Helping Hands

A Message From the Office of Decency:

Here at the College, we’re proud to say that maintaining decency isn’t something we just impose on our female population. Males are expected to help, too!

Helping Hands 01

For instance, here’s a girl’s boyfriend helping her check for any offending pubic bottom in the school’s cafeteria. Sure, it wouldn’t be a violation right now, but if she put on another bottom it would be. And they say chivalry is dead!

Helping Hands 02

And here’s another boy doing the same. The girl here looks a bit startled – perhaps this boy isn’t her boyfriend? If so, all the more generous of him to lend a helping hand.

Helping Hands 03 (alumnus)

And helpfulness isn’t limited to current students, either. Here’s a College alumnus helping check a girl’s decency beneath her cute little microminiskirt.

Helping Hands 04 (alumnus)

And another alumnus providing a thorough tactile check for a pubic bottom. Remember fellows, helpfulness should last a lifetime!

Helping Hands 05 (wetness test)

Here, an entire group of boys is helping one of our coeds with her “wetness test” at the beach, to determine if she needs to be given what her body is asking for in a consensual rape or three. In fact, it looks like they were so eager to be helpful they actually pulled down the bikini bottom she had previously been wearing. Such enthusiasm for decency is truly heartening to see!

Helping Hands 06 (wetness test)

A girl who looks likely to be in violation of layering rules is given an impromptu (and judging by her expression, quite surprising) wetness test here. Of course, in fairness a girl who is caught so unready for the test should be given more time to pass it, so her pussy should be pumped and rubbed thoroughly before it is decided if she has passed or not.

Helping Hands 07 (spanking)

And finally, we see the ultimate helpfulness – someone (her thoughtful professor, most likely) giving a coed who had previously been in violation a cheek-reddening spanking to help her remember her decency in future. It wouldn’t do to fail an Inspection, after all!

This has been a message from the Office of Decency. Thank you for reading.

Feminist Transfer Student’s First Day – Part One

Genevieve strode briskly onto the college campus, heart thumping with excited anticipation. The crisp air washed over her with a gust of wind sending her straight black hair streaming. The hair was one of the visible parts of her half-Asian heritage, along with the somewhat slanted appearance of her eyes (which weren’t actually slanted, of course – that was just an optical effect from a difference in the construction of the bridge of her nose, but she usually didn’t bother correcting people unless she really felt like putting some “roundeye” in their place). She sometimes ruefully thought her comparatively petite build must be a legacy of her heritage as well, but then she’d tell herself it didn’t matter anyway. Between her sweetly curved body and her perfectly rounded and perky tits – a C cup minimum, so at least nothing petite there – she felt confident in feeling that she could say good things came in small packages. Meanwhile her mixed heritage also gave her a definite shade of green in her eyes and a dusting of freckles (which could be either side, really), especially on her cheekbones under her eyes. She was a girl to stand out and catch your eye and she’d never minded it – although that didn’t stop her from harshly reprimanding any guy caught “oppressing her with his male gaze”.

She was especially glad to be looking good today – first impressions count for a lot after all. And this was her very first day on the campus of her new College! Sure, she had her feminist ideals – in fact those were precisely what led her to make the seemingly-impulsive decision to transfer. But she still knew appearances mattered. And she really wanted to get off to a good start at a College with such an excitingly feminist Code of Conduct!

Granted, she couldn’t say in detail, exactly, what it was the Code stated. She’d really just skimmed the literature on that – modesty this, safeguarding female students that. It all sounded good. Honestly she’d just been caught up in the excitement of learning that there was a College that had a whole system dedicated just to protecting female students from the leering male gaze, and she’d never been inclined to obsess over details anyway. She figured she’d pick up on any fine points on campus anyway. (and boy, was she gonna be right about that… –your perverted ed.)

As she strode further onto the campus however, Genevieve frowned a little as she looked around her. A lot of the girls seemed to be dressed really skimpily. In fact, pretty much all of them were. Bad enough were the girls in tiny dresses that left their seemingly (but surely not really?) bare bottoms half exposed and their breasts all but falling out – but they were practically the modest ones! She could barely keep her jaw from dropping when she saw one girl who seemed to be wearing a skirt like a dress. A miniskirt. That barely covered her ribcage, much less her round butt or her smooth bare pussy, both of which were totally on display. No doubt left that she really wasn’t wearing anything to cover herself besides the obvious. What on Earth happened to the Code she’d heard about? Is this just what girls started to dress like when they were freed from worrying about males leering at them, or whatever? Well, she certainly wasn’t ever going to dress like that. Genevieve resolved that it was really time to learn more about the details of this Code. She couldn’t just ask somebody and look like a fool, though – she’d just look it up once she got all settled into her dorm or something. She still had that good first impression to make, after all.

But then Genevieve saw something that made her stop dead in her tracks, all affectations of nonchalance forgotten. Just twenty feet away from her on the grass by the walkway, a boy actually had his hand right on the pussy of a totally naked large-breasted redhead! In fact… he actually just slid his index and middle fingers inside her, provoking an audible reaction half gasp and half moan. Then he pulled them back out, glistening with her internal moisture. He looked his fingers over with visible satisfaction. “Well, Cindy, looks like you’re asking for it alright. You know what that means.” The girl – Cindy – sighed with resignation (that had to be genuine resignation, right?). “Oh, okay. You want me doggy-style?” The boy nodded enthusiastically. Without so much as another word, Cindy turned around and got on her hands and knees on the grass – well, technically, elbows and knees, leaving her ever-wetter pussy angled upwards invitingly – while the boy, with practiced ease, pulled an absolutely raging erection out of his pants. Dropping to one knee, he thrust the full considerable length of it into her vagina with one sudden thrust (“Oh GOD!!!” being Cindy’s response) and began pumping.

Genevieve, blushing furiously, had seen enough. She marched over there and demanded: “Um, excuse me.” Alright, so “demanded” was a strong word. She was trying, damnit! “Um, EXCUSE ME!”, she tried again, as her previous effort hadn’t made either party even flinch. This time Cindy the redhead looked up, half-dazed already. “…What? Is, nn, something the matter?” “Um, what exactly is, y’know, happening here?!” “Oh-” She gasped as a particularly strong thrust set her large breasts bouncing back and forth even more wildly than before “-I’m, mm, being raped. Mnh!” Genevieve was shocked! Raped?! She might not have the Code memorized exactly, but that couldn’t be right! She drew herself up to her full unimpressive height and said peremptorily (at least, as much as she could while she was still blushing red from seeing two people fucking so unabashedly right in public before her eyes): “Where’s the nearest officer charged with enforcing the Code?” She knew she remembered there were people supposed to do that, at least. Cindy squinted. “I, ohh!, think I, uhh, saw an In – nn! – spector over there by the, mnh, Quad.” Cindy gestured vaguely towards a large building a couple hundred yards distant. Genevieve steadfastly ignored Cindy’s ever more orgasmic interjections with an effort of will. She also told herself that the heat she could feel building in her abdomen was just a figment or a mistake of her imagination. She needed to focus on getting help for her fellow woman! “Quad. Got it.” With that, she marched off in that direction determinedly. As she strode off, Cindy’s arousal-glazed eyes focused on her fully for the first time. She cried out in sudden concern: “Hey, wait! If you’re gonna see an Inspector, you might not wanna be dressed like –” Another gust of wind carried the rest of her words away from Genevieve’s ears.


A short while later, Genevieve arrived outside the Quad. She quickly spotted a man in an official-looking uniform carrying a clipboard, giving passing students a critical eye. This must be the Inspector. It looked like Cindy’s distracted directions had proven good after all. Genevieve walked right up to him and cleared her throat. “Excuse me, sir? Are you the Inspector? If so, there’s something I really need you to-” The Inspector cut her off, eying her up and down. “Yes, I can certainly see you do need my help.” He could? That was confusing, but great! “And while it’s commendable you’d bring yourself in like this, don’t think that’ll save you if I find what I’m afraid I might.” Wait. What? “Alright. Let’s begin the inspection with you removing that shirt.”

Genevieve huffed in shock. “What?! No way!” The very idea that she’d just peel off her shirt – a cute little dark blue button-up that she’d picked to go with her simple knee-length black skirt – in public was outrageous! The Inspector sighed heavily. “Getting difficult already now, are we? Well, that doesn’t bode well for you.” He made a note on his clipboard and called out to the passersby – “Boys! I need boys to volunteer for restraining duty in an inspection!”. With amazing speed a handful of boys separated themselves from the crowd of people walking by. The Inspector nodded in Genevieve’s direction. Genevieve tried to interject. “Wait, I just wanted to report that – wah!” Even as she was trying to talk, four of the boys grabbed her wrists and ankles and forcibly pulled her into something like a standing spreadeagle – feet and arms stretched out and separated. Although she tried to struggle, they were far stronger than she, and all she accomplished was to twist at the hips and shoulders, inadvertently setting her to bouncing ’til they almost came out of her bra.

The Inspector continued. “Now, please remove the subject’s shirt for her, as she has declined to do so herself.” This latter comment drew a round of anticipatory/admonishing “oohs” (“somebody’s in trouble!”) – Genevieve glanced around in surprise to see that a small clot verging towards a circle or crowd of onlookers had already gathered to stare at her, while others were slowing and nudging their friends to look at what was going on too. What was happening to her?? Genevieve was so preoccupied with this latest observation that she didn’t even notice another one of the boys had stepped in front of her until he’d already undone the first button on her shirt. Then her attention snapped back in a hurry.

“I, please-” Genevieve began. “Shh,” the boy interrupted. “You’ll only make this harder on yourself.” Harder? How could it possibly get worse than this? She wasn’t given long to ponder this thought though, as this boy clearly knew what he was doing, unfastening every button on her shirt in under thirty seconds and peeling it off completely before the half-minute mark hit, coordinating perfectly with the boys restraining Genevieve to get it all the way off her. Genevieve couldn’t do that that quickly herself – under different circumstances she’d have been impressed. As it was, she could only shiver as much in embarrassment as from the breeze as she stood before the whole crowd in her little lacy black bra. Damn, but she wished she’d worn something a little less close to being see-through! The world around her blurred as her eyes suddenly filled with water – it was just the wind, damnit! No way was she that vulnerable, shirt or no.

Distraction vanished at the chill in the Inspector’s next words, however. “First violation noted: upper-body layering. Offending item: black bra.” He marked busily on his clipboard as he spoke. Violation?, thought Genevieve. Of what? And how is “layering” a violation of anything, for that matter? The Inspector spoke again, once more jolting Genevieve from her increasingly shell-shocked reverie. “Boys, please confiscate the offending item.” The offending item? He couldn’t mean – except with practiced hands as swift as before, the boy she was beginning to think of as Mr. Undresser leaned in close to her, unclipped her bra in the back, and lifted it off her in a single swift motion.

Genevieve shrieked in shock and embarrassment now. She instinctively began to twist furiously to free herself again, but with just as great a lack of success. Worse, now the motion set her perky tits to shaking and bouncing with abandon – her sweet C cups were so rounded and full that you could have painted a hemisphere on each one, so there was plenty of jiggle and bounce to be had out of them under the right circumstances. Like these. Genevieve could hardly believe the wave of utter mortification that washed over her along with the laughter of the crowd at her antics – God, the crowd was getting big! She’d never been seen in public in so much as a thong bikini at the beach, and here she was completely topless in front of a huge crowd of strangers. More embarrassing and confusing still was the strange heat – in… other circumstances she might have called it familiar, though – that seemed to be building within her. She was almost painfully aware that her pert brown nipples were standing hard and erect as pencil erasers at the tips of her soft young breasts. Surely that at least was the wind…? Anyway, at least the crowd should be distant enough not to make out a detail like that, right?

Of course, that wasn’t accounting for closer observers. Genevieve gasped as her Mr. Undresser gently traced a circle around one of her all but rock-hard nipples with his forefinger. “So, having a little fun up here after all, are we?” He asked with a crooked grin. Genevieve couldn’t even look him in the eye, much less formulate a response. In fact, when he suddenly switched to lightly flicking the same nipple, she felt her knees suddenly go so weak it was a challenge to keep standing straight and she had to bite her lip to keep from moaning at the stimulus being delivered to her hyper-sensitized anatomy.

“Boys!” The Inspector said curtly, and Mr. Undresser stepped back to look to him. Oh, thank God. If he’d kept that up it might really have gotten embarrassing for me. “Next, I need you to remove the subject’s skirt.” Thanks given too soon. Mr. Undresser stepped in towards Genevieve again, but this time he didn’t choose such a straightforward approach. Instead, he stepped in so close to Genevieve that the sensitive tips of her breasts were brushing against his – actually quite muscular, Genevieve noted dazedly – chest. From there, he slowly lowered himself down to one knee, keeping her immobilized body brushing by his the whole way down. Even on one knee, he was enough taller than her that his head wasn’t below her freshly (and publicly) exposed breasts, a fact he clearly felt no shame in taking advantage of. He planted little kisses on her breasts once there, especially around – but never quite on – her still engorged nipples, sending little shudders of feeling through Genevieve that had her biting her lip again hard enough to leave teeth marks just to try to keep from letting out sounds so loud even the still-growing and ever more animated crowd could hear. There was no way she could keep Mr. Undresser – with his stupid tousled black hair, she noted looking down at what he was doing – from hearing the little noises and half-whimpers his actions were eliciting though, not with his head essentially literally pressed against her chest. God, and why won’t he just kiss my nipples already instead of being such a tease?! – I mean – he obviously wants to, that is. Just get it over with!

But instead he kept leaving little soft kisses on his targets without ever touching the bullseyes as he carefully (well, carefully would be ONE word for it, Genevieve thought) felt with both hands to find the zipper to her skirt. It was obvious there had to be one – the tight little thing couldn’t possibly fit over her cute hips and highly toned yoga butt otherwise. What was less obvious to Genevieve was why instead of checking a couple likely locations – like the side spot where it actually was – Mr. Undresser opted to circumnavigate her entire waist with his full hands. Actually, scratch that – as he helped himself to a none-too-subtle handful of her bottom, it was VERY obvious why he chose that approach. On any other day, Genevieve would have been embarrassed beyond description to have her ass felt up like that in front of a gang of hooting onlookers. But all of a sudden, just the past few minutes had redefined her standards to where that alone was barely enough to make her blush and squirm. Barely. Of course, the teasing attention still being lavished on her breasts might’ve contributed to both those things too.

In the end, though, Mr. Undresser did find the zipper. Genevieve was totally unprepared for what he did then, though. That is, of course she expected he’d unzip it and pull her skirt down and off, increasing her unprecedented humiliation even further, little though she anticipated the event. But what she didn’t see coming was that the campaign of teasing kisses around her diamond-cutter hard nipples she’d almost become used to would abruptly switch to a frontal assault on the primary objectives. As he suddenly began lavishing his mouth and tongue directly on nipples that his previous actions had raised to rock-hard miniature towers two if not three times their original height, the waves of sensation Genevieve had been feeling transformed into lightning bolts. Biting her lip wasn’t gonna cut it anymore – Genevieve almost without realizing it cried out loud at the incredible feeling coursing into her body as one nipple after the other (or both at once when a temporarily free hand darted up) was kissed, teased, and lightly sucked, pinched, pulled, and nibbled, with every sharper action swiftly counterbalanced by more of his energetic brand of tenderness. As he slowly unzipped her skirt and then an inch at a time pulled it to her ankles at the ground, Genevieve could barely notice over the intense pounding of her heart and the cries and other noises of unrestrainable pleasure that found their way from her throat without conscious volition. The admiringly onlooking crowd (and their admiring camera phones) were completely forgotten as Genevieve was bent almost double with this by the time her skirt hit the ground, a seeming eternity in Genevieve’s subjective time later. If she could have mustered enough coherent thought, Genevieve might even almost have been grateful for the captors still holding her by the wrists, since they were the main thing still keeping her even mostly upright.

Eventually her last exterior garment was on the ground around her ankles however, leaving her in nothing but her (sensibly low – well, low-ish) heels and the lacy black panties she’d chosen to match her now-vanished bra. Mr. Undresser stepped back up and away from her then, leaving her panting and still not quite able to stand completely straight. She’d known she had sensitive nipples, but she’d never imagined someone could do that with them! “Ah, miss?” It was Mr. Undresser talking. “Wha?” Genevieve replied dazedly. “I need you to step out of your skirt now.” Genevieve blinked, thought processes still blurred enough not to even have realized the boys holding her ankles had released them. “Oh… okay…” she said as she carefully (and a little shakily) lifted first one foot and then the other free of her skirt. “Ah, thanks much!” Mr. Undresser smiled his crooked smile at her again as he swiped her skirt up off the ground to put it in a small pile of her clothes that seemed to be building by the Inspector.

A wave of lusty applause from Genevieve’s audience cleared most of the cobwebs from her mind, however. The loud clapping and outright cheers and wolf whistles broke over her like cold water, bringing her consciousness crashing back to a realization of her ignominious condition: better than half naked in front of a crowd of strangers after having just put on a performance worthy of a porno, tits still waving in the wind, with who knows what still in front of her. Worse, she was now forced to acknowledge the tremendous heat burning in her pussy – she could no longer possibly deny that this incredibly humiliating episode actually seemed to have turned her on. This further indignity set her cheeks to burning almost as hot as her genitals. Thank God this ordeal had to be almost over now. Right?

Genevieve cringed at the sudden harsh tones of the Inspector’s further verdict. “Second violation noted: lower-body layering. Offending item: black panties.” The Inspector paused for a moment after finishing scribbling on his clipboard – perhaps for dramatic effect. Where a second ago Genevieve’s cheeks had blazed red, now she paled. This couldn’t mean what it seemed like it would? “Boys – confiscate the offending item.” Oh, damn. It did.

Genevieve’s Mr. Undresser stepped forward yet again. Well, at least this’ll have to be the last time. I haven’t got any more clothes! Perhaps not surprisingly, his smile was bigger than ever this time. He didn’t bother with the elaborate preliminaries this time – simply dropped to one knee and hooked his thumbs up through the waistband of her panties from underneath on the sides, clapped both hands from there onto her bottom to give it one more good squeeze, then slowly slid her panties down, keeping both hands pressed to her to get a good feel not just of her ass, but of every inch he could reach of her toned yet butter-smooth (a girl’s got to moisturize, after all) upper and inner thighs as her panties descended. Despite her best intentions, Genevieve’s dignity disintegrated against this fresh assault, as she couldn’t help herself from squealing and squirming helplessly as her last shred of coverage was taken from her, twisting and bucking her hips as if it could somehow make a difference long after her panties were too far gone for there to have been any chance of saving her modesty anyway. The mocking laughter of the onlooking crowd – now truly impressive in size – couldn’t penetrate her futile desperation, even as on some level she knew it would haunt and humiliate her later. But in the end, of course, her panties were gone regardless, leaving her utterly naked in the outdoors before her audience, with her hands restrained and feet separated once more so she couldn’t achieve even the tiniest amount of coverage of her most private areas, even using her own body.

Genevieve stood completely naked before the crowd, shivering (with cold, not sexual excitement, she told herself sternly in increasingly implausible denial) and trying womanfully not to let on how much further she was embarrassed by the pictures being snapped and videos being obviously recorded by many members of the crowd. Her tight round apple-shaped ass, firm full tits, and soft pussy with its cute tucked-in lips were all totally on display now. Genevieve was numbly shocked then, when the Inspector’s harsh tones snapped forth yet again. What humiliation could possibly be left?, she thought dazedly, little realizing. “What’s this?”, the Inspector barked. “Another layering?!” What? How could I possibly be any more naked than I am already? The inspector shook his head as he made yet another mark on his clipboard. “Noted: additional pubic bottom. This makes three separate counts of layering violations at once. Seldom have I ever seen a student in such egregious violation as an Inspector.” Pubic bottom?! With a shock, Genevieve realized he must somehow be referring to her cute little landing strip. How could that possibly be a bottom?! After all (as a little puff of breeze reminded her acutely) it wasn’t as if it even actually covered her pussy at all!

“Alright,” the Inspector said, speaking to Mr. Undresser, who seemed to have become the unofficial student leader of the proceedings, “proceed with the test for indecent arousal.” Genevieve barely even had time to react to this before Mr. Undresser stepped up before her, now grinning hugely. She did let out a clear yelp as his hand reached between her legs and shamelessly clapped right onto her totally exposed pussy, though. If it was physically possible, Genevieve was now blushing even harder than before, especially as his hand began to rub over her sweet young pussy, stimulating it even further than it already was (Genevieve’s mental denials notwithstanding), and worse doing it all completely in public. After taking his own good time with this phase – and incorporating the occasional trip north to play with Genevieve’s now very highly sensitive little button of a clit, making her unwillingly gasp and squeal as the bursts of unasked-for pleasure sent her weak in the knees, he moved on to the next phase. That is to say, thrusting his fingers energetically inside her, slipping inside her now very wet pussy with total ease. After continuing to fingerbang her to just before the point of orgasm, toying with her tits and nipples with his free hand all the while, he slipped his fingers back out of her, making her moan in disappointment at the denial of release. Genevieve was almost totally gone now – she didn’t even recognize the similarity between the events with Cindy earlier as Mr. Undresser, grinning, held his fingers (now very wet with her pussy’s juices) up before the Inspector. “Looks like she failed the test, alright,” the Inspector said. “Well, you know what to do, boys – give her what her body’s asking for.” What… what my body’s asking for? Genevieve thought dazedly.

