Preventive Medicine Health Project Part 5.9

The two teachers launched into the testing phases immediately. The new girls got tested first. The object was to calculate how much force was needed to pull the plug from each subject’s vagina. The digital scale, attached to the pink plug, was pulled slowly until the plug popped out. The measurement process was repeated on all the girls.

The plugs were inserted again, turned, turned to ‘high’, and the sequence repeated again with each subject undergoing vaginal stimulation, measurements being dutifully recorded by the assistants.

The final phase consisted of measuring the force required to remove the plug while the subject was in the middle of an orgasm. The subjects were aided by one of the assistants who massaged the subject’s clitoris until orgasm was achieved. The subjects were released from wall bondage and helped to the mats where they recovered from the tests.

The four assistants collected the pink devices, taking them to the locker room where they were cleaned thoroughly and wiped with alcohol towelettes. The helpers rounded up the balance of the testing supplies, storing the equipment in a cabinet in Coach Wilson’s office with the clean plugs.

The test subjects recovered quickly. They were, after all, teenaged girls with very resilient bodies and minds. Ms Martin set them to work making the gym tidy enough to sleep comfortably tonight. The assistants had returned by this time. Everyone pitched in to police the area. Conversation was minimal. The teens, as they moved around the gym, quietly assimilated the experiences each had been through. To a girl, they knew they had become stronger, more feminine as a result.

Once the girls’ new home was presentable, Coach Wilson hustled the group to the showers. He and Megan joined in the gentle fun. The polished and shiny bunch piled onto the mattresses, waiting for sweet sleep. Soon the only sound in the room was the soft breathing of happy tired teenagers. And two equally pleased teachers. No one remembered having a final thought.

Thursday morning greeted a tangled mass of warm teenaged girls piled haphazardly on, under and around themselves and the teachers. The first to move awakened the whole group, which devolved into a huge tickle fight. The giggling eventually subsided as the girly mob became extremely interested in breakfast. Eddie assured them that they had the cutest bed faces ever seen on the planet. The teens blushed all over. He told them that their sweet bodies were cute in the morning, too. That got him brighter blushes. He and Megan went to the office to check messages and confirm delivery of the new furnishings. Both were astonished at what they found out.

In the kitchen, the teens made scrambled eggs, toast, bacon and hash browns. Armed with juices and coffee, the bubbly cooks delivered the whole feast to the conference room. Breakfast was consumed quicker then it took to make.

Eddie and Megan addressed the sea of happy satisfied faces. Megan said, “We are going to get you all excused from classes today. The disruption caused by the near tragedy at the dorm has thrown the campus into frenzy. We do not need to add to it. Assignments will be emailed. Facilities and Purchasing have made miracles. Your entire wish list will be here today!”

Eddie had to wait several minutes for the cheers to end. “We all need to forget the dress code for most of the day and wear comfortable, sturdy clothes. I do not want you scraped or bruised while we move the new furniture into place, then move it some more. I anticipate a busy day.”

Megan rushed the teens off to find them something more protective than the slightly colored air they usually wore. Between Eddie’s gym wear, extra volleyball uniforms and the few things the girls had, all were suitably attired to work their cute butts off. And they still radiated girlish sexy innocence. It was incredible how the babes maintained that aura. They soon passed the new inspection. Eddie and Megan pronounced them the cutest schleppers ever.

Megan had them move every thing they owned into the office or conference room and lock it up.

There was a knock at the door. Eddie answered as Roxanne’s voice asked; “Ya’ll decent in there?”

“Not now, not ever, but come on in.” the girls chorused. Roxanne entered with a crew of women ready to move the world.

“The furniture and appliances will be here soon. Let’s clear the decks make you a new home fit for princesses. Ladies, you know the drill. It’s party time!” Her crew laughed and set to work like a well-oiled machine. The teens followed suit. Mattresses and mats were stacked by the ladder wall to preserve the testing space. Floors were swept and mopped.

A parade of delivery people, flat trucks and hand trucks trooped into and out of the gym for the next three hours. After the vans were empty and the bounty unpacked, Eddie called for a break and ordered almost the entire deli menu. “Please deliver ASAP. We have some dangerously hungry people here.” He warned, hearing the laughter through the phone.

The mob walked around the space, knowing exactly where everything belonged. Using flat trucks and furniture glides; they moved things around until stuff was generally in the area it needed to be.

The deli guys arrived and saved the day. Everyone washed up, delivery people, teens, Roxanne’s crew included. They settled on the floor to eat. Roxanne would not let them use the new seats until they had clean duds. “No way am I going to let it get dirty before I leave!”

While they munched, Eddie asked how the ‘conference’ with the contractor went. “I let him live but it was close. That no-good bastard threatened my girls for a few pennies extra profit!” she growled.

One of her guys said, “Yeah. Roxy went all mama bear on his butt. We thought we might find enough pieces to fill a pizza box at his funeral.”

“I let him live so the cheap bozo could pay up, for a long time. It will be a cold day in Ecuador before the Dean gets his claws out of that creep’s ass!” That cracked up the room.

The guy said that she really didn’t punch him out too much but he wet his pants before she stopped “chewing him a new asshole. It matches the one the Dean’s wife gave him.” They continued the meal in companionable laughs and chitchat until Boss Roxy sent everyone back to work.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but if Roxanne had been foreman on the job, they would have finished before lunch and started on Naples!” Eddie said. Roxanne laughed and told him to move that sofa two feet to his left.

Megan watched Roxanne good-naturedly push her crew hard no harder than she drove herself. She worked smart with minimal wasted motion. She seemed to see the room and the contents as a giant puzzle with one optimal solution. It did not take her very long to see how the pieces fit. The girls responded well to Roxy’s attitude. ‘They could have a worse role model’ she thought.

By sundown, Roxanne, her crew and the delivery people happily trooped out, leaving no trace to suggest that the gym had ever looked different. Testing, sleeping and living areas were well defined and arranged. They actually left room to play volleyball! Megan and Eddie built generous tips into the delivery invoices where possible. The ‘generous’ contractor took care of the Facilities crew through the Department overtime charges.

Eddie locked up behind her and the very happy but exhausted girls followed Megan to enjoy some much-appreciated showers. Voluntarily, the teens stayed gloriously naked when they entered their new home. Eddie and Megan did the same. They young girls still tittered at exposing their pretty titties but Megan thought the teens liked the teensy thrill. Eddie appreciated how perky that little thrill made the girls. Megan noticed how perky he became looking at perky teenagers.

Ms Martin lightly gripped Coach Wilson and led him by his dick to the conference room, calling out to the girls to “make some dinner before the big monster devours Tokyo.” The giggling girls took a good hard look and decided to take their time. Eddie growled comically and was led to his seat. The crazies headed to the refrigerator, arguing about who got play the part of the Ginza Strip when Godzilla rose from the sea.

They threw together a light dinner of baked chicken tenders and a chef salad, serving it up on the huge table. Most of the talk was about how cool it was that they all lived together. The sense of serendipity included the realization that they might have been blown to smithereens if the Coach and Ms Martin not made plans to upgrade the dorms.

“Most us might be only a memory if not for the Project and our experiences as parts of it. No matter how far out of our comfort zones we were lead, we are better, more feminine girls because of it. The pain really does become almost unbearable pleasure and if not for Ms Martin and our Coach, we might never know what being a strong, resilient girl was or what it felt like to be really alive in all senses.” On Donna’s passionate declaration, dinner was adjourned, the room cleared and the kitchen cleaned. Dishes, too.

It was late, the girls were tired, physically and mentally, so they all crashed on the giant bed in a warm soft heap. Eddie checked the doors and doused the lights except for a light above the testing area, using it a nightlight. He crawled in among the pile of girly parts and nodded away. Godzilla would have to wait for morning. The all had Friday off school. And he had a volleyball game Friday night. Sleeping late sounded better and better.

They did, indeed, sleep late. To the college girls, getting up at 9:00 am was positively sinful. What Audrey, Jen and Beth did to Eddie’s morning glory was pure heaven. They took turns, switching off before he blew. The four assistants, having missed the grand finale last night, took face rides. A good time was had by all, especially Georgette, who asked the other girls if they minded if she tried something she had read in a cheesy romance novel. It was called Sixty-Nine. The girls were stunned. Little Georgette was crossing a line.

Megan was pleased. This young girl, whose every sexual experience had begun somewhat involuntarily, was politely and very shyly, asking permission to try a new position. Curiosity had overcome her embarrassment. Georgette wanted to push her own envelope and must be feeling secure enough to let her new family watch and assist.

The teens put Eddie on his back. They had Georgette straddle his face on her knees, helping at every step. Georgette was blushing hotly. She radiated embarrassment. Claire spread her knees further apart, dropping her pussy onto Eddie’s questing tongue. The brave little girl jumped like she had taken an electric jolt.

Marti got Georgette’s attention and pointed to the dick in front of her. “You know what to do. Lick Master’s cock like a lollypop. Wrap your lips around the head and suck gently.”

“I can’t reach it. I’m not tall enough. What do I do now?” Georgette sounded disappointed.

Crysta propped Eddie’s head (the one with a face full of Georgette twat) up with a pillow. “Looks like you need another pillow. That little hussy is really short!” Donna observed.

Now the show could go on. It took three pillows before Georgette could reach her goal without losing contact with that talented tongue. The eager teens continued to give her tips and pointers. “Never let your teeth touch, that hurts. Swirl your tongue around; boys say that feels real good. See how much you can suck in. Stop when your gag reflex kicks in. Do you like how we taste on Coach’s dick? We spiced it up just for you. Now fuck that cock with your face.”

“How does it feel when Coach licks your pussy? Wait until he finds your G-spot and sucks your clit at the same time. Wow. Coach wet his thumb in your cunt juice. He’s going to stick it in your ass. Feel it going in? If you ask politely, maybe he will butt fuck you while we watch you give him your last cherry.”

Georgette was in a daze. She wanted it all, but was asking was too humiliating to bear. But if the Coach or the Director or the teens made her do it all, then it was OK. It was not her choice to feel guilty about. Georgette needed them to ‘force’ her to do what she was afraid of and wanted so badly.The humiliation and shame made it better. Much better.

“He’s going to cum. You better swallow every drop. Good cunts don’t spill.” She rammed her head down as she came as hard as ever. She felt his dick go down her throat and start spurting straight down her throat. She came harder. Eddie lifted her off his face, spun her flopping body around and sat her on his cock.

Georgette felt the sudden motion then, felt his dick fill her pussy in one stroke. Georgette could look down and see what everyone else had seen: his fat dick pumping in and out of her soaked cunt. That is what she saw, her slutty cunt. She could see and feel it being stretched open at the same time. She could see the others staring at her stretched cunt. She watched her fingers play with her pussy and could feel their eyes see her pussy clinch the dick that had been in every girl in the room. She felt her breath leave her heaving lungs behind the tits his hands were torturing so well. Georgette could feel the bones keeping her body whole turn to jelly. Her orgasm filled her world. Eddie’s orgasm filled her cunt.

Coach lifted her one more time. She felt him enter where his thumb had been before. It didn’t hurt bad. It hurt good. So good. She pumped on her own power, powerless to stop. His fingers replaced hers at her wet pussy. Everyone watched her clit move under his fingers. Georgette put her arms back, propping her sweaty hands on his knees. She felt her tits thrust out, was proud that girls wanted to be her. “Please, my titties,” she heard her smutty mouth beg. The same mouth that sucked her first cock and swallowed every drop. She knew it was Thea and Franny pinching and twisting her inflamed nipples. She needed the girls to know how hard they were. She didn’t have the words to tell them how deep he was.

Her world narrowed to the strange feeling of the Coach coming in her ass, filling it up until she felt it spurt out. Georgette screamed her joy as she had the most intense orgasm ever.

She collapsed on his chest trembling, crying and laughing and hugging the Coach as hard as she could for what seemed like hours. She felt complete. She been taken every way possible and had given everything and was proud that she had allowed them to make her do what she was too ashamed to admit needing.

The girls were in awe. Georgette took her self around the world in 60 minutes. Megan revised her opinion: Georgette was not expanding the envelope. She blew that bitch to pieces.

Twenty people lay around the bedding catching their breath. “Georgette. You seem to have come out of your shell. Are you OK?” Ms Martin asked, reaching out to hold her hand. Georgette nodded, hiding her face in Coach Wilson’s chest.

“Ms Martin, not only did she come out of her shell, she blasted it to pieces.” Donna said, “And that is how you play the girl game.”

“I hate to be the one to break this up, but we have a busy day. We need to do the morning thing quickly. The team will be here at noon for a last minute light workout and strategy session. We travel to our last regular season game tonight. They need the open court.” Coach began, “Let’s get the bedroom straightened up, our faces fed, and bodies showered. Dress code for the day is whatever you want, or don’t want. If you must go out, and I do not advise it, dress warm. It’s cold and wet. Make up a grocery list. We’ll call it in. Turn the storeroom into a pantry if you have to. We will probably be here for at least a year.”

The teenagers loved that idea. The sisterhood had a home.

“And we need to do some laundry. We have two day’s worth, plus a truckload of towels and linens. Some of you might have class work to catch up.” Ms Martin, the teacher stepped in, “Check your email. Coach has his own wi-fi router in the gym. All wireless activity goes through the gym’s secure server, separate from the University’s main hub. Turn your web cams off. That is not a request. Do not use the photo function on your cell phones. People have seen plenty already.”

“Be careful about what you tell your friends. Keep the Project secret. Not a word gets out.” Coach Wilson cautioned, “As rotten as it is outside, Facilities is delivering a huge portable classroom today. Access will be through the ‘Exit Only’ door by the living space. A short breezeway will connect the gym with the bonus room. Sometime later the foreman will knock and give me the key. That’s all we have to do.”

“OK, you little hotties, let’s do this thing!” Megan set them in motion and the day began. The group got the bedding changed, the mega bed made up and the laundry sorted and started.

Next, the naked girls terrorized the kitchen until the morning munchies were subdued. Clean up was quick.

Showers were not quick. Nineteen naked gigglers and one guy towering over them was the usual sexy chaos. The chaos resulted in Eddie fucking Crysta against the shower wall and Janie on the floor, doggie style. He didn’t ask, he just did. They were taken by surprise, but were taken none-the-less. Neither girl seemed to mind all that much. Between fucks, Marti and Beth practiced their deep throat technique. The remaining teenagers and Megan ate and fingered each other until the little cunts came several times.

Twenty shiny, glowing and naked housemates eventually made it out of the locker room to face the day. The girls chose to stay naked until the volleyball team arrived. There was no discussion. The teens were becoming comfortable around each other.

The TechTwats set up shop in the conference room and practiced their considerable skills on the University’s server farm. With astonishing ease, Mika and Nikki hacked every single account, corrupting every picture of the Project participants. Becca checked the gym server and found several ‘backdoors’ the installers left plus two spy bots that seemed to originate from the Administration offices. They were dispatched to cyber hell. The TechTwats backed out of the University servers, leaving no traces of their visits.

They finished their IT homework while networking themselves a little bit.

Claire started writing a press release disguised as an article for the campus paper about the Health Project. Kate, Georgette and Thea checked in with their editor, Martine, who told them to cover current events. So the trio called friends, local building inspectors and College officials, doing interviews about the near tragedy at their old dorm.

Franny and Janie, aided by Marti and Lisa, began to compile the test data. Spreadsheets were created and data was entered.

Megan, with Beth and Jen, worked online with the Student Health Department trying to clear her desk. The two girls helped Megan keep up with appointments and commitments.

Crysta, Donna, Melissa and Audrey inventoried the refrigerator and kitchen. With input from the other girls, grocery lists were made and called in. Donna phoned Ms Clary to ask for some restaurant grade shelving and another refrigerator. Irene agreed with the necessity and set to work getting it done. She would try to schedule delivery and installation Saturday. “That will give me a chance to bill that sleazoid contractor for some overtime. Roxanne will love it.” She was laughing as she hung up.

Eddie was in his office checking with the motor pool to make sure the bus was ready. It was. But he also discovered that the cheerleaders would not be accompanying the team.

Two were down with colds and several were still disrupted by the dorm room shuffle. He really wanted to minimize the ‘home court advantage’ and the girls who regularly attended girls’ volleyball were in the same fix as the cheerleaders.

However he had a house full of sexy babes available to step up and out. He rushed out and got everyone’s blouse size, telling the girls, “It’s a surprise.” Back in the office, he called Mona’s Dress Shop and, after introductions, talked to the owner. “I need to know if you can supply sheer shirts, ten in white and ten in light gray. They need to have billowy, harem girl long sleeves. Also, they have to end just below the breasts and be designed to be tied easily at the bottom, leaving the midriff bare. No buttons required. Can you help me?”

“Coach Wilson, you are a lucky man today. We just received a shipment originally ordered for the College clientele. Our buyer graduated from Central and thought the style would become popular in the springtime. We know it’s not even Halloween yet, but buying off-season lets us offer clothing at a better price. What sizes do you need?”

Eddie told her and said he would be there in 20 minutes He advised the group that he had errands to run, dressed warmly, grabbed his wallet and car keys and headed to see Mona. She had the bundle packed and ready to go when he arrived. He gave her the charge card and got his receipt.

Yet another demented idea popped up. Eddie rushed to the ‘adult only shop’. Entering the sex emporium, he asked the clerk if she had small bullet or egg shaped vibrators with remote controls.

“Of course! We are a full service establishment. Those are some of our most popular items. We them in radio controls in different frequencies to avoid interfering in another couples fun.” She could not stifle a laugh

“What are the dimensions of each kind?” he inquired.

“The little eggs are an 1×2 inches with a short flexible antenna to use for a handle. The bullets are 1×3 inches and will fall out if not contained by clothing. Both kinds come, so to speak, in four separate frequencies. We have a switchable master control unit to change devices and speeds to manage all four frequencies. You have three speeds to chose from.”

“Great,” he said, “I’ll take ten bullets in one band width, six each in the other bands. Please make sure that they are color coded to differentiate one frequency from another. I’ll wait here.”

“I’ll just be a few minutes.” She got busy, too polite to ask if he was having an orgy.

Eddie paid again by his Project charge card, glad that he’d warned the college. He zipped back to the gym, just as the team began to arrive. Going into Coach mode, he sent the team to get dressed out. He hurried to his office to stash his purchases away. His Project girls were in for a treat later!

He returned to find Bridget putting the team through a light workout The official uniform was like the one used in beach volleyball, a brief bikini. The material on the bottom was a bit more substantial for protection. The top was very thin, almost see-through and more likely to ‘slip up’, as costume malfunctions were sure crowd pleasers. The team members did not mind. They knew they had nice tits wanted the fans to know it.

Coach had them practice serves and returns. His best server, Monica, would always go for the ace. The first string would work on set plays based on where the first girl began the volley. He would shine a laser pointer where he wanted the spike to go. He sent in the substitutes one at a time to get them involved in the team dynamic. The team worked up a light sweat, but was sniper accurate. Monica’s service kept them on their toes.

After about 45 minutes he let them cool down as he reviewed the scouting report on the opponent, Southwick Academy. They were known as a snobbish rich girl’s school but were better than average in sports. Mum and Daddy could afford the best summer camps and the best personal trainers for their little princesses.

Eddie told them that since it was an all girl school, their braggart of a coach had a standing offer to play strip volleyball with any visiting team. The terms are best of five games, loser of each game to lose one item of clothing for every two points difference. Uniform is limited to jersey, shorts, bra panties and shoes. Sensibly, shoes and socks are to be considered one item and most be removed last.

Eddie said that the Academy had never lost more than their shorts and jerseys and had stripped three teams naked and posted their pictures on the school website. What did they think about accepting the challenge?

Bridget conferred with her mates. Reporting to the Coach, she said confidently, “Coach, if you will let us wear our tank tops over the bikinis or an exercise belt, we will take them on. We’ll still be spotting them one item, but I bet we can have them naked by the fourth game. It might be fun.”

“We’ll go with the belts and put the punks in their place! Now eat a late brunch and get some rest. The game starts at 8:00 and it takes about 2 hours to travel to Montvale. We will want to stretch out from the ride and get ready in time for the match. Bus pulls out at 4:15 prompt. Don’t miss it.” He dismissed them to the showers.

He called the opposing Coach, telling her that the bet was accepted if they would play a set at Central next season. The woman was so eager to humiliate another team that she faxed an agreement immediately. She immediately bragged to her academy director who in turn called our Dean tweaking him about the bet.

The Dean called Eddie within fifteen minutes. “Are you sure your girls can take that pompous ass down a notch? If so, I’ll bring my wife, the Parsons’ and Ms Clary. And whom ever else wants to come.”

“Dean, my team is so confident, we are spotting them one piece. If you will bring Martine, she can send the story online and make tomorrow’s edition.”

The Dean was a happy man. His counterpart at Southwick had gloated once too often. Time for payback

Eddie finally got a soda from the kitchen and sat in the living area to catch up with the teens and Megan as they finished their own chores.

The groceries had been delivered, the mobile unit was in process, and the newspaper articles were written. He called Martine. “You might want to hold some space in the Sports Section. There will be late breaking news about tonight’s game. Expect a call from the Dean. By the way, you looked stunning in the paper. That’s a good style for you. See you later”

The teens and Megan finally arrived and sat around bringing everyone up to date. Megan mentioned that her office was bent out of shape because their image files had been corrupted. The TechnoTwats immediately volunteered their time to inspect their computers for bad behavior. They reported finding out the gym server had been compromised by some very snoopy people, but that the door had been slammed on their respective noses. The gym network was truly secure, even from the University.

The construction boss left a voice message saying that the mobile unit would be ready before dark and that the keys would be in the breezeway accessible only from the gym door.

Eddie told them to be showered and naked by 4:00 pm. “We’re going with the team to be a pep squad. The cheerleaders cannot make it to our last match. You are going in their place to keep the crowd from being so one-sided.” He told them about the bet. He assumed that the gym over there would be packed. “It’s a really snobby school. Bridget and Monica want to take them down hard.”

“After showering I will tell you about the uniform of the day. I think you will be pleased, eventually.” Coach gave the teens his best Evil Dictator look. They just knew he had some adventure up his pants.

They ate a light early meal, policed the area and readied for the showers. Eddie managed to conserve his strength. He only fucked Audrey because she wanted to watch Georgette practice her blowjob skills. Well Georgette did very nicely controlling her gag reflex and made herself come when Eddie came down her throat, thinking about everyone seeing her be such a slut.

As usual Eddie was good for more than one, so he jumped on Audrey and tried to nail her to the floor. After she blasted, Eddie grabbed the nearest pussy and nailed Kate beside Audrey. For reasons soon to be apparent, he insisted that Megan swallow his load, eating her cunt at the same time. The horny hotties were helping themselves to themselves when he exited the very noisy room.

Eddie dressed in his visiting coach’s suit: tan slacks, white shirt and navy blue blazer. No necktie and some very nice sneakers completed his ensemble. He was the picture of the modern young head coach. The girls started to drift in. “Hustle up, you Heavenly Hotties. I want to take to the game naked as you are, but it’s too cold. So I have compromised. Wear your new strappy suits tonight. Your sweet pussies will be warm and remembr to wear the chained nipple clamps. Those will keep your pointy little tittie tips modestly covered. I have some nice blouses to top off the look. Yes, you, too. Ms Martin.”

They squealed at the idea of going to another school nearly naked with their rapidly hardening tits hanging out, exposed for all to see. “I wonder what thrills Coach has in mind, tonight?” Megan asked the teenagers.

