Preventive Medicine Health Project

One Sunday evening, 10 memos from the Dean arrived at the girls’ dorm. The College, in an attempt to further the goal of graduating only the smartest and fittest students, had introduced a new Health Class to be taught in conjunction with the Physical Education Department. The Dean’s staff chose, seemingly at random, ten girls to participate in order to fine-tune the program.
The girls, Donna, Crysta, Audrey, Melissa, Becca, Ashley, Jen, Nikki, Mika and Beth, all met in the common area Monday morning to go to the gym together. Chatting like young girls do, they discovered that Mika and Beth were new to the College and had never been inspected.
“Wow!” gushed Melissa “How have you managed that?”
“I’ve memorized the Code and am very careful to dress and behave in a way to avoid attention. My hometown has a communal spa, so I am used to being in public in scanty clothing. Acting naturally and confidently comes easy,” answered Mika.
Beth admitted nervously that she must be lucky. Beth came from a family focused on academic excellence above all else. When her high school advisor told the parents about the College, they jumped on it. The advisor quickly explained the Dress Code and penalties, but the excitement over the chance to give their little girl a world-class education seemed to override their attention span.
“Beth is a good girl and will follow the rules totally, I see nothing to worry about”, her mom said. Dad was quiet. He thought only about his baby graduating with a great degree and living a successful life.
The group arrived at the gym and was sent to the indoor volleyball court. The Chairman of the Student Health department met them to explain the new program. She was wearing a long tee-shirt, appearing to be ready for a normal gym workout.
“We, meaning the College as a whole, want to make sure the students maintain a top level of fitness,” she stated, adding that “fitness” involves the entire person. “Today’s session will concentrate on the lower torso and thighs. You girls learned this semester of the importance of the Kegel exercises to keep your systems in good shape.”
“We are going to combine the Kegel routine with resistance isometrics to test our new cross training health regimen.” She then went to a chest in the corner and pulled out 5 items that looked like jump ropes.
Coming back to the group, the chairman told them to fold and stack their clothes in the corner beside the equipment chest. Each of the girls knew that being topless and bottomless happened every so often in PE class, they did as directed and returned to the court.
The gym temperature was always a bit cooler than normal because of the heat produced by the volleyball players. Several girls were afraid their nipples’ reaction might be mistaken for arousal but since there were no boys to see the signs, there was no problem. Several girls’ “perkiness” could not be blamed on the temperature.
‘Really,’ thought Donna (and Crysta, Ashley and Jen), ‘You cannot be around so many beautiful, naked girls and not feel an appreciation,’ remembering the times they had comforted each other in the past.
Holding one of the jump ropes the Chairman got their attention. “As you can see, each rope ends in a ball instead of a handle. You will pair off and each will push a ball into your vagina. Each pair will then face their attached partner and back slowly apart. When the jump rope is fully extended, you girls should tighten your inner muscles and try to pull the ball out of the other girl while keeping yours inside. The College has decided that the benefits of the program might be enhanced by encouraging the natural competition all girls feel.”
Mika and Beth were shocked, not to mention somewhat worried. “Ma’am, how can that be fair? We must be different down there because we are different heights. All the balls are the same size!” Mika whispered.
“It won’t be easy for the taller girls to squeeze enough to play. The smaller girls might not be able to stretch enough to fit the ball in at all.” Beth added.
“You’re right. This is why we are having this introductory class, to iron out the details. Let me talk to the PE teacher and work this out. Thank you Beth and Mika for the feedback.” Off she went.
The girls got into a huddle and talked it over. “This is not what I expected,” Jen said.
“Me neither” came from Ashley and Nikki together, giggling at their stereo answers.
This broke the ice and they began to compare their experience with toys and boys. It was better than trying to compare pussy sizes since that was kind of subjective and personal. Most had used fingers while comforting another girl after a stressful day on campus. That always worked and helped the girls bond. But somehow it didn’t seem adequate to describe today’s situation. The balls at the end of the ropes were way bigger than their fingers.
The girls never decided what to suggest to Ms Martin.
(Megan Martin, herself, graduated from the College last year, was amazed that the College had hired her as Chairman. The Dean told her that her grades were among the highest ever recorded. Plus, even though her Dress Code compliance had been questioned frequently, seldom had she been found at fault. The few times Megan failed inspection, she took the penalty with good cheer. More than once Megan actually enjoyed the punishment, but she could not admit it out loud. Nor would she confess to “asking for it” on days she felt frisky. ‘Girls gotta what a girls gotta do.’ She smiled a lot those days.)
Megan came back from her conference, carrying a gym bag, telling the students that a solution was found. She put down the bag and pulled out several ropes. Megan poured the rest of the contents on the floor. “Jump rope ends.” She shouted as they rolled everywhere, “Catch the balls before they roll under the bleachers.” The girls started to chase down the various sized balls before they rolled too far.
“Ashley. Go look in the chest and bring the blue shopping bag back.” Ashley obeyed and handed the blue bag to Chairman Martin. Megan took out five tubes of KY jelly.
“Girls. Each of you now must massage the lubricant into another girl. This will assure that you are properly prepared to insert the ball into your vaginas.” All quickly leapt to the task. None were strangers to contact with other girls. And most were a bit excited a little being around such sweet naked friends. The three with little or no experience were turned on by the sheer naughtiness of the situation. Neither Mika nor Beth had ever touched another girl quite so intimately but since this was an Official College class, they both knew this to be a chance to ‘push the envelope’, without concern for external opinion.
“Ms Martin, we know we will be ready for the tug ‘o war now, but how will we know what size to use?” Becca asked. “Which ball will we chose to keep the game fair?”
“The PE teacher and I found the perfect way. You all know that your vagina size determination is subjective. The teacher and I discovered an objective method of judgment. I went to the boys’ showers and picked four boys to make the decision for us. While telling them of our dilemma, they became quite erect. The teacher and I then pulled aside four boys who had erections of various sizes, girth-wise. All four exhibited length very much above average. The PE teacher, Mr. Eddie Wilson by the way, if you did not know, assured me that all four of the boys showed great athletic stamina and would serve our purpose in style.” Megan, pleased with the looks of concern from the class, knew that they would comply, each wanting to keep their grades up.
Crysta, Donna, Audrey, Nikki, Melissa, Jen, Ashley, Becca, Nikki, Mika and Beth looked at each other in complete astonished understanding. This class was being held on the volleyball court, considered to be public space. And it was impossible to hide the fact that they were all very aroused by the application of the KY. All of them were left “hanging” by the abrupt arrival of Ms Martin after her conference. They were obligated to accept the plan, whatever it might be.

