a big strong man to help you will make it easier,” she answered.

The men suddenly got even more excited and couldn’t wait to find out how they would be ‘helping’ us.

“Jodie, you can go first and I’ll show you what I mean,” Miss Jayne said.

She pointed to the centre of the gym and I slowly walked there even more conscious of my nakedness in front of the men now that I was not in the huddle with the other naked girls.

“Henry, could you help Jodie?” Miss Jayne asked.

The same man that had stood over me during the previous exercise headed towards me. As he did so, I could see him clearly eye me from my ankles, up my legs, to my vagina, up my glistening torso and over my pert breasts and to my head. Then he saw me catch him looking but didn’t take his eyes off me.

When he was stood beside me, Miss Jayne said, “Okay Jodie, I want you to perform a handstand and Henry will hold on to you to stop you falling over. After you’ve done this a few times, you’ll be able to do it unassisted.”

I did as she said and threw myself forward to begin the handstand. As my legs went up, Henry quickly came around me and stood in front of me. As I was going upside down, I tried to keep my legs together tightly knowing exactly where he would be looking.

“Catch her Henry!” Miss Jayne said as I started to fall backwards.

I suddenly felt two very large strong hands grab my butt and Henry pulled me close to him.

“See, “Miss Jayne said, “he didn’t let you fall.”

I felt Henry start to gently squeeze and squish my butt while he was holding me, pulling me against his body even more. He was enjoying the feel of my soft clammy skin. I felt something hard poking back at me and I knew exactly what it was. This made me unsteady and start to sway.

“Jodie, you have to balance yourself so you don’t topple over. Use your legs.” Miss Jayne said.

“Huh?” I said, trying to keep still.

“Your legs,” Miss Jayne said, “use them to balance. You won’t be able to do it with your legs completely closed.”

She was right. I couldn’t stay still with my legs completely closed but I didn’t want him getting a good look at my pussy again. But all my unsteadiness was giving Henry a good reason to hold firmly onto my butt which I didn’t want him to do.

Reluctantly, in an effort to get Henry to let go of my ass, I had to spread my legs to balance myself out. Henry was now looking straight down at my pussy and he still didn’t let go of me.

“Very good, Jodie,” Miss Jayne said. “Now everyone who had their hand up, line up in front of the men and they will all help you do what Jodie did.

I was finally released to stand up and I joined the girls who could already handstand. The rest got into equal lines in front of the men and naked sweaty girl after naked sweaty girl performed a handstand and was grabbed by the man they were in front of and they too had to splay their legs to balance themselves while the man they were with got an eyeful of her luscious pussy.

When the rest of the girls had finished we all got back into a huddle waiting for Miss Jayne’s next instruction.

“Hey Jodie!” Bonnie whispered to me, “the man that I was with had an erection!”

“Yeah! Mine too!” Kandi whispered.

“And Mine!” Ella said.

More girls echoed the same.

“Yeah. Henry too,” I admitted. “We should complain to Miss Jayne.” All the girls looked in my direction, expecting me to raise the matter, so I did.

“Miss Jayne? All the men have great big erections!” I said loud enough for her and the men to hear.

The men froze on the spot suddenly looking very anxious that they were about to be busted.

Miss Jayne looked at us in shock, “Jodie?! How could you say such a thing?!”

“It’s true Miss! We felt them while we were doing the handstands,” the girls said backing me up.

Miss Jayne didn’t know what to do but she had to take us seriously. If there was any impropriety on the men’s part they could get into trouble.

She walked over to them and began to see for herself that there were indeed things bulging through the men’s trousers.

Miss Jayne said to them, “I have to ask you gentlemen if you have been finding helping the girls sexually arousing.”

“Oh, no! Not at all!” They lied. “We… err…  just have a lot in our pockets.” They proceeded to empty the contents of their pockets and they all took out various items.

“You see? I knew there was a reasonable explanation. Honestly, girls!” Miss Jayne said exasperated. “I can’t believe you have greatly embarrassed the men by accusing them of being improper! I want you all to apologise to them and give them a big hug to show that you have no hard feelings!”

I couldn’t understand it. I’m sure we weren’t imagining things but we apologised to them anyway but as each one of us hugged a man we felt them really hug us back, groping out young nubile wet bodies for all they were worth. We also noticed them bending forward slight and realised that they actually did have erections and were trying to hid them from us. They had had them all along!

Just when I was going to complain to Miss Jayne again, she said we could all get changed and not wanting to be naked in front of the men anymore, we all ran off into the changing rooms.

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Totally Busted!

It was a fantastic day! I couldn’t believe that I had finally graduated from the college. I was so glad to be done with the whole studying thing. As I had just graduated yesterday, my parents had thrown a surprise party for me and invited a load of the cool crowd from my neighbourhood, including this fit guy called Marcus and his very attractive friends.  I’ve had my eye on some of them for awhile but because of all the time I spent away at the college, I didn’t get much chance to chat or flirt with them but that was all going to change now.

Another reason I was glad that I wouldn’t be at the college anymore was because I absolutely hated having to conform to the dress code. It seemed like I was the only girl there who thought the code was bizarre and didn’t like wearing ultra short skirts with no underwear or just wearing panties as a bottom. I loathed this aspect so much that I never talked about the college with people who didn’t go there hence none of the individuals at this party knew much about the code as I was the only one from the neighbourhood who attended it.

Anyway, all that was behind me now and as I stepped through the front door into my house, the waiting crowd of smiling revellers all congratulated and cheered me. Then I saw Marcus coolly standing in the corner of the main party room staring at me with a smile, waiting for his chance to talk to me. I got a little self conscious while greeting everyone else; he could not take his eyes off me. Finally he came over and we had a chat. We both flirted wildly. Everything was going great and I could tell that he was about to ask me out when there was an ominous knock on the front door.