All soon became clear, however, as the boys holding her ankles apart took grips further up and lifted her up and apart, leaving with her legs spread wide open as she was supported above ground, helpless to remove herself from this humiliating display. And she’d thought she couldn’t be any more exposed than she was before! Her thoughts were redirected again however, as Mr. Undresser stepped up between her legs, pulled his erection from his pants, and slid his hardened penis into her sopping young pussy. Genevieve cried out in pure pleasure as her interrupted stimulus from before was resumed with a will, all thoughts of dignity forgotten. Having been left so close to the edge, she came almost at once as he began pumping away inside her – and loudly at that. He didn’t stop, of course, but continued on – grasping her firm ass, kissing and nibbling on her delectable breasts and nipples as he pumped on to his own conclusion. He didn’t reach it until shortly after Genevieve was brought to a second powerful public orgasm before the watching (and recording) crowd, though. Pulling his cock out of her, he thoughtfully had her lowered so he could come all over her tits instead of inside her.

With a teasing wink towards the still-gasping Genevieve, her recent consensual rapist (to give him his proper honorable title) announced “Well boys, I did my best, but – ” He paused to give a wicked grin to the crowd. ” – it looks like she’s still in violation! And you know what that means!” Boy, did they. Genevieve had hardly caught her breath before she was half-lowered, half-dumped onto the ground and dazedly complied as she was put into a doggy style position, hardly able to focus on what was going on after having her bones rattled by two such powerful orgasms in succession. She certainly noticed when she found two new cocks entering her, however – one in her still-sensitized pussy, and one in her mouth. With her plugged at both ends, the boys proceed to spit-roast her enthusiastically. Genevieve’s tits bounced back and forth like round jiggling pendulums as she took thrusts from first one direction then the opposite, barely able to control her gag reflex as she was energetically face-fucked. To her embarrassed surprise Genevieve felt that heat kindling inside her (or continuing to roar away, to be more honest) as she was driven towards another orgasm – and then crashing over into it, albeit a rather muffled one this time. Continuing the pattern, the boys finished soon after, again opting not to come inside her, but rather spattering her ass, back, and pretty young face with the cum spurting forth from their cocks.

Genevieve’s consensual rape(s, at this point…) weren’t done yet, however. Another boy knelt in position behind her and slipped inside her wet pussy. After just a couple pumps, however, he paused and announced loudly for the benefit of the still-onlooking crowd (now so excited that a number of them had broken into their own busily fucking couples), “You know… I think it’s time we changed things up a little with this one!” An “oooooh” emanated from the crowd as they guessed his meaning. The boy proceed to slip back out of Genevieve’s still-welcoming pussy and put the tip of his rock-hard cock against her asshole. “Oh, no! I’ve never – ” Genevieve cried, startled back to something like alertness by the prospect of this new and unprecedented indignity. “Welp, guess it’s time for a new sexual landmark then,” the boy replied nonchalantly. With that, he proceeded to thrust the tip of his cock (well lubed by its time in Genevieve’s sopping wet pussy) inside her asshole, then, with a grunt, went balls-deep up her virgin backdoor.

Genevieve cried out loudly. This feeling was so – so intense! Painful at first, yes, but helpfully her muscles had been relaxed by her series of powerful orgasms. And then – just – intense! Without even realizing it consciously, Genevieve began to push her hips back against the boy as he fucked her previously-cherry asshole. She continued, grinding her hips back on his cock as he fucked her deep and hard, cooperating in her own consensual anal rape even as an anal virgin. As the boy came to his finish, Genevieve felt another orgasm crashing over her even as he shot his cum deep into her bowels. It was just as powerful as the previous four (four!, Genevieve thought glassily), but somehow different. Her ecstatic cries of sexual climax were certainly no quieter, however.

Genevieve wasn’t given long to contemplate this new experience, though – after all, her asshole was now open for business. Grabbed and repositioned again, this time she found herself standing upright, with one foot stretched high up to the side and resting against a nearby tree. Yet another new boy swiftly inserted himself in her pussy, but Genevieve barely had time to gasp before she had to yelp out loud at the still-more startling sensation of another boy slipping up her asshole (evidently having brought or acquired his own lube rather than using Genevieve’s natural supply like the last boy) at the same time. From very first anal to first double penetration in under thirty seconds – that had to be a record. Genevieve was now getting fucked in her front and back door at once, the twin pressures driving her to even greater heights than before. She soon proved she was a closet (or undiscovered) DP enthusiast, as she spasmed into two howling orgasms before the boys finished (bringing her total to date to seven), her internal pulsing driving the boys onward as well. In a feat of coordination, both finished at almost exactly the same time, dropping her to her knees to take two more facials from them, leaving her pretty young face so covered in strands and spatters of cum that she was starting to look almost as if she’d been given a (highly unorthodox) spa facial instead.

One more sexual escalation awaited Genevieve, however, as now she found herself dropped cowgirl-style onto the cock of a boy already reclining on the ground. From there, she was bent forward on her folded knees to expose her freshly twice-fucked asshole, which was promptly entered again. What took things to the next level, however, was when a third boy appeared to stick a cock in Genevieve’s mouth once more. Now plugged completely airtight with cocks in every available hole, Genevieve had the groundbreaking experience of making a full transition from walking along modestly dressed to being totally naked, covered in different men’s cum, and fucking three boys at once in public. Naturally, this drove her to her most powerful orgasm yet. No matter that her mouth was plugged by a face-fucking cock – Genevieve couldn’t have mustered the power of speech just then anyway. Genevieve did maintain some restraint, however – she only came twice more before the boys all finished, this time pumping their cum inside her by some apparent unspoken agreement. Genevieve instinctively swallowed the load pumped into her mouth, though as she sat up (the cock of the boy on the ground still inside her) some still dribbled down her chin onto her tits, painting them with cum still further.

Totally exhausted by sexual climaxes, Genevieve now gently toppled over onto the ground. “All right – even with all the violations, I think she’s had enough. Call off your dogs, boys,” the Inspector said gruffly, preventing the boys from trying to come up with something even further to do to Genevieve’s fresh young body. No more cocks? Genevieve remembered dimly that this was something she was supposed to be glad about, but couldn’t remember why just then. A number of the boys who’d been fucking their own partners within the crowd, still feeling the spirit of the event, came over to finish on the supine Genevieve, coating her with the cum of even more men all up and down her body.

The Inspector leaned over Genevieve’s naked, cum-painted form. “Hey – girl. Can you hear me? Owing to the violations found, your clothes will be confiscated as evidence until your Hearing as per standard protocol. Also by protocol, you will be expected not to replace them with new clothes until the time of said hearing. Don’t worry – this should be within no more than a week or two.”

The Inspector now turned and walked off, leaving Genevieve where she lay. Slowly, she tabulated the course of events in her head. So – stripped naked before a gawking crowd. Fucked by more men – total strangers, at that – in more ways than in her whole life previously. Also in public. Driven to multiple screaming orgasms – God, could it really be as many as ten? She didn’t even know she was capable of that many – again in public, again with a huge crowd gathered around, gawking and taking pictures and videos of her total sexual humiliation. Currently lying completely naked, covered virtually head to toe in the cum of what had to be more than a dozen men – she’d lost count – and with still more cum leaking from both her asshole and pussy. Apparently forbidden from wearing clothing again for as long as weeks – somehow she felt absolutely sure this would be enforced and applied even in public, dooming her to a whole extended stretch of total public nudity.

What a first day.

The Naturist Naturalist – Penny

“Penny! Welcome back, girl! Looking good!”

Penny turned around still dripping wet from her shower, “Thanks Abby. Good to see you, too. How was your summer?”

Abby said, “Hey, come on down to my room. We’re having a sort of a reunion.”

Penny said, “Well, okay, sure. I’ll be down in when I have a chance.”

Abby grabbed Penny by the arm, “No way girl. You’re coming now. You have some explaining to do. Like where did you get that tan?”

Penny said, “Oh that? I spent the summer…”

Abby said, “Wait until everyone can hear it.”

Penny walked into Abby’s room, well sort of pushed into her room. A chorus rang out, “Penny!”

Penny said, “Hi, everyone.”

Abby said, “Penny was just about to tell me about her summer and how she got that incredible tan.”

A dark haired girl in the corner said, “Little Miss Penny wearing an all-over tan? I never would have believed unless I saw it with my own two eyes.”

Penny said, “Get used to it.” As she sat down on the pillows scattered on the floor with all the girls returning to the dorm from the previous year, Penny said, “Where to start?”

She thought a moment and said, “Well, as some of you knew, last semester ended with me trying to land a research job with Professor Atkins.” A few girls sighed. He is a good looking man, and last year when Penny wanted the job, it wasn’t just his looks, but his knowledge and his own grants that she found appealing. “But as you know, he picked some guy from a Chilean college to help him research over the summer. I was bummed, and figured I’d be serving burgers for tips again.”

The girls interrupted with their own horror stories of minimum wage jobs. Abby said, “Hush! I want to hear Penny’s story. Has to be more than that.”

Penny said, “There is! My mom decided to make some inquiries. I told her I wanted a job in my field – naturalism. She said, ‘Leave it to her.’ She is the queen of connections, and her fourth husband proves it. She found me a job out in Arizona as a naturalist for some camp. She was planning on spending the summer in Europe with Mr. Right #4.” Penny looked disgusted, “The guy is a creep. At the wedding, I swear he was hitting on me!”

Abby said, “Back the story. Arizona?”

“Oh, Arizona. So I drive my clunker out there, and it barely makes it. I had to pour water in the radiator every hour for last two hundred miles. I arrived at the camp. Get this. Sunny Ridge Naturist Resort and Campgrounds.”

Half the girls started laughing. The other half looked puzzled. Abby, puzzled, asked, “What’s so funny? You wanted a nature job right?”

Penny said, “You sound like my mother. I’m studying to be a naturalist – someone who studies plants and animals in the environment. A naturist is someone who prefers to be naked.”

Abby said, “Oh, like Lynn and Heather. I didn’t know they were taking biology classes with you.”

Penny laughed. “No, they are not. They spend most of their time naked, but they are not naturalists. They are naturists.” She waited to see if it registered. It didn’t.

“Sunny Ridge Naturist Resort and campgrounds is a nudist resort. And they enforce the rules strictly. Once I arrived, I realized the stupid mistake my mother made. I explained the situation to the resort owner, but she didn’t see a problem. She still needed someone to lead nature hikes and help document all the wildlife on the resort for advertisements. I didn’t want to spend my summer nude. I asked to stay the night, then I would leave. She welcomed me to stay, but insisted I follow the resort rules – ‘No clothing, no exceptions.’”

Abby said, “At least you had some training here for that.”

Penny said, “Exactly what I thought. I went ahead and stripped down for the night. Get some sleep and turn around and leave in the morning. The owner showed me to a tent I could use for the night. It was late, so I went to bed straight away. I also figured on waking early and leaving. But the next morning, I must have slept in a bit. I woke with lots of daylight, and plenty of people, naked people, milling about the grounds. I walked back the to the office where my car was parked, and thought I’d make a quick exit. No good.”

Abby said, “What happened?”

Penny said, “Pass me a bottle of water and I’ll tell you.” The water bottle was passed to her. She sipped it, and continued the story, “My car was dead. This naked guy came over and looked it over. He thought everything looked fine, until he looked under the engine. My engine block was cracked. All the oil drained from it. He told me, ‘No repair for it. You need a new engine, and from the looks of the rest of it, you probably should just get a new car.”

All I had was a hundred bucks and a gas credit card. No way could I afford to fix or buy another car. The resort owner sat down next to me on the office steps, ‘Job is still yours if you want it. I checked your references, and that Professor Atkins gave you a glowing recommendation.’

I looked at her, ‘You talked to Professor Atkins?’

She said, ‘Of course. I wanted someone qualified, and he said you were well qualified. Well, no, he said ‘uniquely qualified’ for this job.’

I might not have got the job working on his research team, but at least he made a good recommendation for me. I decided since he made the recommendation, I’d accept.”

Abby said, “Based on Atkins recommending you, you decide to spend your summer naked?”

Penny said, “Yeah, something like that.”

“Anyhow, I soon learned what I had to do. Sunrise hikes were a big thing at the resort. A group would hike in the pre-dawn to the top of the ridge to witness sunrise. It was a beautiful sight, and all summer, I enjoyed seeing it.

A few times during the week, I would take groups on nature hikes, and that worked well with my other job of documenting all the flora and fauna at the resort. On the inbetween days, I’d explore a new route and take notes of what I saw, giving me a chance to look up what I did not recognize, and then I could lead a group on the same path. I found many of the naturists were accomplished naturalists, too. Some were birders and could identify a bird just by a call or call back to them. Others seemed to be experts on desert flowers or cacti. Whatever it was, I was learning from them as well as from the fieldbooks.

Then it happened. I spotted a yellow throated marsh thrasher. Not a common bird at all. But when we saw it enter a barrel cactus hole, I was confused. They typically nest in trees. So, I made a point to visit it regular hoping to see its mate, or especially its fledglings.

Can you imagine my surprise to see a black banded sparrow leaving the same nest hole?”

Abby rolled her eyes, “No, I can’t imagine that at all!”

Penny said, “It is quite uncommon for two different mating pairs to share a nest. So I studied the nest for days. Soon I came to the conclusion, it was not two different mating pairs, but an inter-species mating of the thrasher and sparrow. WOW!”

Abby voiced in monotone, “Wow, indeed.”

Penny said, “Okay, not something you might find special, but I did. I had to document this, so I started spending all my free time at the nest. I had my camera pointing at the nest waiting for them to return to feed the young, but I always seemed to just miss the sparrow.

Then one day as I sat and waited, the sparrow landed on my camera! A pretty little song drew her mate out and sitting on my camera were the two birds singing. Oh! I wish I had a second camera. But I just sat there not wanting to frighten them off.

Every time I arranged a group to go, no birds. Solo, I had better luck, but if I ever reached for the camera, they flew off.

So, I convinced this one guy to come with me to the nest in the early hours and skip the sunrise on the ridge. He sort of hid as we waited for the birds to come out. They did come too, and to my surprise, the sparrow landed on my forearm. I froze. I heard the camera snapping pictures. When the thrasher joined his mate on me, I was excited. The photographer kept snapping, and inching closer, but he scared them off. I was thrilled! Okay, I still needed the photos of both birds using the same nest, but WOW!

I didn’t have a computer, but the photographer downloaded the images onto the resort owner’s computer, and I managed to find a couple of photos I could email to Professor Atkins – tightly cropped to keep my naked body out of the photo. I typed up the story and all my notes. I was so excited. I told the owner, ‘I’ve just drafted the email. I need to get one more photo before sending it.’

She misunderstood me. She sent the email with one more photo… Me sitting naked with two birds on my arm. I managed the next day to get each bird sitting in the same hole. I ran back to the office and showed the owner. I wanted to download and send the photos right away.

The owner said, ‘Why? He already replied saying he was coming out to see for himself.’ She looked so happy. ‘Imagine if we get some big naturalist paper written on our resort. We’ll be the envy of the naturist community. We’ll be booked every nesting season!’

I said, “Whoa! Back up! Professor Atkins is coming here? When? How did he know?”

She said, ‘Should be here tomorrow. He called after I invited him. Pleasant man. So smart, too. Dear, he knew when I sent your email out like you asked.’

“No! I wanted to wait until I had these images to send.”

She said, “Oh, dear. But he is coming anyhow.”

I pointed to her sign, “No clothing, no exceptions.”

She said, “Oh, I’ll make an exception for the professor.”

I said, “What about me when he comes?”

She asked, “What about you?”

I asked, “Can I wear my clothes when he is here?”

She laughed as if it was the funniest thing she heard. “Oh no, dear, in fact, when we spoke, he asked that very same question.”

I was shocked, “What?”

She said, “I think he took a fancy to the other photo I sent.”

I steeled myself, “What other photo did you send?”

She said, “Well, you picked out a couple of nice photos of the little birds, so I picked out a nice one of you.”

“You sent my professor a photo of me naked?”

She said, “Well, that’s what I thought you asked me to do. Anyhow, he is coming.”

And he did come. When I saw the rental car in front of the office, I knew he arrived. There was no slow way of doing this. I walked into the office and said, “Good morning Professor Atkins.”

The professor said, “It’s a wonderful morning, Penny. And it is quite a pleasure to see you.” He couldn’t resist saying it, “All of you.”

I explained the situation at the nest. We lugged his expensive video gear down there and waited. I explained it might be better if he hid back, as the birds seemed to know me. He laughed, but did retreat. I could hear his camera zooming in and out when the sparrow made her appearance. She was all over the place before resting on my arm. Soon enough the thrasher joined her. I sat motionless listening to their song. Then the female flew to the nest, and the thrasher followed her. To my amazement, a fledgling poked his head out of the hole. But retreated. All day, the babies poked out but none crossed through the opening.

I noticed the sun going down and realized we spent the entire day at the nest, and all we had was water. I suggested since we were losing light, and it was backlighting the nest, we might as well call it a day and get something to eat at camp.

Of course, the one person still dressed made for lots of questions, but once everyone learned of an important discovery of inter-species mating, they were thrilled. In fact, once it got dark, many stayed to preview the footage he took throughout the day.

The first twenty minutes or so was my naked body being recorded. Professor Atkins used that time to explain the events we’d be seeing. I stared at how much the camera was seeing of me, and to think the professor was the one zooming in on my private parts waiting for the birds to arrive.

When the sparrow landed on my arm, a cheer went up. I couldn’t focus on the birds. There was my smiling face and naked breasts on the screen. The thrasher’s arrival brought more cheers, and I could not believe it as he zoomed out. Now, my pussy could be seen. Of course, I was motionless, and that meant my pussy was visible the entire song.

The only footage not showing me naked was on the nest itself. But the professor was pleased, and since he had to return to his other research, he left me the expensive equipment promising to return as soon as he could. While I did manage to capture some great footage, there was no way to transmit it to him over the lousy internet connect we had in the desert. He eventually returned driving back with more gear.

He spent a week in camp, and well, shared my tent. At first it seemed like it would would awkward, but he made no big deal of the fact I was naked and he seldom was. When it was time to shower, he would strip down and walk to the showers with just his towel wrapped around himself. Of course, since I was showering too, I got to see him naked, and he made no attempt to cover himself. I guess either the nudist camp lifestyle or the camping itself made him more relaxed about his own nudity.

One evening I returned to the tent to find him reviewing the day’s video, and on the screen wasn’t any bird, but just me applying sun screen to my naked tanned body. He zoomed in to record I didn’t miss any spots. He was more embarrassed than I was when he realized I saw him watching me.

His week ended with my summer ending. I had a tearful goodbye with the resort owners and some residents I grew to knew over the past several weeks. The professor had packed my luggage and stuff from my wreck into his car. I think he purposely packed my stuff first so it would be a major hassle to dig it out. I laughed when he suggested I just ride home naked.

Abby said, “You spent a week naked with your professor and now spent the drive home nude, too?”

Penny said, “And the professor took the long route home. We stopped at several of his naturalist friends homes along the way. Of course, showing up naked in their driveways meant explaining the naturalist and naturist thing. They all thought it was funny, but each seemed to readily accept my nudity once we showed them the video of the birds.

I spent all summer naked at the camp, but somehow I felt more naked on the drive home.”

Abby said, “I bet you did. I’d be totally freaking out having to be the only one nude.”

Penny said, “That’s just it. I wasn’t freaking out. I was enjoying it! Going from their look of shock to acceptance was a thrill. What I loved even more was when a couple of his friends assumed we were sleeping together and prepared a single bed in their guest for the both of us. He was going to sleep on the couch, but I told him, ‘You’ll have a long drive in the morning, and we are both adults. No big deal.’ Well, it was a big deal when he stripped down to slide under the covers. I don’t think he thought about it. At camp he was sleeping in his underwear, but on the road home, naked as me.

So we finally arrived on campus yesterday.”

Abby interrupted, “Yesterday? Why is this the first I’ve seen you?”

Penny said, “Because, yesterday, we unpacked all the equipment, and by the time we finished, it was late. So I slept at the professor’s house.”

Abby sat up, “With the professor?”

Penny said, “No, he had guest room for me. But we had left all my things in his car, so I was naked the entire time I was in his house. The next morning, I woke to birds singing in his garden, and joined him outside for coffee. He then took me on a stroll through the woods to observe the local birds. His place is connected to the nature preserve, and well, we spent several hours hiking. It was amazing, as several little birds came to rest on my hands and shoulders when we would stop to observe them. When we returned, we showered, and he drove me over here.”

Penny said, “I had to laugh as he tossed my luggage on my bed. Neither suit case had been opened for three months! When I mentioned that to him, he said, ‘Maybe I should just take them back to the car.’”

Abby said, “Tell me you didn’t agree.”