Unknown at the time to the girls and Megan, Eddie Wilson watched his gym video monitor (installed on his side of his deck) throughout the conference and knew the exact time to send her back, precisely when the students would be forced to accept the clever “subjective vs. objective” solution to the size issue. After all, they must comply with the College Code of Conduct with respect to the display of arousal in public. Wilson graduated two years before Megan, also with an outstanding academic track record. Eddie really impressed the Dean by being one of the best Code Inspectors ever. He had been one of the very few who had “inspected” Megan successfully. A genuinely fine bunch of memories.
Ms Martin instructed the girls to form two lines of five, facing each other. She told them to lean forward, placing their hands on their knees. Mika, opposite Beth, stared a question across the gap. Beth just shook her head, not having an answer to the unspoken question. All waited.
Everyone heard the doors to the changing room open. In strolled Mr. Wilson, leading four naked boys wearing Zorro-style masks and clearly ready for the coming judgment.
Ten girls looked at the four boys and became a little more excited, aware that their pussies and asses were exposed for the boys to see. And they were not allowed to cover up. As they had to stay in position as told, they wondered how the judgment might proceed.
Megan stepped up to resolve the mystery. “OK, ladies. Size determination will go as follows. The boys will be given a list with your names. They will then rate your relative tightness on a scale of one to ten, ten being the tightest. Because the four boys have different diameter penises, each will come to a different conclusion. Mr. Wilson and I will meet afterwards with the judges to tabulate the results.”
“The judges will line up, thinnest to widest, entering each girl stroking enough times to make a fair call as to size. After each boy has been in each girl and the final tally is made, we will then chose a jump rope ball appropriate to the individual student. Then the Kegel competition may continue in an atmosphere of fairness.” Mr. Wilson went on to say.
“Now, while we explained the criteria, some of you may have been distracted. So, Mr. Wilson and I will check you students to make sure you are lubricated sufficiently to help the judges with their duties.” Megan smiled when saying this. The Chairman remembered her own days in the dorms. Two obvious points appeared on her tee-shirt in response to the fond memory.
Eddie started on one row. Megan began with. the other. They fondled the girls’ twats softly and gently, applying more KY as necessary. They were considerate, taking enough time to do a through job.
The ten girls, now aware of the methods, appreciated the extra effort. Megan and Eddie did not mind taking the added time to be sure.
Megan called for the boys to form a line behind the first girl. The thinnest boy, we’ll call him #1, eased up to the first girl, Donna, gripped her hips and entered her. Both moaned quietly. Fighting temptation, he moved on to the next girl, Crysta, and slowly started to fuck her.
Boy #2, entered his first pussy and repeated the action of #1. He noticed that she was still tight, even after having been recently judged. Each boy proceeded in order to each girl.
None of the boys thought to think that each girl would seem tight to them because the boys were lined up in order of increasing width. None of the girls thought that their fucks were anything but great since each dick was larger then the last.
Except for Beth and Mika. Never in their wildest fantasies did either imagine that their first ever sex would be in public, in class with their girlfriends, with four different, very well hung boys. With a male and female teacher directing the event. By the time the boys got to them, they were as nervous as they had ever been, and as hotter than either could remember. Both had lost their maidenheads, at least partially, to sports.
Both girls were thinking about girlfriends back home telling about their “first times”. What would the girls at home think of this! Mika and Beth knew that their stories would be told and their friends would be amazed. And both girls knew that the stories would be told over and aver. Girlfriends eventually tell girlfriends everything.
Beth felt Boy #1 grip her hips, and felt him touch her pussy lips. She was on the verge of a very public explosion. Soon #1 pushed in slowly, marveling at the tightness. He suspected that this was a rare-to-the-College virgin. His “inner gentleman” insisted that he make it as great as possible for her. #1 took extra time, stroking her pussy more than he did the other girls. The effort was not entirely needed. Beth was so primed that she had her very own dick-induced orgasm in seconds. Her moan was quite loud. Beth did not know whether to be embarrassed or thrilled. She did not know how her knees would hold her up if this happened while the other three boys make their judgments!
When Boy #! turned the corner and touched Mika, he hardly expected to repeat the previous experience. Mika, meanwhile had been watching Beth with wide-open eyes. She could not believe how wet her vagina was. OMG, Mika almost was coming in anticipation.
Boy #1 started to push into her pussy and she felt herself stretch to accommodate her first penis. There was a slight twinge as the last vestige of her hymen gave way to the welcomed invader. That sensation merely heightened and completed the sensation of her first fuck. The combination of the wait and the actuality caused Mika to come continually all through Boy #1’s strokes. Mika wondered how she had even lasted this long. Mama must have lied about chastity. She thought about all the wasted time!
Beth, getting her second fuck, had a massive orgasm watching her friend get her first boy. College life was going to be legendary!!
Boy #1 realized that she was the second virgin in this group and could not believe his luck. It was all he could do not to come on the spot! But duty calls and he had move on. It’s a tough life.
By this point in the judging process, all the girls had at least one orgasm by the time Boy #3 fucked them. Most had had several. Most of the boys had come, too. But, true to the teacher’s claim, they had the stamina to continue. The girls stopped seeing this as some impartial comparison and saw it as sanctioned orgy. The reality of College life, the purpose of the Code of Conduct notwithstanding, made the girls surprised yet not too shocked by the turn the Health Class had taken. After all, it was part of an official College project, and they knew the consensual rape rules. Ms Martin and Mr. Wilson did make sure that they were aroused, after all. Everything was by the book. But it did not seem like a penalty, really.
Megan observing carefully, making sure that all the students were in compliance with the rules established for the judging process, leaned over and braced herself on her knees. She forgot that, purely out of habit, that she was wearing nothing but the tee-shirt. The double coverage rule, forbidding panties when the shirt might cover her vagina, was second nature now. Last year’s graduation did not erase four years of Code training. Her shaven pussy peaked out behind.
She noticed the sudden cool breeze and thought nothing of it. Habits die hard. Anyway, she was getting very excited watching the girls being judged for the jump rope fitting. Maybe even beyond just “excited”. Her wetness began to drip down her thighs, visible to any who cared to look
Eddie cared to look. A lot and closely. He too remembered his undergraduate days and Megan’s rare inspections especially. Like magic his gym shorts disappeared when Megan passed in front of him with her hands on her knees as she watched the girls. Had anyone been paying attention to anything but their own activities, they would have noticed that Mr. Wilson was substantially more endowed than even the widest and longest of the boys. That is the characteristic that made the Dean think of him as one of the finest of the Dress Code enforcers. Even the most nonchalant girls remembered their consensual rapes at the end of his tool.
Megan hardly noticed when Eddie put his hands on her hips. She did notice when he started to push into her. Old memories flooded back as she stood there and let Eddie have his way with her. Then she remembered that because of her position on staff, the consensual rape rule did not apply to her. But as the monster orgasm that had been building became very close, Megan decided simply to go with the moment. Not likely that the students would even see, they were too caught up in their own fucks or hanging their heads down attempting to recover their balance. Eddie, experienced ex-inspector that he was, kept up through his orgasm and through quite a few of hers. Nostalgia felt good today.
By now, all had finished the judging section of the class and the boys went over to the bleachers to enter their opinions and to tabulate the result. They discussed it for 30 minutes, but could not agree. The four boys went back to Ms Martin and Mr. Wilson, admitting to arriving as a hung jury. What to do?
Eddie and Megan needed to come up with an alternative method of insuring that the Kegel tug ’o war was fair to all the girls. One look at the hot sweaty mass of flesh calling itself ten separate girls told them that the students barely had the strength to get dressed for the next class, much less engage in a tug ‘o war competition. They owed it to the College to evaluate the Pilot Program so that it would pass peer review in the future. They wanted to protect the school’s excellent academic record. This was paramount.
Megan and Eddie wrote passes for all fourteen of their students, told them to take whatever time needed to sort themselves out, then went together to the PE teacher’s office to further discuss the day’s progress. They locked the outside access doors to the volleyball court before they left.
The fourteen girls and boys, dragged out the exercise mats and spent the remainder of that Monday sorting themselves out. To the satisfaction of all, especially Mika and Beth. Several times.
The skies were dark when they staggered to the showers to get presentable. They took turns drying one another, with varying degrees of success until all were decent enough to make it back to the dorm.