My mind raced for who it could be. It didn’t sound like more people for the party.  Was it the police? Or an angry neighbour complaining about the noise being too loud? I went to open it and what I saw was far worse than a neighbour, the police or anything else.

It was the Dean.

I was absolutely astounded. “What was he doing here?!” I thought. I smiled and tried to play it cool, “Hello.”

“Hello Beth,” he said back rather sternly. This got my back up and I was really starting to get worried.

“I would like to have a word with your parents,” he said more like an order than a request that could be refused.

“Err, ok. Follow me. Is everything alright at the college?” I asked as we walked to my mum and dad at the back of the house. I was trying to fish for any information that would reveal why he was here but he simply didn’t answer.

As I lead him through the house past occupied rooms, every room we passed fell silent when they saw him. None of the people knew who he was as they did not attend the college but he carried a very imposing figure. As we passed the stairs, I stopped suddenly trying to think if mum and dad were up there and I felt something hit the back of my legs. I looked around and the Dean was staring at me intently with a hint of irritation in his eyes. I then spotted the object that had hit me. The Dean was carrying a large brown leather suitcase. In my complete shock at seeing him at the door, I hadn’t noticed it before. Now I was really puzzled as to what on earth was going on. The Dean interrupted my thought process by clearing his throat loudly and I remembered that I was supposed to be taking him to my parents. Just then I heard my mum laugh from the kitchen and was relieved that I didn’t have to have the Dean following me anymore. Dad was there too, they had the kitchen to themselves.

“Mum, dad, this is…”

“Oh yes! We didn’t expect you so soon,” my dad said.

You mean you knew he was coming!” I thought.

Dad saw the look of perplexity on my face that he had not told me about this but he smiled and said proudly, “No doubt he’s here to tell us what a top notch student you’ve been throughout your time at his college.”

Judging by my interaction with him just now, I could only hope that was the case. The Dean asked for some privacy (from me) and I closed the kitchen door with the three of them beginning their conversation and I went back to the party in the front room. All around me, the others were having a great time laughing and dancing but I now felt sick and could not take my mind off what was happening in the kitchen. Marcus’ friend Zack found me and started flirting but now I was so nervous about the Dean being here, I couldn’t enjoy it.

My favourite track came on the radio and just when I started to relax a bit, I heard loud voices coming from the kitchen area and they were not sounding friendly or jovial but had an air of anger about them. My dad stormed into the front room where I was and looked at me with more fury than I had ever seen. Mum came in followed by the Dean and she was just as mad and asked everyone to quieten down and turned off the music. She asked some of the other guests if they could gather everyone who was in the garden to come for an important matter. The Dean remained silent.

I was now terrified and still did not have a clue what this was about. I looked around at the other guests and they could all tell that whatever was going on, I was at the centre of it. Here I was, trying to attract these cute guys but was now feeling embarrassed that this was happening in front of them.

This front room was quite large and all the furniture had been removed for the party. Once everyone from the garden and the rest of the house was here, we had about 40 people who fitted comfortably in this room.

Once everyone had gathered, the Dean spoke, “I am sorry to interrupt your get-together. No doubt you are celebrating Beth’s graduation. However, a serious matter with Beth has arisen that could not be ignored.” I was now freaking out.

“Beth, do the dates February 28, and June 2 last year mean anything to you?” the Dean asked. I didn’t have a clue what he was on about and said ‘no’.

“These are dates on which you were inspected for possible dress code violations,” he paused, waiting for the penny to drop but I still didn’t know what he talking about.

“Both inspectors booked you for a public hearing,” he said.

“But I didn’t have any hearings!” I said defiantly.

“Exactly,” the Dean said in the most sinister way.

I pondered on this information and tried to think back to those instances. Slowly but surely, total shock and horror came over me as I began to remember receiving the citation tickets and hearing dates from the inspectors.
On the first day, I was so miffed about receiving the hearing that when there was an emergency near the records room later that day, I managed to sneak in and alter the hearing list, removing my name. The next occasion I was inspected, it wasn’t easy but I did the same thing but this time, creating a diversion myself, then sneaking in and changing the records.

How on earth did he find out?! I don’t remember there being any cameras in the room otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.

“Yes, all coming back to you now, is it?” The Dean said as he saw the look of realisation on my face.

I couldn’t speak. I was dumbstruck that my secret had been found out. I had completely forgotten that I had even done that.

The Dean explained to the whole group what I had done, “This young lady was caught in violation of the dress code. Twice. Each time a hearing was booked for her but each time she had managed to enter the records room and remove her name from the hearing list.”

As none of the other people went to my college (and I was too embarrassed to talk about the rules with them), they didn’t know what significance of any of this was.

I suddenly remembered that I had now graduated from that college and didn’t belong there anymore so there wasn’t that much that could happen to me now.

“I’m sorry,” I said to the Dean offhandedly thinking that was what he had come to hear.

“It’s a little late for that, my girl,” he said back.

I was a fully grown woman now and no longer part of his college. That was all he was getting from me. My parents shook their heads at my attitude.

With your parent’s permission, I will now implement the punishment that you escaped,” the Dean said.

“You can’t do that!” I said incredulously. “I don’t go to the college anymore.”

My dad jumped in, “What you did is tantamount to vandalism! You are lucky the Dean is not going to call the police and have you arrested! You will accept ANY punishment he chooses to give you!”

I couldn’t believe my dad had just spoken to me like that in front of all the visitors. If this was going to happen, I wanted to clear the guests sooner rather than later. “Ok, fine!” I said, “Well… I guess the party’s over then. You can all go.” I said to the guests dejectedly.