Penny laughed, “No, it was a joke. But he did suggest on our next nature hike I had a way with the birds when nude. He wants me to come along on his camping weekend trips with his research assistants. I explained I didn’t have camping gear, and he told me I didn’t need any. I’d be sharing his tent and sleeping bag, and besides, a naked camper does not need to bring very much else along.”

Abby asked, “You are going to go on naked camping trips?”

Penny sighed, “Each weekend. And the professor wants me to help present the research on the inter-mating birds to the conference this fall. All of his friends are expecting me to attend naked, too. I’m already being referred to as the naturist naturalist.”

Abby laughed, “Well, little Miss Nudie might as well stay naked. You sure do look good without clothes. so when are we going to see these videos?”

Penny said, “Once we edit them, we’ll present them. And before you ask, the professor already told me to get used to the idea of presenting naked.”

Being Bottomless – Gina

Gina was like every other freshmen running naked back to the dorm following freshmen orientation. How a college thought it could get away with stripping the girls was a hot topic all night and into the wee hours of the morning.

Gina left the discussion when she realized two things: the girls were arguing about being stripped, yet they were all still naked in the dorm’s co-ed cafeteria, and the subject of having to shave their pubic hair to wear a skirt was a little too much for Gina.

Gina loved her little patch of womanhood. In fact, all during the debates, she caught herself running her fingers through the patch of hair. She decided, ‘I am not going to shave bare. No way. No how.’

Her roommate the next morning said, “Gina, didn’t you forget to do something in the shower?” as she rubbed some baby oil on her freshly bare pussy.

Gina said, “Nope. Allison, I refuse to shave myself completely bare. Pubic hair is a sign of womanhood, and I will keep mine.”

Allison said, “But the dress code? If they catch you, you know what the Dean said can happen. Do you really think you can keep it hid forever? Other girls in the dorm will know, and your secret is sure to escape. I heard one junior telling another freshman that some inspectors will let you off easy if you can give them the names of offenders, and the main one is pubic hair.”

Gina said, “It won’t be a secret. Everyone will know.” She slipped on a cropped tank top, and grabbed her bookbag. “Ready for first day of classes?”

Allison said, “No way! You are going bottomless?”

Gina said, “Not according to the Dress Code. My pubic hair is my bottom. It’s their rules. I’m just following them.”

Allison said, “I don’t think an individual protest will make them change their mind.”

Gina said, “Well, grow your bush back and join me.”

Allison’s knees involuntarily snapped shut. “I couldn’t.”

Gina said, “Suit yourself.” She turned and walked out of the room.

Allison threw on her sundress, not too long, but not too short, and hurried after Gina. Running, Allison barely noticed the sundress hem bouncing up and down giving the nearby inspector an excellent view to not stop her.

Allison caught Gina on the Common Grounds. As Allison pulled Gina to a stop, two upperclass girls walked by wearing sheer lingerie outfits and laughing to each other.

Allison said, “I never could do that, or what you are doing, but Gina, you have to be reasonable. Look around. You are bottomless regardless of what the booklet says.”

Gina started pointing out various girls walking around campus. Some had skirts so short, everyone could see they shaved. Others wore mesh or otherwise see-thru outfits and walked past the inspectors.

Then Gina and Allison caught the eye of an inspector. He stopped them. He took a glance at Gina and smiled. “No violations here, although I’d love to see what is holding those diamond cutting nipples of yours.”

Gina said, “Is that an official inspector order, or a fantasy?” She flicked her right nipple, “And my nipples are not hard, they are just always extended. I thought an inspector would be able to tell the difference.”

He said, “First day on the job, and loving it. But I’m almost out of inspection slips. So, we’ll call it a polite suggestion.”

Gina said, “Maybe some other day. You’ve seen enough other girls tits for one day if you used up all your slips.”

He said, “Very well, but your friend here. I suspect you both did not get the word about grooming below. You are fine, but her dress is probably hiding a pretty little bush.”

Allison said, “No, it isn’t. I shaved this morning.”

He said, “I’ll have to see for myself, and we’ve seen some girls wearing tops with built-in bras, so I’ll need you to remove your dress completely.”

Allison said, “What?”

A small group formed around them. The inspector said, “You can remove your dress for the inspection, or I can ask for help in stripping it for you.”

Gina said, “Allison, just think of last night at the orientation. Do it quick, and get it over with. He’ll have to give your dress back once you prove it.”

Allison’s hands shook, but she pulled the dress over her head to reveal her tight body and freshly shaven pussy. The inspector smiled and touched her pussy. “Smooth. Well done. No bumps either?”

Allison said, “Can I have my dress back now? We’ll be late to class.”

The inspector handed Allison her dress, “Shame to cover that body.” He wrote something on the slip of paper and handed it to Allison. “Email me. I love to take you out sometime.”

Gina saw a few people breaking an opening in the circle around them. She grabbed Allison’s hand and pulled her out and towards class. Allison had to use all her strength to stop Gina. Allison slipped back on her dress. “You might want to run around half naked, but I’m not going to run around naked.”

Gina said, “You didn’t even notice, did you? Look at your nipples. My are naturally poking out. yours popped when everyone was looking at you. Then after the inspector felt you up, look at what happened. Those dumb guys would have seen or smelled your scent in the air. I did.”

Allison turned red. “Oh my! Thanks for saving me. How can I thank you enough? On my first day, too. This is going to be a long semester.”

Gina said, “You can thank me by not giving me a hard time about not shaving. Okay?”

Allison hugged her roommate, “Okay.”

In class, Gina did not feel bottomless at all. Several girls were naked. Clearly, they had been inspected and found in violation. The professor ignored lack of fashions on several girls and began his lecture.

After class a few girl gathered around Gina and asked, “How did you not lose your top during your inspection? They took everything of mine when they saw my pubes.”

Gina explained, “I wasn’t inspected. I left the dorm like this. According to their rules, I’m decently covered below. If they want to pretend that, then so can I.”

On Bush Day, Gina’s protest won her acclaim as the bushiest freshmen in the dorm. She would have lots to go to challenge Robyn’s bird nest of bush. Her pubic hair had never seen a razor. She had more pubic hair covering her bottom half than most girls wearing panties.

Gina told Allison, “There is taking a thing too far, too.”

It was Allison’s relationship to Gina that spared her a stripping for not even trying to grow a bush. Again, Allison was thankful to her roommate.

Gina started liking being bottomless. She would groom at times to a little strip with hairs on her lower lips. Minimal covering, but still reminding everyone she was a woman.

Then one day the unexpected, her mother was in the dorm room waiting on Gina to return. A cousin had died, and Gina’s mother came to tell her rather than phone. However, that story took an hour to come out as Gina’s mother threw a fit about Gina parading around campus bottomless. There was no sense in arguing the Dress Code’s definition. Gina knew she was bottomless even if the code allowed her to pretend otherwise.

In a fit of rage, Gina’s mother took all of Gina’s skirts, dresses, and pants, shorts, and panties. “If you are not going to wear them, we might as well donate them to someone who will!”

Four months ago, Gina would have been in tears to lose all her clothes, well, the bottoms at least. Today, she was a stronger woman. She helped her mother carry the outfits to a donation box. Her mother stormed away, then stopped. She turned around and came back to Gina. She kissed her, “Be good. I love you.” Gina hugged her mother.

Nothing was said of the bottomless daughter at college. Gina got the full surprised expressions when coming home for break. Her dad laughed his ass off hearing Gina explain the Dress Code and its effects. Gina’s little sister just kept staring at her older sister’s pubic hair. She wondered when she would start growing some herself. Gina’s brothers thought it a riot, and they pleaded with their mother to allow them to have friends over in the evening.

Gina’s mother decided a half naked daughter at school should remain half naked at home. Besides, Gina found out her closet and dressing drawers were cleaned out of anything that might cover her belly or on down.

Before Gina knew it. Relatives were stopping by, and word spread fast. Cousins were coming over in numbers never seen before. Aunts and uncles, and even word around the neighborhood brought friends by to see the returning college girl.

The day Gina dreaded was the day they went to visit her grand parents. Surprisingly, Grandma and Grandpa thought it wonderful. Grandma said, “I’ll be a great-grandmother in no time!”

Gina laughed, and said, “Can I finish college first?”

Grandpa said, “Depends on whether you can outrun those boys with their pants down.”

Gina was relieved her grandparents were so accepting. It was no wonder she loved them so much, and why she feared letting them down with her embarrassing bottomless situation.

On the drive back to college, Gina’s mother said, “Well, it seems everyone thinks your little bottomless protest is wonderful. I can’t stop you, but you do have to be careful.” They talked about everything happening on campus. Gina’s mother grew more concern, but when she realized Gina was handling it all without problems, and without ever being punished, Gina’s mother started to accept the idea. At the college, Gina’s mother hug her and told her, “I’m so proud of you. Be good. I love you.” Gina squeezed tighter until her mother playfully slapped Gina’s bare butt.

Gina’s next semester was now with the blessing of her mother and family. Every trip home become a family reunion. Grandma checking to find out if Gina had met a nice boy or not.

When summer break finally arrived, Aunt Sally called Gina, “We sure could use some help up here at the lake. Without Kirby, we’ll we are having a difficult time of it.”

Gina said, “Oh, I’d love to work at the lake, but well, mom still hasn’t given me anything to wear on my bottom.”

Aunt Sally said, “No matter, you come up here, and I’ll set my big sister straight.”

Gina talked it over with her parents. They agreed, but Gina’s mother said, “You started this bottomless protest. I expect you to see it through.” She ignored the fact they were out of school for three months. There was no one to protest.

Aunt Sally and Uncle Roger greeted Gina and her mother warmly that night. Ate dinner and had drinks on the porch watching the sunset and talking. Talking about Gina. Gina fell asleep having heard her mother carrying on all day on the drive.

When Gina woke, she was naked in bed. The sun wasn’t even up, but she heard voices below the loft. Gina’s mother called, “Gina, get down here. I’m leaving in a few minutes, and your Aunt Sally will need help opening the shop.”

Gina said, “Where’s my top?”

“Just come down here and give me a hug.”

Gina shrugged, and climbed down the ladder to the loft. She hugged her mother, and promised to be good. They hugged each saying together, “I love you.”

Gina walked her mother to the car, even though she was naked, it was still dark, and no neighbors could see through the trees. Another mother’s hug with a “Be good, I love you.”

Gina walked back inside the cabin. She heard the shower turn off. Gina asked Aunt Sally, “Where did mom put my top and things?”

Aunt Sally pointed to a small toiletry bag on the counter. “As far as your top and other clothes, we’ll those are moving 60 miles per hour away from you at the moment.”

“What?” Gina said.

Aunt Sally said, “It was the deal I made with you mother. She thought you were far too used to going bottomless.”

“So what, now, I’m going to spend the summer naked at the lake?” Gina asked.

“Is that so bad?” Aunt Sally asked.

Gina remembered all the girls who were stripped at school at one time or another. She always told them to tough it out. Accept the unfair conditions. Protest it. But abide by the rules. Her words came back to haunt her.

Uncle Roger appeared buttoning his shirt. He slapped Gina’s bare butt. “You’ve gained some weight over the last ten years or so. I had trouble carrying you up that ladder.” He reached over and grabbed his cup of coffee, “But my record is intact. Never dropped a naked girl in my life!”

Aunt Sally said, “Hush!” She turned to Gina, “Breakfast, then shower, then work. Roger will open, and we need to get over there soon.” She smiled, “At least we won’t have to wait around for you to pick out an outfit to wear.”

All summer, all naked, Gina measured out cups of worms for the fishermen, filling their thermos full of coffee, slapping their wandering hands, and surprisingly having a great time.

Aunt Sally teased one young man, “Either you have a hole in the bottom of your thermos or you like how the coffee is perked here.” There was no mistake, he had eyes for Gina, even more than the lust in many others stopping to see the local attraction.

It took half the summer before Aunt Sally allowed Gina to go on a date with the young man, and that date was spent on the dock just talking and watching the moon glow on the lake. That was the first of several evening they spent together.

Family visited now and then – often for a long weekend, but her mother stayed a week.

Summer ended early for Gina, as college started. The big family reunion at the end of summer had everyone admiring Gina’s full tan. Grandma still wished for a great-grandchild. Gina thought back to one moonlit night on the dock. Had the timing in the month been different, Grandma might have got her wish.

Gina didn’t even think to ask whether she could take some shirts and tops to college. She ignored them in her closet when she packed. Her mother did not say a word when the naked Gina appeared at the foot of the stairs holding a bookbag and her laptop backpack.

When Gina stepped out of the car at college, she heard, “That girl is naked over there!”

Before Gina could say a word, her mother yelled back, “That’s my daughter you are talking about. Please mind your manners.” She hugged Gina, and added, “Be good, I love you.”

Gina greeted Allison inside their new dorm room, “Hiya roomie!”

Allison looked at the golden tan all over Gina, and said, “Carrying your protest a bit further this year?”

Gina hugged Allison and said, “Mom’s idea, actually.”

Allison giggled, “I went a week bottomless this summer just to see if I could. Mom had a fit at first, but she got over it. And look!” Allison raised the hem of her pretty dress, “I grew my bush back. Shame, I’ll have to shave it off for tomorrow.”

Gina smiled, “Why? Didn’t I teach you a thing last year? What about your week at home?”

Allison said, “It wasn’t so much a week, but six days.”

Gina said, “That’s just one day after another. Keep adding days, and before you know, the semester will be over. Besides, we are sophomores now. We have to show those incoming freshmen how a college girl handles herself.”

Never Argue with mother

Never argue with mother, and never, ever, call her old fashioned. I learned this the hard way. After a year at college, I thought I knew more than she did. I even told her so. that did it. She taught me the meaning of respect.

You see, for the first few weeks of summer vacation, I had been waiting for Mom to head to work, for me to head to the back yard to work on my tan. Last year, I showed up on campus with a nice dark tan and bright little tan lines. I do mean little, too. Last summer I wore this daring little micro mini bikini just to get the small tanlines. I wanted the other girls to see I was no prude. They needn’t know I only dared to wear that bikini in the privacy of my backyard.

Well, it worked, but not the way I intended. The girls rationalized if I was willing to wear such tiny bikinis, what difference did it really matter if I went without? A square inch or two of material for covering? I was practically naked, so when I had to get naked on campus, they just reminded me I was practically naked all summer. All I was showing anew were my nipples since, the tiny strip of bikini left much of my breast exposed. And as far as my bottoms went, the tiny tanline strip over my pussy was barely visible. I got no sympathy from the girls at the dorm whether I was stripped during an inspection, and stripped I was, a lot.

Forced to wear sheer tops to minimize the inspections like other girls, I got more inspections because at a glance, the tanline appeared to be a top under the blouse. Any short dress gave glimpses under the hem of a flash of tanline that the inspectors thought I was trying to wear a g-string under my dress. I was being stripped search all the time. And with such a dark tan, it took much of the school year for that tan to fade.

So my solution this summer? No tanlines. I started laying out back naked to make sure my tan was all over. I even placed a pillow under my hips to ensure no cheek smile tanlines with my legs apart towards the sun for a complete tan between my legs. I took the same precautions to get a full tan under my boobs without any hidden tanline.

All was going good, or so I thought.

Then one day, Mom returned home midday and caught me laying naked outside. She was not happy about my decision to be naked outside. I said those words I regretted. She simply locked the doors to the house and left me outside naked as she returned to work.

Now, being naked outside was not a big deal to me, but I had been careful to avoid letting the neighbors spot me, and I even had a few close calls with the meter readers. Now, I was locked outside for anyone coming through the backyards. Somehow I managed to go undetected that day even though the one neighbor did mow his lawn.

When Mom got home, she left me outside until dinner was ready, then she served the meal on the back patio. I was not allowed inside until it was dark. I was stupid, too. I did not apologize. I made her believe this “punishment” was no big deal. I fell for her trap, and she locked me outside naked once again. This time, the mailman delivered a package, and came around back to leave it. He found me there. I shrugged. He smiled.

It seemed day after day of being locked out of the house meant more and more people seeing me naked. One day, I had to go the bathroom, and I was forced to walk next door to ask the neighbor. He was all questions about me not just being naked, but being so tanned with tanlines. I spent much of the afternoon at his place telling him the story.

He thought it unwise for a young girl to be locked out of her house all day, so he offered his place to me for as long as my mother was punishing me. I should not have accepted his generous offer so quickly. I came over the next day since it looked like storm clouds only to find him and two of his retiree buddies playing cards. I was the fourth for Bridge. They all wanted to see that I had a full and complete tan, too.

When this neighbor had to leave town for a few days, he asked the other neighbor to check in on me, and soon, that other neighbor and his golfing buddies all spent a considerable amount of time with me. I’m not even sure how they convinced me to go to their golf club to “caddy” for them, driving the cart all around the course without so much as shoes or a visor cap. Now, their golf club had seen me naked, and I was invited to come back as many other club members would enjoy a naked caddy for their golf games, too.

I just never told Mom what I was doing during the day. She assumed I was hiding in the backyard. So when she was starting to think I had learned my lesson, I was really having fun and making some spending money.

Mom eventually found out because some idiot at her work place was bragging about having a naked caddy at the club, and Mom put it together to surprise me at this exclusive club. She made sure I was working there full time, too. She dropped me off there each morning, and picked me up after her work. Not to be satisfied with that, she drove me to the strip club where I danced all night. She figured if I was going to be naked for the world to see, I should be seen plus I should make some serious money for tuition.

The only thing saving me was that my friends were not old enough for the strip joints and not members at the country club. Mom finally figured out having my friends know of my naked summer would be embarrassing, and she made sure they all got their time to see me naked on my days off from dancing and caddy work.

So, here is the middle of summer, and I realized in my quest to minimize my nudity on campus, I just maximized my nudity at home. I knew by the time I went back to college, public nudity would never bother me again. And it would have to be that way, too. The one time I peeked into my closet just to see and touch my clothes, I discovered Mom had removed all my clothing and donated them to the Goodwill. She replaced my entire wardrobe with a few very sheer nighties. She told me that was all I would need at school.

Never argue with mother.

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Pretty Girl of the Day, April 30, 2013

I was really upset on my first day at the College when my dorm preceptor told me I couldn’t wear underwear under my dress.  I asked her how she even knew I was wearing underwear.  She laughed and said she had been walking up the stairs behind me.

This really shocked me!  All these years, I had been walking up the stairs with little regard for whoever might have been following me, and they could see up my dress?!  I asked her why the College doesn’t allow girls to wear underwear, and she explained it was so girls would wear longer dresses.

But I don’t have any longer dresses than this one, I told her.  She laughed, and I noticed she was wearing an even shorter dress than mine.  It’s okay, honey, she said, patting my butt.  Now, when people look up your dress, all they’ll see is you.

Honestly, that didn’t make me feel any better.

But I did start looking around at the other girls, and their really pretty little dresses.  The other freshmen were all wearing pretty decent dresses, but the upper class girls like my preceptor were wearing really short dresses.  One day I asked her why girls wear such short dresses.  She answered my question with a question.

Have you ever been inspected?

Of course, I told her.  It was no big deal.  I just took off my dress, and showed the Inspector that I wasn’t wearing any underwear, and he was satisfied.

That’s all?  She seemed surprised.

Sure, I told her.  I was a little embarrassed afterwards, because I feel more comfortable wearing a dress to class, but my teacher and classmates were very understanding.

Wait, she said.  What?

They were understanding.  My pussy was a bit sore, too, but often one of my classmates would rub it for me, and that made it feel better.

Wait, wait, hold on now!  Why was your pussy sore?

It’s a little embarrassing, to tell you the truth.  When I was inspected, the nice man told me I didn’t have to take off my dress, so I was happy to just raise my arms and let him feel between my legs.  A lot of people gathered to watch, and some of them helped the Inspector check to make sure I was being a good girl.  To be honest, it was a little exciting to have all those people checking so closely.  When it was all over, the inspector thanked me for being so cooperative, and said he would just hang onto my dress.  That’s normal, he said.

And your pussy?  Why was it sore?

Oh, just from the inspection, that’s all.  And from getting fucked afterwards.  I laughed when I told her this because I was a little embarrassed.  It seems I got a little excited, and that’s against the rules.  No big deal.

How many people fucked you?

Just one.  I lied — I didn’t want my preceptor to think I was a slut or anything.  He was a nice boy, I told her.

Well that’s exactly why so many girls wear short dresses, or just tops and no dress at all, she explained.  You see, it’s common to lose your dress or even to be raped as you were, each time you’re inspected.  Admit it, you were a little annoyed at having to show up with a sore pussy and no clothes to your class, weren’t you?

Sure, I laughed.  I was a little annoyed by that.  But also I was happy so many people wanted to make me feel better.  One boy in the class was also naked, and I wanted to sit next to him, because I felt a kind of kindred spirit with him — two naked people in a classroom full of boys and girls, you know.  But there wasn’t any seat next to him.  He was so sweet, though.  He let me sit on his lap.  I told him I didn’t want to hurt him, especially because he had an erection at the time.  I covered my face when I told my preceptor this part of the story, because I was so embarrassed by what a good solution the boy had to this supposed “problem” — he just inserted his penis into my vagina, and the whole problem was solved!

Did you like that?