By photony

Pretty Girl of the Day 12/28/2012

As you may know, here at the College, we have “spirit days” where we do silly things to show our school spirit — spirit dares, we call them.  Today’s spirit dare is the naked breakfast.  I know what you’re thinking.  Let some other girls go to breakfast naked, and then we can look at them (or rub their pussies and make them cum!) instead of having everyone look at us.

But there’s a catch.

The sponsors of the naked breakfast are the IPT sorority.  The pledges to that sorority make sure the first girl who shows up wearing clothes is hog tied and gagged, in the front of the cafeteria in full view of all the students.  For the remainder of the breakfast, the girl is mercilessly teased.  Last year, for example, a girl showed up wearing a cute little top and a micro-miniskirt.   Apparently, she knew it was the naked breakfast, but she was so shy about being naked that she couldn’t bear to take off her clothes for the occasion.

Would you like some examples of the things they did?  OK, here’s one.  They coated an egg with butter and slipped it into her vagina, and made her fetch glasses of orange juice.  They told her if the egg broke, she would be raped.  They laughed at her as she waddled to the juice machine, and then waddled back with two glasses of OJ.  While she was holding the OJ, the sorority girls lifted the back of her skirt, and tried to jam a stick of butter into her ass.  ”Relax, honey,” they whispered, rubbing the stick of butter all over her butt cheeks, and back and forth on her asshole, waiting for it to open.  “If you clench, you might break the egg, so relax.”  Gradually, the girl relaxed her asshole, and accepted the stick of butter, which melted as the girls pushed it in.  Then, with the audience all laughing at the poor girl, the sorority girls slapped her naked butt, first gently, then harder and harder, leaving clearly visible handprints until finally, the girl clenched her pussy too hard, and the egg broke.

“Time for your first rape, honey,” the girls said, as one of the boys obliged by fucking her in the ass while egg dripped from her pussy, along with pieces of the shell. 

I know what you’re thinking: what girl would be dumb enough to wear clothes to the naked breakfast.  Here’s the catch.  As the breakfast wears on, if no girl shows up wearing clothes, one of the pledges is sacrificed.  One year, the pledge was stripped naked and forced to hold her clothes between her legs while drinking prodigious amounts of water.  Her only task was to refrain from peeing for an hour while being subjected to spanking and mean-spirited fondling of all kinds.  The poor girl cried for the whole hour, and then at the end of it, she was clearly in discomfort, pressing her legs together and gyrating in an effort not to urinate on her clothing.  When the clock reached 59 minutes, and the girl though she had almost survived the challenge, one of the other pledges stopped the clock and made her drink another glass of water.  “Please,” she begged, for which she was soundly spanked.  “Please,” she begged again.  But before she could be given another spanking, she dropped her clothes on the floor, and standing stark naked for the longest time, she finally let loose with a torrent of pee, completely soaking her clothes.  For this she was punished with a series of rapes lasting the ramainder of the breakfast, and she was forbidden to wear her pledge outfit, or any other clothing for the remainder of the pledge period.  Further, she was required to lube herself on request to the point of clearly visible sexual excitement, and then submit to being raped.  The girl was raped a few times each day for the rest of the pledge period.

So, as you can imagine, it’s very important to the pledges of the IPT sorority that they find some patsy to come in wearing clothes during each naked breakfast.  Either way, the guests get to watch a fun show, and the only price of admission is nudity — not a bad deal!  Here we go!

Pretty Girl of the Day 12/27/2012

I wish I could wear panties on campus, and believe me, I’ve tried.  The last time I went out dressed like this, I don’t think I took two steps before I was stripped, raped, and sent naked to my first class.  You see, even though I’m a good girl, and shave every day, I guess there are some girls who wear panties to cover their pubes.

Oh, one other thing.  Some girls say you can’t wear panties on campus, but that’s just not true.  I’ve read the Dress Code cover to cover, so I know.  You can wear panties as outerwear, just not as underwear, so if I want to wear some sexy shorts, I just put on a pair of panties and call them shorts.  There’s nothing in the Dress Code that prohibits that.

So one morning, I went out dressed as you see here, and I guess the boys think I look cute in my panties, so they tease me, and I kind of like that.  They ask me to pull them down, and I giggle and say no, and then sometimes a boy will pull my panties down for me, and so I giggle and slap his hand away, but I know the boys think it’s cute if I pretend not to notice my panties are halfway down to my knees, so I give them a little show, all in good fun.

So I was wearing my panties, and a boy started teasing me, and I don’t mind telling you I was getting turned on.  He kept saying he needed me to “remove” my panties, and there was something about him that just made my pussy all juicy and warm, so I was really afraid to take them off because I didn’t want him to see me like that.  Then he said he was an Inspector, but I thought he was just kidding, so I put my arms around him, and kissed him because he was cute, but I didn’t take my panties off.  Then without warning, he ripped my panties off me, and threw me to the ground, saying I was in violation of the Dress Code.  It turned out the cute boy really was an inspector.  So I was lying on the ground with my legs spread apart, and my pussy in an uproar, and so he told me he was terribly sorry, but I was in voilation of the Code of Conduct, and so he had to rape me as I was clearly asking for.  I told him there was no way I was asking to be raped, but like I said, I’ve read the codes, and I knew what he meant.  Besides, he was cute, so I didn’t really mind.