They started to make their way out but the Dean stopped them, “Just one moment. If Beth had attended her hearings, they would have been in public so I would like an audience present for this. I would like you all to stay as without witnesses, her punishment would be less severe.”

What?! No! I don’t want…” I began to say but my mum furiously cut me off, “Enough, Beth! You will not utter another word while the Dean is in this house.”  My dad continued, “This mess is of your own making and you will obey whatever the Dean says!”

Now I knew I was totally beat with the Dean, my mum and dad all ganging up on me.

The guests regained their positions in the front room and I desperately tried not to make eye contact with Marcus or Zack. I was so humiliated with being treated like a six year old.

When everyone was settled, the Dean said, “Because what you have done is extra ordinary, the punishment usually carried out during and following a hearing will not be sufficient.  We will need an extraordinary punishment to fit the offences you have committed, one you will not forget in a hurry. We will begin with the removal of your clothes.”

Now I know I did not hear that correctly and judging by the bewildered looks on the faces of the guests, they did not hear that correctly either.

“What are you waiting for?” The Dean asked.

I looked earnestly at my parents, silently begging them not to make me do this, especially in front of all these people, but they both scowled at me insisting that I hurry up and undress. Mum and dad decided to leave the house so that the Dean would not feel restricted in the punishment he could give me but before heading out the front door, mum said to me, “Beth, you have greatly disappointed us. We better not come back to find that you have created even more problems for the Dean. Remember, you will accept any punishment he decides is fit for your crime.” and they left.

“Go ahead, remove your clothes,” the Dean said again. With about 40 people watching me, I slowly unbuttoned and remove my clothes. I didn’t dare look up at anyone but from the corners of my eyes I could see that they were all in disbelief as to what was going on.

I was down to my bra and panties, thinking that was it but the Dean told me to continue.

What!?” I said, looking up at him.

“Continue Beth! Every time you make me repeat myself or wait for you, I will increase the severity of your punishment.”

I could only gulp as I began to undo my bra and pulling it off my shoulders and down my arms, feeling the cool air on my breasts, then I slipped my panties down, trying not to bend over to the crowd too much. And there I was, completely naked in front of a room full of people that I didn’t know all that well. And Marcus and Zack. I had forgotten about them. The crowd were gasping in absolute shock and surprise that there was now a girl in front of them who was completely naked. Most of them were situated behind me facing the Dean and I was sure Marcus and Zack in particular were now looking right at my butt. I blushed crimson at the thought.

“While under this punishment, the college rules will still apply so no covering up. Arms down by your sides.” I reluctantly had to do what he said. “Now turn around 360, slowly.”

I looked up at him silently beseeching him to not make me turn around and show my private areas to all the people present, but he humiliated me even more by saying, “You should have thought about your modesty before. You will turn around and let everyone see your embarrassment.”

I had no choice and slowly turned around on the spot. As I did, all the eyes of the men and women present were glued to either my tits or my vagina. They could not believe this was happening and nor could I. On my way round, I saw Marcus. He could not take his eyes of my hairless pussy. With him and Zack staring at me naked, my thoughts turned to fantasies that I’d had about them while masturbating. I felt my vagina starting to moisten up and a whole new level of embarrassment came over me as this was hardly the time for it.

The Dean told me to turn my back to the crowd and bend forward, touching my toes. I slowly turned around and bent over. As I did so, I heard all the guys gasp and murmur as they got the sight of my full round ass and my plump pussy bulging out from between my legs. I thought I could distinguish Marcus and Zack’s voices whispering from the rest and I was absolutely mortified at what was happening, and hated the fact that the thought of Marcus and Zack getting an eyeful of my pussy was strangely arousing. I despised my body for betraying me.

The Dean left my in this position for awhile, letting the crowd gaze my nakedness. “This is all part of the punishment,” he said. “The next time you think about breaking the law you will think back to the humiliation you suffered today and it will sway your mind. Because of the severity of your misdemeanours, I feel some corporal punishment is in order.”

Oh no!” I thought.

I was still bent over. He placed his suitcase near me on the floor and opened it. I didn’t have a clear view but from the corner of my eye, I could see all sorts of weird looking things in there but then he pulled our something I did recognise and my heart sank. He was now holding a flogger. He stood beside me and I could hear him quickly pull on the leather strips making it snap, adding to my anxiety.

“Keep yourself steady,” he said, then he slowly draped the flogger all over my ass, letting the cool leather gently sweep across my butt checks. The sensation was odd, it was almost tickling me and was making my ass sensitive. Then without warning he struck the flogger down across my left butt cheek making a loud slapping sound. I flinched, jerking forward making myself loose balance.

“I told you to keep yourself steady!” He repeated angrily. It was the sound that the flogger made that had surprised me rather that the pain of it as it didn’t actually hurt that much. The Dean then struck my right butt cheek with a loud slap and this time I was aware of my soft fleshy ass ripple as he struck it. I hoped it did not attract the attention of the onlookers too much.

He paused and I foolishly thought he was done but then he really laid into my ass.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!, went the flogger across my ass. Each time I could feel ripple after ripple travel around my buttocks. I was wrong about it not hurting much as the pain was building up.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!, he continued. He must have hit me with the flogger about 25 times in total. I was starting to whimper out loud but he finally stopped and I immediately felt a rush of heat radiating from my butt and knew it must be bright red now. The dean told me to stand up and I immediately placed my hands on my butt to soothe it and I winced. Most of the crowd laughed when I did that and I felt another degree of humiliation lower.

The Dean asked for a chair and Marcus and Zack volunteered to get him one. They brought back the one from my dad’s study. It was a large, sturdy leather chair and they placed it in the centre of the room.