Sure, for a while.  He was very sweet, massaging me all over, especially my breasts, and all over my pussy.  Then he hugged me really tight and pushed his penis into me as far as it would go.  That was really exciting.  It felt good to tighten my vagina around it, and use it to push back.

Did you cum?

I could feel myself blushing.  I covered my face.  A few times, I told her.

Well, it sounds like you had a pretty nice experience being inspected, even though you were forced to go stark naked and you were raped twice.

I would call it r–

She interrupted me.  But next time it might not go so well for you, and a lot of girls would prefer not to be inspected.

I can understand that, I said.  So then, how can I avoid being inspected?

If you wear shorter dresses, then you’re much less likely to be inspected.

With no underwear?

She laughed.  Of course, silly!  The whole idea is for the inspectors to see you’re following the dress code.

I laughed for having been so naive.  Finally I understood why so many girls wore such short dresses.  I thought back to the long dress I had been wearing with my preceptor following me up the stairs.  She could see up my dress.   So why not wear a short dress?  People could see up a short or long dress, and a short dress is better because I won’t be inspected as often, and so I’ll be less likely to have to go naked.

But being forced to attend class in the nude wasn’t all bad, I said.

She countered by asking me if I wouldn’t be happier to wear a dress?  I could still sit on a boy’s lap, she reminded me.  Here, let me fix your dress.  With a pair of scissors, she neatly snipped a good four or five inches off the bottom.  I gave her a big kiss in thanks.

Now, I’m much happier.  Sure, to the boy following me up the stairs, I know you can see up my dress.  But you could see up a longer dress, too.  You’ve been looking up girls’ dresses since the beginning of time, and it hasn’t hurt us.  Before College, that bothered me.  I’m okay with it, now.

Pretty Girl of the Day, April 28, 2013

In high school I always wore panties, and that allowed me to wear really short dresses.  In fact, some days I wore a t-shirt instead of a dress.  I had to sneak out of the house those mornings, because my mom didn’t like me to wear just a t-shirt and panties.  I don’t see what her problem was, though.  I only wore baggy t-shirts so the boys couldn’t tell whether I was wearing a bra (of course I wasn’t!) and also, the baggy ones covered up my panties, so the boys couldn’t see them, either.  It was just comforting to know I had my panties on, just in case.

One time, during lunch, my best girlfriend told me she could see my panties, and I was really embarrassed.  “You mean I’ve been walking around all day and people have been looking at my panties?!”

“Shhh!” she said, bringing me close and hugging me, laughing.  “I thought that’s the look you wanted.  They match your dress.”

“No!  Now I wish you hadn’t told me!  What can I do?”  I looked around as if there might be a place to fix my wardrobe malfunction.

We left the lunch room, and walked outside to talk.  “Relax, honey,” she said.  “Just next time wear a thong instead of panties.  It’s harder to see a thong, even under the shortest dress.”

“But if I wear a thong, won’t it look like I’m not wearing any underwear?”

She thought about that.  “I suppose so.  But wouldn’t you feel better just knowing you were wearing something?”

“Yes, but what can I do now?  I don’t have a thong handy.  And I won’t ask you to give me yours!”  I laughed, but not my girlfriend.  She just blushed.  “You’re not wearing a thong?!”

“Shhhhhhh!” she said again.  She pulled me around the corner of the building and hugged me tight.  I felt her sexy arms against my skin.  She had slipped them under my baggy top and was pulling me close.  With her lips almost touching mine, she whispered, “don’t tell everyone that I’m not wearing any underwear!”

“Do you ever wear underwear?”

“Nope!”  She grinned from ear to ear.

“But sometimes I see you in the shortest little tops and no bottoms.  I figured you had something on under there, like maybe a little pair of shorts or something.  Are you telling me you never wear anything under those tiny little things?

“You see?” she said.  “People don’t notice.  They just assume.”

“So if I take off my panties right now, you think people won’t notice they’re missing?”

“They’re already off,” she said, rubbing my back.

I looked down and saw my own panties around my ankles.  “How did you do that?”

“See?” she said.  “You didn’t even notice.  Do you think anyone else will notice?”

I stepped out of them, took my girlfriend by the hand, and walked back inside, just as the bell was ringing.   It was exciting to sit my bare naked butt down in the chair, and even more exciting to know this was my own private thrill.  I kept my legs together like a little lady, and even though everyone could see my legs, almost up to my waist, they all assumed I was wearing some sort of sexy underwear.  No one knew a thing about it, except my best girlfriend.

Springtime on Campus

Springtime on campus. I heard some of the seniors and juniors talking about how the beautiful weather with the flowers and trees in bloom changes people attitudes. I laughed it off thinking it was just another prank to fool us freshman girls into showing more. I actually laughed aloud. Well, walking across campus after a daylong schedule of classes I just stopped and in my tracks and started laughing again, for much the opposite reason.

You see, all I was wearing was a little babydoll top that I hadn’t bothered to tie closed. Do not ask me why. I do not know. This week was a strange one for me. It started out like most others.

Monday going to classes, I wore a long polo shirt dress. It practically covered my butt, so when an inspector stopped me, I half understood his reasoning. Off came the shirt dress. Rather than trying to hide myself as he made certain the outfit did not have a hidden bra or something, I felt the warm sun on my face and front. I actually spread my arms wide as I closed my eyes and faced directly into the sunshine. Oh, it felt wonderful. It was the pinch on my bare butt that brought me back to reality from my daydream. Inspection over. I could dress and be on my way. I walked off carrying my dress and slowly slipped it back on before entering the building for my class. After class a friend came running over to me to ask why I was wearing my dress with its hem at my waist. I blushed. I had no idea I had spent the entire class bottomless, including standing up reciting my poem for English Lit. I pulled down my hem.

Tuesday morning, I was running late getting ready for class. I knew an inspection would cause me to be late for class, and being late to Professor Higgingbottom’s class meant being stripped and forced to stand the entire class. Many girls skipped his class if they were not in their seats when he entered the classroom. Me? I always made sure I was never late, never again since that first week of class. I learned my lesson. Or so I thought. Today, I was going to be late if I did not hurry and avoid an inspection. I grabbed a sheer nightie. Sure, everyone could see my body through the fine material, but at least I was covered. No groping allowed. No reason for inspectors to stop me. I dashed to class, and went straight pass the row of inspectors on the bridge. I recognized two girls from class. I made it to class just in time. I darted in the door before the professor and found a seat in the front row right by the door. As he started the lecture, the girls I passed arrived at the doorway. One entered the classroom. The other stopped and turned around. The girl stripped without being told and stood next to me. After class, we talked. She just grabbed her dress and carried it as we strolled outside. It was another beautiful day. I mentioned her going nude, and she pointed out I was practically nude myself. Practically is far from being nude in my opinion.

Wednesdays. There is this one inspector who strips any pretty girl that is not showing her butt and pussy. Some of us have realized his ways, and whenever we see him, we simply raise our hems to freely pass. I’ve been known to wear really short dresses, too. Avoiding a full inspection just makes sense. So, that was on my mind as I grabbed something from the closet this day. Something short to avoid inspection. Well, I avoided it without having to raise my hem. I was bottomless. My top would never be confused with a dress. In fact, this top was one I often wore with a skirt. Today? No skirt. Why? To avoid the inspection and having to flash myself to the inspector. Did it make any sense to stroll across the entire bottomless to avoid flashing him for a few seconds? No, but that day, I was not thinking about my southern exposure. I was thinking how it was a beautiful day, and how much I wanted to avoid the inspection. Going bottomless was a bit extreme, and I honestly hadn’t even considered myself going bottomless. I was just avoiding that inspector. Right? just  avoiding him? I ended up walking back with a friend that got stripped by him, and after he returned her dress, I stayed and chatted with him as he undressed several more girls. He actually is a very nice guy.

Thursday is a day I have just one class. A friend text’d me to suggest we lay out after our class and get some sun. I was not surprised to see many other girls wearing a towel to class that day. The weather report was clear sunny skies, and that morning it was already warm. Many of us spread out our towel on the Common Grounds and sun bathe nude. Easy access to the outdoor showers to cool down or rinse off the lotion after finishing the sunbath. Nude? Well, sure when laying out, but for a purpose. And I was wearing a towel to class, like some other girls. Sure, they grabbed a beach towel, but I hadn’t washed mine since my last sun bathing session, so I was wearing a bath towel. Getting my butt cheeks pinched just reminded me how short the towel was. It was either exposed butt cheeks of exposed nipples. And one guy in this class loves grabbing nipples and twisting them. He’s learned to stand back to avoid an “accidental” knee to his groin. The sun felt great laying out in the sea of naked girls trying to get a full tan early. Most of us were not able to vacation for Spring Break where getting full tans was possible. We took advantage of sunny days when we could. I never bothered getting more dressed than my towel all day. No real need to do so. Back at the dorm, some of us grabbed our dinners and sat outside to enjoy the pleasant weather. We used my towel as our dinner table in the grass.

Finally Friday, and me wearing an open babydoll. I did not like going nude if I could avoid it – sunbathing excepted. I grabbed the babydoll as something to wear. I had plenty of time to tie the front, but I didn’t bother to do that. As I walked across campus, the slight breeze slipped the shoulder strap and side off my shoulder. Having the sun hit my shoulder and breast was wonderful. I left the babydoll hanging by one shoulder strap and dangling off my other arm.

As I was returning from a full day of classes, one of the senior girls from my dorm stopped me and mentioned how I laughed about them saying the weather affect girls’ attitudes about showing more. I actually debated her on it as I walked with only my back half covered by the babydoll. I mean I was living an example of how the weather played no role. Right? Well, sure the nude sunbathing, but that we did on sunny weekends regularly and for me, sunny Thursdays. That was different.

Then she said, “Polo shirt not covering yourself. Sheer nighty on Tuesday. Wednesday you went bottomless. Thursday, as you just admitted was nude sunbathing, but also nude dining. Now today, you are practically naked.”

“Practically naked is far from running around naked. See? I was right. You girls were just trying to trick us freshman girls into believing we’d end up exposing more due to the weather. I was wearing something all week. Even yesterday. I wore my towel walking around campus.”

She smiled and gave me a kiss on my lips. She reminded me this weekend was more sunny, warm weather. Perfect weather for us to sunbathe together. I mentioned I’d need to do laundry to have a clean towel for laying out. She laughed and told me I could share hers. I agreed to meet her the next day.

It was after she left, I started laughing. No towel for sunbathing? I was planning on going nude walking across campus. Totally and completely nude. Oh dear! Just the thought of being so exposed on purpose was causing me to think about things I best get to the privacy of my dorm room.


Preventive Medicine Health Project Part 6.0

The family had a fine Sunday dinner. They leaned back in their seats and basked in the comfort of home. Everyone was gloriously naked and proud of it. Even the girls who were still shy, meaning most of them, were happy to be pretty enough for others to want to see them. The secret exhibitionist thrill was strong in all of them. The more the embarrassment grew, the bigger the thrill.

“Are you planning to spend a lot of time in the Coach Zone?” Marti wanted to know.

“No, not really. That is a purely rational space. I like the clean elegance and uncluttered simplicity in the geometry. I can listen to Beethoven’s ‘Ninth Symphony’, Ravel’s ‘Bolero’ or Debussy’s ‘Prelude to the Afternoon of a Fawn’ in there to clear my mind. It’s a good place for boiling problems down to the pure facts. I can think through issues on a straight analytical level. Hard decisions are easier if you use your mathematical intellect. They are never easy, only less difficult. Team schedules, scholarship awards, starting lineups, purchasing, budgets, investments and other things based on percentages, performance and available funds.”

“That is not the place to bring my heart and soul to bear on a problem. For example, I might have one scholarship to award and two prospective recruits. One prospect has slightly better grades, but both are acceptable. The one with lower grades shows incredible spirit and leadership on the court. The other is an excellent player but more of a follower. The Coach Zone is the wrong place to make that choice.”

“You need intuition and emotion to play a part. Both girls deserve the aid. The team thrives on spirit but needs ability, so what to do? Lobby for more money, pick the girl with better grades because we are a University, not a minor league farm club or pick the girl with spunk over the one who worked harder in the classroom? Or do what I did. We had a team meeting and I explained the situation to the girls who will be most affected by the choice. They voted to take a financial cut in their scholarships and let me take both prospects. It was generous and brilliant. Several parents could afford the extra cost and paid it gladly. I found work/study money to pick up the tuition slack for the girls who sacrificed a little comfort for the team’s future success. So be nice to Bridget and the girls who help with the gym chores. They did not have to do what they did. It’s also why we have Little Vicky and her boob killing sneaky spike and Debby, the sub team’s best spiker. The follower grew to be a leader when teamed with the spirited little fireball. Both excelled.”

“The best place for that kind of thinking is the gym or study hall annex, surrounded by you girls and Megan. Often it is not just the numbers; sometimes it’s about the heart. I’m sorry, Megan, I can’t be college formal inside our home. I will not sit here naked with these naked girls, pretending to think of you as Ms Martin, not after what we have been through with these brave teenagers. When we are in Project testing mode, you are, and have earned the right to be, Ms Martin, Project Director. You are Boss and I will refer to as such. But not in our dining room. It just is not right. It’s like calling my parents Mr. and Mrs. Wilson.”

“I feel the same, Eddie. Mr. Wilson, Coach Wilson or The Coach is wrong, unless you are doing the testing. Then calling you boss names makes it hotter. It’s like you give me no choice but to do the things I was afraid to do and wanted so desperately to get a thrill from. Maybe I’m a little bit of a closet submissive exhibitionist. But it makes me want to do more for you. You girls can call me whatever makes you comfortable when we are at home, but you need to think of me as Ms Martin, Director otherwise.”

“Megan is so very right. Our participation in this important Project is real and if we are careful, we will be helping millions of girls live healthier lives. We must stay within University protocols or we will not be taken seriously. And the Project has made this palace of a dorm possible. Taking our task seriously and expanding its scope will insure our family a place to live. That is very important to me.”

Jen said, “I think I can speak for all the girls when I say we see Megan as a big sister, sharing our adventures with us as an equal. So, ‘Megan’ works for me if not in session or in hearing range of outsiders. Then, it’s Ms Martin all the way. That OK with you, girlfriends?”

“Ok by me. But Coach Wilson will never be an ‘Eddie.’ Sorry Coach, ‘Eddie’ is not big enough for you. A mere ‘Eddie’ can’t take me on this incredible journey. I need a commanding personality and you as Coach are perfect.” Kate insisted to the eager nods of the others.

“Hell, Coach, Lisa and Marti already call you Master and mean every bit of it. Franny, Georgette and Sue are almost there, too. Claire, Thea and Janie will follow Coach to hell and love every terrifying step. All of us have followed the Coach to amazing highs never before possible. I don’t think an ‘Eddie’ could have done these things to us or for us. To us, you are the, our, Coach. Period.” Said Crysta and Donna together, trading sentences like twins.

“Sorry, Master, the girls have spoken. You are not and never will be Eddie. You will have to live with it. You’re just going to have to spank us for being uppity pretty little sluts.” Marti giggled.

“Only Coach has a heart big enough for us all to fit.” Nell almost sobbed. “Even with so many beautiful sweet girls in his life, he found room for me. And did not take anything away from the girls already in. Put me with Marti and Lisa.”

“Call me what you will, I’m still going to make you crazy. Marti, come here. I want a warm place to park my dick.” Marti zipped right to her Coach. “Sit in my lap just like the night you gave me your virginity. Give it to me again.”

Marti hopped into his lap, her back to his chest, held his dick in position and with a happy giggle, sat back, impaling her pussy. “I’m sorry for neglecting my first pet, lately. These mean little dirty girls have been terribly distracting and prettily tempting. Maybe we’ll spank their bubble butts together?”

“My poor clit could use a bit of comforting now.” Marti panted.

“Ashley, would you be so kind as to munch her clit while she fucks herself on my cock?” Coach said using his Coach voice.

Ashley took to her task with glee. She made Marti a very happy girl, as the others told stories about their experiences and thrills from the past 6 weeks. Marti had a great orgasm, enhanced by the almost casual nastiness of it. Her sweet spasms carried Coach over, too.

Ashley cleaned Marti up, while Kate took very good care of Coach.

Just another Sunday evening at their new home. The pretty girls cleaned the traces of dinner and everyone retired to the living area to plan the Monday morning training sessions. Megan and Eddie went to the office.

Megan started, “I think we might have taken the simple vaginal grip tests almost to the end. Can we create different scenarios to refine the data?”

“Weird as it might seem. We can order a few dozen small butt plugs and do series of tests with those inserted anally. The increased internal pressures will have an effect on the subjects’ success in resisting removal of the vaginal objects. We can alter the subjects’ arousal level, as we did before: straight, aroused and orgasmic. Plus vaginal vibrations on or off, butt vibrations on or off. That gives us four variations for each arousal level, a total of twelve data sets.” Eddie suggested.

“I’m very glad we have the TechnoBabes and number crunchers on board. Sometimes serendipity smiles on us.” Megan added, “Perhaps, we can begin to train the new girls in the Kegel exercises and measure their progress and muscle development as an ongoing study of the improvement over time.”

“Make sure we get the plugs with the smallest shaft attaching the base plate with the internal bulb.” Eddie said, “We do not want to enlarge the entry point of the subjects. Otherwise we will be introducing another variable into the experiment.”

“Coach, don’t you think that your dick is a ‘variable’ in the data set?” Megan smiled quite bawdily.

“No. Think of it as a constant, applied equally across the subjects’ attention zones,” Eddie said, “purely in the interest of scientific accuracy to lend a real life application.”

“I completely understand and concur. I want to volunteer my services as demonstration model for the illustration of proper technique for the subjects.” Megan offered sweetly, “Donna will ask anyway.”

“Offer accepted. You are quite the little exhibition slut, today. I really appreciate it. Bend over the desk and practice on my dick.” Coach ordered. “I want to fuck my crash test dummy, hard.”

Megan blushed deeply and bent over, pressing her tits against the cold desktop, spreading her legs.

Coach looked to her beautiful ass and sighed. But he plunged his cock into her cunt in one quick stroke. He started fucking her hard and fast with no warm up. Megan’s clit hit the corner of the desktop on every stroke, driving her arousal to the peak sooner than usual. She knew he was using her for his own pleasure and that made her submissive side burst out of the closet.

Megan came hard, really hard. Her spasms carried Coach over the edge and he filled her cunt to overflowing. “That was nice.” Eddie said as he sat down, pulling her into his lap and her ass onto his cock. “So is this.”

“This makes me think we might do the same sequence of tests on the subject’s sphincter muscles to see if the Kegel exercises have a regional effect,” Eddie suggested.

“Funny you should have that brilliant idea.”

“The inspiration was right in front of me. I’d have to be a fool to miss it.” Eddie chuckled, ” But maybe we should save that test for the future. We might have to develop another series of exercises, some aspects of which I’m not too crazy.”

“A little bit of cleanup is OK. A lot is too weird.” Megan agreed. “How about upper body exercise and its delay of breast sagging over time?”

“The team has an upper body training regimen designed to build strength in the pectorals. Instead of working with weights, we could use 8 ounce weighted wrist straps. Worn for 6 to 8 hours per day, the weights would be a constant, low strain exercise, gradually increasing muscle strength without building mass. Or by pressing the palms together at tit level, using isometrics.” The Coach said.

“None of the test subjects exhibit any ‘sag’ at all now. This is the perkiest bunch of boobs on any test group in town. How do we measure?” Megan asked.

“If you don’t think it will overstress the test subjects, we can hang a device from a nipple clip and add weights, increasing the amount gradually, until there is movement of the undercurve at a point halfway between the nipple and the beginning of the breast at the ribcage.” Eddie said as he played with the most available nipples.

“I imagine it would be no more stressful than the clamps we use for decoration and coverage now.” Megan mused, “Those have a pleasurable aspect enhanced by the motion of the chain. The mechanics we can get from the Physics Department, just small counter weights and the hangers.”

Eddie added, “We could create at least two sets of data collection conditions. One with the chest at rest and another with the subject attempting to move her arms away from the wall to which they’re bound.”

“Coach, the wall has now become a true clinical tool and a fun toy. Won’t that look good in the final study report?  It’ll be so cool if it gets printed in the ‘Journal of the AMA.’”

“It’s less ‘avant garde’ than Masters and Johnson. And think about the people who had to sell mammography.” Eddie countered. “Let’s go take a shower and visit with the girls before bedtime.”

“You haven’t come yet.” Megan noted.

“I’m OK. I’ll save it for later.” Eddie laughed.

They disconnected, chatting a bit and waited for Eddie’s hardon to subside some before going to the showers. Except for a little fondling, they managed to keep the heat down and return to the living area quicker than the teenagers expected.

“Pretty Girls, we want to tell you tomorrow’s schedule. We will devote most of the day to Project related affairs. We may or may not do actual data collection.” Megan told the group.

Coach continued, “We are going to start you new girls on the same Kegel exercise program the original teens were doing before the Project began. You will be tested on the same manner every week to chart the increase in control and strength. All of you will start a low impact upper body regimen to slowly build strength with a gain in muscle mass. Ms Martin, would you elaborate?”