“We will soon find out. But it ain’t gonna be boring,” Crysta answered for all. Once they were appropriately half dressed, Eddie passed out the blouses, gray to the girls wearing white and white to the others. He personally checked the tension on the nipple clamps.

“Not too tight, but I do not want to see them fall off. You must have them on until we board the bus to come home. But remember, if you have to take them off, even on the bus, you have to take everything off. And stay naked until tomorrow, victory celebration and all. Now tie the shirttails tightly. Just see-through enough to tease.”

The team arrived, so he held the Project girls indoors as the team disappeared into the bus.

“Before you board, there is one more surprise.” Eddie pulled each girl’s cunt strap aside and slipped a small object inside. ‘This little present will remind you all night that you are cute girls. After a while you will only feel it on your G-spot when you jump up and cheer the team. Keep your suit snug enough to keep it in place. Hurry out and board our ride to victory over those soon to be more-naked-than-you snobs.”

Eddie made sure Lisa and Claire had cameras.

He got them in the bus before they actually realized what he had done. Ms Martin, dressed and inserted like the rest, looked the now nervous little girls over. “He comes up with more sexy stuff every day. At least we look good in these cool blouses.” The teens agreed with that and settled in for a long ride.

He had matched the vibrators with the Project’s duty grouping. The ten original girls, next the four assistants, and finally, Megan with the four recruits on a third frequency.

His demented drama set. He settled in and plotted game strategy.

The Dean’s people met them as they loaded out the bus. Each one wished the team the best of luck. Vera, Betty and Irene fussed over the girls sexy cheer suits. Vera wanted to know where she could get one to wear around the house. The Dean’s grin went from ear to ear. Eddie told them to talk to Arlene, Franny’s mom, at the fabric shop. She had the specs.

“Arlene is your mom?” Vera exclaimed, “She graduated a year or so before us. She was head over heel for your dad but she was one funny girl. She pulled the best pranks, ever.”

“She’s still at it. I’ll tell you the latest at intermission.” Megan laughed. She rushed the perky peppy girls into the Southwick gym, and got them seated behind the visitor’s bench in two rows. The Dean, Mr. Parsons and the three ladies occupied the next row back. Chrysta and Donna saw Roxanne with her crew behind the Admin people.

The other girls spotted a few more students from Central, girls but no boys. “I guess the boys don’t support the girl’s teams unless they can rape the fans,” said Ashley. All of the others sadly agreed.

“Girls always stand up for girls.” Nikki said. That got her a dozen or so high fives

A quick count had less than fifty Central fans in a sea of hundreds of preppy Southwick people. Their boy/girl ratio was about even. Lots of parent looking types and teachers, boyfriends and voyeurs hoping to see some Central tits. The gym held more than 600.

The dean leaned over and said to Megan, “I hope that Coach Wilson is right. I’m going to hate it if that bum gets to gloat some more.”

“Don’t worry. We’ve watched the girls practice. We predict that the preppies will be playing in their skin after the third game. They cannot forfeit or the school will be ineligible to compete for five years in this league. Their administration would be more embarrassed than the girls on the team. Your friend, the insufferable bum, will force their coach to pay up.” Ms Martin assured him.

The lights suddenly dimmed everywhere except for center court. The announcer welcomed the old and new fans to Southwick Academy, home of the Fighting Barbies. The crowd went wild.

“Welcome the visiting team, the Vixens of Central University, coached by Eddie Wilson.” The gym was silent but for the cheers of the loyal people at the Central bench. Eddie caught Megan’s eye, grinned like the spawn from hell and thumbed the master control, giving the nineteen pussies two seconds at medium. Nineteen voices screamed even louder. The spirit was contagious and all of the Vixen fans were hooting and clapping, some for different reasons than others. They were almost drowned out by the lewd catcalls from the rude partisan crowd.

Ms Martin called to her girl mob, “The coach has planned a very interesting evening. Are you ready?”

Crysta laughed, “Told you so, girls. It isn’t gonna be dull!”

All of the teenagers waited to see what the coach’s next move would be.

The announcer called for silence when he introduced the home team. It was like he read their stinking resumes. The coach was treated the same.

The announcer said that he had a special note to read from the coaches. “We are pleased to announce that the teams have agreed to play under the rules of the famous standing bet. We will be witnessing another game of Strip Volley ball. One piece of clothing removed for every two points difference in the score after each game. If the losing team is naked before the match is decided, their coach must strip immediately and coach naked. The match is for the best of five games. Our foolish opponent has spotted us one piece. Let the match begin .Get your cameras ready. The Vixens will look nice on our Facebook pages.”

The referee and linesmen got into position. The Captains shook hands and flipped for first service. It was clear from Monica’s first serve that the Vixens were inspired. She hammered it to the back right corner. The Barbies acted like they were caught off guard. They settled down, only to have the Hammer fall on their primary setter. She was bowled over. The Vixens were up 2-0 after two serves. Monica decided to make a game of the next one. She gave them a high lob. They grinned and set up a spike in front of Bridget. You do not challenge the Swedish Amazon and walk away unbloodied. Bridget’s teammates stepped out of the way. The crowd figured they were trying to get away to avoid injury. The Vixens were giving her lots of room to lower the boom while covering the rest of the floor if the Barbies muffed their play.

The Barbies chief threat delivered a good hit. Bridget put it back in her face and knocked her down. Score: 3-0, Vixens favor. When they were up 6-0, Eddie pulled the starters to let the subs start to gel as a team and to get some game experience. He asked them to “let the Barbies keep their panties and shoes for the second game at least. We want Martine to get good shots from both sides of the net.” The subs went in, toying with the Barbies, who had never been this close to losing. The happy girls ended the game up 21-15, as planned. The moment of truth had come to Southwick. The coach sent the scared girls to the net and told them to strip to their panties, now or forget playing for their third consecutive championship. “Suck it up and strip!”

The Barbies began to remove one piece at a time, dragging out their inevitable humiliation. The referee said, “Get a move on or I will penalize you two points in the next game for delay.”

The crowd and especially, their parents could not believe their eyes. Their little golden girls were stripping down in front of hundreds of business associates and strangers like common trollops

The embarrassed Barbies got down to their panties. As they tried to hide their tits behind their hands, Eddie’s girls were laughing and pointing, clearly becoming excited at the humiliation they were very familiar with. Eddie set everyone’s little gift to low and left it on. All nineteen stared at him. He grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at Megan who stuck out her tongue.

Side out and the Barbies had serve. It’s really hard to hit a winner with one hand. Back Line Barbie hit the net twice. Side out. The Vixen’s first string ripped through them like they weren’t there. The Southwick coach screamed, hysterically, “Stop being such pussies. Forget about your tits. If you dumbasses don’t start playing with both hands, you are going to be stark naked through the entire third game. And my ass will be hanging out, too!”

That idea did not seem to make her happy. It made the Central fans delirious. They made their approval of the score known to the home team crowd. Eddie pretty much controlling the enthusiasm level by remote, kept his cheering section leaping, screaming and squirming on command. He alternated between medium and high, mixing up the groups. Just the ten, then just the assistants, then assistants and recruits with Megan, he kept them guessing who and how long, He just had to watch his team. They were mauling the Barbies at will.

It became clear the Vixens were going to skunk the opponents, leaving the entire team and the coach stark naked and barefoot, having to play the third game in front of 500 people or more. With cameras and Facebook accounts with thousands of friends and websites…

The referee mercifully called the second at 16-0, and waited for the coach to come to center court and pay off the bet. The coach could not decide if she was more embarrassed at stripping naked on home court or more humiliated at losing the bet so badly to the Vixens. She did decide she was pissed off.

She peeled off. The girls were frozen. The furious coach called all the subs and team managers to the court and ordered them to strip now or have it done to them. She started a ten count and got to two before the entire team was totally naked and blushing. The angry coach lined them up on the out of bounds line and marched them around the court single file. She heightened the humiliation by making them do it with their hands behind their backs.

“You stupid cunts will remember this the next time you try to lose a game at Southwick Fucking Academy. Make fucking sure you shake those baby tits at your Daddies and Brothers. Make ya mama proud. Ya Damn Losers!” She was on a roll as she marched the crying team around a second time. The referee called them for delay of game, shortening their exposure time by several minutes.

The stunned audience was silent, having heard every word of her obscene tirade.

The Vixens, with nothing more to prove, beat them as quickly as possible. Game score 16-0. Match 3 games to zero. They shook hands and got the hell out of there as the fans mobbed the court, some to console the shamed players, many looking for more. The announcer called for security and a riot broke out when the guards got the naked girls safely back to the locker room

The Central Univ. group, trying to escape unseen, pushed against the tide. Roxanne stepped forward and glared a hole in the crowd. If people thought Bridget, The Swedish Amazon was intimidating, wait until they see Roxie the Power Lifter and her Crew in full-blown Mama Bear fury. The Prince of Darkness and his Hell Spawned Demons would have considered a new career path under the heat of the glare. The crowds parted like the Red Sea before Moses.

The various groups moved to their various rides and began the long ride home. They agreed to delay the victory celebration until Saturday because it would be so late when they got back to campus. The Admin people left in Robert Parsons’ Escalade, The Roxie Enforcers in her extended van and the team with the Project girls in the activity bus. Bridget, the only person with a commercial driver’s license other than Coach Wilson, asked to drive. The passengers seated themselves team first, Coach and Ms Martin next and the squirmy girls last.

He had turned the vibrators off only during the exit. Now that the bus was on the highway, he told the teenagers to remove their little shirts. Eddie liked watching their tits bounce with the motion of the bus and told them so. As the girls lost the sheer covering, he turned the bullets to medium. Nineteen already hot girls got hotter. Coach did a nipple clamp check finding some in danger of falling off. Those he tightened slightly. Some he thought too tight. Those he loosened.

Coach Wilson ordered them to keep the noise down and sit still. He needed to talk to the team. He left the hotties simmering on medium and went up front to his regular seat behind the driver.

Bridget said, “We have been listening to the radio news. The sports talk programs are going nuts!”

‘Shut up and drive.” Monica told her, “Coach, the listeners are saying things you wouldn’t believe. The good news is that the security guards managed to get the naked team back to the locker room with their tits intact. They were groped thoroughly and several attempted assaults were stopped but they are physically OK.”

“Ok, except for the Vicky Victims” one of the subs laughed, “Vicky pounded a lot of boobs tonight.”

“Looks like our sneak plays worked.” The Coach smiled. He explained to the girls listening in back, trying to act normal as they simmered. “The subs, not having a dominant Amazon to match up with Bridget in scrimmage, turn to stealth and deviousness. The setter fakes a high set to the leaping spiker, but tiny Vicky jumps instead and hammers the ball just as it clears the net, usually hitting their blockers right in the tits in mid-jump.”

Vicky laughed so hard she actually fell out of her seat. “Naked tits and a hard volleyball must be an unpleasant combination. They seemed to get rather gun shy.”

“It’s a tough choice. Save a point or get a boob job?” Bridget asked.

Coach said, “Girls, you all were scary. The setters were razor sharp, mid-court volleys were on the mark, service was sniper accurate, and every girl who rotated to the net played like a champions.You were awesome tonight. And you didn’t break a sweat.”

The Central/Southwick Naked Massacre was not the only news on the air tonight. A double bill at St, Mary’s turned into a bench clearing donnybrook when one of Red Rock’s girls apparently deeply offended a Monarch player. Those three teams, plus Brasstown United, went at it like Balboa vs. Creed. Fists, feet and uniforms flew in all directions. By the time the officials got the combatants separated, the casualty count was huge. Between injuries and ejections, none of the teams had enough ambulatory players to continue.

All four teams were awarded losses. Red Rock, Brasstown United, Monarch and St Mary’s were all banned from the conference tournament,

The Principle Administrator at Southwick announced that the Fighting Barbies would not be fighting at tourney time. He had withdrawn the team. He went on to say that the Southwick AD had resigned to ‘pursue other career opportunities or to spend more time with his family” or whatever. He was outta here.

The coach was fired before she could get dressed and was sent from the locker room naked.

The last two teams, of the eight in the conference, issued press releases stating that if they could not play Strip Volleyball at the tournament they would not play at all. The radio guys speculated that the coaches had seen the first game at Southwick on social media already and realized they would be creamed by Central’s second string, forget about the starters. They needed an excuse.

Evil Eddie turned the vibrators to high and pocketed the remote.

The hits kept coming. “In an emergency meeting, the conference commissioners have awarded the regular season and the tournament championships to the Central University Vixens. The decision was unanimous.”

The bus erupted into shouts, cheers and screams. The cheers and shouts were from the team. The screams were from the teens who finally had enough noise to mask the sounds of their orgasms.

Coach watched the show at the rear of the bus and reduced the good vibrations to low for the remainder of the trip. He gave them back their blouses to help ward off the very chilly weather. The teens were so heated up from the constant stimulation it probably didn’t matter.

When they got back to the gym, a large crowd greeted the team. The Dean made a brief congratulatory speech and the cheerleaders, who had managed to pull it together enough to get outside, apologized for missing the chance to support the team.

Eddie and Bridget thanked them sincerely for their support and kind words. They thanked the Dean for bringing the university staff and the cheerleaders for the extra effort to come out so late in such cold weather. Bridget told them that it meant a lot to the team. She also thanked Project Director Martin for bringing the participants to stand in as a cheering squad. “We were out numbered 10 to 1, but those girls were really, really loud!” Megan and the almost orgasmic young girls took a bow, the motion driving their sensitive nipples crazy and putting extra pressure on their throbbing G-spots. When they took a second bow, Eddie pulsed the vibrators to high for a second. The shocked teenagers came out of the bow, almost leaping into the air.

The head cheerleader told them that with moves like that they could be cheerleaders any time. Megan said, “We seem to be especially inspired tonight!” The girls shivered cutely.

The Dean thanked the crown for their support of the volleyball team. “The newspaper will announce the awards ceremony as soon as the conference makes the plans. We will schedule a campus celebration afterwards. It’s cold and the team needs to get some rest. Let’s give them one more ovation before we all go home.”

The assembled fans hooted and cheered wildly for quite a few minutes. They really were proud of their Championship Volleyball Team. Eddie took this opportunity to goose Megan and the teenagers on high for an equal number of minutes.

The steaming girls made an important discovery. ‘It is very difficult to conceal a massive orgasm while standing in front of a cheering mass of staring people. Even more difficult to hide it with your nipple clamps showing through a transparent blouse.’ The discovery made every soaking pussy even wetter. Megan squirmed while shaking hands with her professional colleagues, thinking that she could not get inside fast enough when she could manage to think at all.

The volleyball girls chose to go straight home from the parking lot.

Evil Eddie took a little extra time saying good-bye before he unlocked the door and hustled his mob of hotties inside. He was seriously considering moving the little vibrators to their cute butts when they took their showers. ‘The toys are going to fall out anyway when the strappy suits come off. Might as well put them to a good use and extend the good times!’

“Laissez les bons temps rouler”

The girls were ready to rape him and each other, consensually or not.

Coach Wilson, in long moments or exquisite agony, undressed each girl and relocated the sex toys, but turned them off. They moaned in pleasurable pain when he removed the nipple clamps, one pretty tittie at a time. They had no trouble at all holding the vibrators in their tight little asses.

As each teenager was revealed in all her naked glory, Eddie kissed them softly and moved to the next. They let him do anything to their bodied he wanted. They wanted more of whatever he would give.

Eddie saved Megan for last. He took extra time on her pussy and ass. Her nipples received extra fondling. He soothed the throbbing peaks more thoroughly, teasing pleasure from the pain. His kisses might have been a bit longer and deeper.

Eddie herded the girls to the shower where they gently bathed each other. All clean and dried, the still excited girls were lead to the warm bed. Eddie turned the vibrators on high.

At some point during the next few hours, his dick was in every single pussy long enough to create several orgasms in every girl. He came in five of them. His recovery rate was so quick that he never went soft. If not being fucked by his cock, the teenagers were licking, fingering or caressing the nearest girl parts.

In a very short time they were a squirming mass of fucking, sucking, sweaty limbs and mouths, dick and cunts, tangled together in every possible combination. The scene put Roman orgies to shame. The action continued until past dawn before the exhausted players fell into well earned slumber. The last thing Eddie did after fucking the wild Mika into a frenzy, was to turn the vibrators off.

He was the last one to slip away into dreamland. Mika was laying on his chest still impaled on his dick when she went to sleep moaning softly.

‘My life is incredible but nearly perfect, I’m glad I’m me.”

Megan’s last thought was, ‘It’s a good time to be a girl.”

He did plan to wake the cute little cunts with the vibrators in the morning.

Preventive Medicine Health Project Part 5.8

Wednesday morning arrived much like other mornings with one exception. Franny was taking advantage of Coach Wilson’s morning wood. The little blond vixen was going for broke. “What a wonderful way to get up!” Eddie looked up, watching her cute teeny boobies bounce.

He could feel the warm bodies of Georgette and Thea snuggled up on either side, their hard little nipples poking into his ribs. “This morning is getting better and better,” he said to the cuties as he hugged them. Franny was working her hips fast now. Really fast. Eddie could feel her inner muscles tighten as she came with a long moan.

Suddenly, Franny was pulled off her perch. Mika jumped up on Eddie. “Coach, that made me so hot, I’m dieing here. Please, just a quickie to get me through. I don’t care who sees.” What was a nice Coach to do?

Eddie smiled and said, “Knock yourself out.” What Eddie and his snuggle bunnies saw that Mika didn’t, was Nikki sneaking up behind. Wearing only an evil grin, she pressed her finger to her lips. She ‘shushed’ them and pointed to Mika who was getting ready to do a quick ‘dick drop’ on Eddie.

Just as Mika made her move, Nikki grabbed Mika’s target, pulling it back a couple inches, using her other hand to help Mika impale herself and hold her down. Eddie, still wet from Franny’s romp, slipped right in. Fortunately Mika was totally relaxed. Then she wasn’t.

“Holy Mackerel! Oh. My. God. Wrong place! What happened? So full, nasty. Is this nasty? Never done this,” she blathered continuously, getting louder.

Eddie, being a nice guy, started a slow thrust. His snuggle bunnies, who were catching on pretty quickly for beginners, played with Mika clit.

Mika, coming into this already hot enough to burst into flames, was getting off on the novel sensations, the shock and the boost from Thea and Georgette. She started her own pumping action and squealed. Eddie spurted at the same time but stayed firm inside her slowly clenching bottom.

She looked down at Eddie, saying with as straight a face as she could manage, “That was different and not a bit like I planned. I feel like a Popsicle on a stick. Is that supposed to hurt at first?”

“And I’m the Good Humor Man. It usually hurts if you cannot relax completely, and probably some even then. You seem to have done OK” Eddie answered, “You still OK?”

“I was pretty distracted anyway and that ball bat was in before I knew what was happening. Then the shock and sudden weirdness sent me over,” she blurted as she noticed the audience. “Nikki, I don’t know whether to thank you or set the tickle monster free on your butt.”

“Whatever you decide, don’t tell her before it’s too late. And that’s how you play the girl game. Now, we have to clean up. No more “stress relief’ with the Coach until everyone has a shower.” Ms Martin insisted. “By the way, Nikki, nice trick. Mika, you give a great floorshow. The girls were quite entertained.”

Everybody cleaned every body. Ms Martin told the lovely teenagers to stay ‘as you are’ and check the refrigerator for breakfast. Immediately eighteen delightfully naked firm young girls raced to get fed.

“Thanks, Megan, I love to see them move. They don’t know just how pretty they are.”

“You keep telling them. It makes them, it makes me, feel so feminine to hear it.” Megan allowed.

“When I say it, I mean every word.” They gave each other a very naked hug. They nearly took the day off. They separated as the girls returned. They had cold cuts, fruit, juices, butter, and jam, bagels and toast makings. They bounced and jiggled to the kitchen. The girls were beginning to treat the volleyball gym as their giant dorm room.

A dorm room large enough to feel the excitement of being naked in public.

The Coach and the Director conferred briefly. Decisions were made.

All the girls were to dress as they would if the Project never existed. Eddie began, “Stay within the regular Code of Conduct. Wear your normal clothes whatever that is. You can be sexy and modest at the same time. Be cool. Don’t flaunt your exception status, but don’t deny it. Tell other girls that you are under more severe restrictions than the average coed, and have more serious penalties for code violations, just not from the same inspectors. They can read the newspaper for more details.”

“Do not get inspected. Discourage personal touching. Set your phones for a preset group SOS text. We’ve got your back.” Coach Wilson told them.

Ms Martin picked her part, “Franny doesn’t start attending classes until next semester, Janie is part-time and the classes she does have are unnecessary review, Claire is in Journalism which gives her a bit of flex time. Those of you in hard sciences and humanities need to attend regularly, no matter what the Project needs. Grades are paramount. Franny and Janie will spend most of their time here, crunching numbers, transcribing notes, etc. Claire will handle press releases and start drafting reports.”

“We are working on getting all of Monday dedicated to the testing. You will receive schedule changes soon. Same classes, different days and maybe some online, we will have to see what bubbles to the surface.” She yielded to Coach Wilson.

“We are going to make an effort to conclude this round of Kegel tests Friday evening. In the meantime, we will finalize the details of the next series of tests so we can start promptly Monday. We are considering using a few of the new members as control subjects. The original ten teens who have been through the Health Classes will be compared with the girls who haven’t.”

Eddie had more. “The report, if the results and findings are as we expect, will reflect most favorably on this Institution, the Athletics and Student Health Departments in particular, and the Administration. The corporations who have given major research grants will stand to profit hugely.”

Ms Martin started, “Girls, your willing participation and your acceptance of the necessarily personal and intimate nature of the procedure is understood and appreciated more than you can know. The administration knows no real details, but assumes a certain of sacrifice of modesty is involved. In recognition, you are to receive a generous stipend in compensation. Back to Coach Wilson.”

Eddie adds, “Also, we are scheduled to return to the remodeled dorm tomorrow so don’t spread out too far. We may have to pack up on short notice. That’s all for now. See you cuties after classes. I’ll miss you terribly until then.”

“Oh. I will inspect you for compliance before you go. Gotta be sure.” He patted bottoms right and left to get them moving. When the girls started moving he just watched as they charged off to get ready for school. A whole fifteen feet away.

Lingerie and wispy things, cut off tee shirts and teeny bikinis flying in all directions, the mini-riot roiled up to the Coach.

At parade rest, “Ready for inspection, Coach!” the teens barked in unison like they had practiced for years. Eddie looked them over like a general would the troops.

“You did fine. Remember, the trick is to make the Inspectors want to inspect you, but give them no reason. Normally, they would do it anyway, trying to find out if you can be aroused. If they can, it’s open season, and you are fair game. Use your bracelet. You cuties are irresistible.”

Megan came trotting out of the office. “Late breaking news!! We received a memo from the Dean’s people. Let me quote:”

“In order to build school spirit, we instituted a new game, campus wide called, ‘UnStrip Poker.” At the entrance to each building, dealers will have decks of playing cards. Each student will take five. At the end of the class, all students will reveal their hand. The two boys with the lowest hand will remove one item of clothing. The two girls with the best hand will wear what the boys lost until the end of the day. Likewise, the boys may not get their forfeit back until the end of the day. Winners and losers will meet in front of the cafeteria at 5:00 pm, to settle up. Good Luck. Have fun”

“Girls be warned. The normal inspection rules were not suspended. The boy’s clothes will cover more than the code allows. Winners will be inspected. They will probably have the boy’s clothes and their own confiscated and wind up naked all day. You are exempt and will not play but your friends must. Advise them to go for a low hand however they can. Or not. They might want to check the cards,” Megan told them.