“Since you two seem responsible,” he said to Marcus and Zack, “I would like you to take the place of makeshift code inspectors.” They didn’t have a clue what he was talking about but since it sounded like it would get them more involved with what was going on with me so they rapidly agreed to anything.

“Good,” the Dean said. “I only require you for specific tasks, not the full roster of duties a regular inspector would carry out.” Again, I could see that they were clueless but game for anything.

The Dean told me to turn around 360 again so that everyone could see my bright red bottom clearly. I really didn’t want to move and he got annoyed again, “I cannot believe your utter reluctance in carrying out my commands!”

He reached into his suitcase again, rummaging around then pulled out a silver chain. I thought he was going to place it around my neck like a collar and lead but as he came closer, I saw that the chain and clamps on each end. He attached them firmly to both my nipples.

“If you touch the chain, even once, you will receive a caning!” he said showing me a rather foreboding wooden cane he had also taken out of his case.

Now rather than order me to move about, he simply pulled on the middle of the chain clamped to my nipples and I couldn’t help but instantly move in any direction he pulled. “That’s much better”, he said. He pulled on the chain and led me about a small circle, letting everyone see my rosy coloured ass from his flogging. I had to really resist the urge to reach up and grab the chain. His pulling didn’t hurt but it certainly got my attention. Every tug he made sent a tingle through my nipples.

“Actually,” he said, “you are still a little sluggish. One more clamp is needed.” I was puzzled as I didn’t think there was any more room on my nipples for more clamps but her reached into his case yet again and pulled out another chain and attached one end to the middle of the one hanging on to my nipples.

“Spread your legs,” he ordered. I did and was flabbergasted at what he did next. He spread the top of my pussy lips apart and attached the clamp at the other end of the second chain to my clitoris!

Now he tested out it by pulling on where the two chains joined and led me about another circle, this time around the chair. Some of the guests were quietly laughing at the way I was being led around as he kept pulling in an upward direction making me stand on my tip toes and now with every tug he made my clitoris got a little tingle and the pressure from the clamp was starting to make it throb too.

The Dean pulled on the chains leading me to sit on the chair and then made me shift forward so I was sitting on its edge. He asked Zack to stand behind it and ordered me to raise my legs and asked Zack to hold onto both my ankles and pull them towards him. With my legs way up in the air, I was totally aghast at the very exposed position I was in. The Dean asked Zack to pull my legs as far apart as they would naturally go. Marcus was still in front of the chair and of course the only thing he and everyone else was looking at was my bright pink open pussy.

The Dean began a lecture but I couldn’t concentrate on what he was saying, I was far too focused on my extreme embarrassment with everyone focused on my exposed vagina. He went on for a few minutes while I was still in this position with my legs spread wide open. While lost in my own thoughts, I noticed Marcus’s trousers had an odd shape to them, then realised of course that he had a mighty erection that he was trying to hide.

I heard the Dean say, “vaginal wetness” and I figured he must have been explaining some of the rules of the CCC. He asked Marcus to study my pussy carefully to see if I was showing any signs of sexual arousal. Again, I could not believe this was happening and neither could the rest of the people gathered but Marcus’s face displayed a mix of shock and exhilaration and he paused not sure if he had heard correctly.

“It’s quite alright,” the Dean told him. “Check closely her for wetness.”

Marcus bent forward tentatively, moving his face so close to my slightly gaped pussy that I could feel his breath against it for he was breathing quite hard.

I had begun to get wet before but because of all the humiliation and the flogging, it had stopped but with my legs in the air, spread apart and Marcus so close so my pussy, I was beginning to get moist again. Luckily, he moved away before my pussy began to seep and told the Dean I didn’t look aroused, however the clamp on my clit wasn’t helping things.

“Good,” the Dean said, “You’ll have to keep an eye on her. We’ve already seen that she’s no stranger to breaking rules.”

He told Zack he could let go of my legs and I was glad not to be showing my pussy to the whole crowd anymore, who now looked like they were enjoying the show. He pulled the chains upward for me to stand up then he sat in the chair himself and said I was to receive a second dose of corporal punishment, this time a spanking. I began to groan but he shot me a look that I am sure could have killed so I fell silent.

He pulled the chains towards him for me to lie across his lap. The tingling in my nipples and throbbing in my clitoris had built up quite a lot and was becoming unbearable. I really didn’t want to become aroused but my clit was now desperate for some rubbing attention and I could feel my pussy juices about to breach my vulva lips.

I was now across the Deans lap in a position which left my ass up in the air. I was wondering what he was going to use on me with this time and as if he was reading my mind he said, “For your final spanking, I will use my bare hand.” I didn’t know if this was a good or bad thing but when he began to strike my ass, I knew I was silly for thinking it could possibly be a good thing!

Smack! Smack! Smack!, his hand went on my right butt check which began to sting instantly. He then slapped my left one, Smack! Smack! Smack! Then he alternated between the two, intermittently spanking both my butt cheeks. More stinging ensued and I couldn’t help wincing a bit more with each strike. Even in my discomfort I could make out that a lot of the party goers, male and female, were enjoying the sight of the Dean spanking me. I was so humiliated, I couldn’t wait for the day to be over. After about 30 seconds, he was done, but it felt like a lot longer.

To make matters worse, I could no longer fight the stimulation my nipples and clitoris were receiving from the clamps and I was really wet from all the pressure, tingling and throbbing. With all the movement I was making every time the Dean had smacked my ass, my pussy juices had become smeared all over my inner thighs and with the Dean so close, he could surely smell me.

“Marcus, check her for any signs of sexual excitement again,” the Dean said knowingly.