“We will get weighted wrist bands, no more than 8 ounces, which you will wear inside the gym, and we will do some isometric exercises. We want to illustrate the positive effects good conditioning has on breast health and posture. I think you will find the testing procedure interesting.” Megan said.

Coach added, “First thing in the morning, I will get measuring devices from the Physics Department, wrist weights from my training supplies source and enough of our existing equipment to get the new teens set up.”

“While the Coach is doing his purchasing, we girls will start the isometric exercises. I also want to get personal comments from each of you about your experiences in, and expectations of, the Project. I want you to write your comments alone.”

“Devices from the Physics people? Sounds weird.” Asked Jen.

“We will be measuring small, increasing incremental changes and motions. It won’t be uncomfortable at all. It’s that those guys have the tools to measure accurately. It will not be like the ‘Spanish Inquisition’ that no one expects.” Eddie answered. “Not much, anyway.”

“Why shouldn’t we collaborate when we write our opinions?” Donna wanted to know.

“These are your comments. It will be more effective, if each girl’s critique is hers alone.” Megan said to them all. “We are not looking for generalities. Each of you has differing life experience, societal influences, parental controls, goals, and phobias, peer pressures, joys and moralities. You have different ideas of appropriate feminine behavior and growth. Your comments should be based on your own individual life.”

Coach reassured the apprehensive girls, “Don’t worry. The comments will not be opened until after the Project is written and submitted for review. Nor will they be a part of the report. Nothing will ever change our feelings toward any of you. You are and will remain family. We have been through too much for that to ever change. When the dust settles, you will reread your critique and evaluate how well the Project lived up to your expectations with respect to personal growth and well being.”

“Coach and I might read the comments or have a family meeting to collectively discuss your opinions.” Megan added, “But everything is for ‘in house’ use only.”

“Right now, we should hit the sack. Tomorrow will be an on and off sort of day. You little hotties need to catch up on school and write your reports. I need to get some departmental stuff out of the way and start shopping for the Project.” Coach said.

“I need to do some regular Health Dept. business but it can be done online. We girls can mess around here, and think about what we will write. Laundry, groceries, study, the usual. We aren’t expecting company tomorrow so dress as you wish, with the Coach’s permission, of course.”

Coach told them, “Be comfortable but I do want you to see if we have enough of the strappy suits to outfit the new girls. We’ll get Franny’s mom to make more if necessary. I know she likes to fit them herself. Just ask Franny. In the afternoon we may start to gather preliminary data for the upper body study, so no nipple clamps in the morning. Let’s lock up and kill the lights. It’s bedtime!”

They shut down the dorm/gym and slept in a cuddly pile through the night.

Eddie wondered who would take advantage of his morning woodie next.

He woke up in the morning being suffocated in a wet dream. Eddie became aware of the world fast. The question asked the night before was being answered with a bonus.

Janie was riding the morning wood and Claire was taking a moustache ride. The two cowgirls had their own sexy rodeo roundup. Apparently, they had been on for more than the required 8 seconds to register a score. Eddie, searching for a handhold, found the four titties occupied. The sexy girls were taking care of business.

Both girls shuddered violently, caught their breath and switched places. Eddie managed to hold out long enough for both teenagers to peak again. They just fell over. Eddie rolled the other way right into the waiting Beth. She was more than ready for an eye opener.

“Beth, you are so very tight. I love to fuck you. Your nipples get so hard I could nibble them forever. Can you feel me hit bottom? Do you want all of my dick in you?” Coach whispered to the panting girl.

‘Coach, take all of me, now. I am coming. Can you feel my pussy squeeze? Now!” moaned the little girl. Coach pushed hard and penetrated her cervix. Beth squeaked came harder. Coach came at the same time. They both lay gasping. Coach rolled over, keeping his cock in the teenaged cunt.

Donna dove into Beth’s pussy, sucking away. She looked at Coach, “Megan said we shouldn’t drip on the floor!” and returned to her housekeeping.

“What the heck. Coach might leak, too.” Crysta inhaled Eddie’s dick.

Coach lifted his head to find Megan. He was amazed and astonished. He moved closer to make sure it was not a waking dream. Megan was on her back with a finger on the clits of Audrey and Ashley, Jen sitting on her face and Melissa going to town on her cunt. Jen pinched and twisted Megan’s tits as Audrey and Ashley were tried to pull each other’s nipples off. Melissa’s ass was in the air, so naturally Eddie, whose hardon had returned enthusiastically, put his cock in her cunt and drilled for gold.

Every thrust forced her tongue deeper into Megan’s pussy. Jen came first, followed by Ashley and Audrey. Melissa went over the edge next triggering Coach and Megan.

The rest of the hot little twats had been taking it all in and taking care of the nearest girl. In short order, everybody was very awake but too boneless to move.

Coach stood up and ordered, “Becca, I’m drippy again. Can you come here and help save the floor? Nikki, perform the same service on Melissa. You heard Donna tell us that Megan doesn’t want us dripping on the floor.” The giggling teens sashayed to their chores, wiggling their titties sexily. The eager sluts cleaned Eddie and Melissa to orgasm. Becca swallowed every drop. Nikki never could get Melissa dry.

Eventually, the whole troop made it to the showers. With much clearly necessary fondling, everybody cleaned every body. They dried, organized, and started breakfast before 8:00 am, proving that miracles do occur.

After a very pleasant meal the whole mass cleaned the dining room and the kitchen. The teens divided themselves generally as they did before to attack dorm. Really, it was no big deal; these teens were not that messy.

Eddie went to his Coach Zone to make his shopping list:
Physics Dept:
Weights: ½, 1, 2 ounces – 20 each
¼, ½, ¾, 1 pounds – 10 each
Hangers: 20 (? inch rod, 8 inches long)
The hangers were threaded at one end and had a disk at the other.
The weights were disks, slotted to fit the rod and rest in the rod disk.
Sex Shop:
Lots of Alligator Clips, to screw onto the weight holders, rounded teeth
20 small pink butt plugs, as before.
10 pairs, chained nipple clamps, 5silver, 5 gold
25 remote controlled small ‘egg’ vibrators, same frequency
Extra batteries for all the toys, uh mmm, testing devices
25 soft black blindfolds, black
10 tubes KY jelly

Eddie phoned this one in.

Arlene’s Fabrics
2 outfits, each color for Franny, Sue, and Nell (Franny’s size)
20 each, arm and wrist binding straps, colors like the strappy suits
Jeweler’s Chest
5 more Project broaches and one for him
25 sheer bodysuits, 5 ex-small, 10 small, and 10 mediums
Duplicate original sheer blouse order, same colors
Transparent panty/crop top tank-style shirt sets, sized as the bodysuits

Coach decided to take Franny and Sue with him on his shopping expedition. They knew about the Physics Department. The Jeweler’s Chest, Sex Shop, Arlene’s Fabrics and Mona’s were going to be a surprise. Janie and Claire asked if they could walk along. Coach thought if was OK if Megan didn’t have other plans.

He asked Jen and Donna to go with him to the Physics Dept. with a hand truck to bring the weights back home. They could wear whatever semitransparent thing they wanted

Megan had no objections. Coach told the four others what to wear: the same sort of transparent panties and crop tops Claire and Janie wore the day of the meeting with the Admin people.

Franny and Sue were not with the group yet so did not have ready-to-wear outfits. “If you can’t borrow something from your sisters, then you will have to be naked until we get to Mona’s. I wanted to get more of those blouses to dress up the strappy suits anyway, so we’ll get you fitted for some clothing.” Coach said casually.

Those two were so small, even Mika’s clothes were in danger of falling off. But the brave and nervous girls tried anyway. It was doubtful the teens would be dressed very long. Coach would wear gym shorts, polo shirt and sneakers. The girls always wore sandals when outside, barefooted otherwise.

Claire softly said to Janie, “You know Coach won’t let those girls keep clothes that don’t fit well. They are going to have an interesting day! Think he’ll do the same to us?”

“I don’t know, but the anticipation is killing me,” Janie giggled. “He said that if the clothes did not fit, they would be naked in public again. Maybe the little twats can stay dressed long enough to get to the Physics Geekdom, and we won’t have to go to Mona’s.”

“The way Mika’s panties are sagging on Sue, her pussy will be bare before we get out the door.” Claire whispered. “Janie is no better off.”

The shoppers were as ready as they could get. Coach sent Donna and Jen out first, holding the four others back. Eddie slipped a buzzer into each tight little ass, all on the same frequency, and ushered the shocked and now shaking little girls out the door.

He let them struggle with the loose clothes during the stop at the Physics Dept. “The peeks through the clothes are going give the nerds wet dreams for weeks. You might as well be naked.” He leered at the now embarrassed girls. The way he said it made them feel even more naked.

Before they left, Eddie got two of the rods to make sure they fit the alligator/nipple clips. And he stripped Donna and Jen naked. “I need these to get the right sizes for some things I’m getting you at Mona’s.” That caught the two teens off guard. Neither had been voluntarily naked in public unless teased or tricked by another girl or when so aroused it didn’t matter where they were.

“At least Coach didn’t put buzzers in our butts,” Jen said as they wrestled the load back. “If you will keep that finger in my cunt still, I might not spill this load.”

“It might distract me enough not to mind strutting my tits and pussy around. But he would be too far away to turn it off. Not that it would be so bad.” Donna grinned. “Don’t complain. You can keep my pussy warm when it’s my turn to push the hand truck!”

“The air is sorta cool this morning. OK” Jen agreed.

Coach herded the other teenagers to Arlene’s. On the way, he got tired of seeing Franny and Sue tug at their panties. “Girls, you are going to trip and bust your asses. Give me the panties, now. We haven’t much time. I have three more stops after Arlene’s.” He commanded. “Good. I like to see your pussies and asses. Especially when you blush so much. People seeing you flash your girly parts in town will think you’re real sluts.”

“Franny and Sue are so red. I wonder if their twats are getting wet?” Janie asked out loud.

“Bet they are soaked. I am,” laughed Claire.

“Be nice, you two. For that comment, strip naked right now!” Coach ordered. “You will be stark naked for the rest of the day. They can tease you now. If watchers think they are sluts, what will they think of two totally exposed cunts?”

Franny said, “That will teach you. You are more naked in public than us!” Coach gave her a very stern look.

Eddie took his time strolling to Arlene’s. They were quite a sight: Four tiny little teenagers, two bottomless, two naked, with a guy over a foot taller than any of them. On the sidewalk outside the shop, Coach made Franny and Sue surrender their shirts. “They are transparent so your tits are exposed anyway. Now you silly twats are as naked as Janie and Claire. Let’s go in and do some business.” He thumbed the vibrators to low. The little pussy girls competed to see whose eyes could open widest.

The teens couldn’t get inside fast enough. Arlene was behind the counter. “Hi, Coach. What gives me the pleasure of your company?”

“We need some more of the strappy suits. You will have to measure tiny Sue yourself. You should measure your naked daughter, too. I need sets for Nell who is nearly Franny’s size. We need two sets in each color for Nell, Franny and Sue. I need also 20 wrist and arm binding straps in each color to keep the little pussies in line.”

“Since they are naked already, I’ll do the measuring now. Will you be bringing them around for a final fitting or should I come to the gym?” Arlene asked.

“We have lots more to do today, so maybe you should call my mobile when you’re done. If we’re still in the neighborhood, we might stop in.” Coach figured.

“Ok. It works for me. Franny get on this short stool in the showroom while I get the tape measure.” Franny did as told, feeling more exposed than ever. Coach fondled her boobs and pussy while he waited for Arlene. Two saleswomen came through and stopped to congratulate the Coach for winning the Championship and watched him play with the owner’s daughter as Eddie thanked them for the support.

Franny was humiliated more than ever because her cunt was leaking like a sieve. People on the street could see her nipples harden through the windows.

Arlene returned, grinned at Eddie and measured Franny. “Damn girl, does being totally naked for all to see make you this hot?” She said to her daughter as she finished and signaled Sue to get on the stool. Franny hopped down and Sue mounted up.

The devious Coach pulled Franny to him by her nipples. “You can’t keep Mika’s panties up and I have to take them, you tease Janie and Claire for being naked and lose your shirt, and now you get so excited that your mother can see it drip down your legs. I know the panties were too big and you were teased first but you got hot on your own. What should I do?”

He picked her up and bent her over the counter with her ass facing her mom. “I guess I’ll have to spank you. No time like the present.” He spanked her a few times where her little pussy appeared under her sweet ass, not really hard but hard enough to feel a sting.

The supreme embarrassment of getting spanked in public, on her mother’s countertop while her mom measured her naked friend, her letting it happen made her wetter than ever. Each time Coach swatted her butt and cunt lips, he pulsed the buzzer up to high. The humiliation, the audience and the thrill of her forced acceptance of her naked ass getting spanked in the display window of her mother’s shop drove her sexual frenzy to incredible heights. The vibrator was relentless.

Franny started to push her clit against the corner of the counter, reaching for that final release.

Arlene laughed quietly. “Coach, my little girl is so hot, it is cruel not to fuck the hell out of her. I always wanted to see if Franny could take it hard.”

Coach gave his answer, not in words, but in action. He looked at Claire and pointed to his shorts. A panting and blushing teenager went to her knees in front of Coach and took down his shorts, freeing his steely dick. “I’m naked and going to suck this big cock so Coach can fuck the hell out of Naked Franny in her mother’s store, while lots of strangers look,” she whispered, driving herself into a frenzy.

Franny had not heard her mom egg Coach on, but she did hear Claire talk to herself. “Oh my god. Coach is going to fuck me here in front of my mother. I’m so humiliated I’m going to die. I’m so hot I’ll die if he doesn’t ram it in right now. I can’t stop him. I’m getting used like a whore and I like it. Just do it, please, do it hard.” Franny was mumbling to herself just loud enough for the watchers to hear.

Eddie stood behind the sweaty little cunt, slotted his cock and tried to push into her slowly. He also thumbed the vibrator to high. All the little girls reacted strongly to that. Franny was so tight, Coach had to pump in and out a few times before he came to the end of her pussy. “Holy Fuck, Franny. Your pussy is so tight. Good thing you’re so wet. Tight and slippery, just like I like my fuck toys. Fuck me back.”

“Your mother can see you fucking my big dick like a tramp. Wonder what she think when she sees how much your cunt lips have to stretch to get this dick in? Let’s show her.” Coach reached under Franny and pulled her up by her titties, pressing her back to his chest. The gasping teenaged fuck toy was hanging by his grip on her boobs and hooked below by his cock.

Coach turned towards Arlene, pumping in and out of her daughter. “Is this what you wanted to see, Franny hanging the air, impaled on a big dick, her hard little titties being pinched and twisted by her Master? She is going to come soon, Franny is glorious looking when it hits. Sue, come kneel in front and lick her clit. My dick is rubbing her G-spot on every stroke. Do you like how it feels, little girl?”

Franny was incoherent, inventing nonsense words. Her body was twitching and jerking out of her control. Finally, the teen came to the end of her endurance. The seizures threatened to tear her body out of the Coach’s grasp. His grip on her boobs and his dick in her twat were the only contact points she had with the world. Sue’s tongue and the vibrator were working overtime. Franny’s mouth opened in a silent scream. She could not catch her breath. Her spasms slowed as the orgasm released its hold. Coach pulled her back to his chest, keeping her pussy stuffed.

“Please Claire, no more. I can’t take it.” Franny begged.

Claire backed off, releasing her suction on Franny’s clit. “You should be proud of Franny, Arlene. She is beautiful when she is fucking. Even more when she comes.” Coach told Franny’s mom.

“Damn, Franny. I have never seen anything so sexy. It’s incredible that that giant thing even fit into her. I knew you gave Coach her virginity, but actually seeing such a tiny girl take it and fuck back is more amazing. I’m proud of you, Franny. You have turned into a great girl.” Arlene hugged her daughter while Franny was still full of Coach. “I can see the bulge in your tummy his dick makes. I am impressed.”

Franny didn’t know whether to melt from embarrassment because she had been fucked like a whore and loved every second of it, or to be deliriously happy to get her mom’s validation. She decided not to care. “Mom, I’m so embarrassed to be so exposed, acting like such a whore. But the more I feel humiliated, the more excited I get.”

“I want to be a whore for Coach and I don’t care who knows. It makes me crazy. I dread it when Coach gets me naked in public, but I do it anyway and get such a nasty thrill when strangers see my tits and pussy. He took all four of our cherries with people watching. But we gave them to him when he asked. He has never forced anything. Coach just tells us what is going to happen and it does. I don’t have any idea why talking so dirty makes me hotter. Well, if I’m going to be a slut, I’m going to be Coach’s fuck toy and only his. I need for him to want me. Is that weird?”

Arlene hugged her some more. “Not many girls find what you have. All girls want to be wanted. It’s normal to let yourself be used like that. What better proofs of your femininity and desirability than to have Coach, who can and will take whatever he wants, want you? He made your body explode and he will never hurt you. Putting yourself in his hands is not weird. Remember I’m the mom who made you make the delivery naked. It was time for you to fly the nest. It seems now you’re an astronaut.”

Coach turned the vibrators off and lifted her off his still hard dick and stood her in the floor. She went to the other naked girls. Janie said, “You got fucked in front of your mom and Claire sucked your clit. I must be a slut like you because it makes me so jealous!”

“Wow! Just wow. That was hotter than anything I ever imagined. You really looked good all dick-stuffed like that. It made your mom all squirmy, too.” Sue told her.

Arlene told Eddie that it might be best if he let her deliver the order later. “When hubby gets home, he will get very lucky. I am going to tell him about the ‘live action’ show, but not tell him whom it was. We may be done by noon tomorrow.”

Eddie laughed, “I hate to fuck your little daughter like a three dollar whore and run, but we have more shopping to do. See you tomorrow. Better call first. You never know?” he collected the four naked girls and sent them outside. “By the way Arlene. I love the atmosphere in your shop. It’s a pleasure to be a customer.”

“Not everyone gets this kind of service, Coach. Trust me. Now, go make the little twats crazy hot. They love it.”

Next stop was the jeweler. Eddie walked the naked girls to the shop where they were confronted with several dozen teens of high school age. It was difficult to tell who was more embarrassed. The boys who were having trouble in their pants, the girls who could imagine themselves naked in public or the naked Project girls who actually were naked in public.

Eddie left the girls outside and picked up the broaches at the counter. From inside, Eddie hit the vibrators. ‘Low should distract the little hotties for a while.’ He thought. He placed an order for a badge for himself to be ready later. Back outside he gave the small bag to Franny to carry. “We are running out of time, let’s move on.” He started walking toward Janie and Claire’s favorite place, the Sex Shop. His long strides made them almost trot to keep up. Their little teenaged titties were a sight to behold. “I love to see your boobs bounce around when you walk. I wonder how many strangers are watching your hard nipples shake?”

They were getting to the edge of the unsavory neighborhood. “Oh no. Do you know where we’re going, Claire?” gasped Janie.

Claire looked around excitedly. “Perverts! I can feel their eyes on my pussy. Coach is doing it to us again.”

“Think he’ll really do us again in the alley? That was so hot I can’t stand it” Janie gushed. “It’s going to drip down my leg now!” Janie answered, reaching out to hold hands with Claire.

Sue and Franny were not sure why the other two were so nervously aroused. Franny was still a bit dazed at being fucked in front of her proudly approving mom. “No matter what happens next, it can’t be more embarrassing than having Coach show his big dick going in and out your wet pussy. And making your girlfriend suck your swollen clit, giving you a giant orgasm in her shop! With her laughing.” She said trying to give their predicament some sense of proportion.

“Where are we going? Just tell us.” Sue insisted.

“To the Sex Shop! It’s in a derelict area where people who go to sex stores hang out. That would be us. We aren’t old enough to go in, so he makes us wait in the street.” Janie said with a quiver.

“Last time we were so humiliated to be so naked, we couldn’t stand still. You just knew the perverts were playing with themselves watching our pussies leak. I want them to see my tits and hate it at the same time!” Claire panted, already getting worked into a fever. “See how hard my little nipples are? I bet dozens of creepy guys can see yours, too, Sue. Touch them like the perverts want to.”

Sue caressed Claire’s tits. “They are like rocks!” She rubbed Claire’s clit. “You are dripping wet. You need to get fucked soon, you dirty little cunt.” Sue was realizing that filthy talk made them even hotter. “Franny, feel Janie’s pussy. Bet you she is as wet as this little whore.”

Fran stuck a finger into Janie. “I can feel her vibrator through her pussy walls. Between that and her humiliation, she’s ready to cum now!”

Coach overheard this exchange and laughed. “You better get a move on or I will leave you here. Finger fuck each other if you want to, but do it walking. We need to get our stuff quickly.” He walked faster and upped the buzzers to medium. The little twats were almost running at this point.

In minutes they at the Sex Shop door, “Wait here. I may be a while. Stand at parade rest, facing the store window. The pervs are going to love your asses. I know I do.” He went inside where he could watch them through the wide windows.

The clerks had the order ready. “Please pack it into four equally weighted bags, so I can keep those hotties’ hands busy. But hold out four of the eggs, the remote and 10 of the alligator clips.”

“Sure. You are becoming our best customer. Will you be putting this on your card?” she asked.
“Those are some very lovely girls out there. Are they as hot as they look?”