The girls had to go or be late for class. Some girls they knew would never get the warning. Some coeds would ignore it on purpose. No matter what, it was going to be an interesting day.

Ms Martin had regular day with her Non-Project life: dealing with policy meetings, new class proposals and reviewing new scientific studies. Except she also had to pass Project inspection. Megan wore one of Crysta’s babydolls, a bit less see-through than Crysta preferred, and some sexy panties. Megan pinned her Project broach between her tits to hold the pajama top closed. All in all, she was the pretty picture of the young professional.

Eddie recalled the article they helped Claire write. That’s not quite right. She wrote it alone, but within the guidelines of the Project. She chose her words carefully. For example she did not write that the coach fucked four members of the newspaper staff, naked, on the conference room table, two of whom were virgins, while three respected members of the University Administration, played with the fuckee’s titties and their own. After which a naked Project Director gave the Coach a blowjob.

Claire wrote instead that the Dean was very impressed with the demonstration of the alternate enhanced inspection technique and was sure that compliance will be complete. Photos were included, showing the dignitaries full face speaking with the Director and Coach, shot from behind their backs. Inside, after the jump, were pictures of Lisa in her transparent underwear, of Megan naked, on profile. Her head was turned so that you were not familiar with her tits, you might not know who she was. Thea’s full body as she tried to stand during her fuck and Georgette, tits up, with Eddie between her out stretched legs, Kate watching in the background. Eddie’s upper body was off frame. Martine and Kate were not forgotten. The pictures had generic captions or none at all.

The penalty for code violation was made very clear.

Claire and Janie were in the background or seated at the table in many shots with their nipples chained together. No administration boobs were in evidence.

Eddie thought it a well written and illustrated piece of journalism. The girls were to find out later what a fine picture editor he was that day. He had picked out and cropped his choices and sent them himself. ‘Really, how many young teenagers who lose their cherry in public to a tall stranger are lucky enough to have the cherished event published in the paper?’

She did clearly explain the importance and necessity of the Exemption Bracelets, being careful to detail the criminal charges, which would be brought against any one, regardless of position, who attempted to bypass the exemptions. She emphasized the importance of the Project to the University.

She did run the topless photos of herself. She credited Thea, Kate and Georgette as contributors to the article and as demonstration participants so she published their new stock photos as a courtesy, of course. Eddie picked the best poses. which just happened to be tits bared, at parade rest. At least it only from the belly button up. Oh, and with that well-fucked look. He made sure to pick a new photo of Martine, the editor. The Dean would make sure it ran in a featured spot.

The article ran front page, above the fold. Coach Wilson sent Claire and Janie to pick up as many copies as they could. He let them wear panties and their nipple clamps. “You’re not topless. Your nips are covered. Now run before they sell out.”

Screaming, they dashed to the newsstand a block away, grabbed the last 10 issues and ran even faster back. With hair and boobs flying everywhere, they were still recognized from their pictures.

The two sexy teens were mortified when they saw the pictures. Janie and Claire also got very, very hot thinking about what they had done. Eddie was forced to fuck the stress out of both until they were calm enough to stand still. By this time Franny, in sisterly sympathy, was in need. She demanded satisfaction, and the Coach was able to oblige.

After cleaning up again, they went to the office, trying to get actual work done. Around 2:00, Coach took a call from Ms Clary in Facilities. “There are complications.” Eddie put her on speakerphone. ” The construction crew discovered gas lines where they should not be. And those were in walls listed as movable. The rest of the lines in the entire building had substandard couplings. They would leak at any slight shake. We closed it down until repairs could be done. Roxanne went to confer with the original contractor. She takes the safety of our coeds seriously. He will be lucky to survive the discussion. Dead or alive, he will not do the repairs, but sure as hell, he or his estate, will pay.”

“Ms Clary right now I’m shaking thinking of the danger the students were in. This could easily have been tragic. Thank you and your staff. Where have you put the displaced students? And where does that leave us?”

“We scrounged enough space to house those girls there without too much disruption. They will be pampered a bit for the interruption. Your people, however, would overwhelm the system. I’m going to have to ask you to keep them in the gym. I checked your volleyball schedule and you have one more regular season game and it is away. If you make the playoffs, and you probably will, the tournament is sited at the State University.”

“I have arranged to have a rather spacious portable classroom installed just outside the exit door closest to your office with an enclosed breezeway connecting the unit to the door. The sides are secure safety glass, with movable screens. We think that with so many teenagers in one place, you will need to be there as much as possible. You can use the extra space as you see fit. You might need some place quiet every so often.”

“Sounds good so far. We’ll just live here and I will sublet my apartment.”

Ms Clary poured it on, “We have established standing purchase orders with a deli, a grocery store and a good caterer. I’ll email the details. The sleazy contractor is picking up the bill, not your budget, so get what you and the girls want. The Administration is quite annoyed at the disruption to the Project and the participants. What you need, you will get. The girl’s schedules are set to free up Fridays and Mondays. All of them are great students and will be given the grades they have now as the final if the schedule could not be tidied up. They will complete the work anyway we’re sure.”

“I will get with Ms Martin to find out how this development affects her scheduled progression, but you might get a better sense calling her office. Ms Martin has regular office hours, today. As for me, there are advantages and disadvantages. There is a need to secure the building better. We will be crowded a little. They won’t suffer too much. Central University coed’s wardrobes simply do not get that much use, and what gets worn doesn’t take much space. He laughed. “We will need more towels.”

“Another advantage is that the subjects are building a camaraderie among themselves. They are becoming a tight working group that would not exist under other circumstances. Total immersion,” Coach added, “should move the Project research along faster and let us expand into similar areas. I will talk to our Director and get her thoughts.”

“Coach, we appreciate your co-operation during this inconvenience. Many researchers would go all ‘prima doña’ on us.” Ms Clary said.

“Our primary concern is the safety of the girls. Then the integrity of the Project and the University come next. I’m a coach. I have to teach the athletes to accept that sometimes you have setbacks. You learn, cope and move on. If you can’t adapt, get out of the way of those who can. I’m reasonably certain Ms Martin and I will work it out,” Eddie reassured her.

“Coach, I’ll talk to you later. I tell Ms Martin the news. By the way, the newspaper article was outstanding. A picture is, in fact, worth a thousand words!” With that, she hung up.

The three girls were horrified at what might have been. “You guys could have gotten blown up!” Franny cried. Eddie hugged the frightened teens in his arms. A long time later, he got them calmed enough to talk about the new living arrangements.

“So, what do you think?” He asked. “Can we live here until the end of the semester and beyond? Can you think of things we cannot live without?”

“We don’t need much, Coach. Maybe some cabinets or shelves to put our private things,” Claire suggested. “Some stuff is not public.”

“Most of ‘us’ has been public, but a girls gotta have some secrets!” Janie giggled, “We might need an entertainment system. Giant screen TV, good sound system and cable service would be very cool. Something we can hang on the wall like our own movie theatre.”

Franny, trying to look shocked, “I’m not even living on campus and I’m already a refugee! What is to become of little old me?” Claire and Janie took care of her right there. Eddie was tempted to take care of all three teenagers. But, he had to prepare for an eighteen teen siege.

In the next hour, every one had returned to their new home. No one objected to the arrangements. They were actually thrilled. “Where else will we get seventeen girlfriends as roomies? Throw in Ms Martin and Coach Wilson to take care of us and it’s all good,” was the consensus.

The teens were most assuredly not thrilled at the situation at the dormitory. The hubbub around the campus had overshadowed the ‘UnStrip Poker’ game. Most of the people who would have been ‘dealers’ were helping relocate the dorm residents. The inspectors were being pretty cool, too. Delays were minimal though anyone way out of line got her expected treatment.

They were both scared to pieces at the deadly danger they had been in and relieved that the danger had passed. Soon, being the young girls that they were, the teenagers began to get excited about their new home. Plans were made and lists were written. Eddie let them stay dressed as they were, for now, as they scurried around the gym, mentally rearranging the furniture.

The teens had a lot of space to play with. The gym had four courts at 30″x60″ each, with a 5″ aisle between. That made the playing surface 65″x125″ alone. Add 10″ at the ends and 30″ each side for the bleachers and the total is 125″x 145″. The room was huge! The ‘testing area’ took up space at one end, estimated to be 30″x 125″, leaving living space at 95″x 125″ or thereabouts when the bleachers were collapsed. The ceiling was 50″ tall.

Beanbag chairs, big sofas, futons, throw pillows, side tables, reading lamps, and plant stands, some furniture store was going to have a good month. Shelving and dressers topped today’s version. There were to be no partitions. One giant open space was a little bit like living in the open, so the feeling of being naked in public was never far from their thoughts. Even the teenagers who were sort of used to parading their titties around were not real comfortable being naked all the time.

Megan and Eddie went to the office and related their days. Eddie recalled his conversation with Irene Clary. He admitted to milking the situation some, just to see if they were going offer what he wanted ask for.

Megan told him that her conversation went about the same. Except that Ms Clary expressed admiration at Megan’s courage. When asked why, Irene described the photos in the newspaper, saying that “a better illustration of the sincerity and commitment to the Project could not be expected. And you looked glorious, Ms Martin. May I call you Megan? After what we’ve shared and seen, ‘Ms Martin sounds so pompous.”

I said that ‘Megan’ was quite all right and that I had not seen the paper. “I’ll get a copy now.”

“Eddie, you are such a rat. I got so hot seeing you nail those girls, seeing me naked in the newspaper knowing doubt that people were staring at my boobs, made me so hot and drippy I could not stand it. It was all I could do not to jill off in the lobby. But I did look good, didn’t I?”

“You are under no such constraints now’ are you. Let’s see that body that every one had admired all day. Is your pussy still wet? Do you want the girls to be playing with each other while the little cunts watch me stick my cock in you?”

“You are killing me! Right now, right here!” she panted.

“Take that gown off! Perch your ass on the desk and spread your legs.” Eddie ordered.

He stepped between her wide legs. “Put it in.” He rammed in all the way as hard as he could. He hit bottom and kept going.

Megan could do nothing except try to breathe. Megan had been so hot all afternoon that his words alone made her come there in the office. When he entered her cunt her mind blanked. She was aware of his dick inside. She was aware that it entered the inner gate. She was aware of her body coming apart and falling back together. She was aware of him filling her up. Then she was not aware.

Megan woke up wearing nipple clamps and her workplace panties. Eddie was tugging her chain.

“Wake up you pretty thing. Time to put on your Director persona. We have young impressionable minds to twist and data to collect. Get that ass in motion before I spank it pink.” Eddie laughed, “I plan to anyway. Come out in five minutes.”

Coach Wilson exited to the gym and a room full of chatting girls. “Dress code for the night is the neck collar from your new suit. You are naked otherwise. Wear your new broach. It looks good on you. You have three minutes. Hop to it.” Eddie had them moving so quickly, the sexy girls had no time to realize what they were doing. He watched the tasty titties and asses zooming around the room. The view was, as always, delightful. It dawned on him that there was no indication the girls had seen the newspaper.

“Lisa, Claire, get the velvet bindings and KY. Franny, get your tape measure. Marti, Janie, you get the plugs, clips and clamps. OK you hotties, we are going to show the new girls what the wall is all about!”

Megan arrived to cheers. The teenagers really admired the young teacher. She was willing to do whatever the teenagers did and look hot and sexy and feminine to boot. “OK girls, those being tested go to the wall. Coach Wilson has provided platforms to equalize your height from the ground. There are extra platforms for Georgette, Thea and Kate.”

“You three, back up to one of the empty spaces, then spread your feet until they touch the sides. Franny, record the distance from their clits to the floor then raise the platforms so that each girl has her twat at the mark on the wall. Now, when we do the strength-resistance test, each subject is working from the same angle.” She was in full Director mode.

“Will the original ten twats please tie the new pussies to the wall in the same manner Coach secured you, legs out arms up, ankles, thighs, stomach, upper arm and wrist. Now, Marti, measure and adjust Franny’s perch. Janie tie her to the wall. Not so tight as to cut circulation, but tight enough to make her aware that she is not in control any more.” Megan turned to Coach Wilson

“You remaining girls, take your places, in alphabetical order. Lisa, Claire, Janie and Marti, tie them up. Ms Martin and I will prepare the ‘apparatus’ as soon as your Director is naked.” The four naked assistants went about their tasks with practiced efficiency. Now fourteen little teenagers were helpless on the wall, and they knew it. “Janie and Claire, please face the powerless cunts on the wall at parade rest. Ms Martin, you will bind their hands, then pull their elbows back enough to push out their tits for everyone to see and pinch.” She did and he did.

Megan and Marti began to prepare the pink plugs with KY. Eddie went ahead, touching, caressing each girl on the wall, playing with clits rolling nipples, generally enjoying the bound and helpless girls. Coach constantly reminded each teenager how he could do anything to them he pleased. How people could see every dirty nasty they wanted him to do. Whenever a plug was ready, he slowly pushed into a steaming cunt, twisting and turning as he worked it in all the way.

He walked back to Ashley and turned her vibrator to low, then proceeded to do the same to Audrey, Becca, Beth, Crysta, Donna, Jen, Melissa, Mika and Nikki. Then the recruits, Georgette, Thea, Kate, and Franny were tuned up. Fourteen vibrators in fourteen teenagers, all in a day’s work at Central University.

Eddie teased every little girl in line, the new girls last. “Marti, go to the office and get two copies of today’s news. Ms Martin, would you get two pairs of nipple clips? When Marti returns, put a pair on her and Lisa. We don’t want them to feel neglected. Ms Martin, I believe we need to catch up on the news. Lisa, be a dear and get the scissors. Thank you.”

Eddie and Megan spread the paper and attacked it with the scissors. A few minutes later, they had cut out the ‘interesting photos. Coach and the Director called for Marti and Lisa and, using the nipple clips, they turned his obedient pets into very cute teenaged bulletin boards. Coach sent them to the line of naked girls, telling his pets to set the pink pussy plugs to high, starting with Ashley. “And please, it would be such a shame if their tasty nipples weren’t as hard as possible.”

“Yes, Master. That would be a terrible thing.” Lisa grinned.

“We promise to do a good job. We’ll make you proud,” said Marti. With wiggling titties, the hotties turned their attention to Ashley. Slowly, the assistants worked the line.

Eddie walked the short distance to the bound Janie and Claire who were worried and excited wondering what Coach would to them. Holding them by their very interested nipples, he led them to the four new girls. Playing with the new girls, Coach turned the vibrators to ‘high’ and watched the helpless teens squirm against the bindings.

Eddie ordered Claire and Janie to stand at parade rest, putting the Director between and about a foot back. He pushed Megan to her knees and pointed to his dick. “Keep that busy for a few minutes.” He started to keep Claire and Janie busy.

“You little cunts, how did you like yesterday? Was it fun bouncing your titties and asses all over town? The guys at the carpenter’s shop loved staring at your nipples. You enjoyed being exposed, didn’t you. Why else would your nipples have been so hard?” he asked, all the playing with their soppy pussies, “Did you want to spread you legs and let them watch you tease your clits?”

“That’s enough, Director. Please hold these drippy twats. We wouldn’t want them to fall down when I fuck their cunts like they let me at the sex store. They were so afraid the perverts were looking, more afraid they weren’t. Now, these dirty girls have a captive audience, bound to watch.”

Bending them over, Eddie eased into one wet pussy and stroked a few, them into the other. Coach alternated until Marti and Lisa had worked over the first ten. He stopped them. “How many came for you?”

“Every single one.” Lisa bragged.
“We left ‘em begging for more.” Marti preened. “What’s next, Master? We still have Franny, Kate, Thea and Georgette to do.”
“Yep,” Lisa agreed, “them we’ll have collected the whole set.”

“Knock ‘em out, my pets. Made very sure they read your cute booby bulletin boards. I don’t think saw how hot they were getting their cunts stuffed at the meeting. Now everybody can see their wet pussies impaled on my cock with the Dean staring.” The new twats gasped and their nipples got harder. “I’ll be back soon to help you relive the thrills but first I need to check the other cunts. This edition went to a third printing.”

Eddie slowly strolled the length of the line. He paused in front of each teenager, telling her how pretty she was, how sexy she looked and how much better a picture would be with his hard dick in her pussy instead if the vibrator. ‘They are ready now’ he grinned to himself as he finally came to Ashley. ‘There’s no way the girls will last long.’

Without a word, he pulled the plug and re-plugged Ashley with his dick. His cock seated perfectly when her clit contacted his hair. She lifted slightly as his knees straightened. On his fourth plunge, he twisted her aching nipples. Ashley came hard and cried out. He stayed buried deep until her pulsing pussy calmed a little.

Eddie pulled out and pushed the pink plug back in effortlessly. He kissed her sweetly and turned the vibrator to ‘low’. He moved on to Audrey, Becca, and Beth with much the same result, except Beth came continuously. He finally had to stop. She was not going to calm down and he didn’t want to come in her cunt.

“Ms Director, please bring your pussy here. I have need of a depository. On your hands and knees, I would appreciate ever so much a piece of your cunt, doggie style.”

“Coach Wilson, how could I refuse since you asked so politely?” Megan dropped into position and wiggled her ass. Eddie knee-walked up and thrust to the bottom, Megan’s back arched as he pounded over and over. He exploded as she spasmed. He pulled out, leaving her on the floor. He resumed his tour with Crysta. She was already moaning before he touched her.

Eddie touched her anyway and touched her quite thoroughly, several times. Crysta was a happy teeny twat. Donna, Jen, and Melissa were very ready. Eddie helped the helpless girls come to the same conclusion as the others.

Coach Wilson, after Melissa tried to drain him, called for Lisa to take Ms Martin’s place, in the same manner. He took her so hard, Lisa thought he was attempting to come out her mouth. She fainted as her orgasm peaked as she felt his cum fill her pussy. He again made her feel special.

Nikki and Mika tried to fuck him as vigorously as he fucked them. All three were nicely pleased at the result. “Franny are you ready to get your leaky twat fucked?” Eddie asked the squirming blond. She had just enough sense left to nod. “My pets, you did an outstanding job no Franny. You do good work. My complements.” Marti and Lisa blushed at the praise.

After Franny, Eddie used Marti to keep from coming in a wall girl. He did not want to influence the test result. Marti got her pussy filled to her delight. “Master, my pussy is happy to be used anyway you wish. Thank you.”

To the three leftovers, “Now. I am going to fuck each of you sluts, now, in front of anyone who wants to watch. And you remember the meeting, how you never tried to escape, you never uttered a word in refusal. You knew people could see what a filthy nasty cunt you are, letting a stranger use you for his pleasure. There you all are in the newspaper, Thea with a fat dick in her dripping pussy, Kate taking it from behind with her tits swaying in full view of the Dean’s wife, and Georgette with her titties reaching for the sky, thinking about her cunt felt being violated by the dick still wet from her trampy friends.”

“And you are secretly proud to be pretty enough to have someone want to do these embarrassing and humiliating to your hot bodies. To have us push your depravity to new limits made you feel like a girl good enough to take that and more. You know that girls are looking at your pictures today wishing they were you, being pushed way past anything they can imagine. We all know you wanted it. I knew you needed to be fucked right there on the table.”

“There you are, getting used as a sex doll, coming like a whore with the world staring, and enjoying the exposure, So now, you get to feel that way again.” He, without another word, pounded them rougher than he had fucked the others. They did all the talking, describing in smutty detail what Coach was doing to their powerless bodies, how deep, hard and fast he shoved his cock into them. They talked through their own orgasm and the spasms of the other two. They kept it up when Eddie was inspired to fuck their cunts again.

Eddie was ready to flood a pussy now. He ordered Megan to plug their pussies again. His dick raging hard, Eddie untied Claire and Janie’s arms. Putting Janie on her back and Claire face down on top of her, pussy to pussy. Getting between the four widespread legs, he proceeded to fuck the hell out of both teenagers. A few strokes in one, then a few in the other, Eddie gave them their turns as fuck toys.

The sheer nastiness and the complete exposure drove the gasping girls into massive orgasms simultaneously. Eddie went over the edge also, pumping some hot semen into both hungry twats.

After he caught his breath, he called for Ms Martin and the assistants to get some drinks and finger food ready to refresh and hydrate the girls on the wall. Claire and Janie, he sent to the locker room to get hand towels so the helpless teens could wipe their hands and faces. Then he went down the line, releasing their wrists and arms, making sure the vibrators were securely inserted, but turned off. He warned them not to touch anything below the belly button. The punishment would be having to go to class with a butt plug in its proper place.

The naked caterers returned from the kitchen with a pile of sandwiches and drinks on a rolling cart. The girls tied to the wall were given food and something to drink. The others served themselves. The girls all talked about what they felt about all the ‘foreplay’ and how it seemed to amplify the slightest sensation.

Director Martin brought the break to an end by telling Coach Wilson that it would be such a waste to have gone through this much effort to set everything up and not collect some Project data.

They had the four helpers gather up the scales, shortened ropes, D-rings, hooks, nipple clamps, leashes and clipboards. The girls on the wall were re-tied. All was in place.

“All the equipment is ready, Coach, shall we proceed?”

‘It really is a good day to know how to be a girl’ she thought.

‘I do not know how I got here, but it sure as hell is good to be me.’ Eddie mused to himself.

Preventive Medicine Health Project Part 5.7

Coach Wilson’s stomach rumbled noticeably. “I heard that!” Melissa piped up.

“I know for a fact Lisa, Georgette, Thea, Janie, Claire and Kate have not had a bite of food since noon. The Coach and I nibbled a smidge at the meeting but I couldn’t tell you what. Have you girls who went to class had anything?” Ms Martin asked the teens.

Ashley volunteered that she, Donna, Crysta and Beth met around noon and grabbed a piece of fruit in the cafeteria. “We munched on the move.” Beth said.

Melissa, Audrey and Jen did the same. “Nikki, Mika and I went to the library to work ahead on an IT assignment, a network security problem, and skipped lunch altogether.” Becca said, “We’re starved.”

“I never stopped moving, all day,” Marti admitted, “too nervous.”

“Well, some of us burned a bunch of calories today. I could eat a cow and have room for ice cream!” Kate said, rubbing her tummy.

A phone rang. Eddie recognized his ring tone. “Sweet Dreams,” Annie Lennox. “That’s mine. Anybody know where it is?”

Lisa pointed toward a pile of panties on a mat near Marti. “Marti, could you toss Master his phone? It’s under that pile of panties next to your foot.” Marti found it and gave it to Eddie.

“Thanks,” he said and tweaked her nipple. “Couldn’t resist.” Laughing as he answered the phone, putting it on speaker.

Irene Clary’s voice said, “Coach Wilson, glad I caught you. Roxanne from my department is at your delivery entrance with a big refrigerator filled with stuff. After we loaded in the bedding, she suggested that if those girls were going to live there for a while they needed to eat. Roxy scoped out a place in the storeroom to plug it in.”

“Make sure you’re dressed. She almost made the national power lifting team and definitely likes women. Need I say more?” You could hear her grinning.

“Say no more. Shorts and a shirt. I’ll go help her now. We have a houseful of hungry girls who beyond ready to eat. Your timing is perfect.” Eddie said and ended the call. “You guys prep the conference room. If you come, throw on a tee shirt if you would, Ms Martin. You don’t want to tease Roxanne. We’ll see what’s for eats.”

