Pretty Girl of the Day, June 10, 2014

I’m so glad I did the Muff Day thing. I was so scared, growing it out, especially in the last week or so, when I thought it was so obvious. Can I tell you my secret? I kept my lips shaved, as you can see, and I always wore a top that just barely covered my muff – and I always kept my butt completely bare – making it look like I was completely bottomless.


Whenever I would pass an Inspector, I would always smile, then look down, and then when I’ve passed by, I turn my head to catch him looking at me, then I smiled again, not just to be coy, but at my secret victory over the Inspector. I’m getting wet now, just thinking about it!


But now, the victory is mine. With my nice, fluffy muff covering my pussy, I can go out in public, and feel fully dressed without a stitch of clothing on. Hey, check this out: If I pull my hair over my tits, I’m fully covered! My pussy and my tits, both covered with hair. I love being naked and fully decent at the same time!


So exciting!