I silently cringed knowing what he would find. Marcus moved in close to me while I was still over the Dean’s lap and bent down to look between my butt cheeks.  “You’ll have a better view if you separate her thighs,” the Dean advised.

Marcus grabbed the backs of my legs, placing both his thumbs just under my butt cheeks and pulled them apart but they made contact with the parts of my thighs that were coated in my slimy pussy juice and my legs slipped out of his grasp.

“Hmm, as I thought,” the Dean said, “This is just the kind of behaviour I would expect from a delinquent like you. Just because you are naked in front of a group of people does not give you the excuse to become shamelessly sexually aroused! This is supposed to be a punishment. How dare you enjoy it!”

There was nothing I could really say. The Dean pulled on the chains for me to stand up and continued, “Well, you know the additional punishment for becoming sexually excited in a situation like this, don’t you?” he asked me.

I nodded my head keeping my eyes on the floor trying not to make eye contact with all the people standing around the room who were all staring at my naked body once again.  Everyone was even more puzzled by the latest turn of events and were wondering what kind of additional punishment I was in for.

“Yes, you do, but your friends don’t seem to. Why don’t you explain to Marcus, Zack and the rest what punishment you have to undergo now?”

With my eyes glued to the floor, I started to mumble about being consensually raped but the Dean interrupted me, ordering me to look up at everyone gathered and particularly Marcus and Zack. I told them the whole ethos behind the rule, about ‘giving the girl what her body really craves’, etc. Most of the crowd began whispering to one another in disbelief and Marcus and Zack’s jaws dropped but they tried to hide their reactions.

“That’s right,” the Dean said, “That is Beth’s punishment and the punishment of any other girl at my college the breaks the rules in this fashion. Again, this is something that would usually be carried out by an inspector, but since you two are makeshift inspectors during this time, this important duty befalls one of you two.”

Now some of the other boys in the crowd had slight disgruntled looks on their faces wishing that they had volunteered before.

“On second thoughts,” the Dean continued, “Due to the severity of situation, I think both of you should perform the inspector’s duty.”

Both the boys stood there not sure of what to do and for me, this was really weird as like I said before, I had often fantasised about Marcus and even Zack but I had never wanted to have sex with them in a room full of people.

“Well, come on boys,” the Dean urged, “I have another appointment soon.” He stood up from the chair and moved it aside and pulled the chains attached to my nipples and clitoris forcing me to the centre of the room then onto the floor making me lie down.

“For convenience, I would suggest the missionary position, but you are free to choose any one you please,” the Dean said to the boys.

Still astounded by the situation they were in, the two boys looked at each other somewhat bewildered but with a little more encouragement from the Dean and a few cheers from the crowd, they began to undo their trousers, seemingly unfazed by all the voyeurs.

Marcus stepped between my legs and I had to part them for him. He came down lower and began to push his erect penis deep into my pussy. I was still very wet so he slid right into me, letting out a deep sigh as his cock head rubbed against my tight vaginal walls. As he buried himself deep within me, his pubic mound made contact with my now engorged (and still clamped) clitoris that was had become quite sensitive. Spasms of pleasure spread through me as Marcus ground at my pelvis.

Before long, he was grunting wildly and he was just about to cum when suddenly, he pulled out of me and straddled me across my chest which had inadvertently pinned my arms down under his legs. He began furiously stroking his cock and after a few seconds, he ejaculated thick gooey loads of cum all over my face. I was helpless and couldn’t move but could only try to angle my head out of the direction of his powerful ejections but didn’t have the neck room.

“Good thinking,” the Dean said. “That will make her more humiliated and add to her punishment. Beth, you are forbidden from cleaning Marcus’s cum off your face.” Oh, man! I thought. I really wanted to groan out loud but I knew better than that by now. And I was more humiliated with Marcus’ cum dribbling down all over my face with the whole group now sniggering and tittering at the sight.

Marcus got off my chest greatly relaxed from his orgasm and now it was Zack’s turn.  He adopted a similar position to Marcus but remained upright. He pushed his hot dick into me and I forgot all about the cum oozing down my face as I could feel my own orgasm building up and because of Marcus’s previous efforts, I was very close to cumming . Zack fucked me for longer than Marcus, banging into me with rapid forceful determination and it wasn’t long before I reached the cliff and came, involuntarily jerking around as my body spasmed, making my breasts jerk and jiggle around which all the boys watching me loved.

As I was panting from my orgasm, Zack withdrew his dick from my pussy which was very wet and shiny being covered in my cunt juices. He moved up to my head, adopting the same position Marcus did by straddling my chest but Zack forced his cock into my mouth. I was still in a little daze and coming down from my orgasm so didn’t quite follow what was happening. Before I knew it, Zack was frantically wanking his extremely erect cock into my mouth and moments later, what felt like a bucket full of gloopy jizz flooded into my mouth. Now fully aware of the situation, I began to cough and splatter.

“No, Beth! Swallow what Zack is kind enough to give you!” the Dean bellowed. I reluctantly gulped down Zack’s salty sweet spunk, trying to hold back my gag reflex.

Zack moved off me but I lay there on the floor exhausted from my orgasm. The sound of the gathered crowd started to came back to me as they now beginning to discuss what had just taken place and I became extremely embarrassed all over again at the fact that I was naked, had just been fucked twice and had been brought to orgasm in front of all these people, and to top it all off, I still had Marcus’ cum on my face which was beginning to dry.

“Well,” the Dean said, “I think that went rather well. Consider your punishment served, Beth.” He unclamped my nipples and clitoris and put the chains back in his case. He pulled out some leaflets handing them to Marcus and Zack saying, “You two have proved you’d make fine students and inspectors at my college, it’s not too late to transfer.”