Respectably dressed, they went to meet Roxanne. She was waiting at the door. “Hi. You must be Ms Martin and the Coach. Ms Clary was impressed with your girls’ health project. After she told us how hard you were investigating ways to keep them healthy and strong, the staff was all in. we filled this refrigerator with everything we could think of: ice cream, cold cuts, condiments, salads, and all sorts of munchies. There is a case of assorted breads and buns in the truck.”

“Thanks for your thoughtfulness. It means a lot to us.” Megan said, “We have a bunch of starving teenagers here. I’ll go get the bread.”

Eddie added, “Means a lot more knowing you are taking care of the girls on your own time, Roxanne. Let’s get this big honkin’ box put away so you can get back to your life.”

Megan got the case of bread and took it to the ‘dining’ room. Roxanne and Eddie wrestled the appliance into place. He thanked her again before she left. The door locked, he headed back, only to be run over by the starving masses headed for the food. They flung both doors open and tried to crowd into the refrigerator.

Eddie, brushed aside by the stampede, leaned against the wall and wondered in wonder, at the sight before him. Eighteen ravenous teenagers looking for something to eat, none seemed aware of their nakedness. The girls, just a few years younger than him, radiated innocence. Some, he thought, were a little less innocent than others, but that fact took nothing away from them. The girls who were ‘experienced’ mostly got the experience before joining the Project by submitting to Consensual Rape due to the vagaries of inspection. Some, by playing naked games in high school. One or two ‘gave it up’ so to speak in a moment of excitement but not very often. No one would ever accuse any of the teens of having ‘loose morals’.

That knowledge did not stop Eddie from appreciating eighteen pairs of very sweet nipples crinkling in the cold air, eighteen tight little butts bumping each other out of the way. Hands full of their favorites, they stampeded back. Eddie closed the refrigerator doors and followed.

But first he went the wall and put the platforms in place. Fortunately he remembered the ‘vertical’ measurement of each test subject. ‘You never forget the important things,’ he chuckled to himself. He rounded fractions the next lowest increment. He left the first four empty, used the next ten for the girls, with the last four empty. He had five extra field levelers he might find some us for.

Megan knew her stuff. While the cuties were foraging, she brought service for twenty, plus napkins, from the kitchen and set the table. The herd of hotties sorted the food and settled in to feed the beast. Megan and Eddie laughed and sat down to do the same. The only sounds were utensils on plates and little moans from happy girls. It’s not polite to talk with your mouth full and they were very polite young girls.

Maybe they were a tiny bit aware of the collective nakedness. When a girl dropped a bit of mayo or a crumb of bread, her neighbor was ever so considerate lick it off. A suspicious person might think some of the ‘accidents’ were less that accidental. In any case, the napkins were unnecessary.

After dinner conversation consisted of talking about the feast, how thoughtful Roxanne and Ms Clary had been to take such good care of them, and about the classes some of the girls had managed to attend. Megan got the girly gaggle organized enough to put away the food and get dishes back to the kitchen. Nikki and Audrey insisted the girls wash the dishes. “That’s a huge pile. Coach’s work-study girls did not sign up for ‘slave labor-study’. It wouldn’t be fair to expect them to clean up this mess. It won’t take but a few minutes if we all work together,” Nikki said.

They rioted through the kitchen for about thirty minutes. When the steam cleared, the place was spotless. Fifteen minutes later, eighteen shiny teens exited the shower having rioted themselves as spotless as the kitchen.

Coach Wilson lined them up in the gym. “If Franny will get the things she and her mother made, we are going to dress you girls in your special apparel.”

Franny sorted the strips of fabric by color and asked, “What next, Coach. I got no clue.”

“Lisa, Marti, Janie and Claire, go to the black stack and get strips to match your neck and waist sizes. They are tagged. Get a long strip also.”

“The ten original girls get the same from the white stack. Georgette, Thea, Kate, and Franny, you girls get to wear gray. Ms Martin, you are about the same size as the others, so if you would, please get yourself fitted with one of the other colors.”

Megan chose navy.

Eddie went to the office and called Arlene. He had a secret mission even Megan did not know about. “Did you get that note I left at the shop? I couldn’t say anything about it because I didn’t want the girls to hear and spoil the surprise,” he said when she answered.

Arlene said that she did. “I called the jeweler as soon as you left the shop. He had your order ready. I picked it up myself when Franny went to see you. How did you like the way I dressed her?”

“She’s a keeper and we will.” He laughed out loud, “No need to give us cab fare. She delivered herself.”

“So the little stinker told you that? Arlene chuckled, “I can’t wait to see her. She was admitted to Central starting next semester, so I wanted to get used to the dress code. Very fashionable belt, don’t you think? Is it too much?”

“She was overdressed but we took care of that quickly.” Eddie got to the reason for the call, “You can see for yourself if you can bring the broaches over in about a hour.”

Arlene was answering almost before he finished talking, “I’ll be there! Cannot wait to see her face when she sees mine. I’m bringing a camera. This is going to be fun”

“I love it when a plot comes together’ he was thinking as he returned to the gym. The girls had gotten the parts and were waiting in confusion. Eddie picked the first teen he cam to, “Crysta you and Franny, move to the center mat. The rest of you sweeties, gather around. We’ll get this show on the road.”

He wrapped the correct band around Crysta’s neck, closing the Velcro at the side. Then, doing her waistband the same, he continued, “Franny, get a piece of fuzzy side Velcro and attach it to her waistband in the center of her back.”

As she worked on Crysta, Eddie got the other teens to do put theirs on as he did Crysta’s. Franny had basted the Velcro in place. “Attach the end of the long strip to the Velcro in the back, run it between her really nice legs, and pull it under the waist band in the front. Now, bring it up between her titties and under her collar. Excellent. Let the loose end hang for now.” He said. When Franny finished he instructed Chrysta to pinch the long band at her collar and sit down in one of the chairs. “Let it slip if it gets too tight.”

Crysta did and found that she was OK. “It stretches enough as it is.” Eddie had Franny add Velcro to the waistband and the long piece, ASAP, but to leave the collar alone. In a minute or two, she was done. “Can any of you girls handle a needle and thread?” Janie and Mika stepped forward. “Great. You three sexy sewers start on the others as fast as you can. We don’t have long.”

The three girls flew into action. With three minutes to spare, all the teens were fitted and banded. They stepped apart to admire their work. They forgot Megan. “Oops.” Franny peeped, as all three set on Ms Martin. They were pulling the long piece under Megan’s collar when there was a knock at the door. Eddie flung the door open before the young girls could react.

Arlene ran in and took a picture as Franny screamed, “MOM! Why are you here?”

“The look on your face is priceless, Franny. I came over to give you the cab fare you promised your new Coach.”

Donna said, “Guess she got you better than you got us!” Now the gym was again full of giggling girls.

Arlene looked confused. Megan told her she’d find out later. “Just wait awhile.”

Eddie took the small package Arlene was carrying. He took out one of the broaches he had ordered. “We will use these to attach the strip to your collars. If you seamstresses would trim and finish the edges, we can complete your outfits.”

(The jewelry was as described in the previous episode. A pin was soldered on the back.)

Boobs bobbling, the cuties went to work. With Arlene’s help, the long pieces were trimmed and the ends were finished. The tailors attacked the Velcro that Franny had only basted earlier. Soon the babes were ready for the neck closure. He quietly asked Arlene to go to the kitchenette and get a small bowl of ice.

Eddie pinned each young teen personally, not able to resist the irresistible urge to fondle their teenaged titties. In short order he had them squirming. Eddie did not overlook Ms Martin, though he just might have over fondled her nipples a little bit.

Arlene returned with the ice. The Coach began to select items from the trusty equipment bag. Ten pairs of chained nipple clamps in silver, eight in gold. He called the original girls to the center of the room one at a time. Mika was the first to be decorated. Of course he used her delightfully stiffening nipples as handles to turn the nervous coed to face the other teens. Feathers could not have been gentler.

Coach Wilson selected a silver pair and stood behind girl. Whispering to Arlene, he asked her to touch each nipple with ice until it was as hard as it could be, “be careful not to block the view of the other girls.” Arlene had to stifle a laugh as she proceeded to spend about 15 seconds on each peak.

Eddie lifted Mika’s arms up and reached around her with the nipple clamps. Playing with her boobies for a second or ten, he pronounced them ready. The clamps were attached to each little peak. They were tightened only enough to have a firm grip. Being the true professional that he was, his sense of duty required him to tug the chain firmly. The grip held. “Mika your suit is complete. Silver goes so well with white. You are beautiful.” Patting her on the bottom, he sent her back to the group. “Beth, your turn. Please step forward.”

Megan took this opportunity to take Arlene aside and tell her what Donna meant when she spoke earlier. Arlene almost swallowed her tongue she thought it was so funny. “It’s about time she came out of her shell. I tricked her into getting naked then, shoved her out the back door, throwing her the tool belt. She was in the car so fast it was like magic.”

“Arlene, you are so not the average soccer mom.” Megan told her.

“What’s the fun in that? I went to college here, too!”

After repeating the same ceremony with each young girl in white, he called for Ms Martin.
She received the same attention as the ones before, except he checked the nipple readiness perhaps a little more thoroughly. She got gold clamps He complimented her on her suit and sent her back with a pat and a squeeze.

Thea, Georgette and Kate went next, also getting gold. The new girls received their exemption bracelets. The emblem on the bracelet matched the broach.

He saved Franny until last. Arlene, her mom, took extra time to ice Franny’s nipples. Franny was embarrassed. Actually, mere embarrassment was a poor description. Arlene was very careful to talk about how pretty her daughter was. “I found out that you were here less than 15 seconds, before Coach Wilson relieved you of your virginity, against the wall. I knew you had in you, Sweety, but I never thought you would have it in you so fast. You are truly my daughter. I am so proud of you for taking this step with these people.”

Eddie took extra time placing the nipple clamps. Afterwards, Franny thrust her chest out. Embarrassment had been overridden with girlish pride. ‘Mom is way cooler than ever imagined,’ she thought, ‘and she thinks my tits are cute.’

The girls all gathered around and congratulated themselves. They agreed that they looked so sexy in their new clothes.

Arlene chose that time to excuse herself. Unable to resist one more tweak at Franny, she said, “I gotta make one of those outfits for me. Years ago your daddy gave me a cameo pin that would look great with red. I’ll model it for him. I expect to be late to work tomorrow. Don’t call.”

“MoOoM!” Janie squeaked, “That’s way more than my sensitive ears need to hear!”

Arlene simply grinned at her and went out the door.

Donna said, “She got you again. That lady is good.” That consoled Franny not one bit.

“Does this make my ass look big?” Ashley asked Melissa.

“Does having it’s own zip code answer your question?” Melissa retorted.

The girls dissolved into a mass of giggly, wiggly and jiggly girl flesh. Eddie watched, thinking that there so no more cute sight on Earth than eighteen almost naked girls enjoying being girls. Except for maybe the ‘almost’ part. ‘Completely’ would be even better but not by much.

“Time to disentangle all those delectable girly parts. Let’s take the picture. You should think ‘prom’ but with a sexier dress. Line up by the wall. White in the back row, arms akimbo. Black and gray are alternating on their knees in the next row. Ms Martin laying in front, pinup style.” He posed her on one side, top leg bent at the knee, the foot behind her lower knee. She elevated her upper body with her lower arm bent at the elbow, hand supporting her head. Her upper arm was straight, hand resting on her hip.

He took several shots, and then had them take off the clamps. He took a few of the clamp removal, then a lot bare tittied shots. “You look wonderful,” he told them, “Wait until you see how pretty you all are, with the strip dividing those munchable boobies. The perfect focus, a spotlight on heaven.”

The young girls preened at the compliments, like teenager everywhere.

“Can you tie us to the wall like before?” wondered Becca, “that was so exciting.”

“Yeah, it was weird but fun after a while.” ” Tied up, helpless, but not in real danger maybe.” “Naked and exposed more than ever.” “If anybody wanted to do anything, can’t stop ‘em.” “Made me sooo hot, I couldn’t stand it,” chorused the others.

Eddie could not believe his ears. These babes were cutely, girlishly and weirdly kinky. Not that he minded so much, but he was a bit surprised. “Are you very sure, girls? Once bound and powerless, the rules may change.”

The teens were sorta, maybe nearly sure it would be OK. Almost. “We’ll do it.”

Taking him aside, Ms Martin asked Coach Wilson if this would be a good time to catch up with some paperwork while she had a talk with the young girls?

“Well, no one has had the time to sort the video Lisa has been shooting all day. How about I take Claire, Georgette, Janie, Thea and Kate. Maybe Franny, too. They can start the follow-up article for the paper. We can edit the photos, and begin an outline. Besides, we promised Martine new byline pictures for her reporters,” Eddie said. “I can keep them busy on real work.”

“Someone should have told Martine that when you plan revenge, dig two graves. Now hers is updated, too. Martine boxed herself in nicely.” Megan added, “The newbies haven’t seen the Project testing in real time. Those teens won’t know the legitimate reason behind it. Even after what they’ve been through in the past 24 hours, the wall may be too much.”

“The original girls came into this, having been chosen by the College. The Health Project was important and the intimacy was a necessary requirement. They are good students and agreed to the terms. Not that much different from the inspections. They can deal with embarrassing, constant nudity, but for a great cause. Then we moved into the test so fast there was no turning back.” Eddie remembered. “When the heat was turned up, the teenagers were swamped in conflicting, but strong, emotions.”

“Embarrassment enhanced the arousal and public nakedness became excitement at being exposed, like wanting the thrill when the thrill is forbidden or scary. Then, if you are ‘forced’, given no choice, you can have it all, all at once.” Megan explained.

Eddie laughed softly, “Like Claire and Janie this morning, never so exposed, never more humiliated and embarrassed, never more terrified, and never more excited and aroused. The crazy hotties never had so much fun. They never felt more alive.”

Coach Wilson and Ms Martin eventually agreed to tone it down tonight. The reporters would hammer out the newspaper story, select the pictures to illustrate the theme and pick the staff pictures. The others could set up the temporary ‘barracks’ and sort out their things.

They told the girls that the wall for testing, the other emotions were a fun benefit. It was too late to start the Project “We’ll begin the experiments and data collection tomorrow afternoon and evening, so tonight let’s just be a bunch of girlfriends, doing homework, munching snacks and generally hanging out with no pressure,” Megan said.

Eddie told them to take the new clothes off and put them away. Divide the rest up among themselves but the new girls and Megan got the brighter colors. Trading suits was always OK.

Megan and Eddie would sort and stow the Project materials. Vibrating plugs, ropes, velvet binding, pussy-grip jump ropes, KY jelly and line scales were all normal lab equipment for the Project. But the equipment was best locked in the office cabinets. Not everyone was clued in on the new normal.

Basically, they wrote the article, puttered around the gym and spent time being normal teenagers.

Self imposed dress for the evening was no clothes. The majority of the girls were still modest enough to be very aware of the nudity, maybe a little excited. Chrysta goofed at them. “Think of it as being naked in your dorm room. This is our dorm for a few days.”

“An enormous room with lots of doors we’re pretty sure are locked. Not public nakedness at all.” Ms Martin grinned. “Makes you feel like a real girl.”

They chose to be naked for the night. Tomorrow’s dress rules would be the usual extreme required by the regular Code of Conduct.

Coach Wilson reassured them that they were as safe as they had been all day. So they played, studied, wrote, and recalled the strangeness of the day. Every single girl admitted to having a very good time.

“Today was a great time to be a young girl” was the conclusion. They all piled onto the fresh bedding in the gym and called it a day.

‘It’s strange and exhausting to be me, but still very good.’ Eddie thought as he nodded away into dreamland.

Preventive Medicine Health Project Part 5.6

The new emblem for the project. Will appear on letterhead, charge cards, bracelets and jewelry. Made of silver and cloisonné, with ivory background, black border and initials, navy symbols, and a rose colored drape. The lovely girl will be lovely girl colored.

“Lisa run, you need to catch up with Kate. Bring her back. She will get her Code hearing with us. I don’t think we should throw her to the dogs.”

“Cool, Master. They were headed to Admin. Mind if I pick up some things at the Dorm?” Lisa said over her shoulder.

“Send the others, too, if you see them,” Eddie shouted at her disappearing butt. “Claire and Janie, you get to the dorm as fast as you can. Bring the black towels, Becca’s, Nikki’s and my laptop and whatever else we might play with. Get some safety pins.”

Janie asked, “Naked, again?” Claire rolled her eyes.

“No. Wear some nipple clips, not clamps, from the bag we carried all morning. Bring me the bag before you leave. And maybe wear some panties I will like.” Eddie shoo-ed the naked girls out, “The faster you run, the sooner you’re back.”

“The faster the girls run, the more their firm little boobs bounce, too.” Megan said. “What are we going to do with Thea and Georgette? They look pretty nervous.”

“I need to thank Bridget and the team. They’re probably in the kitchenette, stowing the snacks.” Glancing at the two schoolgirls against the wall, “The two of you, follow us.” Janie and Claire passed the coach at a sprint, handing him the bag, clipped nipples going in all directions.

Megan and Eddie went to the kitchen, the new Siamese Tits close behind. Bridget and the others were just finishing. “Thank you, girls. The Dean’s people were impressed. They send their complements.

“Coach, don’t sell Ms Martin and yourself short. We peeked. You got four extremely pretty girls naked in minutes. You righteously screwed their brains out, with two cherries on top.” The Siamese Tits moaned and blushed and moaned again. “And if that wasn’t enough, you told Ms Martin to strip and clean Georgette’s traces from your unit. Ms Martin jumped to it, getting Ms Clary and the wives topless in the mix. Those guys never tasted the pastries. Bet they couldn’t tell you what they drank.” Bridget was almost on the floor laughing. “Ms Martin, what were you thinking?”

The very naked Megan hopped up and sat on a counter. “It’s easy to say and hard to explain. I had agreed to be under the Coach’s thumb when it came to discipline. So, I did as I said I would.” Staring directly at Georgette and Thea, she shivered and continued, “Inside, I felt like those two teenagers felt and feel now.” The teens were nodding rapidly. “In front of the Dean and very powerful members of the faculty, of which I am a member, I am discussing critical Project business in open-front, see-though babydoll top and transparent panties. I’m embarrassed totally. And, excited because of it. He has already fucked Martine sideways and claimed Thea’s virginity in a very erotic manner, making her clean the dick that took her maidenhead.”

“With my help, he plows Kate into next week, talking to the faculty ladies like every thing is normal. My nipples are so hard, they are going to break off and my pussy is doing Niagara Falls. Coach is describing in detail how he is going to fuck this virgin to the faculty ladies, getting then to play with Georgette’s tits. I have my finger on her clit and two ex-virgins are spreading her legs. I place his cock at her pussy lips. Then he sticks that monster halfway into Georgette’s cunt. She’s bouncing up and down with a baseball bat in her dripping twat and he orders me to strip off completely in front of my boss, his wife and the world.”

“Naked, drippy wet, I see Ms Clary strip topless, followed by Mrs. Parsons and the Dean’s wife. We proceed to fuck her to pieces. Then do it again just for laughs. He makes me suck him clean while the Dean talks about it!”

“I’m embarrassed and humiliated beyond belief. I couldn’t be more exposed I’m feeling powerless and so hot I am going to explode. Now, I’m more naked than naked, sitting at the table two men and three topless women, about plans, logistics and personnel. The coach is playing with my clit under the table and makes me come like crazy, just as the Director of Finance is giving me a charge card. Exposed tits shaking like insane Jell-O, we say our ‘goodbyes’ like it is another regular Tuesday at the office.”

“And that, Bridget, is how I felt. And if coach does not fuck me in front of you, your topless teammates and those two fucked out ex-virgins right this minute, I’m going to scream!”

Eddie grinned, stepped out of his shorts and up to Megan. He picked her up, taking her out into the gym. Eddie placed her on the mats and proceeded to pound her into the flood. Two noisy orgasms later, he rolled over, keeping his dick in her. “Ride ‘em, cowgirl!” he shouted as Megan did just that.

“Watch those titties bounce! Go girl, go!” chanted Bridget. She dragged Thea and Georgette by their boob chain closer to the action, “Look at Coach’s dick drill that soaking cunt. Bet you looked like that. You want so more, don’t you sluts?”

Eddie looked at the two girls. “Play with Ms Martins tits like she did yours. Pinch her hard nipples as tight as you want. Make her feel like you. Do it now!” The stunned followed orders. They pinched Megan’s tits like anti-stress toys.

Megan started babbling some unknown language and came for what seemed like days. Minutes later, that her eyes got that ‘look’. She stood up, and pulled Thea down by her chain. “Sit on that cock, cunt.” Megan held Eddie’s dick up and pushed Thea down, impaling her pussy. “Ride him hard.” Georgette had a very good view. She was attached to Thea by the tits.

Megan stood behind the suddenly fucking Thea and grinned at Eddie. “Fuck me with this little girl, you whore,” he snarled to Megan.

Reaching over Thea’s shoulders, Megan began pumping Thea up and down by her tits. As she caught the rhythm and starting fucking the Coach on her own, Ms Martin played with he clit. As the orgasm washed over Thea’s entire body, Megan released the nipple clamps. The pain amplified the pleasure. It was Thea’s turn to scream and that she did. Megan pulled Thea up and off.

Megan replaced Thea with the astonished Georgette, impaling on the dick still wet from Thea. Using her tits as handles, Megan set the ex-virgins pace on the cock stuck deep in her twat. Georgette started to come quicker than her fellow fuckee when Megan pinched her clit. Megan removed the nipple clamps and sent the little girl to outer space. Then she passed out and fell over.

Eddie jumped up, grabbed Megan, forced her to her hands and knees and fucked her tight ass until he came with a roar. Megan did not mind at all.

Bridget and the others gave them a standing ovation.

Eddie and the three well-fucked girls went to the showers. He and Megan pampered the two slightly shaky girls. Megan concentrated on their girly parts, gently washing as she made sure their nipples and twats weren’t too sore. Eddie massaged as he did their backs, arms and legs, telling how soft and smooth their skin felt and how feminine the sweet bodies appeared. He said, “You both have a ‘glow’ you did not have before, like you learned something about yourself.”

“I’ll leave you two in Ms Martin’s hands. The carpenters will be delivering some items we ordered this morning. It’s 3:00 now. That gives us an hour or so to prepare. Kate and the others will start to drift in soon.”

“Coach. Can we wash you, too? Kind of go exploring?” Thea asked.

Georgette shyly added, “We really know how you feel, but not how you look.”

“Like I told the folks at the meeting, I’m no exhibitionist, but neither am I shy. Turn about is fair play. And besides, I saw all of you. I loved every inch.”

Eddie let them examine him for a little while. “This feels really good. You’re getting me excited again. So I need to get to work now unless start all over.”

Megan nudged him out. “Go work. I’ll stay here with these two hotties and we’ll met you in the gym.”

Eddie got a towel and dried as he walked into the gym. Kate was just coming in. “I sent Lisa to catch you a log time ago. What happened?” he asked.

“Lisa caught up just as we got to the Admin Building. I was way embarrassed by then. She told me to hustle back here, so I started toward my dorm to get something to wear. The Dean stopped me and said I had to stay naked until a hearing could be held. Even if you were going to handle it, I had to stay naked until I got to the gym.”