Needless to say, when I walked into my first class — late, to boot — and stark naked, my professor wasn’t very happy.  “Young lady,” he said, “if you’re going to come to my class naked, the least you can do is be on time!”

Having been inspected, and then consensually raped is no excuse for being late, I know (’cause I’ve read the code!).  Girls who go out in public wearing “questionable” outfits should allow extra time for Inspection, I know, I know.  So I said nothing as I made my way to my seat.

“Not so fast, young lady!”

Oh, now what?  I wondered, but I wisely kept my mouth shut.  I soon found out what: he wanted me to “assume the position” which I quickly discovered was on my hands and knees, facing my pretty little butt-hole to the class.  Now, keep in mind, I had just been raped, so my pussy was still red and wet, and it might have been leaking a bit, I don’t really remember.  So if the professor had asked any of the boys to rape me, not only would I have to accept being raped, because my body is more or less advertising that I’m ready for sex, but also the boy would be duty bound to rape me, according to the Code of Conduct.  But instead of asking one of the boys to rape me, he asked me whether I would like to have my butt lubricated.

“Um, no!” I said.

“No problem,” he said.  “I’ll lubricate your pussy instead,” and sure enough, I felt his grizzly hand between my legs, which I quickly separated, and a big glop of some kind of lubricant was soon being worked between my legs, and between my lips, making them glisten all the more.

I didn’t hear the professor order any boy to rape me, but he must have motioned to one of the boys, because the next thing I knew, there was a naked boy mounting me, and let me tell you, he was ready for business.  He whispered, “sorry,” into my ear, which I thought was sweet, and then fucked me pretty hard.  I hate to admit it, but I did come, right after he grunted and gave a final push.  I thought it was cute the way he laid his cheek down on my back, and held my boobs as he pulled out, and slinked back to his seat.

“Would you like your butt lubed?” asked the professor.

“Do you want to lube my butt?” I asked, a bit peeved at the question.

“It’s up to you,” he said.

“Then no.”

I winced as he lubed my pussy again, this time sticking several of his fat fingers inside me, and slathering an enormous amount of the gunk between my legs, on my belly, and between my lips, taking great care to keep my asshole nice and dry.  Before long, another boy mounted me, and shoved his rock-hard dick inside me.  He wasn’t as gentle as the first boy, but he did finish faster, which was a blessing.

I was tired so I arched my back and rested on my elbows while the professor asked again if I wanted my butt lubed.

“Fine,” I said.  “Do what you want.”

“It’s up to you,” he said.

“I’m getting the picture.  Lube my fucking butt.”  I spread my legs wide, giving him full access to my butt hole.  He glopped the stuff onto my back, and worked it all over my cheeks, and between them, taking extra time to rub my pussy from vagina to clitoris and back several times.  I was just about to cum when he stopped.

“Are you good?” he asked.

I figured I was in for a nasty butt fucking, which I wanted to delay as long as possible, so I said I wasn’t sure.

Maybe he was pissed, or maybe he genuinely wanted me to be sure I was good and lubed, so he emptied the tube of gunk onto my back, and worked it all over me — back, boobs, thighs, pussy, and, yes, asshole, which he gave special attention: he squeegied a handful of lube up from my legs, and wiped it between my cheeks, and then proceeded to spread my butt hole open, and load it full of lube.  To signify he was done, he spanked me hard on both cheeks before tenderly massaging me between my lips.   I moaned, arched my back, and rocked forward and back to make him think I was about to cum, but he wasn’t buying it.  He continued to massage me from butt hole to vagina to clit and back over and over while I moaned and carried on, until I really was about to cum.  Then he left me there, on the edge of cumming while a big fat boy with a tiny little dick — thank God! — mounted me and fucked me in the ass.  As soon as he pushed his way into me, I came, and then he came, too, holding onto my tits like they were some kind of fucking life preserver, and then he went limp on me and started kissing me all over.

“Get the fuck away from me,” I said to the pathetic fat kid, who I noticed was as naked as me — ha ha! — as he slunk back to his seat.  Then to the professor, “can I go to my seat now, please?”

“What, are you kidding?  You’re a mess!  Get out of my classroom, and come back when you’re presentable.”

On my way back to my dorm room, glistening from head to foot, there were several boys who wanted to rape me, but I guess it was my worn-out look that sent them away without any further fucking, thank goodness!

So now, I’ve learned my lesson: panties are not good to wear on this college campus.  If you wear panties, you end up not only naked but fucked as well.  So today, I’ve decided to go out wearing the next best thing to panties: nothing at all!

Do you like my outfit?  (My heart is racing!  I don’t know what will be in store for me!  Wish me luck!)


Pretty Girl of the Day 12/26/2012

From the time I was a little girl, my mother never dressed me in underwear.  From my mom’s point of view, it was just simpler to dress each of her girls as simply as possible.  I remember growing up being allowed to pick out a single item each day to wear.  In the warmer weather, I would wear pants or shorts, but for school, I had to wear a dress.  Being the youngest of four girls, I learned that a big girl always wore a dress, and the shorter the dress the cuter she looked.

As a kid, I was happy playing with my friends wearing just a skirt or pants, but after a certain age, my mom made me wear a top outside in public.  Sometimes, she told me my top was just too short, and I had to wear something longer.  At first, she just needed the top of my butt covered, but when I started dating boys, she insisted on covering at least half my butt.  She didn’t want me to send the “wrong message” to my boyfriends.

All through high school, I longed for the good old days of playing outside without worrying about covering my boobs or pussy, but, sadly those days seemed to be gone for good.  Of course, I pushed it as far as I could, wearing tops that unzipped, and “accidentally” unzipping it, and I liked to wear a stretchy top that I could pull half-way down my butt long enough to get out the door — boys liked it when I wore that one!  But it was never the same as when I was little…

…until College!  Finally, at College, I can wear a single item of clothing, like a skirt maybe, and no one is there to tell me I can’t do that.  Or, if I want to wear a tiny little top, and unzip it, I can do that!  Honestly, I’m so excited to be at College, where I can dress like a little girl, that sometimes I have an orgasm just walking to class!  I hide my excitement as much as possible, but sometimes I can’t help touching myself.  And if a boy just happens to see me doing that, and feels the need to “teach me a lesson”, I just bend over, and learn my lesson.