He thanked them for their services and ordered me to do the same. He left me on the floor, packed up his things telling me that he hoped I had learned my lesson and headed for the door followed by almost everyone else who wanted to enquire how they could transfer to the college as well.

Bonnie’s Visit to the College Doctor

Half way through gym lesson, I had sprained my ankle and was sent to the college doctor. As I limped into the waiting area, I was surprised to find four boys looking a mess; hair all scruffy, clothes torn and cuts and bruises on their faces. They were sulking and holding various parts of their bodies. They must have all got in a fight with each other and none of them had come off well. I really didn’t want to wait around all day so I asked them all if I could see the doctor first. I hammed up my acting, making it seem as though my ankle hurt a lot more than it did. They were reluctant for me to jump the queue but after battering my lashes at them, they all finally agreed.

“Next!” the doctor called.

As I stepped into his office, the doctor looked up from some notes he was making with a slight look of confusion.

“Hmm. That fight must have been worse than first thought. One of the other boys has turned you into a girl!”

I wasn’t sure what to make of that remark but then he gave a little laugh and I realised he was joking as he was expecting one of the beaten up boys as his next patient.

“What can I do for you Miss…?”

“Vernliá. Bonnie Vernliá. I was running around in gym and I think I sprained my ankle.”

The doctor directed me to sit on the large examination table and took my sock and shoe off.

“If it is a sprained ankle, I will need to bandage it. My nurse is getting extra supplies from the storeroom right now for that lot outside. Well, I say ‘nurse’ but my regular nurse is off sick so I had to get a volunteer.”

Just then the surgery room door opened and in stepped a fit young guy holding a bundle of bandages. “Got them, doc,” the guy said.

“Thanks James.”

For a moment, I was distracted by James’ entrance but then I was even more distracted by the four boys outside the surgery watching me as the door was still open and they could see me on the table.

“Shut to door James,” the doctor instructed.

“Oh, sorry!” James uttered as he closed it looking at me, checking me out.

“Well Miss Vernliá, it certainly looks like a sprained ankle but the only way for me to be sure that it is not something more serious is to perform a full body examination.”

What?! For a sprained ankle?!” I couldn’t believe what he had just said.

“For what looks like a sprained ankle. One can never be too careful with these things. I once had a patient come to me with a broken finger nail. In an effort to get to the real cause of the broken nail, I gave her a full examination and discovered the true cause. If I had just used a bit of glue to fix the nail and sent her on her way, she would have died a few months later because of the undiagnosed condition she had. Better to be safe than sorry.”

“I guess you’re right…” I said. I was really reluctant but that story had terrified me.

“Just undress behind screen,” the doctor instructed.

I didn’t mind so much with the doctor but I didn’t what to undress, even behind the screen, with James present in the room. The doctor saw my hesitation.

“It’s quite alright. James is going to become a medical student anyway so you don’t have to feel embarrassed around him.

With reluctance I stood behind the screen in the corner of the room and removed my clothes. It was only when I was fully naked that I realised that there wasn’t a gown anywhere for me to put on.

“I don’t have a gown…”

“Really? There should be some there. James, have a look and see if you can find one.

To my shock, James came behind the screen with me completely naked and looked in the cupboards that were there. I immediately tried to cover myself but as he was in between me and the pile of my clothes, I could only use my hands.

All the while he was checking the cupboards, he could not stop glancing at my body. I was becoming extremely embarrassed and started blushing.

He finally moved away telling the doctor that he could not find any gowns.

“Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had to use them. Never mind. We’ll continue without. They only get in the way anyhow and make the examination take longer. Please come and sit on the table Miss Vernliá.

I was now crimson behind the screen not wanting to budge. After some insistence from the doctor, I slowly stepped out covering my vagina with my left hand and my breasts with my right arm.

James tried to look business like but he was just dying to take in more of my lovely body.

“Just some routine things to start with,” the doctor said as I sat on the table again, still shielding my feminine body from him and James. “I’m going to check your lungs. Please move your arm down,” he said with a hint of annoyance.

I didn’t want to but I let my arm fall away from guarding my large breasts and they bounced around a bit making me more self conscious.  James’ eyes lit up at the sight of my overdeveloped breasts.

The doctor placed the stethoscope on my chest and listened to my lungs. After a few moments, he sighed cautiously and said that he wanted to get a clear reading of what my lungs sounded like under active conditions and to do this, I needed to be out of breath. He ordered me to hop on my good leg for 60 seconds.

What, now?” I asked thinking that I had to remind him that I was still naked.

He looked at me with that annoyed look again and said sarcastically that he didn’t have all day. He told James to keep count of how many I did and to steady me if I looked like I was going to topple over. Still self conscious, I got down off the table and moved to a part of the room that had more space. Thankfully, the doctor turned away and began writing some notes but James continued to visually grope my naked body.

“Begin,” the doctor said still writing his notes. As I started the first hop, I could instantly feel my breasts bounce and jiggle bringing even more of James’ attention to my nakedness. My hands reached up to grab them and keep them restrained while I hopped up and down. James looked disappointed now that he would not be able to see my tits bouncing all over the place.

The doctor heard my intermittent hopping, “It will take far too long for you to become breathless like this. Hop as if you were performing star jumps, raising your arms into the air and down again. James will steady you.”

I silently groaned and grudgingly moved my hands away from my breasts letting my boobs flop free. James’ face lit up again now that I had been forced to hop without holding my tits and he enjoyed every bounce and jiggle they made as I hopped around for that minute.

As I got to the end, I was losing stamina and lost my balance and started falling forward. As James was eyeing me very closely, he quickly spotted this and rushed forward preventing me from falling completely. I was glad he did so but then realised he was just using it as an excuse to cheekily grab and squeeze my bum and rub his hands all over my smooth skin as he wrapped his arms around to catch me.