“I was half way back when a bunch of rude boys trapped me. They tried to touch me, saying some awful things. Some of the stuff you’ve said, but when they said it, the words sounded meaner. When you said sorta the same, it made me get excited and embarrassed at the same time. It was weird. I tried to get away but they had me surrounded. I was about to start swinging.”

Kate began talking faster, “Anyway, Claire and Janie showed up, carrying a bunch of towels and stuff. It took about a millisecond for those two warriors to get right in those boys’ faces. Claire told them to get the hell out there, right now. Janie showed her bracelet to the loudest boy and told him if he did not know what that bracelet meant, then he better find out fast or he would be in real big trouble. These two tiny girls were wearing their sheer bikini panties and nipple clips like it was full-body armor. They were not backing down.”

“They checked me over to made sure I was OK and Claire told me to run here and not stop for nothing. If anybody bothered me, make him or her chase me in. You would deal very harshly with the bozos. Janie called it, “extreme prejudice.” They got their towels and whatever they were carrying and left, looking for the other girls. So, Coach, that’s what took so long.”

“Kate, I am so sorry you had to through something that rough. I’m glad you’re OK. Remember, steel is forged in the hottest fire. You are going to be a very strong girl. I’m proud of you. Ms Martin and I will find a place for you here.” He hugged her tight.

“You damn straight we will.” Megan stated like gospel, “Lisa did you get that?”

Eddie and Kate spun around. “I came in right behind Kate. I saw what happened but could not get the camera out ‘cause I was getting ready to wade in when the SWAT team showed up. Every word Kate said was the honest truth. I did get every word since Kate came in. And some footage or her setting records in the 200-meter sprint. The Coach and Kate were so involved they didn’t notice. It’s on new card. We can show it on the big screen when the others get here.”

Megan said, “Kate let’s get you to the showers. We’ll get you looking like a girl, again. Georgette and Thea, you stay and help Coach Wilson get ready for the carpenters.”

Janie and Claire strolled in like conquering heroines. “We wuz bad. Those boys ran from us!” Janie giggled. They were talking to each other so fast the tiny warriors didn’t see the crowd listening.

Claire just plain laughed, “I was scared as hell but those jerks made me so mad I forgot I was naked. Coach makes us do scary embarrassing stuff naked but his stuff make me hot.”

Janie started laughing like Claire, “We get pulled all over town showing our tits to everybody, we run through a nasty neighborhood full of perverts, he makes us wait outside of a sex store, then strips us naked and fucks us brainless against a wall in the street. I never had so much fun in my life!”

“I was terrified someone would see and afraid they wouldn’t. Go figure.” Claire gasped.

“And then, we try to beat up five boys messing with a girl who we helped Coach screw until she passed out.” Janie squealed like a little girl. She was.

“Naked with our boobs chained together in front of the Dean. And less than a day ago, we were virgins. What’s next?” Claire asked. “I love being a girl!”

“I love you being girls, too” Eddie chuckled. They jumped out of their skin.

“Oh my god! How long have you been here?” Janie said.

“Never left. Heard the whole thing. Nice panties.” Eddie laughed again.

‘Now, I’m embarrassed for the millionth time today!” Claire fussed.

Megan said, “The word on the street is that embarrassment looks very pretty good on both of you. Now put the stuff you brought in the conference room and hit the showers. We’ll set the dress code later. Stay naked. Keep the clips. Got to wear something.”

Within minutes of each other Audrey, Ashley, Becca, Beth, Crysta, Donna, Jen, Melissa, Mika and Nikki rolled in. Arms full, they asked Coach Wilson where they could put everything they owned in the world. Marti arrived with more stuff, telling Eddie, “Master, a Ms Clary told us to bring this stuff over here. We live here til Friday.”

Donna added, “Marti’s right. Facilities is tearing the dorm room apart. Ms Clary is sending over some dressers for the conference room and a bunch of mattresses and linens. We can put it the gym.”

“Yeah. ‘Home, Sweet Home’ until she calls Ms Martin Thursday or Friday morning,” Beth put in.

“Master?” Georgette wondered, “When did that happen, Marti?”

“About the time he screwed us stupid, with ten girls watching, tied to the wall, staring at us. We picked him. He didn’t pick us. He gave us things we needed, not what we thought we wanted.” Lisa answered quickly, “You will understand, soon, if you haven’t learned already.”

“Girls, those two with nipple clips are Georgette and Thea. The new naked girl is Kate. They have stories to tell. Stow your things in the conference room until the dressers get here. Hit the showers. I’ll join you. Stay naked, you class up the gym.” Eddie grabbed the camera and started the video. What he saw was priceless. He lost his shorts in solidarity. His dick had solidarity to spare.

Thinking ‘I love my life.’ Eddie watched Megan and seventeen crazy naked wiggling teenaged hotties scurry around, talking all at once. He handed the camera to Thea and Georgette telling the naked girls to film anything that wiggled. He had to make some calls.

From his office, he called the carpenters’ shop. The foreman said the order was ready and being loaded for delivery. His delivery girl would ring at the service entrance in about 45 minutes. Eddie thanked him and hung up.

Next Eddie called Arlene at the fabric shop. She was glad he called. The order was ready. Once they got started, they assembly-lined the job. She threw several extra of each size in some odd colors. Her staff tagged each piece by size. The seamstress was on her way, now.

‘Wow, Arlene, you give great service. I’m very impressed. Thank you and your staff.” Eddie praised.

“We want to see pictures of what we made when it’s in use. Gotta be great!” Arlene said.

“She is here. What’s her name?” Eddie asked.

“Franny. She’s cute and fun. You can play with her. Can’t steal her. Just borrow her. Between you and me, she’s a virgin. She likes girls but I think she’s bi.” Arlene said. You could hear the gleam in her eyes.

“Later, Arlene. You’re worse than me.”

He answered the gym door. Standing there was a spitting image of Janie with blond hair instead of red. She was gloriously naked except for a small leather tool belt, loaded with scissors, a flexible tape measure, precut Velcro in all colors, grommets, laces, safety pins, straight pin, plus needles and thread. And handcuffs?

“Hi. I’m Franny. Arlene made me dress like this to deliver your order. I’ve never been naked like this. It is making me crazy.” She could barely whisper.

“You are a beautiful girl. I’m Coach Wilson. Welcome to the crazy house. Pardon me for noticing, but your lovely pink nipples need some attention before they explode and your pussy is dripping down your pretty legs.” He reached to take her hand

Franny found herself shocked and wildly excited by this hypnotic man. She reached for his hand and he did not let go. She watched in a haze as he pulled her into a full body hug. His dick up trapped against her tummy. Franny felt this strange Coach pick her up like she was a feather and press her back to the wall beside the door, he lifted her some more until his dick touched her wet virgin pussy, finding the entrance. He started to let burning hot body slid down the wall, using her weight, letting her impale herself on this hard cock.

She was staring at something no one else could see. Franny hugged Coach Wilson as hard as she could. He unbuckled her belt and let it drop. Her nipples were trying to punch a hole in his chest. That made her wetter. Franny heard someone’s voice say, “I’ve never done this before. Why do I want you to make love to me, now? How are you making me need to feel you inside? I have to give my virginity to you this second.” She was almost sure she could recognize the voice.

Franny locked eyes with his. She slowly loosened her hug and felt her body slide down, felt herself accept his dick. Franny set her face and let her body drop trying to take it all at once. Her maidenhead parted and Eddie’s dick was suddenly half way in. It felt huge, she felt like she was stretched to the splitting point.

Eddie caught her weight. “That’s enough for now, Dear. Let your incredibly tight pussy get used to being used. The sting of giving your precious gift will pass soon, leaving you a life of pleasure. I’m only half in. Let’s get comfortable. Then we can do this the easy way.” He said in a soothing voice.

Franny clamped her arms and legs around like a tiny octopus. Eddie took her to a mat in the middle of the room. He lay on his back and pushed her up by her titties. “Now Franny, go at our own pace. Lift yourself up a little and push yourself down. Work me in a little at a time. When you’re ready, we’ll do this thing proper.”

Franny rocked her hips back and forth, working his dick in slowly. She felt so good he had to force himself to be still and let her go at her own rate. “Oh, wow, it feels so good. So tight So full.” She got a look of discovery on her face. “There, yessss. That’s it!” She started pumping furiously.

Eddie took this as his cue and started thrusting back, driving to the bottom in two strokes. With eyes wide open, Franny stopped talking and began to fuck him as fast as she could. Change angles and pump. Rotate and pump. She found that perfect spot inside herself and rode him faster than before, chanting, “Deeper, so good, harder, oh my god, what’s happening to me. Please, fuck me harder.”

Eddie was glad to oblige. He flipped them over staying buried in this wonderful, sweet pussy. He reached back and pulled her legs to his shoulders. Eddie went to town on that virgin. She took all he was giving. Franny shouted, “It’s here. I’m comingggggg.” Her abdominal muscles started to ripple and her cunt tried to milk his balls dry. In the middle of her first dick driven orgasm, Eddie drove the last inch he had been holding in reserve all the way through the end of her cunt. He started short, hard strokes, hitting her clit hard each time, his dick head never leaving her womb. “Now I’m all the way in, dear.”

She slowed, stared at that invisible something, and went completely wild. Moaning and screaming and wailing like a banshee, her body went out of control, bouncing and wiggling and bouncing some more.

Eddie held on to her for dear life, his and hers. He was trying to fill her up. She was trying to empty his balls. He knew for a fact that he had blown his brains out the end of his dick He was not sure where hers had gone.

Eddie rolled over again, staying buried deer inside her hot tightness. They finally noticed every one, all naked eighteen of them, standing there speechless. Franny lifted her head enough to look at him and wink. He put his hands on her titties and pushed her vertical, still attached at her pussy.

Then she said loud enough for everyone to hear, “Hi, my name’s Franny. You must be the Coach Arlene sent me to see. Pleased to meet you.”

There was dead tomb silence for about seven and a half seconds. Then Donna started giggling, “I’ll be damned. That little twat got us good first time out. She is one of us. Franny, we will get even.”

The whole room erupted. The girls were hooting and laughing their cute asses off. Titties bouncing around like Jell-O. Lisa called out, “Girls you need to thank me. I started recording when Franny knocked on the door. Coach was fucking her within 15 seconds, up against the wall. You all started watching then and that was 45 minutes ago. Better call ‘Guiness’, we have a record.”

Lisa continued, ”Let’s review.” She started laughing, “A week ago, Marti threw her shiny new twat on his sword. Last night Janie and Claire gave it up for dinner. At lunch, he nails Thea and Georgette. And now for a late afternoon snack Franny jumped his bone. That means 6 virgins total, 5 in the last 20 hours. What’s up with that?”

Megan, batted puppy-dog eyes at Eddie, “Daddy. She’s cute. If we promise to feed her and clean up her masses, and get her shots, can we keep her? Please, please, Daddy. Can we keep her?”

“I guess so, children. Arlene told me that I could play nice with her, borrow her, but I can’t keep. You’ll have to check with the fabric shop lady. Use the phone in my office. Hit redial.”

“Coach. She will give me to you free, and throw in cab fare. Arlene’s my mom. She’s messing with you. I’m supposed to figure out what Coach Wilson designed and do fittings. The stuff is just out the door. I need a shower and where do I sleep?” Franny blurted, not stopping to breathe.

Megan said, “Coach Wilson, while you were getting delivered, the carpenters’ shop dropped off your field levelers, Ms Clary sent the dressers, mattresses and sheets already. It’s too early to order supper. Tell us what to do.”

Eddie sat up, then stood, still plugged into Franny’s pussy. She hung like a limpet. “Girls lose the nipple jewelry. It’s blocking my view. Get the video camera and the tripod ready, fresh tape is in the cabinet in the conference room. I believe Ms Martin can repair the tape head. Take my goody bag, all the “testing supplies” to the area in front of the ladder wall. Put the stuff the carpenters brought there also. Next, get four chairs, and some stools from the storeroom. If I think of anything else, we’ll deal with it after I shower and deal with this sticky little girl stuck to my chest.”

‘Got it, Coach. Girls, stop dripping all over the gym and hop to it. Coach, we’ll be done before she is.”

Franny looked at Megan, asking, “What have I gotten myself into?”

Megan answered, “That isn’t the question. The real question is, ‘What have we gotten into ourselves?’”

Crysta shook her tits at Franny and said, “Girl, hang on tight. You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Giggling, the other teenagers shimmied their naked titties and set to work. Eddie watched the scenery for a few minutes, bouncing a moaning blond on his dick. “They are getting hot looking at my cock pump in and out of your cunt,” he whispered in her ear.

“ Oh lord, that’s so nasty. Fuck me harder. Give them something to see.” She started her orgasm before they got out of sight. Eddie was coming, too, filling her twat to overflowing.

They made it to the showers, where he taught the willing girl how her liked his blowjobs. She swallowed. Eventually, they finished, returning to the gym. All eighteen very naked girls were lounging around on the mats, talking about the crazy day they had survived. Each story topped the one before. Their hands were not idle.

“Ok My, my, but your titties look quite perky this evening, girls.” Eddie said, smiling at the mob.

“That’s what you said to Vera.” Said Georgette.

“Vera?” Becca asked.

“The Dean’s wife. Coach Wilson was talking to her naked tits, when he popped my cherry while she, Betty Parsons and Irene Clary rubbed their nipples in my face, on the conference room table.”

Megan laughed, “It’s good to be a girl, isn’t it?”

“Thanks to the Coach, we’re getting real good at this girly stuff,” said Mika, blushing deep crimson. The mob cracked up again.

Watching tits and asses and pussies rolling all over the floor laughing, Eddie, once more, thought to himself, ‘I love my life. It’s good to be me.’

Preventive Medicine Health Project, Part 5.5

6:00 Tuesday morning came way too early for every one except Coach Wilson, Director Martin and as it turned out, Lisa. Eddie woke up, still embedded in one of Megan’s best features. He did a reach around. Fingers finding clit, he stroked slowly until Megan came. It must have been a sweet one, he figured because she moaned so softly, smiled and went back to sleep. Eddie turned to stare at the ceiling

He remembered having that talk with his Dad. Ed, Sr., Had the ‘TALK’ with his son a long time ago. Dad asked what he needed to talk about. After listening to Eddie’s observations, he said that maybe the difference was that girls matured faster but that might be selling the girls short. He said that Eddie needed to consider that girls grew breasts that showed on the outside and had periods that affected their lives and that their bodies changed shape. Girls talked about these chances with other girls, formed sisterhoods and practiced being girls with other girls. Their newly acquired girl parts are on the outside. Shirts rubbed on breasts. Pants rubbed on vaginas. Maybe the reason girls loved to play soccer was that they needed an outlet for all that hormonal energy. And maybe the real reason was that it was exciting. Dancing turned them on.

He talked easily with the soccer team members, hanging out in the locker room, massaging the older girls, bumps and bruises and just being adopted as their mascot. The girls weren’t very modest around him, nor were they brazen. Eddie got treated as their hunky little brother. He just took it in stride. Girls didn’t frighten him like other adolescent boys.

The day he asked Mom to teach him to dance she just laughed and hugged him saying that with his looks, he was going to be very popular. Even as a 13 year old, he figured that one out.

Lisa rolled over and lay on Eddie’s stomach bringing him back to the present. “The look on Ms Martin’s face was so sweet it got me very excited. Mind if I rest here until everyone gets up, Master?”

“Let me do the math: Crazy cute teenager, squirming on my chest early in the morning, still hard from screwing the Director in her sleep, plus cute teen filmed outrageously sexy ‘encounters’ in the last few hours, equals a girl wiping her pussy on my dick.”

Lisa reached between them, positioned Eddie’s prick where she wanted and slid it home. “It is not Rocket Surgery, Master. ‘Give her 2 units of B+, there, Nurse sponge there. Quick. Suction the field, Pressure nominal, Clamp. Clamp. Ignition …Liftoff. Mission Control, We have a Moonshot!’” She had been pumping her twat constantly on Eddie. On ‘moonshot’ Lisa achieved high earth orbit, giggling to anyone who listened. “NASA, eat your heart out. My Master has the right stuff.” Eddie pumped her cunt full of his stuff. “In-flight refueling! I love Rocket Surgery.”

“Your pussy does wonderful things when you laugh, Lisa. But we all have to Rise and Shine.”

Lisa’s moon mission had awakened the girly mob. “We’re up already. What next, Coach?” Beth asked.

Megan who had been watching Lisa’s lunar trip, said to the group, “Girls, we have to step out of the box a little, today. We will be specially dressed. All tops will be semi- or totally transparent and will extend no lower than 2 inches past your nipples. Panties must be see-through and may be of any style except ‘boy shorts’. This may sound extreme, but you will be covered. Our Personal Dress Code will be under a microscope. We have to prove ourselves deserving of the exemption bracelets.”

“The Director will be examined as well. Today Ms Martin will wear the same sort of panties with a longer top. We will meet with the Dean and part of the administration today. We will present our strict dress code definitions and define our enforcement methodologies. Part of the newspaper staff will attend in order to insure that the public is informed. Claire’s first story for publication is appearing this morning to prepare to public for your exemption status. We expect the story to be well received.”

The girls congratulated Claire. She stood and gave a naked pirouette and a cute curtsey.

Megan continued, “We need two girls at the meeting who are free between 11:30 and 2:00 today. Lisa and Janie, Can you make it?”

Lisa had classes at 9:00, 2:30 and 4:00. She could make it. Janie was part-time and had the day free. “Perfect. Meet the Coach and I in the conference room at 11:00 AM. Everybody else, write your schedules down. We need to get some shopping done today and tomorrow. Also, make sure to be available Friday evening and night. We have to complete our current test set for the Project.”

Eddie said, ” I need your waist and neck measurements. Include these with your schedules. Plus, we are going to eliminate some variables in data collection, so I must have an accurate measurement of the distance from the floor to the point of first contact with your absolutely stellar pussy lips. Your legs must be spread 2 feet wide when you measure. This is important foe your comfort during the testing process.”

“We are planning more appropriate accommodations for this Crazy Crew of Cute Kittens.” This name made the teenagers feel like real girls. The smiles were huge. Private study space is in the works. You must maintain your already excellent grades. Prove to the community that you can be pretty feminine girls who can be strong enough to take on difficult challenges, keep your minds sharp and not lose your sweet girly charm.” Megan told them to hop to it, collect the information and get ready for classes.

The girls, feeling empowered after the praise, jumped to it. Schedules were written measurements were taken, to many giggles and squeals. Seems the last numbers required a lot of tickles and caresses. These teenagers were still playful even when motivated by serious business. Eddie emptied the camera into his laptop, putting the stills and videos in a password-protected file.

Megan called the Dean. She explained the agenda as they had described it to Martine. She suggested that Coach Wilson might use the newspaper staff to illustrate the Project’s stricter Code. “Speaking faculty to faculty, Sir, I think you may find this illustration quite informative. You might want to ask your lovely wife on a “cover-your-bases” move. Megan mentioned the plans for housing and a new study area and asked permission to contact Facilities.

The Dean agreed to meet at the Conference Room at noon. He would bring Robert and Betty Parsons from Finance and Foundations, plus Irene Clary, Facilities Manager. And he would meet his wife there before their lunch date.

Eddie called Bridget and asked that either her or another team member to have coffee, tea and some light pastries ready in the conference room at noon. Bridget said she would make sure several of the players would be available to help serve. Eddie warned her that Code compliance was extremely important today. “The Dean will be there, observing the proceedings. And will accept no less than perfection.” Bridget said her could take a hint and that everything was covered.

Everybody rushed to the showers, then, went in search of the clothing as required by today’s definition of decent. Everyone managed to meet Ms Martin’s goal, except Ms Martin and Crysta. Crysta settled on a babydoll top. She had worn one occasionally since high school and was completely at ease. This was a normal day for her.

Coach Wilson approved the same for the Director with the addition of sheer low-rider panties He explained to the girls that it was because the meeting fell into the category of University functions and Project duties. The panties, while normally forbidden, were needed so the Director would present a properly businesslike appearance. Ms Martin thanked him for his concern.

The young girls were very pleased at and impressed by the Coach’s caring attitude. They knew that would treat every girl with the same fairness but be firm when necessary.

Eddie took a group photo outside to demonstrate compliance. He would show it at the meeting if necessary. Several hardening little nipples were well displayed.

The girls looked at each. Several, in fact, all of them were nervous. This was very close to being naked, all day, for absolutely everybody to see. Eddie reassured them, “You are strong AND pretty. Just think of yourselves as covered. You can feel the tops and panties on your skin. You are protected from inspection. Without your bracelets, you could wind up totally naked and be fondled and raped in the main lobby. Remember, you marched naked, singing loud, just yesterday wearing only nipple jewelry. You were embarrassed at first, but before long, perky firm titties thrust out, you displayed your naked bodies to the world. One girl gave her virginity to me outside and actually wanted to get fucked, hard, twice, in the Common Room while strangers touched her boobs, two fucked me in public, before we got home. You were beautiful. I wanted to make love all of you, The Director included, right there. I want to do it now. You are feminine, pretty and proud to be girls.”

“Now, stay together in groups of three all day, watch out for each other. All of this is easier if you have friends with you. You have Ms Martin’s and my cell phone numbers. Go knock ‘em dead.”

“Claire and Janie, you are with the Coach. We’ll get you excused form classes. Oh, girls, just be quiet. You will be schoolgirls today and go to class. You will understand when you read Claire’s newspaper article. Beth and Nikki, you will go shopping with me. We need new “compliant” clothes, lots of sneakers, and more towels to wear. And whatever girly stuff you need. Let’s roll!”

The MuskeTits now feeling good about themselves and feeling better about the shared situation sucked it up and went to class. Megan and her pair of girls went to town, shy but brave.

Claire and Janie waited while Coach Wilson went inside got the measurements, the camera and two pairs of alligator clips and the gold nipple clamps. They went into the equipment bag, along with the charge card from the Athletic Department he always kept in the pocket of his specially altered boxers. “I may have to make a point, today” he laughed to himself. Back outside, he gave the bag to Janie and off to the carpenter shop they went.

The Coach introduced himself. He introduced Janie and Claire as his assistants for the day. Then he told the foreman what he needed, “I need a wooden sheet, 23 inches wide and 48 inches tall. It will stand vertically. On one side, I want a sturdy shelf, 6 inches deep, adjustable from the bottom, in 1-inch increments, from the end resting on the floor, up to the 18-inch mark. I need to be able to secure it to the rungs of a 2-foot wide ladder from the other side. The rungs are 1-inch wooden dowels, on 6-inch centers, starting 6 inches from the floor. I will need fifteen duplicates. As soon as possible. How quickly can you make this happen? Invoice it to the Dean’s office, marked to the attention of the Health Project.”

The foreman said they had lots of material in stock normally used in the library. They could custom cut some and make attachments and fasteners at once. The ladder would be no problem. The shop was part of Facilities, so a notice of an order completed was all that was necessary.

“We can have it ready for delivery by this evening, maybe sooner if your lovely assistants will stop distracting the staff.” The man laughed. “And we recognized Claire. Miss, your Project article was spellbinding. A copy is pinned to the bulletin board in the shop.” She blushed instantly but thanked the foreman sweetly, shaking his hand.

Eddie glanced back at the teens. They feigned nonchalance. Their flushed faces and heavy breathing exposed that lie. The hard nipples were a giveaway. He thanked the foreman and requested delivery to the girls’ volleyball gym.

Eddie and the teens went back to the street and headed to the fabric shop. Janie was shaking with laughter. Claire stopped and Asked, “What’s so damned funny, Janie?