Eddie gave her the card. “Hotter. Seems the little cunts have a love/hate relationship with being exposed to strangers. The more people see, the more embarrassed they get and the more excited. Being excited makes the humiliation greater and that makes them hotter. They are watching you look at their pussies now. They may cum before I get through here.” They both laughed.

“They are not very different from most girls their age. Finding out it how feels like to be a girl. In heat most of the time and trying to hide it. Being naked outside makes them crazy embarrassed and on the edge of orgasm at the same time.” The clerk said, “It’s fun to watch the little girls squirm.”

“Gotta go so the cunts out there can come. I’m sure I’ll be back. Thank you for the excellent service.” Eddie said, going back to the girls. “Stay in position until I say otherwise. He went behind Franny reaching around her tiny body. One hand pinched a nipple; the other pushed an egg into her pussy. She squeaked loudly. Eddie turned her to face him and placed alligator clips on her tits. “You’re going to remember to walk to Mona’s. You’ll have so much fun.” He smiled. And turned the butt buzzer on high.

Of course, all the buzzers went crazy and so did the teenys’ twats. Eddie took them to the alley and promptly fucked Claire against the wall as hard as he thought she could take it. Without warning, she found herself full of dick. The suddenness took her breath away. Her orgasm slammed into her just as sudden.

When Claire regained control of her shuddering body, Coach pulled out, replacing his cock with an egg. Her nipples received the clips and a twist. He repeated the attack on Janie’s very ready pussy. She tried to fuck back but was coming too hard to know how to make her hips obey.

Eddie felt her cunt try to squeeze his dick in two. She got an egg and clips, too. “Lets go to Mona’s. She has some new clothes for you tramps. Don’t worry about the twat stuffers. They will stay in even if we have to run away from the dirty perverts who watched you fuck me in the alley.”

“Sue, you must be feeling neglected. Come here.” He picked her up by her hips and wrapped her legs around his waist. “Janie hold my dick up so Sue can drop on it. If she can’t drop, I will push her pussy around my cock. No matter how, she is going to get fucked now.”

His bold words turned a helpless Sue to sexual mush. Her nipples were boring holes in his chest. She wiggled and pushed until her cunt was filled. Reaching back, her fingers discovered more cock remaining. Sue was determined to take it all and squirmed and pushed.

“Come on girls. Mona’s is the last stop for the day. You are so small, I didn’t pre order your clothes. She will have to see you to fit you. Sue, I won’t let you fall off my cock. It’s so hard and you’re so tight, it will support you even if you let go.” He started walking to Mona’s, wearing Sue and ushering Claire, Janie and Franny ahead.

Having Sue hold on for dear life freed up his hands. Using the new remote control, Eddie activated the vibrating eggs in the three teenagers. Clearly the new toys were very effective. He wished there was room for one in Sue’s cunt. But that could never be. Still, it was funny watching the teenagers step down the street on rubbery legs.

“See those people over there staring so hard. I wonder what they think of our little tittie show? Do they know you have a vibrator in your ass and pussy? Or do those little tramps walk like that all the time? How do the nipple clips feel now that your bouncy boobs are even more exposed?” He knew the dirty talk was making them hotter.

‘Sue. They can see your pussy getting fucked by my big dick. When you bounce up and down, they can watch it go in and out. How slutty is that? I’m going to fuck you all the way to Mona’s She was there when I rescued you from that inspector. What will she think of you stuffed full of cock, riding it like a cowgirl going for the trophy for all the town to see?”

She was coming constantly. Seeing the three others get used, feeling the buzzer, she didn’t care if it was Carnegie Hall; she needed to get fucked hard. Now, here she was headed to the dress shop, clinging to the Coach, with his cock so far up her drippy twat she could taste it. “This is the hottest day ever, Coach. Thanks.” She whispered in his ear. Eddie stopped and concentrated on screwing her hard and deep. He turned all the vibrators wide open. The girls froze in place.

“Girls. You can come now. Try to stay upright while you see me use my newest fuck toy.” The three teens actually came on command, holding each other up. Sue’s twat was clinging like a velvet vise. Eddie ‘s orgasm hit him hard as he filled her up. “You are a great fuck, Sue. I love to use you in public. Makes everything so much more nasty and I like girls who are nasty for me.”

He pulled Sue up and off his dick and stood her on the sidewalk. “Claire, you and Franny help Sue learn how to walk again. Janie give come lick me clean. The show is not quite over. Janie came again thinking about people see her suck a dick that just spurted in another slut’s cunt. Of course, the twin vibrators inside her may have had something to do with it.

Coach, to the relief of the still orgasmic teenagers, turned the toys off. He could see the girls relax. “How do you like our outing so far, my daring darlings?” Four naked girls hugged him immediately, squeezing their hard tits on him.

“That was the most embarrassing time ever, Coach. Can you top it?” Janie squealed.

“You make us do the nastiest stuff and it makes me come thinking about it!” Claire agrees, rubbing her nipple clips into his ribs, “And these clips make me hotter.”

“It’s hard to top getting fucked like a cheap hooker in front of your mother and coming harder than ever. But this is close.” Janie laughed.

“I love to show you a good time. The people who watched had a good time, too. You made those two girls come when you did. Lord, you are pretty when you come! Grab the bags. Now, to Mona’s, double time.”

Eddie watched the four young girls race toward the dress shop, unconcerned with anything else, just proud to be young girls letting the world know how sexy and pretty he found them to be.

They were shopping in Mona’s when he went in. Mona was holding a picture phone and laughing her butt off. The little teenagers were blushing bright red. “After the morning we’ve had, what can Mona do to make you turn red?” It was Sue riding his cock hard enough to make Annie Oakley find a new job.

“One of my seamstresses saw you coming and filmed it so I could see the antics of these little pussy girls. It will not go on the web ever, but I will show the girls. Arlene called after you shameless hussies left her shop. Franny, the staff will never stop talking about you begging Coach to nail your ass to the counter.” Mona confessed. “Sue, I can’t believe you are the shy little virgin Coach rescued the night of the rally! My girl got close-ups of your twat stretched to bursting with the Coach.”

“Claire and Janie. Were you really coming that hard, watching Sue get used like a fuck toy?”

“Yes. Several times. We were so hot from the whole day, the wind on our nipples would make us orgasm.” Claire admitted, “I don’t care if we were on Lambeau Field on the 50 yard line!”

“Watch this, Mona.” He turned all vibrators on all the way. Four girls hit the floor moaning and shaking. “One vibrator in each hot little hole. After pounding Franny in front of her mother, Claire and Janie getting it hard against the wall outside the Sex Shop and Sue taking in stride, actually my stride, these little sluts had to be on a hair trigger. With a bullet in the ass and an egg in the cunt, they are powerless. More fun than a stun gun. The nipple clips don’t hurt any thing either. Except their hard titties, of course, their nipples won’t hurt too much until I take them off.”

He went to the squirming mass of teenaged flesh and quickly removed the clips. He kissed and sucked each nipple gently. “Help each other massage those throbbing nips and make the pain become pleasure. You girls are among the prettiest, most feminine creatures on earth. Every bit as desirable as Megan and the girls at home.”

“If your internal security cameras are on, please turn them off and erase the last half hour. This level of intimacy is not for public consumption. Some things are private.” Eddie requested of Mona.

“Absolutely, Coach.” Mona hit the switch under the counter top. Little red lights went dark.

Eddie killed the toy buzzers and let the hotties cool down. “They are so pretty, don’t you think?” Coach asked Mona. She wholeheartedly agreed.

“I’m glad they have you and Megan to care for them and keep them safe. It may not look like it, but what you’re doing is the best way for them to find out what it takes to be a real girl. Not many get that knowledge when they are young and resilient. They are proud that you want them and will let you use their body because you own it. They want to be wanted by you.”

“Thanks for the kind words and confidence. I have them do the most terrible things sometimes, but they come back for more. They are thrilled and excited doing stuff they would never have the nerve to do. I never force them, just move so fast it’s happening before they can react.”

“You let them do things no one ever heard of.” Mona chuckled, “And they love you all the more. As long as you never cause real pain, those girls will come back for more.”

“I will bend them but never break ‘em.” Eddie grinned.

“Hey, you girls! I need to get your measurements. I have some blouses and panties that will show off your charming girly parts nicely. If you’re good for him, maybe he will allow you to wear something home.” Mona called to the calm teens.

“After being naked to the whole town and riding Coach’s cock all over the place, a belt will feel like an overcoat,” giggled Franny, blushing crimson.

Sashaying to Eddie like a short runway model, Sue dropped to her knees, pulled out his prick and proceeded to suck as hard as she could. “That tiny cheap slut wants you to let her wear some nail polish. That is more coverage than she has had for hours.” hooted Janie, “I’m next. Can I have a nice collar, Daddy?” she coo-ed.

“You better take a number, Claire. The line is forming fast.” Mona smiled at the last teenager.

“Don’t worry about me, ma’am. Measure me first. I’ll get him while you keep these shameless tramps busy,” giggled Claire.

Soon, Sue swallowed every drop and Mona got the gaggle of girls all fitted with sheer panties and tank tops and shirts and skirts to match. Eddie picked up sets for all the girls at home since Mona had everyone’s size on file and some for Megan, too.

Mona suggested that Coach let the girls do some actual shopping for things they wanted beyond the matching team stuff. Eddie thought that would be fine. “I’ll call Bridget and see if she can drive the team bus over with the whole bunch.”

Coach called the maintenance shed to check the availability of the bus. It was good to go.

Bridget, as it turns out, was at the gym. “My favorite Amazon, are you busy for the next three hours?”

“Not very, Coach. Monica, Vicky and Debby are with me in the weight room having a light workout. What can I do for you?”

“I need for you to get the bus and bring the mob down to Mona’s for some serious girl time. Bring any team members you find. Could you put Ms Martin on the phone?” Eddie decided to ask Arlene to send the order from the Fabric Shop to Mona’s if possible.

Megan got the phone. “Eddie, is everything OK? Bridget said you wanted to talk to me.”

“Life is good and getting better. I want you to corral the girls. Bridget is driving you all down to Mona’s for some major shopping. Claire, Janie, Franny and Sue are here already and have a head start. Have them come as they are. In fact, don’t tell them until the bus is there. Then, rush to load up.” Coach told her. “Every girl there is invited, Project, team, you. You come as you are, too.”

“This ought to be fun. Some are naked, all are topless. I’ll make sure every body can be interrupted safely. I’ll call you at Mona’s if problems happen. Later, love.” Megan hung up, remembering to give Bridget back her phone.

Eddie called Arlene. “Are you too busy with the shop to deliver the stuff to Mona’s instead of the dorm? Or too busy with Franny’s dad?”

“The order is ready now and the object of my lust has to work late. So unfortunately, I have time to bring it over. Why Mona’s?”

“I was getting some clothes for the four teenagers you saw earlier and decided to treat the entire gang to a spree. Bridget is bussing them now. After they clean out the dress shop, I suspect the load will be too much to carry. And if you have any ideas for Halloween, we’ll be glad to hear them.” Eddie informed her.

“Cool. I’ll go load the van and see you in a few.” Arlene ended the conversation.

Coach warned Mona that invasion was eminent. “Eat your ‘Wheaties’, Mona, shortly the shop will be ground zero for twenty plus cuties using my unlimited plastic on your inventory. If you are holding styles for introduction later in the winter, it would be nice to let the teens get a jump in the fashion scene.”

“Unlimited, you say? Typical male, well maybe you’re not so typical, but you know not what terrifying monsters you unleash. I would advise ‘Therein lies madness.’”

“I fear not the beasts of credit cards. Betty and Robert Parsons will rubberstamp the invoice and bill it to Roxanne’s favorite contractor.” Eddie had to laugh.

“Can I assume that anything the little hussies choose has to be Project Dress Code compliant? Mona inquired.

Eddie had to laugh again. “Absolutely. The girly girls have to set an example for the other coeds on campus. We do have a higher responsibility to society after all. Not to mention that I like to see the fabulous firm flesh bounce around. So I won’t mention it.”

“Good thing you didn’t mention it. I would hate to see a crack in your professional demeanor.” Mona smirked.

“Cracks are an important part of my professional duties, I’ll have you know. I take my job seriously, missy” Coach remarked.

The girls had wandered back to ask Mona’s opinion on some bras. “We can verify his professionalism personally. He has seriously taken our cracks every chance he got today. He is very diligent,” giggled Janie, wiggling her butt. The other three tramps shimmied their wonderful tits at him for emphasis.

“Shaking butts reminds me,” Eddie leered. He hit both remotes, maxing out the vibrators. Four girls screeched and danced wildly around the shop. “I’d say ‘how you like them apples,’ Miss Smarty-pants, but you don’t seem to have any on. Mona, do you have any Ziploc bags? I need to get the toys out of these jumping beans and stowed away.”

“Sure. I’ll get some from the break room. The little girls can use the ladies’ bathroom for privacy.” Mona left for the storage bags.

Eddie stopped the evil torture, leaving four panting, blushing girls waiting for the next surprise. “When Mona returns with the polybags, remove the toys and put them in with the stuff we got at the Sex Shop. The whole family is on the way to do some serious damage to our credit card. It’s going to be a long afternoon.” He gave an exaggerated tragic moan.

The teenagers turned back into eager little girls again at the prospect of shopping without limits. The excitement almost matched that of the little vibrators. Almost. Mona returned and the girls went, en masse, to the ladies’ room. Eddie remembered to place his order for the transparent sets and the bodysuits, adding 5 each item and size. He ordered sheer babydoll pajamas, 10 each extra-small, small and medium, assorted pastels.

In minutes they were back and the toys were stashed away. “Don’t say anything about the little happy-time eggs. Let the others be surprised later.” Coach suggested.

The bus arrived just then and disgorged Forty bouncing boobs. There was not a stitch to be found north of a belly button on any of them. Sixteen more girls of the Project, Megan and four teammates, all topless. Megan, Nell, Crysta, Donna, Lisa, Marti, Mika, Kate, Beth, Georgette and Thea were completely naked and appeared to be a bit excited because of it.

“Aren’t we pretty casual being naked in public today?” Eddie asked with raised eyebrows.

“Ms Martin told us to rush out and get on the bus, that the Coach wanted us downtown ASAP. We were on the bus and moving before we realized the seats were awfully cold on our bare butts.” Thea said, blushing cutely.

“It was the bare butts thing that reminded us that butts were not the only parts bare.” Donna giggled.

Georgette added, “By then it was too late. Our tits are out in public again.”

“If strangers are looking to stare at some titties, at least Coach thinks ours are the best on campus.” Marti told them. “I’m proud of my tits. Master likes them and that’s good enough for me.”

“OK you pretty girls, you are here on an important mission. Your job today is to shop ’til Mona drops. Get whatever you want for daily wear as long as it passes my inspection. You all know how quickly discipline is administered so keep that in mind. Also get some sturdy working duds so your fabulous tits and asses will be protected when necessary. I want no scrapes or bruises to mar your perfection. Something fancier for formal events would be a good thing. That includes the Volleyball vixens. In the dorm, you follow the enhanced code. Everywhere else, you at least comply with the normal code of conduct. Mona, please keep my card info in a secure place. I will send the rest of the team down here for a shopping spree later. Advise them of the rules before you let them loose on your shop.”

“After we have ravaged Mona’s inventory, we’ll go out to eat dinner before we head back to the dorm. Have fun.” He simply got out of the way as a minor stampede erupted. He called Ana Maria’s Ristorante to make a reservation for thirty. He settled on a private dining room.

Arlene came through the door into a scene of barely controlled chaos. “What did you do now, Coach?”

“Turned them loose on Mona with an unlimited credit card. Nothing serious.” Eddie smiled.

“Nothing Serious!! Teenagers running rampant in a fine clothing emporium with no supervision? Are you insane, man? Hundreds could be killed, thousands wounded, millions left homeless. Entire populations with nothing to wear but last season’s fashion. ‘Cry havoc and loose the dogs of retail!’ She was on a roll now, “This is why we have the UN, the Geneva Convention and the International Wear Crimes Court in The Hague. Woe is me. Ruination. Think of the innocent children.” Arlene had to stop. Megan, Coach and Mona had dissolved into gales of laughter and her exposition could not be heard.

Franny’s voice could be heard over the din. “Hey, mom. This is great fun,”

“Daughter of mine, you are still naked. What’s up with that?”

“Been this way all day. When you have nothing to wear, wear it proudly!” And she returned to the fray.

“That’s my girl!” Arlene declared with satisfaction.

Some time later the teenagers were shopped out. Eddie told them to dress for dinner out. Another time later, the girls came back wearing semi transparent long sleeved blouses, tied just under their boobs with a matching miniskirt, barely revealing the bottom curve of their firm round butts. The outfits were in different colors, making a beautiful rainbow of young girls.

Coach was stunned at the panoply of prettiness. He told them how sexy and feminine they looked. “This calls for someplace special. How about Ana Maria’s Ristorante?” The best Italian restaurant in New Town he imagined would be a hit.

The girls and Megan preened happily. “What about Franny’s mom and Miss Mona? Can they come, too?” Audrey asked.

“Of course. They played a big part in the success of the day. Ladies, would you accompany us to dinner?” Eddie responded.

“Yes. Give us five minutes to throw on something appropriately inappropriate” Arlene said.

Four minutes later, the two business owners were back, dressed exactly as the teenagers. “Mom, you look great!” Franny shouted. “You too, Mona.”

“You two have bodies you can be proud of. You show them well,” complimented Eddie, “And with those clothes, you are showing all of them.”

“We agreed that we don’t mind you seeing all you want. No touching, though.” Mona let him know.

“I may do a lot of things, but I do not trespass. I have never interfered in an existing relationship and never will. But I will look and tonight, I will enjoy looking at all of twenty-seven fine sweet girls. Is this a great country or what?”

“Bridget do you want to drive or shall I?”

‘You should, Coach. I was halfway here when I discovered that the big windshield on the bus was a giant wide screen TV with my tits as the main feature. It was suddenly weird with everyone staring at me and me only. I forgot I was topless since the mechanics brought the bus to the gym. I’ve been topless before, of course, but not quite like that. I have to figure out how I feel about it and this nice outfit isn’t helping.”

“As pretty as you are, rush hour accidents are going to happen, so for public safety, I will drive.” Eddie agreed, “Lets load out the goodies and go get fed. Girls, remember the things we bought earlier. I’m starving. Hurry, hurry. We’ll be seated in fifteen minutes.”

The group was loaded and on the road in five. The mood was cheerful as the girls recounted their adventures with the Coach. The teens, who stayed at the dorm, had good stories, too, starting with Donna and Jen’s trip from the Physics Dept. They did keep one another quite warm to the point of stopping some traffic themselves. Lisa, Nikki and Beth did some video editing. The teenagers said that even the mundane chores were lots more fun with a gym full of naked friends to tease. Becca and Audrey went to the library in Crysta’s babydoll tops to see how she felt every day. “Good thing we had the bracelets. The boys got very interested.” Becca said, “But those were just regular boys. We were hoping Coach would be back soon. We were getting kind of excited, wondering what he would have us do in the stacks. Coach is not regular at all.”

They pulled into the restaurant parking lot. The valet waved them off. “I can’t drive that thing, much less park it. I’m sorry but you will have to park at the back of the lot. Next time you dine here, have the maitre’d call me and I’ll clear space at the curb out front for the Championship Volleyball Team.”

Coach navigated the lot and unloaded the lovely load. The sight of them in the golden autumn sunset was breathtaking. The parking valet who had guided them to their spot stood with Eddie. “Coach Wilson, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m gay. So when I say that this is the single most beautiful sight I have ever seen means even more. May I take a few photos with my phone? I major in Art with a Theatre Design minor. I have to paint this picture for my senior show. With their pastel colors and short skirts, in this golden light they just glow. The goddesses on Mount Olympus will be so jealous they will retire.” Eddie happily gave permission and the valet snapped away.

“Get ready to shoot. You’ll know when.” In a louder voice, “Girls, you are simply breathtaking. I’m stunned!” All twenty-seven faces looked at him and beamed so brightly they out shined the setting sun. The valet shot photos as fast as he could.

“Thank you, Coach Wilson. I got all their faces with the biggest smiles ever. I can only wish that someday someone might look at me with that much love. You are lucky beyond dreams.” The valet sighed, “This will be my masterpiece.”

“You are welcome. What is your name? I want to see your show. I usually go to see the talent the college encourages. Sometimes, I buy things for my apartment. I’ll be very interested to see the treatment you give this.”

“I’m Denny MacDonald. The show is just after Halloween. The only ‘treatment’ that can do justice to this vision is to paint it as close to reality as possible. And that will seem like a fantasy. Allow me to escort you and this pantheon of goddesses to your room.”

Melissa approached. “Hi, Denny. Do you work here? Coach, have you met Denny Macdonald? He is by far the best artist I have ever seen. We have some classes together. I’m looking forward to your senior show, Denny. I’ll bet you blow the doors off the gallery.”

“Melissa? Is that you? Holy Moly! I almost didn’t recognize you. You look amazing. Not that you could look less than amazing. ‘Shut up, Denny, get your foot out of your mouth.’ I was just telling Coach Wilson about my new work. I am sure you will be astounded when you see it.”