Now out of breath, I was sat back on the table still trying to cover my lady parts. The doctor checked my lungs again and declared them normal.

He could see my extreme embarrassment in the way I was still trying to cover up and by the fact that my face was blushing wildly and he had a bit of pity for me.

“Ok James, you might as well see if there are anymore gowns in the storeroom,” he said.

Boy, I was relieved to hear him say that! As I sat on the table, continuing to try and keep myself covered, James was still standing there watching me.

“James?” The doctor questioned.

James snapped out of his trance and very slowly headed for the door.

“Please lie down on the table, put your arms by your sides and place your legs in the stirrups,” the doctor instructed.

He pushed a leaver under the table and metal stirrups sprang up from each side of the table at the foot end.

I looked at the stirrups and saw that my legs would be lying flat, not raised like they would be at a Gynaecologist. Even so, they would still be spread open quite wide. The doctor once again saw my hesitation and he was starting to lose patience “It’s quite alright,” he said slightly exasperated.

James was still in the room. I had just placed my legs in the stirrups and had my arms by my sides when he opened the door to leave and the four boys who were previously sulking now all looked up at me in awe as they saw me from the side completely naked on the couch. I immediately curled up into a ball trying to cover myself again.

James closed the door behind him then the doctor turned around and saw me hunched up and got very annoyed.

Arms by your sides and legs in the holders!” he said reprimanding me.

My embarrassment had now turned into humiliation with the boys outside having seen me naked like this on top of being told off. I was dreading the moment James came back in. My only consolation was that he would be returning with a gown for me to wear.

The doctor said he would check for any other areas of pain and started at my head, gently prodding and squeezing, asking me if it hurt here or there. I was in too much of a state to concentrate on where he was applying pressure and just answered ‘no’ to everything.

He had made it down to my breasts and was checking for any lumps when the moment I feared happened. James opened the door. He was in a hurry to get back and had both arms full. The door swung open fully and he could not catch it with his foot. The four boys had now forgotten all about their indifferences and were all huddled up trying to get the best view of me through the doorway. I instinctively flinched to cover up again and the doctor let out a loud annoyed disapproving tut and I had to lie still placing my arms by my sides. I had managed to remove my legs from the stirrups and kept them closed together tightly.

James moved to a side cupboard to put what he had down. The door was still wide open with the boys watching my naked body and the doctor still squeezing my plentiful tits. Now feeling more humiliated than ever, the only thing I could do was close my eyes.

I heard James finally shut the door and opened my eyes to see an angry scowl on the doctor’s face. He was extremely annoyed that I had removed my legs from the stirrups and without him telling me, I put them back.

“Oh, no,” James said. “These aren’t gowns, these are the paper sheets that fit on the table. I searched the whole cupboard and didn’t find anything else. Looks like we’ll need to order some more.”

“Very well,” the doctor said. He was still very annoyed with me, “I cannot take any more delays with this examination and your continued fidgeting is extremely disruptive. It will go a lot quicker if you are strapped down. James?”

I did not think I had heard that correctly and was about to question him when James reached under the holder my left leg was in and brought a strap up and over it securing my leg in place. The doctor simultaneously did the right one. I sat up in the table to protest but before I could say anything, the doctor cut me off. “You see! This is exactly what I’m talking about. You keep incessantly getting in the way of this examination! Now lie back down and this will be over quicker.”

Flabbergasted, I lay back down. The doctor and James strapped my arms above my head to something at the head of the table.

Under James’ watchful eyes, the doctor continued to move his hands down my body asking if it hurt at certain points. His mobile rang and after checking who the caller was, he said, “I must take this. Won’t be a moment. James, while I’m gone, read over this check list so you know what I’ve done and what I haven’t.”

He handed the clipboard to James then stepped outside the room (thankfully) closing the door quick enough before the boys outside could see much.

“Checked lungs, checked heart rate, check prostate… Looks like the doc forgot to check your prostrate. I’ll do that for him while he’s out.”

What?! Girls don’t even have a prostrate!” I yelled at him.

“Yes they do. They have a small one,” and he proceeded to place his hand between my spread restrained legs and wiggle his finger right up my bum. He didn’t even use any lube! I was so annoyed at him and tried to get a hand out of the restraints to slap him but they were too secure.

We could hear the doctor finishing his call and he was about to come back in. James quickly withdrew his finger from my anus making a little popping sound.

“Right, where were we?” The doctor asked rhetorically as he entered the room.

“James said he had to check my prostrate!” I complained to him.

“Don’t be so ridiculous! Girls don’t have a prostrate. Now stop all this silliness and let’s get on with the exam! By your continued disruption, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were one of those students who was a total trouble maker with a complete disregard for authority. I bet you defy the rules all the time. I will not have any rule breaking under my watch, so while you are naked here you just make sure that you control yourself and refrain from any sexual excitement. Being naked is no excuse. I’m giving you fair warning, I’m about to check your vagina. If I feel any wetness you will be in big trouble young lady!”

Now I was even more mortified with him mentioning my vagina in front of James. His hands moved over my vagina and he asked if it hurt anywhere. I was too humiliated to answer but the doctor took my silence as a reason to be suspicious of me.

“She’s still dry James but she could be trying to fool us. Test her nipples and check for any firmness.”

I couldn’t believe this was about to happen. James moved over to me and gently pinched each of my nipples with his fingers. Arousing bolts of electricity shot through them.

“Her nipples are soft, doc.”

“Hmm, she still could be trying to deceive us. Check them again.”