Pretty Girl of the Day 12/24/2012

Like the pretty girl from yesterday, I’m home for the holidays, so I have to be a good girl, and wear “appropriate” clothing.  It’s been so long since I’ve worn anything long enough to even remotely cover my pussy it’s such a delight to wear this top, which is stretchy enough that when I stand up, I can tug on it enough to cover me completely!

But the best part of wearing this little dress is when I’m out with my friends, it’s tight enough that if I pull it up, it stays up, which is nice if I want to spread my legs a bit, which feels nice.  No one prepared me for my first day at the college.  I had no idea that panties were forbidden until the orientation on the first day.  I was shocked when the Dean of Students told us about the Inspections, and had us go through the motions right there in our seats!   Because it was our first day, he said, we wouldn’t have to get completely naked, just topless.  I was so embarrassed, and I think most of the other girls were, too, when we all had to take off our tops.  A few girls were wearing dresses instead of tops, but the Dean told those girls to take off their dresses, because they would soon learn that a dress and top are really the same thing.  I took off my dress, and felt lucky that I wore a bra, but then I saw all the topless girls, and realized we weren’t supposed to be wearing anything under our top!  The Dean told us the objective of today’s exercise was simply to show each other that it’s OK to be topless.  The girls to my left and right were actually naked, because they had been wearing nothing but their tops.  I felt extra sorry for them when the Dean asked all the naked girls to raise their hands — both hands!  Then he made them stand up.  Some of the girls put their hands down, but the Dean yelled at them, asking who told them to put their hands down?

Can I tell you a secret?  My pussy was wet seeing all those girls get humiliated that way.  Of course, now I know the Dean was praising those girls, not humiliating them.  But to this day, my pussy still gets a little wet thinking about all those naked girls.  Like I said, these were the lucky girls, because they were allowed to leave with their tops (which they put on outside in front of their parents and siblings!) while the mock Inspection continued inside the auditorium.  The Dean asked all the topless girls to raise both arms and stand up, and then he asked the nearest seated person to each girl to make sure the girl was wearing a single item of clothing.  As it happened, there were two girls standing near me — one wearing jeans, and the other wearing a skirt.  I unzipped the jeans, and felt inside them.  She was wearing panties.  Out of curiosity, I felt inside her panties, and they were sopping wet.  Since the girl was forced to endure my inspection, I felt emboldened, and took the liberty of pulling down her jeans.  To my surprise, she made no objection, and even stepped out of them, kicking them aside.  I felt her pussy again, and it was wetter than ever.  I saw her nipples were as hard as rocks, and she was covered in goosebumps.  I felt bad for her, but I couldn’t resist hugging her, she was so beautiful.  Her breasts were firm and sexy, and she made no effort to stop me from fondling her.  I don’t know what came over me, but I pulled down her panties, just a bit, so I could see her hairless pussy in the light.  Her butt cheeks were so delicious, I squeezed them in my two hands, and slowly felt between them until I reached her wide open and sopping wet pussy.  The girl surprised me by spreading her legs, ripping her panties, which fell limp and wet to the floor.  “Oh!” she said as I gently touched her pussy.  The poor girl was cumming right in front of me!  I looked up to see the Dean, right next to me!  Suddenly crimson with embarrassment, I apologized, and turned my attention to the girl in the skirt.  She knew the rules, apparently, or maybe she just went commando because it was her style.

“I’m done inspecting these girls,” I said to the Dean.  An awkward silence ensued, which I filled with chatter:  “This one was wearing jeans and panties.  This one was wearing just a skirt.”  He continued to stand there, saying nothing.  I don’t know what came over me, but I felt so bad for making the girl in the jeans cum, and I was about to cum myself, so — I can’t believe I said this — I said, “My panties are wet.”

I cringed when the Dean spoke, but he was surprisingly kind, “It’s OK, honey,” he said.  “Just take them off, OK?”

I froze.  I couldn’t believe the Dean of Students was asking me to take off my panties in public!  “Do I have to?” I asked in a tiny voice.

I know what you’re expecting: an angry response.  But the Dean was so kind.  “No, sweetie, just raise your arms, and let this boy take off your panties.”  He pulled a boy out of his seat by the arm.  “But first, the boy will take off his pants and his boxers.”  The boy was scared shitless, but still had a partial erection, which became fuller as he approached me.  With my arms raised, I was helpless to keep my panties on, yet the boy pulled them off so slowly and sweetly, I felt a kind of soft love for him.  He slipped his hands inside my panties, and didn’t seem to mind that they were sopping wet.  He smoothed one hand down my abdomen, and the other straddling both of my cheeks, with just one finger “accidentally” touching my asshole as he hugged me tenderly.  I let in a quick breath of air as his shoulder brushed against my breast, and another as a finger entered my vagina.  With his other hand, he managed to get my panties off, as I heard the Dean admonish the boy, “Take it easy.  Don’t let her cum until the rape, OK?” 

The rape?

My arms still in the air, I turned to see the boy was standing at full attention.  I guess I bent over just a bit as I turned, which gave the boy the opening he needed.  Before I knew it, his penis was in me, and he was cumming.  He pulled me toward him with such force, both his hands on my lower abdomen that I almost came.  The Dean was talking, but my head was buzzing with all kinds of thoughts — why is this boy raping me?  Oh, it feels good!  I’m so ashamed!  Please don’t let me cum!  Oh, oh, oh, I felt his fingers on my clit, and on my breasts as he plunged into me again and again, and try as I did not to cum, I felt the sudden release of sexual energy as I came harder than I had ever done.  I mean ever!  

When the boy was finished fucking me, I collapsed in a heap on my chair, my legs spread wide, and my vagina wide open and still pulsing.  Can you believe it?  I was still cumming, half a minute after the boy pulled out of me.  When I looked around I saw that the Dean had ordered all the girls to strip down to a single item of clothing, and we were all filing out of the building.  I was still wearing my bra, so I guessed that was the single item I was allowed to keep.  Most of the other girls were wearing skirts, panties, or jeans, and a few, like me, were wearing a bra.  Some girls were even wearing dresses — the lucky ones, I guessed.  I was wishing I had kept my panties instead of my bra, because I could see we were being marched outside, a kind of parade of shame in front of our parents, for failing our first Inspections!

But then, when we got to the door, I saw that all the girls wearing panties were being ordered to remove them, and go out into the sunshine stark naked.  Suddenly, I was glad to be wearing a bra.  My mom and dad hugged me, and seemed glad that I survived the ordeal.  My dad asked if I was ready for some dinner.  I was too stunned to even cover my pussy, and just stood there agape.  He hugged me again, and said it was OK.  It was all OK.  He stepped back, and looked at me with — what? Pride, I guess — and then hugged me again.  Just about all the girls were half naked, which made me feel a little better, but I was at least three quarters naked, and freshly raped.  My pussy was still wet, and my vagina was agape, too, but it was nice to have dinner with my family.