“It’s OK Denny. I know what you mean. Helen of Troy would not stand out in that crowd.” Melissa laughed.

“In so many words, that is what Denny said to me as soon as you pretty nymphs got off the bus.” Coach told her. “I could but agree. Now let this chivalrous gentleman lead us to the feast.”

Mona and Arlene hooked their arms in Denny’s and let him escort them in. Eddie had Marti and Lisa on one side and Donna and Crysta on the other. Megan and the other teens linked arms in pairs and trios and skipped to the restaurant. It was an incredible parade. Several patrons took pictures in the parking lot and in the lobby. “If I don’t have proof, no one will believe that this exists in New Town,” one elderly man said to his companion, “This going to cause strokes at bridge night.”

His lady replied, “That hunk with the four beautiful girls will give the old girls the swoons. I can’t wait to brag that we were here. Brings back some fond memories, doesn’t it, Neil?”

“The old boy ain’t dead yet, Phyllis. Wanna skip supper and go home?”

“What kind of girl do you think I am? Exactly. But at least feed me first.” Phyllis laughed as she mock punched his shoulder.

“Yes, Dear” he chuckled as they snuggled and waited for their table.

“Coach Wilson. Party of Twenty-seven was announced over the PA system in the lobby and bar. The hostess ushered them to the private room with a bale of menus under her arm. As they passed through the main room, a well-dressed gentleman stood and tapped his wine glass. The room was already silent, impressed at the parade of beautiful girls. “Ladies and gentleman. With your leave, I would like to welcome Coach Eddie Wilson and members of our Central University Championship Volley ball Team. Cheers to a great season, Coach, and the classy and graceful way your team handled the challenges at the end.”

The normally conservative patrons of the exclusive establishment erupted into cheers and applause. Even Eddie reddened at the attention. The speaker asked Eddie to say a few words to the diners.

He raised his hand to the crown. “This is truly unexpected. The team and I thank for your support over the years. The reputation of the University makes recruiting easier and fans like you enhance that name considerably. Allow me to introduce two of our stars. Bridget the Hammer, the scourge of blockers everywhere and Ace Monica, sniper among servers. The players stepped forward and curtsyed to the people.

Monica spoke, “We could not have done without the others, working together in Coach Wilson’s system. He makes us want to win and gives us the tools.” She got more cheers.

Coach Wilson said, “I would like to introduce you to two of the players who are our future. Vicky, the smallest sneakiest most lethal spiker in the conference and her roommate, Debby, her perfect partner at the line. If Vicky isn’t ambushing them at the net, Debby is raining destruction from above. Monica and Bridget will graduate soon but will leave the team in good hands.” He pulled the two embarrassed girls up for their bows. The people loved their bashfulness, knowing that they would be fearless demons on the court.

A feminine voice called, “Arlene and Mona, how do you get to hang out with the ‘in crowd’? Wait, those are the girls who stepped up as a pep squad at the game. And that little thing is the poor girl Coach Wilson rescued from that beast at the Victory Rally. Miss, you look a lot happier than you did that night. Every woman here admires Coach Wilson’s sense of ‘right’ and his willingness to go to bat to defend a helpless girl.”

Mona said, “Eat your heart out Ellie. The girls have adopted me as the fashion consultant and couturier of the team and pep squad. Arlene is the casual wear supplier and her daughter is in the group. But rest assured, they pay full retail.”

Another voice, “My husband is on the police force and told me about that night. It was handled by the book. The charges will stick and a nasty problem got cleaned up before any more girls were hurt. Thank you most sincerely.”

The women in the dining room gave the Coach a standing ovation. The gentleman who started the impromptu rally said, “Sir, we salute you and the team. Your dinners are on me tonight.”

Eddie quickly countered. “We appreciate the offer but must refuse. We cannot accept gifts of any sort. The team might lose its amateur status and the NCAA will penalize the school. We could lose scholarships much needed by some athletes, be ineligible for post-season play or pay fines. Like I said, we really appreciate the spirit behind the offer, but we have to pay our own way, with receipts.”

A table companion of the gentleman stood and stated. “I knew he would turn it down. They run a clean, honest drug free program over there. Oops, now we have to build them a new gym. That was the bet, right, Mr. Mayor?”

The room erupted again. “Wow, things move fast here. This is where the powerful people play.” Eddie whispered to Megan.

People started pledging money and services to the two gentlemen immediately. Eddie strode to his new supporters, thanked them graciously and said, “I hate to depart so soon, but if I don’t get these girls fed, my life will get interesting.”

The mayor cut him off, “It was I who selfishly interrupted your dinner. Thank you for your words to the crowd. It was nice the way you directed the attention to the girls. Now I understand why the people of this town think the world of you and your girls.”

“I was stating the facts. Their hard work and dedication to the sport is why we are here today. Any praise is theirs.” Eddie insisted.

“Don’t undervalue yourself, Coach. You guide them with firm and gentle hand. It shows. Not many can do that and keep their respect and, might I say it, their love. Now go feed them.”

“You are right. My life is in serious jeopardy. Hope to see you later, Mr. Mayor.”

He let the hostess lead on. Their dining room was excellent. A private bar to one side, a discrete server station on the other, with a huge round table in the center. The table was ingenious, a big zero with a slot cut. Edge to center void was perhaps 24 inches. Wait staff could enter the center space and place the meal down in front of the diners, instead of over their shoulders. The table could seat 30 people with ease. Places were set for 28.

“Ana Maria!” Mona and Arlene screamed like grade school girls, “We haven’t seen you in ages.”

“I’ve been off to Florence to cooking school.” Ana Maria admitted.

“The day you need to learn how to cook, the Earth will fall out of orbit and crash into the sun.” Arlene declared.

Mona agreed, “Now tell the truth. You shouldn’t lie in front of impressionable teenagers!”

Ana Maria laughed, “OK I’m busted. I was away teaching at cooking school in Florence. Our old family recipes blew their taste buds away. And ‘No’, I did not give up the secrets. I gave them enough to make them very, very happy. Grandma Veronica would haunt me from beyond the grave if I gave too much. Momma would bury me in store bought pizza dough.”

“You girls have to tell me how you hooked up with such an illustrious crowd. Or are you just social climbing?”

“I’ll have you know, we are the unofficial outfitters to the team and pep girls.” Mona said with a huge mock pout that couldn’t hide her smile.

“And I sacrificed my daughter to the Coach.” Chuckled Arlene, “Now I can’t get her away with a crowbar!”

“MOOOOM. Ok. It’s true, but you don’t have to tell every old lady in town!” Franny smirked.

“Franny. I got your ‘old lady’ right here. That really is you. You turned out to be better looking than your mom. You must have been adopted or Dave’s kid from a previous affair. I could say you grew up, but ‘up’ has nothing to do with it. You were this tall in the fifth grade. But you fill that blouse nicely,”

“You ain’t so bad either. Coach Eddie Wilson, Ms Megan Martin, allow me to introduce you to Ana Maria Giovanni, the proprietress of this fine eatery and the best damn cook this side if the Rubicon. And my baby sitter since before I can remember. Ana Maria, meet the best coach and mentor ever and our newest big sister and advisor. If you wonder who ‘our’ is, it’s all twenty of us girls.”

“Coach, are you related to Ed Wilson, the soccer coach at Southeastern?” Ana Maria asked.

“He’s my dad. Why do you ask?”

“My sister played for him a few years back. They took State one year.”

“Your sister is Angela Giovanni? Not only is she gorgeous, smart as all get out, but also she kicked some serious ass on the field! When I was fifteen, I think she adopted me as her little brother. With Dad as the coach, Mom as team EMT, I was around so much they thought I should go home with them on holidays.” Eddie remembered. “Didn’t she go to Med School to specialize in sports related injuries?”

“Yes, and she is very good at it. She learned from your Dad the importance of proper conditioning technique and physical fitness. She watched the way your Mom ran the Trauma Center, with respect for her staff but unbending insistence on proper training and organization. If something was wrong, she placed no blame, just fixed the problem. Your Mom is her role model on how to run a clinic.”

Bridget said, “No wonder we never get tired in competition and the trainers get so much sleep. We have benefited from Coach’s family secrets just like you have from your family recipes.”

“It’s rather amazing how small the world is. Arlene and Mona are buddies with Vera, Betty and Irene.  Franny hangs with the Project girls. I have known Coach Wilson since I came to Central. Ana Maria knows the Coach’s parents.  Ana Maria’s sister Angela adopted Eddie Wilson.” Megan said, “And the girls are starving. Your move Coach.”

“Ms Giovanni, do you have a family dinner with an assortment of your specialties. If your recipes are one-of-a-kind, I think you will make better choices than us jocks.”

“We do now. Let me go explain life to the chef. I’ll have Gabriella, our hostess, take your drink orders. I’ll be back once I check with the rest of my guests.”

Minutes later, their drinks ordered, they leaned back and enjoyed the closeness of family.

“It really is a giant circle. I met Angela at Dad’s gym we had a good brother/sister relationship. Megan meets me her first days at college and we have a low intensity version of the relationships I have with our girls. Arlene gets involved because she runs the best fabric shop in town. She sends Franny to make the delivery. Sparks fly. We go to eat and find out that the owner baby sat for Franny. Conversation reveals Ana Maria’s sister is my friend and that she admires my mom. Not to mention that serendipity brought Megan and I together with these wonderful girls which caused us to turn to Arlene who sent us Franny.”

Megan continued, “In negotiations to protect the girls, we meet Vera, Betty and Irene who think the world of our girls. And Roxanne, who goes to bat for them at the drop of a contractor. Then the fact that the admin women are pals with Arlene and Mona. And Ana Maria. Who next, is the big question?”

Nikki said, “Melissa knows Denny MacDonald the valet from the Art Dept. Lord knows where that will lead.”

“And you all have the most influential fan club in town. Those people are the power players. All of the men and most of the women run this town. The women, who don’t run the town, run the men who do. The Mayor you met. His wife owns the second largest bank in New Town. The man sitting with him is a Federal Court judge. His wife is CEO of the largest real estate holding company. The Dean you know, of course. You didn’t know his wife, Vera, is Chairman of the University Board of Directors.” Ana Maria said as she came into the room.

Mona added, “Our school chum, Irene plays with the big kids, because she controls the lives of hundreds of people. She decides who is chosen to do business with the college. This institution spends a lot of money. A minor contract can make a small company large, employ more workers and pay more taxes into the system. The system pays policemen, fire fighters and teachers. A major contract not only generates huge income, it makes the company attractive to other potential customers.”

“Irene is extremely good at her job. You do not piss that girl off. The sleazy contractor learned that lesson the hard way. He not only tried to rip off the University, but he put girls’ lives in danger. Irene considers the coeds her sisters. All of the alumnae do. That bastard did the unforgivable. Neither she nor her sisters will ever forget and 95% of the people in the main room are graduates or are married to one.” Arlene explained

“Robert Parsons is the college CFO. Irene hires it or buys it. Parsons writes the check. Betty runs Foundations Grants. She found a company chairman willing to build us a whole new performing arts center if we would name the auditorium after him. She has the Project so well funded you could buy Arkansas and hardly touch the interest.” Ana Maria chimed in, “That room is now full of major power couples that see you people as the golden kids. The volleyball team makes them proud and they know you will be successful in the future. They see the young girls growing to be strong and powerful citizens. Megan is the rising young star of the faculty, brave, fearless and innovative.” From Mona.

“Coach Wilson is the superhero as far as the alumnae are concerned. He investigated a corrupt and evil official, creamed a bully trying to hurt an innocent girl, helps the girls break out of their shells without destroying the traits that make them lovely and coached a championship girls’ team.” They turned to a new voice. Coming in with the wait staff and the dinner were Vera, Betty and Irene. Vera was the one talking, “but you are putting Betty out of work.”

This caused Irene to laugh out loud, “Your display of integrity and concern for the team and University won a bet that got us a new gymnasium, the land to put it on and the money to equip it as a state of the art facility.”

“But it was nothing but doing the right thing.” Eddie insisted.

“That is what is so amazing about all of you. Doing the right thing is automatic for all of you. We know about Claire and Janie going all Ninja Warrior on those large boys harassing Kate, a girl they hardly knew. And Thea doing the same. The tiniest girls faced down great threats to protect a sister without a thought. Crysta and Donna have always been good examples to the other girls in the dorms of the natural resiliency of young girls. Megan made her choice to be part of the enhanced code enforcement to support the girls and to increase the chance that the inspection exception would be approved. Megan demonstrates by example. You’ve already discussed Coach.” Betty said with some force.

She added with a satisfied smile, “Your sense of rightness and the immediate actions in that direction have blown the faculty away. You girls are now on full scholarship through grad school in the field of your choice and you will continue to receive the Project stipend. Megan is promoted to Director of Special Projects in the Student Health Department. The position is permanent. Coach is still Head Coach of his team plus he is now Adjunct Assistant Director of Special Projects.”

“It is my pleasure to announce that the volleyball gym is now the permanent home of the Project girls and assistants. New living quarters will be added for Ms Martin on the visitor’s side as Roxanne did for Coach Wilson plus new offices for her Health Department duties will be furnished. Coach is to use the annex you call study hall as his office. It will keep him in touch with the girls.” Irene grinned like a fool when she finished.

Vera added, “The only limitation is that the volley ball team is to have access to the showers and locker room on the visitor’s side and that we create at least two full courts for practice. Games will be played in the new gym, which will be ready before next season starts. But the team’s excellence is born and nurtured in this place. Don’t worry about it being ready on time. The gym is to be a gift to the college when it is done. Before then, it is private sector. There is no bidding period, no lowest bidder, no legislative grandstanding. Most of their favorites are women or minority owned anyway. They cast off the old boy network long ago when they learned if you give a small business owner a fighting chance to compete, they prove their worth. Those people out there are doing it all and they have the money and power to make it happen. They will not disappoint each other. It will be top shelf all the way because that is how they do things.”

Ana Maria said, “Gabriella, would you bring four more chairs and set four more places. The girls’ night out for Vera, Irene and Betty turned out quite different, didn’t it? Now, eat before it gets cold.”

Everyone was served family style. Family, if you are a member of the House of Borgia, to anyone else it was a feast of monumental proportion. The twenty teens and four team members tried to behave like proper young girls but the concept died in infancy. They were laughing and teasing and eating off each other’s plates and making up their own names for the dishes.

They were having a grand time when Ashley went to Coach and Megan. Urgently whispering in their ears, “Gabby has the look Nell, Sue and Janie had, Thea, Claire and Georgette, too. I remembered why she seemed so familiar. She is a day student, majoring in Resort Management and Culinary Arts. After class, she flies home like a scared rabbit hiding from wolves. Gabby is one of us. We need to adopt her before something terrible happens. I talked to Audrey and Jen and they had seen her around, too.”

Jen joined the plot, “Remember the look in Nell’s eyes when she thought Coach and Megan would send her away? Remember how Sue was paralyzed in terror the night Coach rescued her? Gabrielle has that look all the time. We have to adopt her into the family, soon. She needs our protection.”

Megan asked Coach, “Do you have extra bracelets?”

Eddie said, “I have two in my pocket now. I carry one or two everywhere like I carry my ID. Ashley, please get Audrey and meet us at the bar over there. Megan and I will collect Gabby. We need a war council.”

“Excuse us for a moment. We need to discuss internal affairs for a minute or two.” Eddie informed the group. The teens looked relieved. Megan took Gabby’s hand and led her to the bar.

Ana Maria and Betty pumped their fists in the air like fans when the home team scores the winning touchdown. Eddie and Megan noticed but didn’t have a clue why they were acting so pleased.

Megan sat Gabby down and asked her to tell about herself. Gabby answered, “I’m a day student here. I love my classes and one day will have a place in the Giovanni business. A drunk driver killed my parents. I was ten and came to live with Aunt Ana Maria who is my father’s sister. You already know Aunt Angela. Betty and Bob Parsons are my god parents.”

“You have a bad look in your eyes, Gabrielle. Something is very wrong. Ashley, Audrey and Jen saw it, too. I sensed a serious uneasiness about you, but waited for the reason to become clear. Talk to us.” Eddie used the ‘Coach Voice’, basically compelling her to answer.

“I feel like prey when I’m on campus. I know and have agreed to the code because the education will take me a long way in life. Besides, the code is not hard to follow and it is fun to be a sexy girl sometimes. And I know that one day soon, I will pay the price. I can’t let it be that way. But, the way some boys eyes follow me, I know they will invent an excuse to hurt me in the name of the code of conduct. I’m a normal girl. I might be able to hold out, but I might get treated like Sumiko, the girl you rescued. They boys will get me when you are not around and it will not end well for me.”

“That is why I’m a day student. The family could afford to send ten girls to college on Grand Daddy Giovanni’s pocket change but I cannot stay in the dorms and be exposed to the inspectors’ attention even more than I am.”

Eddie pulled out a bracelet and showed it to Gabby. Megan said, “This bracelet is the inspection exemption all the girls in the project wear. It comes with a high price. Maybe more than you are willing to pay. It also carries the protection of Coach Wilson and me and sisterhood in our family. It means you will participate in the Project and all that entails.”

Eddie put the bracelet in her hands; “I will get your aunt, Betty, Vera, Irene, Arlene and Mona to go with Megan and me out to visit with the dignitaries in the main dining room. When you know if you can pay the price, come get us. But know this, there is no going back. Once you take the step, you are in all the way. The girls will explain what means.”

“Ladies, will you accompany Ms Martin and I out to visit with the folks in the main dining room? The girls have something to discuss of a personal nature.”

“Absolutely, Coach.” Betty responded, “Maybe Ms Martin can sweet talk the bankers to give us better interest rates on the University investment accounts. You folks already got us a new gym with a simple ‘Thanks, but no thanks’”.

Vera wondered, “What could you do if you actually tried? Get us a new stadium?”

“An airport would be nice. We promise to let the town use it,” Irene chuckled.

They left and shmoozed with the big kids for a while. The guys were talking skyboxes and the gals wanted three times the restrooms normally installed. Local restaurants would cater the concession stands. The big thinkers were thinking big. They wanted and would get a sports palace. It would come in early and under budget.

The bankers had the accounts set up, the real estate holding company was deeding the land to the corporation the attorneys had chartered. The mayor had dragged his people back to work. The zoning was cleared and construction permits were in place. The architects commandeered a table and had Denny sketching elevations and floor plans. Movers and shakers were moving and shaking.

Megan noticed two things immediately. People were drinking sodas, tea and coffee. The evening remained social, but was about business. These people were clearheaded and stayed that way. The second thing was that there was no ego driven discussion about a name for the facility. Get it built first.

Ana Maria looked at her restaurant/command post. “This is what we were talking about earlier. Your group has them more excited about civic pride than ever before, just because you all do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.”

Vera admitted, “We overheard the conversation your two girls initiated. We also wanted you to rescue Gabrielle but could not ask. You might think we were using our positions to exert influence.”

Megan interrupted, “And we might trust you to be aware of that. So if you had asked anyway, we would have taken the request at face value, knowing how important it must be to risk our relationship.”

Betty continued, “But your girls preempted that and recruited her themselves. We hope you can take her in. We have no illusions about your methods. You know that. But we believe it’s the right thing for Gabby. It is time for her to spread her wings. She needs both of you to show her the way out of her box while remaining who she is.”

“Not to mention she can run your kitchen with her hands tied behind her back, which if rumors are to be believed, will actually be necessary.” Arlene giggled.

“You were always such a perv. No wonder Dave loves you.” Irene also giggled.

Nell appeared and asked them to return to the private room. Gabby stood in the center of the circular table blushing furiously. She had the bracelet in her outstretched hand. Eddie entered the circle and stepped close enough to her that she had to look up. Coach took the offered bracelet and held her left wrist. “Are you aware of the commitment you are making voluntarily? Are you aware that once this bracelet is closed it cannot be removed and that symbolizes the finality of your decision? That your life will change instantly from this minute forward?” he asked in his ‘Coach Voice’.

“Yes, Coach. The girls have made it crystal clear. Your family will make me crazy and protect me unconditionally. I will do things I’ve never imagined and will come out the other side stronger, more resilient and more feminine than ever. I’m ready.”

Coach gently affixed the band and patted her butt. “Welcome to the family, Gabrielle.”

“I knew she was one of us.” Donna laughed. “Crysta, Nell and Franny want to take her to the bus and get Gabby properly outfitted. Can we have the keys?” Eddie handed her the key ring. The girls went out, grabbing a large white tablecloth on the way.

Georgette giggled, “Nothing like throwing the poor girl in the deep end. Been there, done that and lost the tee-shirt. Coach made me walk home naked. It was weird to the extreme, embarrassing to die from, but I survived to streak another day.”

“We were there, Georgette. You were magnificent.” Betty said, “By they way Mona, can you dress us like these pretty girls? I think it’s time to shake up the Administration fashion world. I like feeling pretty and kicking butt at once.”

“Arlene made us little strappy suits we never got to show off. I am sure we need to rethink office wear. Shame to waste a perfectly good outfit.” Irene said.

The little girls looked at the older girls with great question marks in their eyes. Vera answered, “We are only a few years older than Coach Wilson. It ain’t like we’re dead already. Don’t look so shocked.”