“You know you flashed the entire carpenter’s shop, don’t you?” Janie managed to say.

“Of course, this top is transparent, you silly twat.” Claire huffed.

“But didn’t you notice that your tits peeked from under your top when you reached to shake that man’s hand? And your top is to light to fall in place? Janie was laughing so hard her tits were out from under her top.

Claire looked down saw her hard nipples peeking at the whole world and screamed. “You rat! Why didn’t you say something?”

“And let you react like this with them watching? Anyway, I was laughing so much I couldn’t speak.” Janie said, “Your top is clear. What’s the difference?”

“The difference is that they know that the top is intended to be a cover, however clear! At least I’m not all naked. Or wasn’t supposed to be. Now, that’s shot all to hell.” Claire did not tell Janie that her titties spent most of their visit with the carpenters exposed as well. Nor, that they were showing even now.

Eddie, silently observing that ‘it’s good to be king,’ told Claire to fix her top. “We are on a schedule as tight as your pussies. Get a move on or I will have to get serious.”

As they approached the Fabric shop Claire whispered to Janie, “By the way, your boobs have been bare since we left the carpenter shop. They were bouncing so nice it seemed a shame to make you cover them up. Besides, as you pointed out, the top is transparent, what difference would it make?” She tweaked Janie’s nipple before she could react.

Janie jumped at least a foot. The wobbling in her titties was remarkable considering how firm they were. Eddie did considered it, indeed so did several passersby.

The girls looked at each other and smiled. “This is great. I’m so excited I am coming every minute.” Janie whispered.

“Yeah. Yesterday, I didn’t know what ‘hot’ was. Today, I can’t cool off.” Claire giggled, “What’s next?”

They finally entered the fabric shop. “Coach Wilson, so nice to see you again. And this gorgeous girl is the one who wrote that nice story in the newspaper. Good work, Claire. Coach who is your equally pretty companion?”

“This is Janie, the data recorder for the Project featured in Claire’s article.” Eddie responded, “We have a rush job for you and your staff. Do you have stretchy velour in stock and, if so, what colors?”

“Call me Arlene. We have plenty black, white and gray, some navy, pink, forest green and sky blue. We have only remnants of other colors, not really enough to work with. What do you need?”

“Please copy these measurements.” He gave her the list from the bag, indicating the significant numbers. He had taken from Janie just after the visit to the carpenter shop. She didn’t have the attention span to keep up with it any more. “I need 2-inch strips, two each in black, white and navy, for each measurement. So for the 22-inch entry equals six strips, two inches wide. It is very important that the strips of velour have the soft knap on both sides. I figure you can cut the material four and a half inches wide, fold it, nappy side in, and with a quarter inch seam allowance, you’ll stitch the edge. Turn the tube inside out, and ‘voila’, a two-inch, two-sided strip! You’ll have to cut them longer to account for a finished edge on each end and for an overlap so we can use a Velcro closure, in a matching color.”

Arlene looked amazed. “Coach. That was one of the best descriptions I’ve been given. Where did you learn “seamstress’?”

Eddie chuckled. “I had the remedial course when getting the volleyball uniforms designed for our girls’ team. The suppliers didn’t talk ‘sports’ and I didn’t talk ‘tailor’. We worked it out with me doing most of the work.”

Add to the order another three strips of each color, for each set of measurements, finished on each end, with the hard side of the Velcro attached to only one end, at least five feet long. Incidentally, the numbers are pairs, neck and waist.”

“One set will consist of a large band, a small band and a long strip. Three sets each in black, white and navy. We will need several tubes of your best fabric cement, the unused soft nappy Velcro sides not used on the long strips and a full roll of Velcro in each color. Whew!!. Got all that?”

“Sounds doable. Probably take less time to do it than say it, Coach. We will have the order ready by Thursday afternoon.” Arlene said after scribbling her notes.

“Thursday is perfect. Deliver it to the girls’ volleyball gym. Send the invoice to the Dean’s office at the University, to the attention of the Health Project. Thanks for all your help.”

“Girls, one more stop to make. Gotta run.” With that Eddie actually trotted to the adult shop. The teens could not keep their tits under their tops. They looked positively edible to Eddie. He halted after two blocks when they entered the mostly deserted area. “Give me your tops. You cannot keep them down and they just get in the way. Keep the panties.” He got the deer-in-headlights stare. “Now, we are in a hurry.” They gave up the wispy tops.

Claire said, “but we’re almost naked publicly in this seedy neighborhood.” Janie couldn’t multitask enough to nod and tremble at the same time. Her body chose to tremble.

She did manage to mumble, “I have never felt so exposed and naked. I am crazy with humiliation.”

“Me, too, Coach. Why do I feel so horny? It’s like last night I want it so bad and I’m afraid to need it.” Claire panted.

“Each multiplies the other, Coach. Can we hurry? Please?” Janie echoed.

They weren’t old enough to enter, so he made them wait outside. They were purple with embarrassment. This was not a great looking neighborhood. Eddie knew there was no danger. The area had a few industrial supply shops and the adult toy store. The other warehouses were abandoned. The teenagers did not know. Both girls were damp with the perspiration from the trotting. The panties were totally invisible.

Eddie went in and checked the time. It was 10:30, 90 minutes before the meeting. He called a cab. He would charge the fare to the card. He got the last fifteen pairs of attached nipple clamps, some in gold, some in brushed silver. He also picked up six foot matching chains, four in each finish that .he could attach to the middle of the chain between the nipples. He also got twenty pairs alligator clips a little less industrial appearing. The girls could custom decorate these. Into the bag they went. After getting charge receipt, Eddie joined the two virtually naked teenagers outside.

They were barely able to stand. He pulled them by their tits to the alley by the toy store. In his best ‘Coach’ voice he ordered them to give him their panties. “I want you naked, now! I’m going to fuck both of your cunts. I don’t care what lowlife is watching, jerking off seeing you dirty girls get the fucking you deserve. Look at how wet your pussies are. What kind of sluts are you?”

The shivering teens gave him the panties. He made them smell each other’s. “See how hot you let yourselves get?” Eddie told Claire to pull his boxers down while he played with Janie’s pussy. Boxers off, he put Janie against, pushed his dick in her cunt and pounded her until he came as hard as he ever had. Janie started her humiliating orgasm as soon as he hit bottom. It peaked in seconds and didn’t stop until after he pulled out.

He dropped Janie to the ground. He fucked Claire as hard as he had Janie, maybe rougher. Her response was the same, only louder. She drooped like a rag doll when she felt him cum, filling her up.

While the totally fucked out schoolgirls were still dazed, he attached a pair of silver clamps to their extremely hard and sensitive nipples. He added each end of the same silver ‘leash’ to the middle of each teen’s chain. He remembered to put his boxers on.

“Get up,” he ordered, “and wipe your drippy twats with your dirty panties. The taxi will be here soon. You don’t want to get the seats wet with your nasty pussy juice.” This made them so much more embarrassed that they came again when he slapped their clits, both at the same time. He pulled them to the sidewalk where he made them put the panties on.

They barely got their wet panties on when the cab honked. Eddie pulled them by their leashes to the curb. He put Claire in first. He went next. Then Janie, Eddie cautioning her to “be quick about it. If the chain stretches, so do your titties” Janie followed, her body never losing contact with Coach.

Eddie told the cabbie, a middle aged woman, sporting a sour expression, to take them to the dorms at the University, handing her the charge card. ” Go as fast as you dare. I have to get these girls to a meeting. Being late will not go over well.”

‘I can’t get these sluts out of my cab fast enough. ‘Hurry’ is no problem.” She grumped. She muttered harsh comments about their character and appearance all the way, trying to shame the girls as much as she could during the short ride.

Eddie played with the chains and played harder with their wet little clits. His action and the cab driver’s talk had them coming again and again.

Eddie detached the leash and sent them to shower, fast. The driver called in the fare, Eddie added a generous tip and got his receipt and card. He stripped, joined the shower girls, rinsed off and pulled the teens out as they were just finishing. He reattached the leash to the chains, pulling them out of the shower room and out toward gym on the same chain. Eddie put the boxers back on. Me made the girls stay wet and naked.

Both teens were so astonished at what had happened to them between the door of the adult toy store and the dorm door, that it took a few minutes to realize where they were.

When the girls did become aware, their shame and embarrassment set records. Naked, being lead across campus, naked, looking thoroughly fucked, following stretched, naked, clamped nipples, going to a meeting with the Dean. They were coming like crazy before the got to the gym. The schoolgirls stopped caring who saw the two nasty little pussies.

Eddie threw open the door and rushed them to his office. Seven minutes to spare. The clock at the last stop must have been fast. He tossed the blushing girls some towels to dry their twats. He changed into some regular gym shorts, remaining ‘commando’ and a fitted matching polo shirt.

Coach pulled the girls into the conference room before the Dean and company arrived. He seated them side by side at the narrow end of the table. Lisa had begun the video as they entered the room. She, Ms Martin and the four members of the volleyball team were setting up the drinks. Bridget and her co-conspirators would serve pastries later. Beth and Nikki had classes.

Megan stared at Janie and Claire and asked how the trip to town had gone.

Clair and Janie, blabbering together at once, “We showed our tits to the carpenters and didn’t know ’til later, then saw the fabric store lady and had to wait in clear clothes as the talked forever. Coach made us run to the dirty things store so fast that our boobs kept bouncing out. Didn’t matter, transparent anyway. Coach made us take off tops and run rest of way through bad neighborhood, topless, tits bouncing for bums to jerk off to. Came out of store while we waited topless outside in public. Pulled by tits to open alley. Fucked us against wall to pieces in public. Came hard enough to go blind bunches of times Gave nipple clamps on one leash. Took cab ride with snotty driver, coach diddled us, tweaking boobs with chain ’til we came again. Ran to shower, naked. Coach too. He pulled us to here on same chain, running naked, chained by our boobies; nipples stretched trying to keep up. Hottest. Best day ever. So embarrassed we could come again!” You couldn’t tell who said what. But girl or the other agreed on every detail.

Megan and the girls laughed so hard, they barely noticed when the Dean and Company opened the door. Every one stood to welcome them. Even Claire and Janie, before they realized that their wardrobe was small and metallic. “At least our nipples are mostly covered. Mostly” Janie whispered to Claire.

The table was rectangular, seven seats long and two seats wide. Janie and Claire had one end

They seated the officials along the long side facing the open room. Ms Clary, the Dean’s wife, the Dean, Mrs. Parsons and, finally, Mr. Parsons were being offered refreshments when Martine and the reporters arrived. Thea, Kate and Georgette, her reporter victims, accompanied Martine. Eddie immediately spotted his opportunity to impress the Dean and to get revenge for Martine.

Introductions were made and the newspaper staff were seated, Martine and Thea on the end with Kate and Georgette two in seats facing the officials. The seat between Janie and Ms Clary was empty as was the seat between Mr. Parsons and Martine.

Coach Wilson and Director Martin were seated in front of the Dean, his wide and Mrs. Parsons.

The stage was set. Let the games begin!

The Director and the Coach started the oft-repeated speech about the purpose of the Project, the need for accuracy of measurement, and the sensitive nature of data collection. They spoke of how the test subjects had to be handled in such an intimate manner in such an objectifying, clinical atmosphere, how efforts needed to be made to insure the mental health of the participants, the way the girls were holding up and how proud they were to give something back to the in return for a good education in a safe environment.

They continued, demonstrating their understanding of the necessity of Peer Review and how the Preventive Medicine Health Initiatives, if accepted widely would benefit all girls and, in addition, enhance the University’s reputation as an excellent research institution.

Eddie and Megan said that although preliminary data collection had begun, utilizing the test subjects’ natural playful competitiveness was promising. However, as the system included too any variables, they had devised a more refined purely scientific methodology that guaranteed the objectivity of the data. On occasion, they would return to the original methodology simply because it allowed the girls to be girls. Even then the subjective information might yield valuable real world data.

The Project supervisors were proud to be able to advise the University that current progress was far ahead of any committee endeavor they had been able to research at any institution for comparison. In a mere five weeks, they had defined the goals, created two differing data collection methodologies, acclimated the ten subjects offered by the Administration, recruited four more to assist in the testing, data analysis and to observe and assist in the authorship of the final report. This person would also be the Project publicist when necessary.

They touched on the plans to remodel the dorm rooms and the reasons. They described the projected study area and that it would be shared with the volleyball team.

Coach Wilson added that the Dean’s office and the office of Finance were going to receive some unusual invoices and charge receipts. The intimate nature of the test required certain objects available only at discrete adult oriented outlets. Kegel muscle strength testing equipment was not stocked in the student’s store. They were not aware of their budgetary restraints but had made every attempt to adapt existing resources whenever possible. Outside purchasing was kept to minimum. He requested that certain purchases charged to Athletics should be charged to the Project.

Mrs. Parsons asked about the Exemptions. She mentioned the vigorous compliance she and her husband had witnessed.

Coach Wilson asked his Director’s permission to take this question. She thought that he should, so Eddie proceeded to explain: “We, in a sincere need to keep a real time control over the physical condition of the test subjects, anticipated a probable corruption of data if we allowed the penalties for non-compliance and obvious arousal to be applied to the Project participants. Though we are in agreement with the purpose and ultimate goal of the Code of Conduct, the unpredictable nature of code enforcement in the general coed population would play havoc with our control group.”

“Voicing our concerns to the Dean and presenting a list of the probable jeopardy of data accuracy, The Dean and the Project management team hammered out solutions acceptable to all parties and the University community in general. The Dean agreed that the commonly accepted forms of inspection, arousal penalization and most kinds of personal contact should be halted completely, some sort of encouragement must be in place to insure that the young girls comported themselves in accordance with the Code of Conduct, especially the more visible Dress Code. They would therefore remain compliant to a more strict application of the Code.

Ms Martin interrupted to say that Coach Wilson was chosen to insure the subjects’ compliance. His exemplary record as an Undergrad plus his firm guidance and the success of the girls’ volleyball team and the coed’s fitness plan proved him the best choice. To eliminate any chance of abuse or misuse of the subjects or relaxation of necessary compliance, the Director was to be considered to be a participant in all ways except for being tested. Small allowances were made when engaged in her regular non-Project Departmental duties. At all other times, the Director was to be under the same rules as the Project participants.

Coach Wilson. “In short, we needed to show the coed population in general that the exempted status of the Project girls was the greater burden and that envy and jealousy were off the table. The demonstration witnessed by Mr. And Mrs. Parsons, the dress styles of Lisa and Ms Martin, plus the lack of dress evidenced by Janie and Claire, respectively our new data analyst and publicity person, attest to the fair enforcement of a stricter code and the rapid penalty applications.”

“The public exposure, the photographs plus the jewelry will serve as a physical and psychological reminder that our dedication to the spirit of the Code of Conduct is absolute. Claire and Janie please stand and turn 360° for the audience.” Both teens did as instructed, blushing like crazy. “As you can clearly public embarrassment is powerful tool.”

Eddie continued, “Now, while our volleyball team serves snacks and refreshes your drinks, would you like to see a demonstration of the differences between our Project Code and the general code, and inspection styles?” All five of the officials agreed that a real inspection would clear up all questions.

Eddie asked the editor and her three reporters to stand and face the administration officials across the table. “We are lucky to have four members of the press. I think demonstrating the stricter code on them will also give them a greater awareness. It can only help them have a deeper insight when reporting. Girls please put one arm on your hip and the other on the top of your head. Thank you.”

“Lisa, please, be sure to record this exhibition in high definition video,” said Megan, ” I imagine our administration guests will want a memento of this historic meeting.”

Irene Clary, chuckling as ladylike as she could manage said, “I’m sure the ‘reading of the minutes’ will have a new meaning.”

“As you can clearly see, or not see, these girls are not in compliance with the standard code. Thea’s top doesn’t make it clear that she is not double covered. Thea, give me your shirt, now.” She wavered. “Your hesitation leads me to believe that you have something to hide. The top comes off, Thea, or we will remove it, possibly rendering it unwearable. Thank you. Hand it to Ms Martin.”

Thea did, to her humiliation, “Next, we see that both Georgette and Martine are wearing tee-shirts that let us see the lack of a bra, but they touch the top of the bottoms. Martine, give me your blouse. Georgette, you will strip your shirt and shorts. We cannot tell if you are wearing panties or not. The denim shows no panty line, but is too thick to be sure, so those Daisy Dukes are forfeit. Do it now, girls, we don’t have all day.”

With Thea and Martine topless and Georgette naked, Eddie approached Kate. “You have made some very bad choices, Kate. That dress is not only opaque, it is too long. You might be hiding any number of Code violations. I cannot take the chance. Take it off and take it off now.” She hesitated, too. Eddie hissed angrily. “Your resistance to inspection cannot be tolerated at this University.” He grabbed her neckline, and with both hands, ripped it apart, all the way down the front. He pulled it completely off her terrified trembling body. “See what happens when you refuse a proper inspection. Your dress will go into the trash and you will remain naked until a hearing can be arranged!” Now both Georgette and Kate were totally starkers. He ordered both naked young girls to hold their hands behind their backs, pull their shoulder back and thrust their breasts forward, while keeping their feet shoulder width apart, explaining that, “having to pose in such a demeaning manner, will be remembered.”

Eddie returned his attention to a very afraid Thea and a pleased-with-the-joke Martine. He circled them completely, looking them over thoroughly, top to bottom, especially their tits. “Please observe the erect state of their nipples.” Moving to stand behind the girls, Eddie reached around them, one at a time, gently lifting their boobs, pinching their nipples. “Look at this,” lifting Thea’s titties, showing them to the audience. “This girl has allowed herself to become sexually aroused in front of the dean, his wife, the director of Finance, the Foundation Grants Coordinator and the Facilities Manager. What kind of girl are you? Your panties are soaking!” He gripped the waistband from the back and snatched so strongly they seemed to disappear as they shredded instantly. Thea appeared to orgasm a bit. He bent her at the waist. “Brace your hands on the table, Thea and wait.” She waited, tits hanging in front of the Dean’s wife.

“Martine, not only are your panties too thick to prove that you shave your vagina, they are also drenched. Remove and give them to Ms Martin, now, or they will be destroyed when I snatch them from your body.”

Martine did so immediately, saying to Megan, “I had no idea the demo would get this far.”

“Be quiet until required to answer a question, Martine. Get back into position” Ms Martin snapped.

“Take the same position as Thea, facing Mrs. Parsons, with your elbows on the table. Remain there.” He walked over to Georgette and Kate. “Please notice the erect condition of their nipples.” He touched and caressed both girls’ cunts for a few seconds, getting his fingers wet. “Look at this! These young girls have allowed themselves to display all the classic signs of arousal,” he said, showing his wet fingers to the Dean. “In code nomenclature, ‘they are asking for it.’ Perhaps their wish will be granted. As are these two girls bent over the table, Martine’s ‘consent’ is visible. Her behavior has left no choice.” Standing behind, Eddie released his dick and easily bottomed out in Martine. “She must be made aware of how she looks, being Consensually Raped, with her breasts swaying in front of college faculty. I can sense her public orgasm now. She should be extremely embarrassed to allow herself to reach such heights with the esteemed Dean watching.” Martine came violently.

“Thank you, Coach Wilson. I deserved that”

Speaking to the officials at the table, “Ladies, can you see how this teenager has allowed her breasts to be exposed to everyone. Thea, do you see the Dean? Can you see how red his face has become? He is staring at your shame.” Eddie could see that his wife had her hand in the Dean’s lap. “Look at his lovely wife. You know what she’s thinking, how humiliating it is watch your breasts sway like that, nipples embarrassingly hard.” From behind Thea, he pressed his shaft along her pussy, not yet in, so that its swollen head was rubbing her clit. “Maybe the lady would like to confirm with her own fingers how hard your nipples have become? Ma’am, would you please inspect her breasts? Thea needs to know that her shame is obvious to you.”

Vera, the Dean’s wife, reaching out with her free hand, pinching and pulling Thea’s breasts, said loudly “You are quite correct. I can also see the condition of her vagina. Coach Wilson, perhaps it’s time to give her the Consensual Rape she’s begging for. Please proceed.”

Eddie let his cock touch her twat, pushing to part the pussy lips. As his entered, he felt the obstruction. “Ladies and Gentlemen. Thea is a virgin. I’m shocked that any girl who exhibits her naked body in public could be a virgin!” He continued to pump slowly, stretching her hymen. Thea was mortified, her secret revealed. She began her orgasm.

“Janie, please go to the locker room. Bring some towels and a warm wet cloth. I will have to make this wanton girl clean me before we deal with Kate and Georgette. Janie stood, took one step toward the door. Both she and Claire squealed as two sets of titties were yanked.

“Girls, you, too, need to remember the position you put yourselves in this morning. I suggest you work as a team. Perhaps we should call you the ‘Siamese Tits.’ Now go. We don’t have all day!” They left, side by side.

Eddie kept the shallow strokes going. Vera continued to fondle Thea’s boobs. “Lisa. Take some video from Thea’s profile. I’m sure her friends’ would like to see every inch of her first penetration. Make sure they can see her audience. Surely, Thea wants them to see her breasts heave.”

The Siamese Tits rushed in, clearly having gotten themselves off. “Wait there in front of Ms Clary and be ready for clean up. Hold the towels and washcloth by your sides. The ladies will want to examine your nipple jewelry. We will discuss the reasons for your delay, later.”

Eddie gripped Thea’s hips and addressed the onlookers, “Please observe Thea’s moment of truth.” Eddie began a slow stroke into her steaming pussy through her maidenhead. Thea’s eyes popped open and she began a silent scream. “Lisa, did you catch her reaction when she felt her virginity become history? Look at her tremble in shame, knowing that she gave her maidenhood to a volleyball coach in front of strangers and her associates at the newspaper. Claire, touch her clitoris. I’m certain you will be able to sense her spasms. Tell me what you feel.”

Claire reached under Thea and rubbed her clit. “Sir, her vagina is very wet. Her muscles are rippling and her vagina is clamping in a rhythm that seems like an orgasm. Should I continue?”

“Yes. Ladies and Gentlemen. It appears that Thea is having an orgasm during her Consensual Rape. Go figure.” He pounded her harder, pushing her over the edge. She tried to stand straight, remaining impaled, only to expose her entire body, complete with a clear view of Eddie’s cock stuffed in her pussy. Eddie came as Thea’s cunt pulsed, filling her up to overflowing.

He pulled his dick out of Thea. “Thea take the washcloth and clean my penis. You seem to have gotten me a bit messy. While Janie dries me, use the cloth to clean yourself.” Coach Wilson waited patiently as they went about their tasks, Claire following Janie closely.

The clean up complete, Eddie seated himself at the table facing The Dean. He continued to speak to the girls, “Ms Martin, would you place Thea and Martine at ‘parade rest’ by that wall while we discuss and then deal with Kate and Georgette? Please make sure they are visible to our esteemed guests. Lisa, switch the camera function to high quality stills. We will want several pictures of the girls, full body, upper body and facial close-ups. I’m sure we will want to use several to illustrate our Project report. Claire may include some in the article she’s writing for the campus newspaper.”

Lisa took several pictures of Martine and Thea, commenting on their appearance. “Coach Wilson. Do you think these photos will look as good as Claire’s byline picture did in this morning’s paper?”

“I really don’t know, I haven’t seen it. I’ve been too busy chasing her and Janie running naked in town today.” Eddie admitted.