Now, I’m home for Christmas, and it’s nice that my family has accepted the College rules.  My mom thinks it’s a good idea to wear just a top, as short as I dare.  So this top is perfect, because it’s tight enough that when I pull it up, it stays up.  That way, when I start to feel a bit excited — a natural feeling from going bottomless — I can spread my legs, and wait for the feeling to subside…  Or help it along, perhaps.

Pretty Girl of the Day 12/23/2012

I’m home for the holidays, and I don’t think my parents have any idea how we really dress at the College.  I mean, sure, they know about the Dress Code, and the Inspections.  They try to avoid thinking about the possibility that I might be inspected, but I don’t try to keep that a secret from them.  So when they ask how my day was, and if I was inspected that day, I tell them.  I even tell them if the Inspector was mean, but I don’t give them the details.  I mean, they don’t really need to know if I was forced to masturbate and then risk being raped, or if I had to give up some or all of my clothes to avoid that ordeal – a tough choice, let me tell you.

What I’m trying to say is that my parents don’t know how awful it really is to be inspected.  They think I just take off my clothes to prove I’m a decent girl who doesn’t wear any underwear, and that’s all there is too it.  So I don’t tell them what I have to do to avoid being inspected, which is pretty much not wear any bottom at all, unless it’s see-through or backless.

So today I think I’ll wear an oversize shirt that covers my pussy and most of my butt.  I’ve told my parents how nice it is to be home, and in my mind I’m thinking: so I can dress a little more decently.  But I can’t tell them that, because they don’t know how indecently we girls are forced to dress at the College.  They’ve bought into that whole idea of girls not wearing panties to make them dress more decently, because they just don’t know what it’s like at the College.

Now, look at me, all covered up, aren’t I cute? OK, you noticed I’m holding down the bottom of my little dress, because it’s a little windy. It has a slit up to my hip, which makes it open up in the slightest wind, but it’s long enough that my parents probably won’t see my pussy.

My parents know I’m not allowed to wear underwear at the College, but they think I’ll magically start wearing underwear at home, or a thong, at least, even if I don’t wear a bra. So I’ll keep up the pretense of being “fully clothed”, as they like to call it. Part of my act will be casualness. That is, if I’m constantly holding my dress closed in the wind, they’ll know I’m not wearing panties. So I’ll have to throw caution to the wind, so to speak, and hope for the best.

…which is why I think this little dress is perfect! It covers enough of my butt that my dad will imagine I have a thong on, but not so much that I feel like a little prude. I’m planning to go out dancing with my friends tonight, and it would be awkward if I changed into an even shorter dress, so I need to wear a dress short enough for me to feel sexy all day.

It’s nice to be home, so I can wear this top as a dress, because at school, if I wore it, I would certainly be a target for Inspection — it just covers too much of my body. Before 9 am, I would find myself naked, and begging the inspector not to pull off all the buttons. Without having to be asked, I would spread my legs and arch my back. Even though it’s strictly against College policy, I wouldn’t complain when some boy starts feeling me up, while I’m standing there completely helpless! Watching the Inspector pull off one button after the other, I would allow the boy to get me good and wet, and then I would let the boy fuck me, hoping he would finish before the last button hit the floor. Then, if I was lucky, I would get my dress back with a single button still intact. To get the dress back at all is a kind of luck, too, I guess. I would just have to spend the rest of the day holding the dress closed, although that would just be for show. The boys all know they can feel under a dress with no buttons, and they know I know, so if a boy fondled me under the dress or asked me to take it off, or even if he took it off me, I wouldn’t complain. Walking around campus in a buttonless dress, I can’t help but get wet and stay wet all day, because I know the next fondling — and the next fucking — will cum with the next boy I see, or the boy after him.

So, like I said, it’s nice to be home.

Final Exam for Fall Classes

It is too warm here. It just hasn’t felt like Christmas to me. So when I heard some chemistry students rigged a fake snow making machine, I thought, I could get into the Christmas mood by wearing my Santa hat and boots and play in the fake snow.

My last final exam was over, and I’ll be heading home in the morning. I wanted to do something fun and wild. Blow off some steam, and enjoy the rest of the day. I decided to not go topless… I’ll wear a hat, and I do not want to go bottomless, I’ll wear my boots.

Nata at Christmas

After my final exam

People paying close attention will see that I was so busy studying for finals, I neglected to shave completely. I did trim for the holidays. Afterall, it is freezing back home. I’ll need some protection from the wind chill.

Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night!

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Audrey Reminisces About Her High School Boyfriend, part 1

“All the girls from our floor are sitting outside Audrey and Becca’s room bullshitting,” announced Crysta as she breezed into the room she shared with Donna.  Crysta’s cutest babydoll dress was in tatters, barely even covering her large breasts.

Donna got up and hugged her sexy roommate.  “It looks like you had a hard day.”

Crysta’s lip quivered.  “I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.”

“It’s OK, honey,” said Donna.  She sat naked on her bed looking even more beautiful than usual because of her perfect tan.  “Sit next to me.  Let’s talk.”

Crysta collapsed in a heap next to Donna, and wrapped her arms around her.  Crysta’s tears flowed freely as the girls kissed for a few minutes, both leaning back on the bed with their legs spread.  Crysta’s pussy looked sore.  “Be gentle with me,” Crysta begged.  She sniffled, hiccoughed, and then laughed, hiccoughed again, and then both girls laughed.  “That’s what I said to all the boys.”

Donna sat up.  “You were raped?”  Crysta nodded.  “More than once?”  Crysta nodded again, then held up her fist, and opened it.  “Five times?”  Crysta closed her fist, and then held out two fingers.  “Seven times?”  Crysta closed her eyes.  “Fifty two times??”  Both girls laughed.

“I don’t really know how many,” Crysta said.  “One of the boys begged me to just give him my little dress, and he promised he wouldn’t rape me, but…” she trailed off.  Donna didn’t need to hear the reason.  She knew Crysta’s secret: for a girl unashamed to show everyone her pussy and butthole, it was very odd that she was so shy about showing her breasts.  They were lovely breasts, much larger than average.  Donna would die for boobies like hers!

“It’s OK, Crysta”  Donna kissed each one of Crysta’s teardrops, until Crysta was her old self – playful and adventurous.  “What are we going to do now?” Donna asked.

“Do you want to go into the big city?” Crysta asked.  The “big city” was the girls’ little joke.  The college town was a tiny little place, full of coffee houses, ice cream shops and little restaurants.  Not a big city by any stretch.

“Are you up to it after today?”

“Maybe you’re right.  Do you want to just hang out with Audrey and those girls?”  Audrey’s room had become party central this year, with Audrey the cute little dictator at the center of it all.