The doors opened revealing the five returning teens. Nell and Franny lead the way, followed by Gabby, wrapped in the tablecloth Donna and Crysta brought up the rear. Donna shut the doors. In unison Nell and Franny announced, “We present to you Gabrielle, newest member of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Titties.” They stepped aside as Donna and Crysta nudged Gabby forward. “As has become custom, Crysta and Donna will do the honors.”

The two girls slowly pulled the tablecloth away. Gabby was wonderful. Blushing madly, she revealed herself in the transparent panties and tank top combo. The four teenagers escorted her to the space in the center of the table, put her at parade rest and returned to their seats. Gabby was on full display, standing alone. “Gabrielle. Clasp your hands on your head and turn slowly so we can see all of you.” Coach ordered. Gabby bit her lower lip and did as ordered.

“Remove the shirt and panties. They cover nothing. Now.” She responded to the ‘Voice’ without thinking. Now she realized that she had stripped herself naked in public. She felt her nipples harden and her pussy moisten.

Donna confessed, “Ms Martin, we forgot to lock the door.”

Megan thought ‘Those girls can sure play the girl game.’ But said aloud, “That’s part of the risk she takes. Anybody might walk in. Imagine what they will think as they stare at those sweet tits and hard nipples. Nothing to do for it now.”

“Like Georgette said, deep end it is.” Eddie entered the center space. “Are you ready? It has become traditional for a new girl to take her first fuck in public. Pardon the language but there is no clearer way to tell you what will happen next. Touch your pussy and tell me how wet you are.”

Gabby, again did as commanded, embarrassed that she was acting like a slut in front of her aunt and godmother. Eddie was playing gently with her boobs. “How wet are you, Gabby?”

“I’m dripping. I’m embarrassed to the max and it makes me so hot I can’t stand it.”

“On your knees and suck my cock. Don’t make me tell you twice.”

Beth warned, “Careful with the teeth. Take his cock deep.”

Gabby tried to deep throat him like she had seen on the Internet. It was harder than she thought. It was also bigger than she thought.

He took his dick out of her mouth. “Did you know that I fucked Franny on the counter at the Fabric shop while Arlene watched, nailed Claire and Janie to the wall outside the Sex Shop and carried Sue all the way to Mona’s, bouncing her on this dick with every step. Can you still taste their cunts?”

“Now, it’s your turn.” Coach picked her up and positioned her as he had Sue in the street. “Hold my dick and put it your soaking pussy.” She followed directions in a daze, wondering why she was doing this nasty thing and unable to stop.

“Now give me your virginity. Let me tear your maidenhead. It will probably hurt, but you will do it because you want it to. Impale yourself on my hard cock.”

Gabby held him in position long enough to get her first fuck started and began to lower her overheated body. Eddie slowly rotated, giving everyone a view of her cunt taking his dick slowly.

“Can you feel your pussy lips stretch? If you weren’t such a wet hottie, you would split. But you are a hot little girl fucking a man you have known for just hours. Did you dream this in your girlish fantasies? Now, I can feel your hymen. Push your cunt down and give it to me. You want to give it up in front of your aunt and godmother. Won’t they be proud of their cheap whore of a niece? Do it now!”

“I’m doing it now Coach. Here goes.” She pushed down as much as she could stand and felt it tear as the Coach’s cock went deeper. “It’s done. I am fucking finally and I don’t care who sees it.”

Eddie pushed her back, staying connected. “Look down. See how hard your little nipples are. Pinch them hard. Like that. Look lower and you will see your cunt with its first dick. We are just getting started. There is a lot more dick to go.”

“Coach, I am full now.”

“No you’re not. A real girl can take it all. Show the family what a dirty girl you are. Bounce up and down. Now you are fucking for real. How does it feel to get opened up in public, fucking for your aunt?”

“It feels so good. I can’t care about anything else. Now you’ve at the end of my cunt. Wow! You have more to go in.”

“Can you take the rest in your tight wet pussy? When you are coming, tell me loud.” He started to fuck back, using his strength bounce her little body fast and hard. “I love watching your tits shake when you fuck. Squeeze them and play with your clit. I will not let you fall. You can’t anyway, stuck on my hard cock like this. Your family has a better view if your first time on a dick than you do. Maybe I’ll fuck you out to the men’s room so you can see what the men see in the mirror. Don’t you want the Mayor to see you be a slutty whore? He will see how hot it makes you when he watches you bounce on my dick. I can feel how that makes you hotter.”

“Something is happening Coach! Oh. My. God. Here it comes!” her pussy clamped hard and spasmed out of control. She stopped breathing. Eddie thrust hard and penetrated her cervix before she knew it happened. Her eyes flew open as her clit hit his pubis. The orgasm got bigger. Finally, Gabby took a huge breath and screamed her lungs out.

Megan raced to the door to lock it. “It’s soundproof. They can’t hear her.” Advised Ana Maria.

Coach began a monster orgasm, pumping the ex-virgin full. She felt that and her spasms continued. She wound down eventually and collapsed against the Coach’s sweaty chest.

“Wow, just fucking wow. You are still hard! Can I do it again?”

“Do what? Be clear.” Coach ordered.

“I want to get used some more. I need to get screwed again.” Gabby moaned.

Eddie walked to the space between Ana Maria and Betty Parsons and brushed aside the dishes with Gabby’s ass. Staying deep in her cunt, he laid her across the table with her head hanging off between Betty and her Aunt. “Please hold this little teenager’s head while I show her how a slutty girl gets used.”

The women supported Gabby’s head as Coach proceeded to fuck her brains out. With her Aunt Ana Maria pinching her nipples and her godmother rolling her clit, she was coming constantly. Her internal muscles began to flutter rapidly as Eddie began to spurt again. He quickly pulled out and rammed his cock up Gabby’s ass in one stroke. She had no time to tense up and took the ass fucking relatively easy.

When she did realize that the huge prick was pumping in her butt, it was too late to do anything but get ass-fucked. The sheer nastiness of losing her second, no, actually her third and last virginity in one continuous fucking made her come some more, causing the Coach to give her another semen injection. Gabby felt that through her orgasmic daze, came again and fainted.

He pulled out and left her where she was. “Nell, come suck her clean. Ms Martin says it’s not nice to drip pussy juice on the carpets. But first, get a napkin and wipe up some of her virgin blood for her Aunt Ana Maria to frame and hang in the lobby.”

“Marti, get a wet napkin and clean my cock. It goes in no one until it’s clean.”

Marti dampened the cloth and wiped her Master’s cock. She smelled it to test. “Master it still smells a little like Sue. May I go to the restroom and get a warm soapy cloth and one to rinse off the soap?”

“Very good, pet. You are a good girl.” Eddie returned to his seat.

Vera said, “You just sat down to finish your dessert as if this stuff happens every day!”

‘It does, ma’am. It does.” answered Mika.

“Megan, can you get the drippy little girls organized enough to board the bus we need to start home. Ana Maria, is your nasty girl alert enough to move?” Coach said as Marti cleaned him.

Gabrielle jumped up to the astonishment of everyone except Eddie, “Coach! One new fuck toy alert and accounted for, Sir!”

The room was silent until Donna said, “Janie and Sue, you have some serious competition in the ‘girl game, gotcha division’. Watch your back, there’s a new tramp in town.” The girls roared for a long while.

“Go with your new sisters tonight. I’ll send your things over tomorrow even though they will never pass Coach’s inspection. Would someone tell me how many customers are still in the dining room?” Ana Maria asked. Lisa peeped out.

“It’s apparently empty except for the waitresses. The coast is clear.”

“Great,” Coach said, “It is such a nice night I want everybody to enjoy it, just like Gabby. Give me all of your clothes, even the volleyball team. A good refreshing naked bus ride is in order.”

The girls stripped, including the team and Megan The six older girls looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and stripped too. Now there were 30plus naked babes walking out to the bus. Denny the valet painter saw the lovely group in the lobby.

Eddie stopped him. “Do you have your camera phone? We need a group photo. That mural will do as a backdrop.” He leaned in and whispered. “Pose us in three rows, standing, on their knees and sitting back on their heels. Make sure all the good parts of all the girls show clearly. The alumnae go in the middle row. All girls, knees spread, hands clasped behind their back, shoulders back. I will be on the end, back row, pounding one of the little girls doggie, but standing up. I plan to drive them crazy.”

In his best ‘Coach Voice’, he said, “Everyone get set for a group photo. Denny has volunteered to do the deed. Let him line us up for the best composition. Lets move it.”

In short order, Eddie and Denny had the girls organized to Eddie’s satisfaction. His favorite parts of all the girls were totally exposed to the camera.

Eddie was behind and between Sue and Georgette. In two shots he was inside Sue, her back against his chest, his dick clearly in her stretched cunt. In the next two, he was fucking Georgette the same way. In the next three he was ass fucking a surprised Gabrielle in the same position. In the last two he was simply posed like the others.

A magnificently naked Bridget was posed next to Coach Wilson. She whispered to Eddie, “Coach, you do the most weird daring things to these little girls and they love it. You make them feel like the sexiest girls in the world with just a glance. Now, Vicky and Debby are feeling like very neglected virgins. They are athletes and students, but are young girls first. I think we need to have a practice in the volleyball dorm. They are sure to screw up something and need a lesson on team spirit. Most of the team got their first fuck at the end of your dick. Failing a good excuse, just fuck both girls hard without warning like you do the others.”

” OK. Bridget, get with Monica and schedule an early practice tomorrow about 10:00 AM. We need to rehash some plays and sets from this season.”

“Denny, come to the volleyball gym early tomorrow and so we can dump the pictures and wipe the memory card. Need I tell you what horrible things will happen to your career and person if these pictures go any farther than the memory card they are on?”

“Those are very powerful businesswomen, and senior officials at the University reliving their college years, which incidentally were not many years ago, and having a girls night out. They can hurt you really bad. I will hurt you worse. Am I clear?”

“Coach, I would never utter a word nor transmit a single pixel. I am gay so I believe in ‘trust but verify’ from a self-preservation point of view. Take the camera with you. Nikki, Beth or Becca can dump and erase the card. Get them to reload the shots from the parking lot. That was magic. Will you let me take a photo of a naked Gabby with her back turned three quarters away, looking over her shoulder at the camera? It would be great if one boob were partially exposed from the side. I will add her to the group shots outside.”

Eddie agreed to take the device. “Gabby, stand by yourself near the white wall and pose like Denny says. We need it for a special project Denny is doing for us.”

“OK you silly little twats. Get your adorable butts on the bus. As soon as I settle the bill, I will bring Gabby out and we can go home.”

He paid the bill, got the receipt and waited for Denny to finish up with Gabby. He would finish with Gabby after the girls showered and got undressed for a night at home. Denny gave him the camera, reminding him to save the photos not taken in the lobby.

Arlene and Mona went to dress with the Admin girls and choose to hitch a ride with Irene back to get their cars. The project girls now numbering 21, and the 4 from the team plus Eddie and Megan rode the bus to the dorm.

“You know, of course, that camera has group shots of 31 girls and one guy, all naked in a public place. And the 31 girls include 3 from the faculty and 3 business owners.” Megan observed.

“And the faculty girls are the Dean’s wife, the CFO’s wife and the Facilities Manager. And the 3 business owners include the mother of a girl who gave me her cherry within 15 seconds of our first meeting, the aunt of a girl who gave it up an hour age during dinner and the dress shop owner who watched me take several willing girls in the street.” Eddie mused, “I wonder which pose we should put on the Christmas cards? The one where I’m screwing Georgette, Sue or Gabby? But I’m really in Gabby’s ass. Or a normal 32 person naked picture with no screwing at all?”

“You wouldn’t dare! Would you?” Vicky, in the next seat back, asked.

“Daring the Coach is the best way to get something done, especially if it embarrasses the girls.” Megan warned.

“Coach, how do get girls to do what you tell them? You had sex with a virgin on the dinner table while her aunt watched. You told one girl to lick another clean. You told 31 people to get naked to have a picture taken on the lobby of the best restaurant in town.”

“Vicky, may I remind you that you are naked on a bus, you wore semi-transparent very short clothes to that same restaurant and spoke to the Mayor and the most powerful in town. You stripped off what little you were wearing to be in the naked picture. You walked a rather long way, naked, to be on this bus. Where you remain naked.” Megan pointed out.

“Did I force you? Did I force the Dean’s wife? You tell me why you are naked now.”

“I don’t know why, Coach. You said to do it and everyone did. Just like that. I am as embarrassed as I have ever been but I don’t think I can cover up until you say I can. It makes me feel squishy inside when I should be humiliated at my dirty behavior.”

“Vicky, have you ever given a blow job?” Coach asked.

“No, never.” Vicky gasped out.

“It’s time you learned. Get between my knees and put my dick in your mouth. Now!” Eddie ordered. Vicky arose and went to her knees in front of Coach. Gripping his unit lightly, Vicky stuck it in her mouth.

Megan gave instructions, “Get his cock wet with your tongue. Careful with the teeth, they hurt. Now take it in as much as you can and move up and down. Suck when sliding up and lick when you slide it back in. When he comes, swallow it all. Do not spill a drop.”

Eddie ordered, “Play with your clit while you are sucking my dick.” Her hand when to her pussy and his hands when to her nipples. Vicky began to pant. He could tell her orgasm was coming soon, and let himself go. Vicky came and forced her head down on his prick hard causing him to fill her mouth. “Swallow it all, Vicky. Now lick me clean.”

When she had sucked and licked Eddie clean, asked, “Tell me how I made you do that. I simply told you to suck my dick and you did quite nicely. You did a good job and have delightful titties to play with too. I did not force you, so why did you do it?”

Vicky was embarrassed. “You told me to and I felt compelled to obey. I don’t know what says about the kind of girl I am.”

“Vicky, you and I will have a meeting in my quarters with the other 3 team members as soon as we shower. We will discuss team discipline, proper behavior while in the dorm and what kind of girl you really are. Tell the other three. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Coach. I’ll tell the others.” And she scampered off.

“Are you going to take her cherry tonight, Coach?” Bridget asked, leaning over his shoulder, “You will have to take Debby’s also.” She had taken Vicky’s seat.

‘Only if she needs to give it.” Coach answered. “Before the meeting in my quarters, we will shower with the other girls. Who knows what might happen there?”

The bus eventually pulled into the parking lot. All twenty-seven of them got the day’s shopping unloaded in one trip. Everyone went directly to the shower room. The original ten concentrated on cleaning Bridget and Debby, probably because they were so tall. Eddie managed to finish the unfinished fuck with Sue while Vicky watched. Sue was very happy to be nailed against the wall. Eddie had to promise Georgette that he would not leave her hanging for long.

The whole mob exited to the bedding area. Coach told the teenagers that he needed to go over team matters with the four girls and would be in the ‘Coach Zone’ for a while. Once there, he closed the door and seated Bridget and Monica on the sofa. Vicky and Debby he sat on the edge of the bed. Coach took the armchair facing the bed.

“Vicky, you gave me a blowjob on the bus. You said it was your first. You swallowed my spunk and said that you wondered what kind of girl would do that just because I told you to. Does that about sum it up?”

“Yes, sir. And there was the part about me walking around naked and embarrassed, but staying naked.” Vicky said.

“Let’s see if there anything you will not do if I tell you to. Give me another blowjob.”

The others watched as Vicky went to her knees before the Coach and began to suck his cock like she did on the bus. “Are you wet yet? Does it make you hot knowing the dick in your mouth was in Sue’s pussy 15 minutes ago? It was in Georgette’s cunt, too. I fucked Gabby in the pussy and ass at her aunt’s restaurant. You know that and still suck me like a whore. What kind of girl are you?”

Vicky moaned and so did Debby. “Does this make you drip, too, Debby? You may not touch yourself. I want you to play with this slut’s cunt and tell me if she is wet enough to fuck.”

The tall young girl got up in a daze and squatted behind the sucking teen. Debby reached between Vicky’s legs to play with her pussy. “Can you put a finger inside?”

“Yes, sir, but not in very far. And her nipples are like rocks.” Debby answered quietly.

“Help her up. I want her to give me a lap dance.” Eddie ordered. “You would like that, wouldn’t you, Vicky?”

“Yes, Coach. If you want a lap dance, I want to give you one.” Vicky whispered. Debby helped by lifting up by her twat. “Straddle my lap, Vicky. Rub my dick with your slick pussy. Now, push it down so it pokes out the back under your ass.” Eddie let her slide her pussy lips back and forth on his prick for a minute.

“Lift your ass so Debby can hold my dick up. Debby, put my cock in her pussy.” Both girls did as ordered. Bridget and Monica watched silently. They knew what Eddie’s dick felt like inside.

“You want to fuck away your virginity, don’t you Vicky? Just impale your cunt on my dick. Just push down and give me your maidenhood. Do it now.”

Vicky could feel the dick start to part and stretch her pussy lips. She pushed harder and felt it go in a little until Eddie’s dick met her hymen. “It hurts I think, Coach.”

“It will hurt, maybe a lot, girl. But you will push your pussy around it anyway because I told you to, won’t you?”

Vicky nodded, and dropped all of her weight on the dick, breaking her maidenhead, suddenly letting about five inches in her opening pussy. “Ooh, that stings. Is it all in?”

“Touch it and see for yourself. Wait for a minute until you stretch to fit. Damn, your cunt is tight. This is going to be a good fuck.”

Vicky discovered another four or so inches ready to go. She began to move up and down, trying to work more dick in. “For such a little whore, you can take a lot of dick, Vicky. Bounce faster.” Eddie thrust up to meet her downstrokes. Vicky could feel her orgasm build. All of her attention span was concentrated on how he felt inside her. She could feel her clit contact his hair and her cunt slide up and down.

The sensations started to overwhelm her. She was so focused on the feelings that her orgasm snuck up on her. With no conscious help from her, her hips went crazy, jerking in all directions. Cunt muscles seized the dick and tried to hold on for dear life. Vicky didn’t know that is unusual for a girl to come like that the first time she got fucked. All she knew is this is the best feeling ever as should have happened earlier and must happen more often.

“Vicky, what kind of girl are you? Have you answered your own question? Why do girls do what I tell them?” Coach repeated her questions back, pulsing inside her as he spoke.

” I can feel you in places I didn’t know were there. I’m the same girl I was, only better at it, I think. You tell me to do what I am too afraid and embarrassed to admit getting excited about doing. Is it even close to normal to need nasty things? Do I have to participate in the Health Project, now?” Vicky asked.

“So I’m not making you do things. I’m giving you permission to be a slut. Will you like it when I fuck you during a volleyball game? Not if, but when you suck Ingrid’s clit every side-out? Won’t that look sweet on ESPN’s Highlight Reel?”

“If you join the Project, every one on the team will have to join. I will have to discuss it with the Director and, if Ms Martin approves, make a proposal to the Administration. Before we get to that point, I will have to poll the whole team. The vote must be all or none. Needless to say, the Team Dress Code will change dramatically. The team will have to live here, but I do not know if there is room. Incoming recruits and future prospects will have to be informed,” he added.

Bridget interrupted, “You are already our coach so not much will change. Maybe the daily dress style will, but team discipline will not differ. You already own our bodies unconditionally at practice. Being in the Project would simply extend our willing submission to 24/7. The exemption bracelets are a great bonus. All of us dread arbitrary inspectors who, we all know, keep score of the pretty girls they want to ‘consensually rape’. They don’t bother us much because of you, Coach, but when they do, they really are persistent.”

Eddie advised, “OK. Lets ask the girls who already live here what they think. I want to give them a chance to talk it over privately before we go further. Adding twelve girls to the house changes our home conditions considerably.”

Monica commented softly, “They seem to target ‘high profile’ girls, like we are a notch on their bedposts. It shouldn’t be that way. We always comply with the codes, so they cannot lodge any real complaint, but they threaten say we resisted an inspection. Just so they can strip us in public and fondle our parts.”

“The next time you are stopped for inspection, call me. You have my number on speed dial. Use it immediately. I’ll work on getting bracelets for the team. I might be able to convince the Dean’s wife and Mrs. Parsons to lobby their husbands to put girls championship teams under my tutelage for compliance purposes. They seem to approve of my training and discipline methodologies. Monica, you and Bridget start calling the team. Tell them to get here as soon as possible. Meet in the living area. I know it’s getting late, but we need to move fast.”

“Coach, can we ask the other girls now?” Vicky wondered.

“Lets do it.” Coach lifted Vicky off his still very hard prick and looked at Debby to see what she would do. She had options. One: She could help Vicky sit down. Two: She could ask. Three: She could just climb aboard and give her virginity away. Four: She could wait until later.

Debby chose three and four. “I think I want you to take me hard, like you did Gabby. But do it suddenly before I know what’s happening. I am ashamed to admit it but I’m getting a nasty thrill thinking of being fucked for the first time with dozens of people watching me get my first dick.” She begged, “Please do me before you talk about the team moving here.”

“No, not so soon. I’ll take you when I’m ready, not when you think you want it. I’m in charge, not you. For now, lick me clean.” Debby shuddered but soon had sucked the traces of Vicky’s maidenhead away.

Eddie ushered the four team teens back to the main room.