Oh no,” I thought. Because of James’ previous touch, I could feel my nipples begin to firm up. Again James gently squeezed both my nipples and a tingling sensation shot through them once more. When he let go, I could feel them tighten up even more. I just hoped he didn’t check them again.

“Well… they seem ok…” James said but he was not quite sure and the doctor picked up on his uncertainty.

“Check them thoroughly until you are absolutely certain. Take as long as you need.”

I shrieked quietly, knowing that I was about to be busted.

James trapped my nipples firmly between his fingers for a third time and began gently pulling and tugging on them making me squirm. I was trying so hard not to enjoy his interaction but it was becoming too much to bear. My nipples were now approaching full firmness. I was doing well to hold out but then he started milking my nipples and that sent me over the edge. I let out an involuntary moan.

“Ah-ha!” The doctor said, “I knew she was a rebellious one! How hard are her nipples?”

“Very firm and hard,” James said still milking them.

“Well, we’ll have to test just how insubordinate you are Miss Vernliá.”

He placed his hand back on my vagina and ran his finger up and down between my pussy lips.

“Well… you seem like you’ve managed to refrain from full sexual excitement. You have a chance of redeeming yourself Miss Vernliá, I will authorise one more test to investigate your rebellious nature. If you are still dry after this, I will take back everything I have said about you and apologise. I need to write some notes. James, test her clitoris and tell me if it is engorged or showing any signs of sexual excitement. Be very thorough. We don’t know how cunning she is. Raise the stirrups”

This was the worse thing possible for me. With all the attention James gave my nipples before, I was highly turned on and was so glad the doctor hadn’t felt my pussy internally otherwise he would have discovered that I was indeed wet. However, with James now about to focus on my clitoris, I knew I was done for. I could already feel it tingling in anticipation of his touch and knew that it wouldn’t be long before I started leaking pussy juice onto the table.

I earnestly started to try and struggle out of my restraints, to at least get one arm free but it was no use. The doctor turned to his clipboard and James moved to the side of the table pushing another lever under it. The stirrups, with my legs in them, raised up and back towards me making my legs naturally bend at the knees and spreading my them even wider apart. Now I was in a position similar to what I would be at a Gynaecologist with my pussy fully exposed. James stepped in close to my spread legs and gently pinched my clitoris through its hood with his right thumb and forefinger and began massaging.

The sensation was incredible! I desperately tried not to make a sound and had to bite my bottom lip to stifle myself. He kept going, tenderly working away at it. With all my might I resisted any utterances and just when I thought I would break, he stopped.

Thank heavens!” I thought but I had celebrated too soon. James placed the same fingers back on my pussy but this time he carefully pulled back my clitoris hood, licked the forefinger of his left hand then lightly started stroking my clitoris directly. Waves of pleasure burst though me and I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan.

The doctor looked up from his writings shaking his head, “Just as I suspected, a very rebellious student indeed. Now check her for wetness.”

James now let his right hand tease and caress my clitoris and eased his left forefinger deep into my pussy, as he slid it in, a copious stream of pussy juice oozed out of my vagina, running down my butt crack and on the table.

James was about to announce his findings but the doctor stopped him, “No need to tell me, I can see, and smell her from here.”

James’s finger was deep inside me and he was now expertly caressing my g-spot. I was building to an epic orgasm and writhing around uncontrollably on the couch.

“Good job we restrained her,” the doctor said watching me squirm around.

“Well James, in line with protocol, you know what you have to do now. I still have some paperwork to do but I doubt you’ll need me.” He turned his back to us and sat at his desk to write again.  James undid the restraints, asking me to turn around and bend over the edge of the table. I had to oblige but on my way over, I spotted that the surgery door was ajar and saw the four boys who were outside peeping though. I started to utter a sentence but couldn’t get the words out.

The doctor cut me off thinking that I was trying to get out of a consensual rape, “Tsk tsk, defiant to the end, is it Miss Vernliá? Will we have to restrain and gag you this time? I shook my head and attempted to point towards the door but the doctor thought I was trying to give James trouble and ordered him to bind my hands behind my back. I tried to protest and alert him to the four boys spying at the door but the doctor quickly placed a gag around my mouth and tied it behind my head.

James positioned me over the side of the table and dropped his trousers. He used both his thumbs to part my pussy lips as far apart as he possible could then sank his dick deep into me making a loud squelching noise. He immediately hammered into me, getting faster and faster, building up to his own orgasm. I was on the verge of cumming too but suddenly remembered the four boys at the door. I desperately needed to know if they were still watching. It was embarrassing enough being consensually raped in front of the doctor but it would be totally humiliating if the four boys were watching me getting fucked as well.

I couldn’t quite turn my head to see the door but with every vigorous thrust James made, our position changed slightly. He kept banging away at my cunt and had now started moaning. He was about to cum and so was I. He was on his last few strokes and gave one final forceful pound and I felt his dick spasm and jerk inside me as his cum squirted into me. That feeling was the trigger for my own orgasm and a sensation of euphoric bliss crashed though me as I was cumming but just then, I managed to catch sight of the door and saw the four boys, their eyes glued to my naked body getting pounded by James. They started to snigger and I realised they were laughing at my ‘cum face’ as I was still having my orgasm. They caught the attention of the doctor who leap up and shut the door on them saying this was a private consultation.

I was really wiped out after that. James and the doctor untied my hands and released the gag. Since I hadn’t raised any other pain issues, the doctor bandaged my ankle then let me get dressed. He said I should come back in a few days for a follow up, then he said I could go.

As I was about to leave the room, the doctor said, “Aren’t you forgetting something Miss Vernliá?”

I was puzzled for a moment than realised what he was on about. “Thank you James,” I said.

“Ah, so there is hope for you yet,” the doctor said with a little proud smile.