“Any boys?”

“I think I saw a few boys sitting with the girls.  Why?”

Donna blushed.  “No reason, just asking.”

Crysta whirled Donna around, pulling her hands down from her face.  “What?”  She laughed, and let go of Donna’s hands which went right back to her face, and then Donna doubled over with embarrassment, and being stark naked, she tried unsuccessfully to hide her excitement.  “Is there a boy on that side of the floor that you like?”

“No!  Nothing like that.  It’s just that…”


Donna took a breath.  “They have a rule over there.”

“Who, Audrey and Becka?”  Crysta stood up.

“Yes.  I can’t believe you didn’t know this.”

“What’s the fucking rule?”

“Okay, okay!  Audrey’s rule is that anyone can sit with them and share stories, as long as they’re wearing exactly one item of clothing.”

“Like a Dress Code, then.”

“Yeah, very much like the Dress Code.  Because no one is allowed to wear panties or pants of any kind.”

Crysta smiled.  “Not even the boys?”

Donna giggled.  “Not even the boys.  And there’s more.”  Crysta was all ears.  “The boys aren’t allowed to get a hard-on.  If they do, they get ‘raped’.”

“How do you rape a boy?”

“According to Audrey, you strip him naked, and one girl sucks his dick, while all the other girls fondle him all over.  Then, if he cums in under a minute, he has to do a dare.”

“A dare?”

“Yeah, Audrey makes up the dares.  One boy had to get shaved over his entire body.  The girls really loved doing that.”

“I bet.”  Crysta glanced at Donna’s pussy.  It was in full bloom.  “You really want to go over there and tease those boys, don’t you.”

Donna crossed her legs.  “There’s one more thing.”

Crysta looked up.

“The girls can get raped, too.”

“And if they cum in under a minute?”

Donna nodded.  “I’m afraid so.”

“But it’s harder to tell if a girl cums.”

“Audrey seems to know.  So girls don’t try to hide it.”

“So that’s what attracts the boys, then?  The prospect of raping a girl from the dorm?”

“The excitement of it.  Trying not to cum.  Doing Audrey’s dares.  Watching boys and girls do her dares.  And –“


“the stories.  Audrey has a million stories about her high school days.  She’s a whole lot of fun.”

“Okay, let’s go!”  Crysta headed out the door when Donna snagged her hand.

“You’re just about as naked as I am, honey.  Let’s put on some clothes.”

“Ha ha, you’re right.”  Crysta slipped out of her tattered babydoll.  “Can I wear a terrycloth bath robe?”  Crysta didn’t wait for an answer.  She snuggled into it, and admired herself in the full length mirror.  The mirror was tilted to help the girls make sure their clothes were the right length.  Crysta’s white bath robe was perfect.

“You look adorable!”  Donna giggled as she hugged her sexy roommate.  She pinched the very bottom of her sexy butt, just above her tender inner thigh, and just below the bottom of her robe.

“Now, you.” Crysta said, spreading her legs slightly in case Donna wanted a little more of her.

Donna sighed.  Maybe she and Crysta would make out later.  “I feel like being topless,” she said, almost giddy with anticipation.  “A skirt, maybe?”

“Or a loin cloth,” Crysta suggested.

“A loin cloth!  You’re a genius!”  She fished out a cute little suede fringy thing, and positioned it over her pussy.  “Will you tie me?”

Crysta grabbed the strings, and tied them in a nice little bow, nice and loose to hang low in front.  A loin cloth this small has to hang low enough to keep Donna decent.  The tiny thing was barely bigger than her pussy!

The two girls, both looking like a million bucks, headed over to Audrey and Becka’s impromptu session of story-telling, cock sucking, daring, and just plain fun.  When they got there, they were happy to see there were four or five boys, and about twice that number of girls.  Two of the boys extra large t-shirts, and the rest were bare-chested, wearing basketball shorts.  The girls wore a variety of skirts and tops.  They made room for the two new arrivals to sit down.

“You got here just in time,” said Audrey.  “I’m about to tell the story of my first date with Tony when I was a junior in high school.  But first, do you girls know the rules?”

“Yeah,” said Donna.  “I explained them to Crysta.”  She sat with her legs up, her tiny loin cloth not quite reaching to the floor, so everyone got a pretty good look between her legs.

Crysta blushed, hoping no one would notice her pussy, still red and sore from the day’s rapes, as she sat “Indian style”.  Her robe was missing the belt, so it was open slightly.

“Crysta, would you mind very much crawling to the center of the circle on your hands and knees?  I just want to make sure you don’t have anything on under that robe.  Would that be OK?”

Well, it wasn’t OK at all!  But she did it anyway.  The robe opened, revealing her breasts, and it was so short it didn’t cover any of her butt.

“That’s far enough,” said Audrey.  “Now, Donna, will you please crawl right behind her, and very gently stroke her inner thighs, breasts, and back, pushing ever so gently her robe forward?  You’ll need to spread your legs a bit wider than hers so you can get close enough to push it over her head until it tumbles down in front of her.”

Donna’s heart was beating, because felt herself get excited just watching Crysta get into position.  And then even before she crawled into place, she imagined slowly pushing Crysta’s robe off, and how exciting it will be to stroke Crysta’s lovely breasts.  Then, when she began actually crawling, she knew she had given herself away.  Her pussy was in full bloom, with everyone watching!  There was nothing she could do about that, though.  She positioned her legs outside Crysta’s, and began stroking Crysta’s inner thighs, right up to the edge of her juicy pussy, but being very careful not to touch it.  Instead, she let her fingers slip around Crysta’s pussy, forward along her flat belly, to her ample breasts.  Crysta’s nipples were hard as she caressed them.

Then, Donna straightened up, still on her knees, her front inches from Crysta’s behind.  She started again from Crysta’s beautiful butt, probing between her cheeks, careful not to touch her glistening wet pussy.  Crysta responded by spreading her legs wider, forcing Donna to spread hers as well.  Slowly, Donna pushed Crysta’s robe forward.  Again and again, Donna stroked Crysta’s legs, narrowly missing her pussy, gently stroking her puckered asshole, and then pushing the robe up her back and over her head until if fell in a heap on the floor while Crysta remained motionless, her legs spread, her bright pink pussy glistening.  Everyone could see that Crysta was right on the edge of climaxing.

Donna was startled to hear Audrey’s voice.  “Very good, Donna.  Now, please tell us if Crysta was able to refrain from becoming sexually excited while you stripped her.  We trust you to tell us, because you’re blocking our view of her pussy with your own very pretty little body.  But before you answer, I should note that your own sexual excitement is quite evident.  I think it’s probably just due to Crysta, though.  If she’s excited, then it’s not your fault at all for becoming excited.  What is clear is that one of you must be punished for all of this gratuitous sexual excitement.  So tell us, Donna.  Is Crysta excited?”