Megan said, “That means Claire hasn’t seen it either. Too bad, it was outstanding.”

Betty Parsons spoke up, “Don’t worry, dear. I have a copy here in my handbag. Robert simply insisted that I get extra copies to frame in our office. They were becoming collector’s items, I fear.” She pulled out a copy and passed it down the table to Irene Clary, who looked it over carefully before she handed it to Claire.

Claire invented new shaded of red as she blushed and fell to her knees, pulling Janie down her by her nipples. Coach Wilson asked Claire, “Do you have something to say about your picture?”

“Coach, this isn’t the picture I sent in last night. What happened to the one cropped to the top of my nipples? That was humiliating enough, but this? I’m burning with embarrassment!”

“Yes it is, Claire. You sent it. It’s just not the pose you thought you were emailing.”

“This picture is the reason strangers all over town recognized me. They were staring at my breasts and my face. What were they thinking?”

“You were making it easy for them to compare the real body in the flesh to the picture. You couldn’t keep top over your nipples all morning. Janie, it appears Claire’s embarrassment may be translating to another sensation. Would you be kind enough to fondle her vagina and check for arousal?”

Janie said, “Yes, Sir. You are correct. She is very wet. What should I do?”

‘Claire is asking to be raped, here and now. Her nipples, even with the clamps, are excited. Bring her to me. Use her wet vagina as a handle.” Janie hooked two fingers in Claire’s twat, pulling her to Eddie. Both naked teens were further humiliated at their exposure. He touched Claire’s pussy.

“Janie was right. Claire is very aroused. He touched Janie. “It seems you are suffering the same symptoms. Girls, you have allowed yourselves to become aroused under very curious circumstances. I think we will have something to discuss with the Project team, later. For now, go kneel on your knees, side-by-side. No. At an angle, so our guests and I may enjoy a clear view of your naked bodies. Sit back on your heels. You may not touch your nipples. Janie, fondle Claire’s vagina. Claire, do the same to Janie. Continue until I order you to stop.”

“Now, with your leave,” he said to the people seated, “we will deal with Kate and Georgette. Have you any comments or questions?”

Vera said, “To your credit, you are very firm and direct with the girls, whether in the Project or not. The Dean and I were talking, while you were concentrating on Janie and Claire. The Dean is convinced that he made a wise decision giving you complete control. His words were, ‘Oh My God!’”

The Dean and Mr. Parsons were speechless as they had their wives’ hands busy in their respective laps.

“You are extending the humiliation and shame well past the Consensual Rape. Could you explain?” asked Ms Clary.

Ms Martin, coming forward to stand by Coach Wilson, answered, “The Coach and I decided that, while seeming slightly excessive, extending any embarrassing experience strongly reinforces the importance of Code compliance, more so because of the exemption status. Delivery of these consequences in public reassures the general coed population that the exemption means stricter enforcement of the code.”

“May we proceed with Kate and Georgette? I’m very interested to compare their use with that of the other four.” Mrs. Parsons said.

“For this stage of the program, I ask the Dean and Ms Clary to trade seats. Lisa, please stand on a chair behind Ms Clary and continue the video. You will find the angle interesting.” Ms Martin directed.

(The order at the table was The Dean, Vera, Irene, Betty and Robert.)

Eddie stood up and went to Kate and Georgette, looking them over. He fondled their cunts, wetting his fingers. Now behind the quaking girls, he pushed fingers into both asses and prodded the astonished teens to the table. They walked on tiptoes. “Ms Martin, will you please clean my fingers? I seem to have soiled them on these girls.” Megan used the wet cloth and a towel to wipe Eddie’s fingers. She waited.

Eddie turned the two stunned girls around, and placed them on their backs on the table. Kate and Georgette’s heads were in the gaps between the ladies in the center, legs spread wide, asses half off. Eddie fingered the girls’ soaking cunts. He extended his arms to the Dean and Mr. Parsons. “Gentlemen, you can see and smell their arousal.” He returned his hands to the teenaged pussies. “The ladies may witness the pink blush of their glistening chests and the erection of their nipples. Imagine their shame. Ladies, please touch their breasts and personally confirm the degree of excitement.”

As the ladies pinched, pulled and generally molested Georgette and Kate, Eddie released his penis, letting it rest on Kate’s cunt, moving slowly to and fro. Kate was panting.

Mr. Parsons spoke up, ” Coach Wilson, will you comment for the ladies, on your willingness to expose to the public your erect penis?”

As he entered Kate, Eddie answered, “I’m no exhibitionist, but if exposure is required for the proper execution of my duty as Inspector, I have no choice. I take my responsibility seriously. I owe the University no less than best effort.”

The Dean, “Your dedication is commendable, as is the execution of your duty.”

Eddie increased the depth and speed of his strokes. “This shameless teenager is approaching orgasm in public. Ms Martin, fondle her clitoris. I think we can help her complete her own humiliation.”

Kate quite surprised herself by having the best orgasm of her life. Her scream proved that. Her hips were going crazy as the orgasm continued. “My, isn’t that display impressive? Do you agree, Robert?” Mrs. Parsons commented. He could only nod. Megan pinched Kate’s clit again. Kate came again and fainted.

“Verbal abuse is pointless now as she seems to be comatose. Lisa, how is the photography coming?

A grinning Lisa told him, “The camera angle is excellent. Watching from above is educational. And the photography is coming as well as Kate did. But the camera is not as loud.”

Eddie left Kate where she was. “Now we turn our attention to Georgette. She does appear to be a bit squirmy. Siamese Tits, take a break from each other and hold Georgette’s legs up and apart. As our guests can see, we have perfect access to her wet vagina. Ladies, if it would please you, transfer your hands to Georgette. Ms Martin, place my penis at Georgette’s wet entrance and rub her clitoris.”

He began to push into her as the guests watched. As his dick head parted her soft pussy lips, he found another obstruction. He stopped, but kept up the pressure. “We have discovered yet another virgin. A girl who must have known she would wind up giving her maidenhead away when she made her wardrobe choices. She might even think herself fortunate to have so many witnesses to her most intimate moment. Georgette will be able to relive this precious event many times. So will the University administration on the DVD we will distribute.”

Eddie then entered Georgette, breaking through her hymen. He stopped, allowing her virgin cunt to stretch. Eddie caught Megan’s eye and said, “Our Director appears very aroused. In fairness to the other girls and because she is bound to the stricter code, she must strip naked and remain so until the meeting ends.”

“Thank you, Coach Wilson.” Smiling, she slowly removed her babydoll top and soaked panties. “The panties are wet and my hard nipples have been very visible through the transparent top.” Eddie continued to slow stroke the moaning Georgette.

The Dean said, “Ms Martin, you have removed any doubts we had remaining about your acceptance of the self-imposed Project code.”

“This is the most astounding Code enforcement I can imagine, Coach Wilson.” Ms Clary declared, “And in the spirit of Faculty Solidarity, I will be topless until meeting end, also.” To the amazement of all, Irene removed her blouse and bra, lifted her hands to the sky and slowly turned around. “I have always been proud of my body and am glad to have a chance to show it.” Irene sat and looked at Vera and Betty. They nodded at each other, stood up and did the same. Their husbands moaned softly. Eddie kept moving in Georgette. The newly conscious Kate watched from the side.

Lisa, from her bird’s eye view, could see their wives, under the table, had exposed both the Dean and Mr. Parson’s cocks. She could later verify that they both came strongly. She was not impressed with their equipment. But the camera never stopped.

Eddie and Megan were very pleased with the ladies. Ms Martin said, “I really appreciate your show of sisterhood, ladies. It makes my nakedness seem less embarrassing with such lovely company. Your breasts are beautiful with such perky nipples.” Megan was nothing if not bold.

Eddie still stroking into the increasingly squirmy Georgette, slyly said, “I agree. Your husbands and partners are very lucky.” Robert and the Dean nodded vigorously and reached for towels.

“It’s time to help Georgette leave childhood behind.” Eddie began pumping rapidly and deeply. Again, he had more dick than Georgette had pussy. Georgette came with impressive enthusiasm. Eddie kept moving. “Ladies, let’s see if we can make her come again.”

Vera agreed and played with the panting teen’s nipples harder. Betty said to Irene, “Let’s go for it!” They virtually attacked the helpless girl. Pinching, poking, and pulling any part of her they could reach. Georgette could feel every touch and started to blast off.

Eddie felt her cunt grip his throbbing cock and plunged through her cervix, blasting his seed directly into her very core. Georgette screamed, “Too far! It hurts so good. Oh my god!” Her spasms slowed as the orgasm ended. She just laid there, legs splayed, tits heaving and cunt filled with Eddie. Robert and the Dean groaned again.

The coach pulled out of Georgette’s pussy, her lips trying to keep him in place. He left her there beside Kate on the table, under the steady gaze of the topless ladies.

He looked at Megan. “Clean me.” She fell to her knees and sucked the traces of Georgette’s virginity off as everybody watched in shock.

“You are relentless, Coach.” Betty said.

“I do use a firm hand,” he answered. ” Kate please help Georgette to her feet and both of you join Martine and Thea at the wall. I’m sure our guests will enjoy the view. I know I will.”

“Bridget, will you refresh our guest’s drinks and allow time for them to compose themselves?” Four members of the team magically appeared. “Then, would you and your crew offer the same courtesy to the newspaper staff? Thank you.”

After a few minutes, Eddie and the naked Megan were seated, facing the administration. Betty, Irene and Vera remained proudly topless. “We hope you found our presentation and demonstration satisfactory.” Ms Martin began.

“Speaking for everyone here, I can safely say that this was the most extraordinary and engaging staff meeting we have ever attended. I am certain we will be able to approve your requests and proposals,” the Dean spoke firmly. The others agreed.

“Please leave details with our my staff.” Ms Clary said, “I will personally supervise all construction. Rest assured Director, you, Coach Wilson and your girls have demonstrated the most sincere dedication to your goals I have ever seen or been a part of. Ask anything, anytime. If it is possible, it will happen.”

Mr. and Mrs. Parsons, speaking together informed Megan, as Eddie played with her very wet clit, safely hidden by the tabletop, “We waited to tell you the size of your budget. That delay was necessary to protect the University. We can now tell you that two drug companies have underwritten this Project, plus a major sporting goods manufacturer, an insurance company and several health care providers. You have not touched the first fraction of a percent. We will be offering you both substantial raises and your assistants and participants a considerable stipend.”

“Betty, please give Ms Martin and Coach Wilson the charge cards we prepared. Your current assistants, Lisa and Marti are also approved to use the card.

At that exact moment, Eddie triggered a major orgasm in Megan. Her hands flew to her mouth to cover her gasp. Mr. Parson said “Don’t be so shocked, Ms Martin. You and Coach Wilson have earned this and more. The University is extremely pleased with you two.”

“Now, we have to end this meeting. We thank you and your staff for the hospitality at such short notice. We appreciate, more than you can ever know, the thoroughness and detail in the demonstration. It was excellent.” The Dean said, “If the newspaper staff will accompany us, we will return to our offices. Along the way, we’ll have the perfect chance to discuss the reporters’ coverage of the Project and the bracelets.”

A shocked Martine protested, “but Dean, we are naked. And attempting to recover from rather severe Consensual Rapes!”

“That you earned and deserved. Live with the consequences. Consequences that you didn’t seem all that put out about.” Mrs. Parsons told her. “You and Kate are to come with us, naked as you are. Thea and Georgette will want remain and discuss possible placement in the Project.”

“Martine, you may return here tomorrow to claim your clothes. Remain naked and exposed until an appointment can be made with Coach Wilson. Vera, Betty and Irene, will you accompany Robert and me back to the Admin Building? We have plans to make,” the Dean concluded.

“As we are, also?” asked Vera.

“Yes. Your breasts are quite perky today. I do love to see them sway as you walk, especially in the autumn sunlight. It’s been too long.” He answered.

“As you wish. Ladies shall we venture out?” Betty and Irene actually giggled. They dragged Kate and Martine out with them, naked and drippy.

“Claire, Janie, put your nipple clamps on Thea and Georgette.” The teens nearly swooned, feeling the returning circulation

Eddie thought, looking at the very naked Georgette and Thea, ‘It’s good to be me.’

Megan thought, ‘This is a great day to be a girl!’

Preventive Medicine Health Project, Part 5.4

The wiggly silly parade went straight to the showers. Everybody washed and polished every body. Getting the heavenly herd of kittens back to the room was a task just a tiny bit easier than The Twelve Labors of Hercules. Swatting butts and pinching boobs, Eddie and Megan got them moving. In the interest of complete disclosure, teen girls are always in motion, but not necessarily together. That is never unpleasant. Shackles and tasers were starting to lose that “cruel and unusual” stigma.

Still ”decently” attired in the boob adornments, the Fourteen MuskeTits caressed, bumped and bounced into Donna and Crysta’s room, jiggling and giggling. “The girls really have become a tight teen team.” Megan spoke quietly to Eddie, “Let’s get them settled. They need the sleep. We have a lot to do before next Monday.”

Eddie agreed. “We should meet in the Common Room in a while. It’s only 8:30 even though it seems much later. We can borrow a notebook and pens from the girls. A “do list” will come in handy.”

Teens in, with the door fastened, Megan and Eddie collected the clamps and clips. The teenagers and Ms Martin soothed and caressed the sharp sensations away. Not so soon after, the room was a pile of sleepy girls. Megan borrowed the stationary. “Coach and I need to talk for a bit about the Project. We’ll be in the Common Room if you need us.” Megan borrowed a babydoll pajama top from Crysta, also. With that, they left.

Two girls were in the room, pouring over some textbooks, in the corner. “Doing homework. We have some good students here.” Megan observed, smiling. The pair sat on a sofa against the opposite wall.

Megan began. “First I think we need to work with Claire. The article she’s planning needs to contain the information we plan to distribute. I suggest we arrange for her to do interviews in the gym’s conference room, for a follow up column. We’ll invite the Dean to attend. He should get some credit for his efforts. We can control the details. Claire can knock ‘em dear with her columns.”

“Good thinking. If you will get her in here and bring her up to speed, I will run to the gym, get my laptop and be back in ten minutes. We can help her knock out a preliminary “late breaking news” teaser column in time to beat the deadline. I discovered that they put the newspaper to bed at 1:00 AM when I was emailing team scores to the Sports page.”

Megan went to get Claire, her photo-phone and Eddie’s camera. Eddie split for the gym and was back just as Ms Martin was finished clueing Claire in. The girls had claimed a table. The cub reporter loaded her pictures to the laptop; Eddie dumped some of the pix from the camera and the video of the walk home.

They batted ideas back and forth, while Claire typed up a storm. Eddie complimented the teenager. She blushed a little. “This is so different from writing at that Charter School. They censored every word. I can break out here.”

Eventually, the story was ready. At the top was a three column wide photo of the line of girls, shot from the rear and side, revealing The Coach, on the left, fourteen girl’s cute bottoms, and ending with the Director’s butt in the distance, on the right. No faces were visible, nor were any nipples, just tantalizing under boob views.

Underneath Claire explained how she came upon the group, the significance of the exception bracelets, and their participation in the Project. A picture of Mika’s bracelet (and her twat) was inserted there. Claire detailed the extent of the exceptions precisely but changed “penetrative fondling” to “overtly fondling” (They hoped to eliminate it altogether.) She was careful to write up the penalty for boys’ violation of the restrictions.

She wrote that the Project was a closed test and study to improve the college coed’s health and well being, emphasizing its importance to the girls on campus and to the University in general.

She continued with the Dean’s agreement on the reasons for the exemptions, his concern that the girls obey the spirit of the Code even if they were exempt from normal inspection, and Coach Wilson’s role as overseer. The participants could look forward to a somewhat more strict definition and enforcement of the Code. The other coeds should never have reason to be envious or jealous about the Project girls’ situation.

Claire added that Director Martin, though not subject to the Code of Conduct as faculty, was required to follow the Code as interpreted by her and Coach Wilson. This was the Dean’s way to keep the Director on target. The dress code would relax a little bit when she was involved in her regular duties in the Health Department or during office hours. When not in the office and while working with the Project however, the Director was subject to the same penalties as the girls. She briefly described the public Consensual Rape Becca received for a dress code violation without giving up many details. Claire closed with a promise to hold interviews with the individuals, directing and leading this important study. A follow-up article with more photos would appear tomorrow.

Ms Martin insisted that she include a “reporter’s picture” in the email. Eddie took it with Claire’s phone. To her embarrassment, he cropped it to a head and shoulders. The top half of both nipples was clearly exposed for publication. “If you become a regular contributor, that stock photograph will appear next to your byline over every story.” Megan explained. ”People will look forward to your next report. Your face will be on refrigerators all over town.” Claire got squirmy in her chair and panted that this was OK for now.

All agreed the story was a “Go”, so Claire sent it in with time to spare, including the “reporters portrait” that Eddie had “adjusted” so that all of her titties were in the new crop. Claire saw only the file name. Readers would see Claire’s body from her belly button up. They immediately got an acknowledgement of receipt from the Night Editor’s deck. She, Martine, wrote that it was a slow news day, so the story was being bumped to the front page, above the fold. Claire was overjoyed. “Front page, top!! For a reporter, it can’t get better.”

She whispered to Megan and Eddie, “ This is so strange and very exciting to me. I got out of “bed” wearing nothing but a smile, sat down in the Common Room, really naked and worked with Coach Wilson, wearing silk boxer shorts. We are with Director Martin of the faculty and my Project boss. My Director is wearing an open-front baby doll gown. Even when it’s closed I can clearly see her charming boobs. And it is OK to talk about her boobs.”

“In addition we just completed a newspaper story about naked girls in public, Coach fucking Becca, people watching, the Dean insisting that he do the same to the Director at will. And this whole piece of “weirdness” is important to the University and is not abnormal in the least!”

“While we were working, a bunch of half dressed or buck naked girls and two boys strolled through, talking, watching TV or us, and no one reacted, including me. The “taboo-ness” of it is making me crazy hot.”

Claire hopped up on the edge of the table, spread her legs and told Eddie “I’ve been bad. I’m naked and deserve to be raped, Coach. Please show me how to be a good girl.” Megan pulled down Eddie’s shorts. He stepped out of the boxers and pushed his sudden hardon all the way into Claire’s pussy. She leaned back on her elbows. “My tits shake like Jell-o when you hit bottom. Do me harder. I’m so close! Ms Martin, play with my boobs. It’s so dirty, oh God, I want a teacher to feel me up while another fucks his dick into my smelly cunt because I deserve it.”

Ms Martin called three girls over. One was naked, just out of the shower. Two were only topless after sending their two boyfriends home, unsatisfied. “This little slut was a virgin three hours ago. Now the little cunt wants people to watch her take Coach Wilson’s cock in her pussy. Can you believe this girl? See what happens when total strangers play with her tits. Go ahead, the wants it.”

The girls, Barb, Mattie and Eve, started tweaking Claire’s bobbing tits, telling her exactly how bad, nasty and whorish she looked. She was so humiliated she came big time within a minute. Claire was out of commission for now. Eddie left his prick in.

“We know who two are. You’re Coach Wilson. We go to all your home games. Your team makes us proud to go to the same school. And you are Ms Martin, rising star on the Health Department. Why are you wearing Crysta’s dress? And why did Coach Wilson just use that now comatose girl like a fuck toy? Isn’t the dorm a Consensual Rape free zone?”

Megan told them that “neither Claire, still on the table nor the thirteen girls down the hall were ever in a free zone from Coach Wilson. The official inspectors were to keep hands off all of them. I’m considered ‘one of the girls’ even though I’m on Faculty. He could take me here, or anywhere, at any time if he determined that I might be violating the Code of Conduct. Trust me. The Coach is quite the taskmaster. Read the details in the newspaper tomorrow morning.”

“Ms Martin, watching your nipples harden at the thought of the Coach’s ‘taskmaster’, having your compliance enforced doesn’t seem such a burden.” Eve giggled. Mattie and Barb could only nod.

Eddie laughed out loud. “I may get the Dean to extend my mission to the entire coed population. Be careful.” The laughing motion translated into dick motion and was transferred to Claire’s twat, which was still home to said dick. She rapidly came back to the marginally real world.

“Follow my lead.” Megan whispered the three watchers. Eddie started stroking hard. Ms Martin started talking to Claire as she was opening her eyes. Claire, you cheap little schoolgirl, these naked girls are still looking at the Coach use your wet cunt any way he pleases. You are helpless to stop them. There you are, lying tits-up on a table with strangers watching. These girls are going to play with your boobs and you have to let use you, too. How do their fingers feel on your dirty nipples?” Claire was almost insane with lust at this point. Megan just knew how to push buttons and was playing her fantasies like Yoyo Ma at Carnegie Hall.

“I bet they will see you come in public, you nasty little girl. Mattie pinch her wet clit, hard, NOW!” Mattie did, but not really hard.

Claire was shaking like a crazy person. In fact, she was a crazy girl. She gasped, froze, squealed, imitated a paint mixer and fainted again. Her pretty body shivered for a few more minutes. Eddie pulled out. He had not come. He picked up his boxers and redressed, packing his prick away. They left Claire on the table until she came to
Barb swore, “That was the damnedest thing I have ever seen. Tomorrow’s paper? We’ll be waiting at the newsstand.”

The three left. Megan and Eddie softly and slowly rousted Claire. When she was mobile, they sent her to shower off and go back to bed. As she was headed to the door, she asked, ”Did that really happen or was it a dream? Did I ask Coach to fuck me? Were people watching the whole time? Did I let those three girls do that to me when Coach did me again?”

“Yes to all of the above. And ‘Yes’, it was all your dream.” Megan told her, gave her a gentle swat in the butt and sent her to the showers. Claire put her hands over her wide-open mouth, turned bright red and left, mumbling furiously to herself.

Megan said to Eddie, “That was fun. Bet she tells the others everything. And I bet that those three girls will be at the newsstand. Now, let’s work on the ‘do list’ and get this show on the road.”

“First I must call Martine at the paper. Ill put it on speakerphone. Claire left hers here.” Eddie called the paper. Claire had Martine on speed dial.

Martine answered, “Night Desk. Got news? We are almost on deadline.”

“This is Coach Wilson. I need you to do me a favor. That photo of Claire you received. She thinks it was cropped to the middle of her nipples, with just a little color showing. Claire did not see me substitute the version you got. Use that one just for this article. I’ll send a real stock shot later.”

They heard Martine laugh. “She doesn’t know her boobs are going to be on the front page? This rich. She should be proud. The Boob Fairy was good to her.” They all laughed.

Martine went on, “Coach. You and Ms Martin are very dangerous people. Can you return the favor”

“Sure. What do you need?”

“Is there some way you can get similar shots of all my girl reporters? I’ll pose, too, if you are able to finagle a legit reason. Those girls have tricked me into flashing my tits way too many times. I’ll show my tits voluntarily just to put one over on them.”

Coach thought a few seconds, “We are arranging for Claire to hold interviews with the Dean and other parties interested in the Health Project The stated purpose is that Ms Martin and I are demonstrating the enhanced inspection techniques to the newspaper staff and to the people assembled. I’ll invite the girl reporters and you to come to observe for the paper. We will want to prove to the opinion makers that even though the Project personnel are exempt from normal Code compliance inspection, they will be held to an even stricter standard. You and l will ‘volunteer’ your staff as crash test dummies after all the pieces are in place.”

“So far, so good. What next? Coach?”