Donna gulped.  Poor Crysta.  She had been raped several times today.

Audrey saw Donna’s hesitation, and offered some advice.  “Why don’t you just put your nose between her cheeks, and stick out your tongue.  Use it to lick the tender skin between Crysta’s lips, and then plunge it into her vagina.  Do this several times, to see if Crysta is able to refrain from becoming excited.  Then let us know if she was successful, OK?”

Donna understood what she was being asked to do.  Crysta did too.  She lowered her shoulders and breasts to the floor, spread her legs, and arched her back so she was ripe for the taking.  Donna did her job, licking Crysta from clitoris to vagina, plunging it in again and again, with a little extra touch:  Each time she pushed her tongue into Crysta’s vagina, she wiggled her nose back and forth over Crysta’s tight little asshole.

Well, it wasn’t long before Crysta came.  Crysta forgot everything except the glorious feeling of multiple orgasms at the skillful touch of her sexy roommate.  She collapsed, naked on the floor, with her legs spread wide, while Donna knelt with a plaintiff look at Audrey.

“Well?” asked Audrey.

“Nothing,” lied Donna.

“Nothing?  So your own excitement can’t be blamed on Crysta?”


“Then Crysta is innocent, and you are excited all by yourself, then, is that what you’re saying?”

The girls started to gather around Donna, as Crysta crawled away, and sat naked against the wall, basking in the afterglow of Donna’s expert tongue-fucking.

“Donna, your rapist will be Edward.  Go ahead, Ed.”  Ed was one of the more handsome boys on the floor.  He was wearing only a t-shirt, his penis fully erect.  He hugged Donna tenderly, pushing her gently forward until her hands were on the floor.  He gently parted Donna’s legs, and rubbed just the very tip of his penis between her lips to get it wet.  He pulled back so everyone could see Donna’s pussy, her lips spread wide open, and looking extra pink against her all-over tan.  Donna’s vagina was open as well, and very slippery.  Ed had no trouble slipping into it.  Meanwhile, a hundred little hands were rubbing Donna everywhere on her body, between her legs, between her lips, under her hood, between her cheeks, her belly, tits, nipples.

“30 seconds,” announced Audrey.  Ed pushed himself into Donna with a slow and regular rhythm.  The hands continued to massage her, especially in the wettest places.

“45 seconds.”  Ed pushed one more time, and held Donna’s hips tight as he let out one or two little grunts, and then hugged her with his face against her back, rocking gently forward and back.  The hands stepped up their touching, spreading Donna’s legs wider, and stroking all around her wet pussy.  Ed was still hard even after cumming, so he pulled almost completely out, and slid back in.  He did this a second time, and then a third…  That was all it took for Donna to collapse in a raging orgasm the likes of which she had never before experienced.  The fingers seemed to get softer and gentler as she came again and again.  They became kinder, and sweeter as Donna fell onto her back with her legs wide open, knees on the floor, the bottoms of her feet together.  The fingers stroked her sweaty body, all over, taking extra care around her bright pink vagina, which was still open, and continuing to pulse at irregular intervals.  She felt gentle hands stroking her hair, caressing her breasts, and breathing softly on her neck.  She closed her eyes as the last pulses of her orgasm faded.

“Don’t feel bad, Donna,” said Audrey.  “Very few people can hold out a full minute.  Was that fun?”  Donna moaned softly as she vaguely realized that she would have to do a dare for cumming in less than a minute.  “Look at me, sweety.”

Donna looked up.

“You did it!  You lasted 61 seconds before you came!  Congratulations!”


Ed, his penis hanging flaccid out the bottom of his t-shirt, hugged Donna.  “Congratulations, honey.”

Suddenly, Donna was so happy, she didn’t know what to do.  She wanted to hug everyone, especially Audrey, despite the hell she had just been through.  “Come on, Crysta,” she said, taking her naked roommate by one hand, and picking up her robe with the other.  “Let’s hear Audrey’s story.”

Inspector Test #8

Reports of inspectors falling down on the job abound across campus. Record number of complaints, and an unheard of number of acquittals at trial.  New tests are being developed to see if you have the ability to apply the Campus Code of Conduct’s Dress Code properly.

Let’s look at Abby. Not many girls keep wearing shorts, but it is not a violation to do so.

Would you stop Abby for an inspection just because she is wearing a pair of short shorts, Daisy Dukes?

An experienced inspector knows shorts are an easy means to conceal panties. So one might assume an inspection is necessary to verify she not wearing panties, right? But she knows an inspector knows she might be concealing a pair of panties, so being a smart girl, she would never wear panties under her shorts. No inspection would be necessary, right?

Oh, but there is a chance she elected to wear shorts today because she didn’t have time to shave off her pubic hair. So the smart inspector might decide to inspect, right? Yet the same applies. She knows the inspector knows this, and she would not risk the inspection and getting caught, right?

Panties or pubic hair. Could be hiding under her shorts, but she knows we know this. Knowing this, she would never dare to wear panties or not shave when wearing shorts. Oh, how clever. We know she knows this, and she would not dare to do such a thing, but her knowing we know she knows means she knows she just might get away with wearing panties or not shaving.

As you can see, Abby decided to wear her shorts with the waistband rolled down. A clearer sign she is not wearing panties. Oh, but could that be a diversion? She wants us to know she is not wearing panties, making it possible for her to slip passed without shaving this day.

The inspector in this case decided she might be trying to outsmart us. Inspectors have to be careful not to inspect all girls in shorts. Too many inspections without finding a violation will send a negative message. Too many girls getting away with a violation sends the wrong message, too.

In this case, an inspection did happen. Abby was quick to show she was not wearing a bra. Of course, she knows by flashing her breasts in the inspector’s face, he may not pay as close attention to other matters. then the slow tease lowering her shorts. Why a smart girl may be doing that strictly to cause the inspector to stop looking at her breasts and top.

Only one solution to this. Do you know it?

It is simple. Remove the distractions and inspect.

No panties. Abby was not trying to hide them

No bush. Abby knows the rules.

Anything else? Well, Abby is naked, and it would be a shame not to see how she would look on a naked date, right? The girls know inspectors will do this. Some even think it is a compliment asking them to pose in sexual positions. It means the inspector finds them sexual desirable.

Let’s try to determine if this was a reasonable inspection or not. What do you think? Did this inspector make more girls more careful in selecting their outfits? Or did he make it so the girls feel there is no use to what you wear – Inspectors will inspect you regardless.

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