“Martine. Make sure they attend. I will get them excused from class if necessary. Have them dress just barely within the Code, but wear something a bit opaque that might hide a bra, or a dress that might conceal panties. My stricter and more demanding interpretation will almost guarantee that the Dean will be satisfied with his decisions. Of course, your staff will wind up topless if not altogether naked in public.”

“Remind me never to piss you off, Coach,” Martine asked.

“Then I, or my assistant, will take several pictures to embarrass them further to emphasize the importance of Code of Conduct compliance. Demonstration of this extra touch will please the Dean plus letting him gaze at some nice boobs to his heart’s content, all in the line of duty, an unavoidable consequence of doing his job. You simply list the girls as contributing writers when the story is published and run their photos with their names. ‘The editor is proud of her staff and wants to be sure they get the credit due’. You have your ammunition, the Dean and the others will be delighted and vengeance will be served. We’ll do it in the volleyball gym conference room. We’ll let you know the time. Probably when the Dean breaks from lunch. OK with you?”

“This is gonna be the best. You and Ms Martin are great. Sneaky, but great. Talk to you tomorrow.” She hung up.

Megan was giggling madly. “Eddie Wilson! You are the Devil Incarnate. That is the best trick ever. I’m proud to be part of it. This is going to be legendary at the paper. And what you are doing to poor Claire!”

“Claire is in the big leagues, now. People are going to see her titties. She will have to start getting used to that fact soon. She has to realize that she will be treated like you and I treat the other girls.” He leered at Megan, wiggling his eyebrows like Groucho Marx. ”And like I will be treating you, my dear.” More eyebrows.

She clutched her hands to her chest dramatically, “Be still my beating heart!” she said, throwing a good eyelid flutter.

“But seriously, we need to make sure the girls are protected from the general population to protect the Project. Back to work. So, Coach Wilson, what have you in mind?”

Eddie answered, “I need to elevate the girls to the same level so the testing apparatus will exert force at the same angle for all the test subjects. That eliminates a potentially serious variable. I’ll measure from the floor to the bottom of the vaginal entry and have platforms or adjustable shelves added to the wall.”

“Next I think we need to create a communal study space for the staff and participants. They can maintain their excellent GPAs if they can work at the gym conference room. That will save a lot of travel time No one uses that room but the volleyball team. I’ll have the work-study girls bring some nice bookcases from the storeroom and set it up as a library. We should still attempt to minimize the number of classes missed.” He added

Megan began to list her thoughts, “We should keep fresh clothes at the gym and at the dorm. Clean clothes, however scanty, make the girls feel pretty. Speaking of the dorm. That is a two-edged sword. The teens need both to socialize with their friends not in the Project to have a complete college experience and to have a place to unwind as teammates, isolated from listening ears. I think Donna and Crysta’s room is in a section of that building with ‘adjustable’ walls. We can have Facilities Management remove the dividers and make one room from three. With fourteen participants in the dorm taking seven rooms, we will be freeing up four to make more room for the next incoming class, at no cost to the University. I’m sure we can get some extra bookshelves and futons. We’ll have six beds already. We may not need more clothing storage space because they hardly disturb the dust on the dressers now!”

“I’ve been thinking about a unique ‘costume for you and the girls on days we decide to call nipple clips ‘clothing’. We will have to do that every so often to let the teenagers and the Dean know we are serious about compliance. This nip-clip day will be very important to our public reception on Spirit Day, Topless Day and the other College special events.” Eddie continued his thoughts, “We will have to visit the fabric shop and a seamstress, not that she will be making gowns for the Red Carpet but the girls will appreciate any thing we do to make them look good. I’ll get back to you on some design ideas. You have anything else?

Megan laughed. ”Let’s see,” she said grinning, “We have leveled the playing field for the testing equipment, we have worked with Claire on the newspaper article and worked Claire over and have hatched a evil plot with her editor. Then we created a common study space and invented the team barracks, making room for incoming girls for free. Lastly we are filling a need for a uniform costume to allow our young girls to participate on College special days. That is a full plate. Most committees would have decided to delay any decision to decide to make a decision until they’ve decided on whether or not they actually need to decide to make a decision later or not. What we actually did would take years any where else.”
Still grinning, she added, “I’ll have to recuse myself from any nipple clamp choices, any decisions involving enforcement of the Code and especially any ‘costume’ arrangements. I will be affected personally. I’m a participant and am ineligible to vote.”

And they hugged, wished each other “good night” and went to sleep, spooned together, in a roomful of sleepy teenagers with Eddie’s dick nestled warmly in Megan’s neglected pussy. “I love my life.” thought Eddie.

“It’s great to be a girl.” Megan thought

The morning and next day were going to be interesting.

Preventive Medicine Health Project, Part 5.3

The group, walking in single file from the volleyball gym to the warmth of the dorm, were stepping in sync like marching soldiers. Eddie, watching the thirteen teenaged asses flexing in unison, was thinking that young girls had a natural sense of rhythm. ‘I love my life,’ he thought, grinning. The young girls formed a bond based on the sweetest kind of sisterhood, their soft femininity and shared experience. Some of those experiences tested the young teens but they all came through stronger. They were a team.

None of the girls was comfortable with being publicly naked. When “naked” happened, some just “took off their big girl panties”, and did what needed to be done, fun or none. Some made it a playful game. Others, told that nipple clips were “clothes”, wore nipple clips and considered themselves not naked at all. But all the teens liked being sexy young girls. Being a sexy young college girl was fun.

The cold didn’t bother him. He grew up in Minnesota. That was really cold! He remembered the times spent with his Dad who coached junior college soccer. Coach Wilson, Sr. had a BS in Sports Medicine and a Masters in Game Theory. Turning down positions at major conference universities, he had explained to Eddie that his life was full, now. His girls’ soccer team contended for top honors every year and athletes worked hard to improve. He and Eddie’s mom, Edie, were liked and respected in the community. (Edie was head nurse at the regional hospital trauma center.) “Why displace the family, forcing your Mom to search for a new job and you to leave your friends, to enter a high-pressure environment where I lose my job if a scholarship athlete cheated on an exam. Any rich, spoiled alum could decide to dislike me. The next time he plays golf with the AD, I ‘m on the street with a stain on my reputation “

Eddie was a smart kid. His folks were “outdoorsy” types. Jogging, bicycling and hiking kept him fit. It also gave him a chance to watch his parents interact. They worked as equals, solved problems, really listened and worked through.

A sound of metal hitting sidewalk, brought him back to the present. His Coach Wilson Voice called, Company, Halt! Parade Rest!” The troops giggled and crisply assumed the position, in formation. He walked up the left side of the line, inspecting the troops. Their faces were flushed. Their chests were pushed out proudly. Every girl wore an angelic smile. They were beautiful.

Eddie reached the head of the line, crossing in front of and turning to face Ms Megan Martin, also at parade rest. She looked magnificent as she leaned forward, saying, “These clamps are freezing cold. If you tied my arms behind again, I would be coming constantly.” He flicked her nipple chain, turned and started back down the other side. The next girl was Becca and her right nipple was “sans clip”. Coach Wilson turned her 90°, gripping the empty nipple, using it as a handle, pulled the little teen one step out of line.

“Becca. You are out of uniform. You are aware of the penalty?”

“Yes sir I have been a naughty girl. I am prepared to take my punishment, Sir.”

Eddie picked up the clip, then, un-holstering his AK-9⅓, picked up Becca by the ass and wrapped her legs around his waist. Looking her in her shining eyes, he lowered her slowly and entered her steaming pussy. The temperature contrast between the cold air and her hot pussy was incredibly erotic.

Becca, taking him deep, panted in his ear. “People are watching me. Naked, getting fucked. Fucking. Your dick feels so good. Fuck me harder, please, Sir. That strange girl is taking pictures, seeing your cock stretch my dirty, nasty cunt.” Becca leaned away from his chest. “Oh God, Coach. My tittles are out. Only a slut shows her tits. She sees my tits. On camera, boobs. Mine. I’m coming, Sir. Fuck me harder. Make my slutty bad girl pussy cum on your dick cum. Cum in me, please. Coach! Touching my tit. She’s got my tit. Can’t stop her. The strange girl has my boob in her hands. Can’t let you go. People, in public. Use my cunt hard. There, good. Bad! Squeeze my tittie harder. No! Yes…I’m coming, watch me cum….!”

Becca moan, loud, slamming her body back to Coach Wilson, trapping the strange girl’s hand between tit and chest. Eddie turned to the short brunette, ordering her to “Slap her little schoolgirl ass. Hard. Now!” Brunette girl grinned and smacked Becca. Becca squealed and went nuts on Eddie’s dick. Eddie’s dick returned the favor.

Several onlookers, the strange girl, Megan and the other twelve girls in line watched Coach Wilson pump a load into Becca’s pussy as she went over the edge all the way Several of the other girls quietly had little sympathetic orgasms of their own.

Strange brunette girl reclaimed her hand and said, “That was the coolest Consensual Rape I could have imagined.”

Eddie gave her the “Coach’s Stare” as he lifted a somewhat weaker Becca from his dick. Becca, now on the ground again, assumed parade rest, said, “Thank you, Sir. May I have another?”

Megan, who watched the whole incident up close, said, “No wonder boys like porn, Coach. That made me cum!”

Eddie laughed and, using the boob-as-handle method, placed Becca back in formation. He returned to the rear. The teenagers were blushing even brighter. Smiles were huge. The cold air did not appear to be a serious issue to anyone.

Strange girl followed silently after looking at Becca’s drippy pussy.

He passed by a couple that appeared to have been watching the spectacle. ”Did you see that, Betty. He is the girls’ volleyball coach. My word, if he uses that sort of discipline on the team, it’s no wonder they play so hard!”

“Betty” coo-ed at him. “That’s not discipline, dear. It’s called incentive.”

Eddie, now at the rear, said, “Ms Martin. Would you please take us home?”

“My pleasure. Girls, left foot forward, on my mark” Rotating to the front, calling out, “Three, two, one, Mark!” she stepped forward. The girls followed as one.

“Marching naked is so bold. Cold air makes my nipples cold.

Sound off, 1–2

Sound off, 3-4.”

The girls joined in: “1—2—3—4. ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR!

Now, from Donna: “Seeing all these boobies bounce, Makes me want to jump and pounce. Sound Off” And they chorused in time.

Melissa: “I was bad, but it was fun. Being shot by Coach’s gun. Sound Off.”

Nikki: “A lioness, I’m in the hunt. Distracted by my steaming cunt. Sound. Off”

Janie: “I was a virgin just this morn. Now I’m not. I feel reborn. SOUND. OFF”

That one cracked them all up. They cheered Janie then talked a while. And stayed in step.

Eddie returned to his memories. At his first dance, saw all the girls dancing, with each other if no boys asked them. The boys, if they even tried, did not seem to enjoy it. Mostly they didn’t try. Did girls naturally have rhythm? Why did dancing make them happy and not the boys?

He got curious and started looking. Girls were as tired as the boys after sports practice. The boys practicing their sports just looked tired and sweaty. But girls glowed, had more enthusiasm, and seemed actually to be excited by the action. Eddie had ample opportunity to observe. Eddie was around all the time. He was the coach’s kid and his Mom patched them up. He saw his Dad coach. Dad never threatened He never begged. He made them want to push themselves, for him. They knew that he did the right thing and they would be better off if they followed. His Mom ran her ER similarly. She drove her staff to excellence by making them want to be excellent. She showed concern for the patients because she really cared.

He would have to talk to Dad.

“They are thinking up more rhymes. I know it.” Strange girl said, breaking in.

“Just who are you?” Eddie asked, “I started thinking of you as ‘Strange Girl’ when Becca called you that. That may not be how you sign checks.”

From Crysta: “Our nude Director makes us proud. She leads up front, her tits un-bowed. Sound Off.” The chorus followed.

Marti: “I am naked. Strangers peek. Makes me hot. My knees are weak. Sound Off.”

Ashley: “For naked Lisa I was posed. I’m naked now and quite exposed. Sound Off.”

Strange Girl answered, “I’m Claire, a reporter for the University newspaper. I know who you are. You’re Eddie Wilson of the girl’s volleyball team. By the way, nice season. Leading this remarkable group from the front is Megan Martin, the Director of a somewhat secret project involving girl’s health and fitness. Will you elaborate? This will make a great cover story in the Campus Life section. My first story!”

“Not here and not now.” He called, “Company. Halt. About face.” The teens, clearly into the scene, whipped around grinning openly. “You girls have seen way too many movies”

“Ms Martin. Would you accompany me in conference, please?” She looked at Claire, looked at Eddie and walked smartly down the line.

“What’s up, Coach? Besides your pants.” Megan and the girls howled in laughter.

“That can’t be helped.” Eddie chuckled.

From the line, Becca spoke up, “Thank you. Sir. May I have another? Will that help?”

More howls. ‘I love my job’ Eddie thought.

He said to Megan, “We may have a small problem brewing. This is Claire, a reporter. She has been taking pictures since I had to discuss proper uniform maintenance with Becca. Claire wants to feature us In the Campus Life section.”

Megan’s awakened Dominatrix gene picked this moment to turn on. Eddie saw it happen when she winked at him. “Perhaps, we can work this out. Claire, we all are part of a Project endorsed by the college. Everything you see, however odd, is in the agreement governing that Project. Certain details are, and will remain for some time, undisclosed. However, it would be advantageous to us, the College and the Project, if some information was to become widespread.”

“Girls. Form a circle around us.” They were good. A surprisingly sharp circle formed around Eddie Megan and Strange Girl.

“Mika. Step forward and show us your bracelet, please. Thank you.”

To Claire, “This piece of jewelry represents our exemption from Code Inspection, from Consensual Rape, and from excessive Penetrative Fondling by any male of any age, status or position. The Dean has determined that our data collection and analysis will be corrupted, putting the Project in jeopardy. That could not be tolerated, hence the bracelets, which are not clothing dependent. Mika, hold out the bracelet. Claire, take a photograph of Mika’s bracelet. And tell us a little about you”

Claire did, wondering why she was responding like Ms Martin was her boss. ”I transferred in two days ago. The Charter School was driving me crazy, so I called the Admissions Department and requested an interview. Mika turn your arm a little. The streetlight is glaring. I can see your vagina in the best shots. Is that a problem?

“Not at all, Claire, and it’s pussy not vagina. It’s mine and I am proud of it,” Mika answered, thrusting her titties out and smiling. Eddie wondered how a smile could look so sweet and a little evil at the same time. Must be a girl thing or she has Megan’s Dominatrix gene. This is going to get interesting real quick. Just to confuse Claire some more, he gently played with Mika’s boobs, adjusting her nipple clips. “Thank you, Coach. I needed that,” Mika purred.

Claire continued. “I’m done with the pictures, thanks.” Mika returned to the circle, winking at Megan, shaking her tits. Very interesting, Eddie thought.

“The interview went well. They liked that I was published and had won high school reporting awards despite the way those fundy mind controllers ran the school. My grades and transcript placed me as a second semester freshman. So, they admitted me immediately. Then gave me some sort of shot. This is first semester, so I’m in review mode until can start new classes next term. For now, I’m very interested in those bracelets. The Charter School was very repressive. All-girl and no way to be a girl would describe it. Sex education was, “There are men and that other gender. I’m don’t think I know how to be a normal girl”

“I got inspected the first day. I had read the Code of Conduct the night before. Scary stuff. I might as well be naked. No one except Mom has seen me naked and not even her after I was ten. But I decided to attempt compliance so I went shopping for “appropriate clothing” while following the rules. I found some things the shops called ”clothes” that astonished little sheltered me. I still had to use scissors to make sure to pass. I did. It was exciting and embarrassing to the extreme all at once.”

“Now it’s cold and I don’t know how to dress and not freeze stuff off. But why did the Coach so thoroughly rape that girl. She has a bracelet. And she seemed to enjoy being raped. The teachers told us that it hurt but we had to suffer through it keep a husband.”

The girls were looking at Megan who was looking at Eddie. Megan looked at the naked circle once again, got some signal invisible to Eddie. Then to Eddie, she cocked her head and slightly raised an eyebrow. “This poor thing needs this.” Megan whispered

Coach nodded and waited for the show.

“Do you want one of those bracelets?” Claire nodded. Megan continued. “You must realize that they exempt you from inspection, consensual rape and excessive fondling. The do not exempt you from following the code. Do you understand? Another nod. ”Coach Wilson is not constrained by the bracelets. The Dean said the participants still must comply with the Code, even with the exemptions. He feared that they might become arrogant or disrespectful of their peers. So Coach Wilson is the enforcer. He is strict and fair He is good at it. Another rule is that even the Director must comply, even if she is faculty. We can decide what constitutes compliance as long as we do not violate the spirit of the college code. We will need a report writer and will need a publicist when the report comes out.”

“Given these details, will you take the job? You may ‘intern’ now if you wish.”

Claire thought about being inspected, being consensually raped and the rest. “Interning would be OK, I guess,” she said.

Megan said quite firmly, “Are you very sure? “ Claire nodded, again. Her eyes were getting very large.

Coach Wilson took charge. “Lisa, did you bring our equipment?”

“Of course, Coach. Camera, clips, bracelets. Small bag. Bouncing on ass all night.”

“Take out the camera. Begin recording. We’ll pull stills from your video.”

Lisa readied the camera. Eddie slowly walked around a nervous but brave Claire. “You are aware, aren’t you, that this step can not be taken back. That we may re-interpret the Code as often as we wish.”

Ms Martin lifted an eyebrow, “Someone is over dressed. I think it is Claire.” Megan surveyed the circle of teenaged titties. “Anyone?”

Crysta said, looking at Donna, “I believe the Director is calling for the SWAT team.” They stepped to Claire and waited.

“Girls, please tighten the circle. Marti, I want you.” Eddie said, looking Claire over. Claire’s mind was spinning. (‘What’s happening to me? I feel like prey. I can’t move my feet. I don’t want to. I feel weird where I had to shave last night’) Donna grinned at Crysta. “She’s like the others. We’ll tell her later. She will tell what to do.”

Marti came to her Master. She was so close he could feel her nipples touch his ribs. Watching Claire over the top of her head, he commanded his pet to “get me ready for Claire.” Marti dropped to her knees and pulled his silk boxers down slowly. She lifted his feet to remove them completely. The pet began a slow blowjob, humming to herself. Her Master’s eyes never left Claire’s.

Eddie nodded to Meagan, “It’s time.” Donna and Crysta lightly ran their hands down Claire’s arms. “Stand. Marti turn and talk to Claire.” Marti obeyed. He touched the side of her hip and used one finger between her shoulder blades. She bent over, resting her hands on her knees.

Claire did not know what to think so didn’t for a while. Marti started her litany. “I was so scared at first.” Claire’s brain cells got to know each other again, chatting like old friends. (That’s so nasty. How does it taste? People can see. I can see!) “I feel so alive when Master lets me take his cock in my mouth.” A cock? “I am so scared people will see me naked, in public. I’m so dirty. Letting people see my schoolgirl pussy, my ass, see my titties shake.” (See my titties?)

Donna and Crysta started unbuttoning Claire’s coat slowly. Apparently, Claire didn’t notice. They had it unbuttoned all the way and waited. Eddie looked down at Marti’s ass. Marti started again. “Master is going to put his dick in me. Pussy or ass, don’t care as long as it is in.” Claire’s brain again. (What? Now it’s dick? Pussy or ass? There’s a choice? What’s it feel like?)

Eddie pushed into Marti’s pussy. He had to lift her up by her waist because he was so much taller “He is going in my pussy. So big. So good. “ (He is in her pussy That thing fit? His cock is in her pussy? In public. I can see her titties swing. I feel like I peed. Why am I wet? I’m going to explode!)

Donna and Crysta pulled Claire’s coat open and let it drop down her arms to the ground. Donna moved it out of her reach. The girls said, “She’s beautiful and does not know it” The two with the suddenly naked in public Claire softly held her elbows. Every girl there, plus a six-foot Amazon watching the drama, waited for Claire to notice. Lisa was in documentary mode. The folks at PBS would be jealous

Eddie pumped into Marti harder. ”I’m coming, Master. I’m coming. Now, Watch me come on my Master’s prick. There it is.” Marti shook all and folded like a rag doll. Megan lowered her from Eddie’s dick to the ground, “That felt so good, Thank you, Master.” (She let him fuck her? She got naked. I saw it. She said it felt so good. Does it? Will he do it to me? He is coming to me. There it is. He is touching me. It feels so good where he touches. What is that? Me, there and I get wetter down there. Whoa! He bent me over. He’s holding me like he did that girl who calls him Master. He ordered her to put it in. He’s going to fuck her. Noooo. Do it to me I am so scared. I need to know. Please make this feeling happen.)

Eddie approached the beautiful strange naked girl named Claire. She was dripping. He turned her around like he did Marti, and slowly bent her over. “Marti, put me in.” Marti grabbed her Master’s cock. Coach had to pick the petite brunette up for Marti to center his dick on target. Eddie pushed in steadily, never stopping until he hit bottom. In one series of moves, he gripped her tits. She was supported on his slightly bent legs, his dick and his hands. Eddie pumped her up and down. Marti knelt in front and went to town on her clit.

(I’m so light. No. He’s lifting me. I can see his cock touch my pussy. It’s going in. Ouch! That smarts. But feels so good That little girl was right. He’s pulling me back. I’m balanced on his cock. Or was that a dick? I don’t care It’s finally in my pussy. He has my tits, yes, my tits. Pinch them. Harder. Her tongue is down there, too. I can see her naked and watching this Coach fuck his dick into my pussy. It is mine and I love it. Her tongue found my spot. Oh hell, his cock found a spot. That feeling, head is exploding. My pussy just grabbed his dick. I’m naked getting fucked. What? Naked? Fuck. When did that happen? Can’t see. Fucking. People watching naked me. Girl licking my pussy. Dick squirting, hot, wetter. See me fuck. Fuck dick, fuck. Who’s screaming? Oh crap, that’s me………)

Claire clamped hard. Her trembles and screams lasted at least a full minute. Eddie took his dick out and cradled Claire’s boneless body until nerves knitted back together. Kissed her soft lips for a few seconds. “Holy Shit. I just fucked you in public! Everybody saw me. That girl is taking pictures. Did you just consensually fuck me boneless? Where did I fuck up?”

Megan said, ”But you’re naked in public, Claire. You did not fuck up. You fucked Coach Wilson. That little girl is Marti.”

“But there are thirteen naked as jaybirds girls here and how did I get naked?”

Eddie told the just fucked ex-virgin, “They are not naked. See the nipple clips? Those are the uniform of the evening. You should have seen it coming. We saw you coming. Meet Donna and Crysta. They showed us your little teeny body.” Donna And Co-conspirator Crysta joined the circle

“OK. I can work with this. So that’s my day trip is called. Do I get nip-clipped, or must I say, ’Thank you, Sir. May I have another?’”

Lisa handed the Coach a pair of alligator clips and held Claire’s boobs. Eddie pinched her light brown nipples as he put on the clips. “Now you’re properly dressed.”

“Thank you. I felt so naked for the longest time.”

Megan asked, “Why the comedy routine? You are still trembling and you’re clinching your hands until your knuckles are white. Be honest. Tell me what you are thinking. How do you feel about Coach Wilson taking your virginity in public?”

“I’ve always cracked jokes to hid nervousness. Now I’m terrified. I’m embarrassed beyond belief. I wanted to run away and needed to stay. My body was doing things to me that I had no name for. I was ashamed to be naked while strangers would stare. Why did it make my heart flutter? I have no girl hair. I was more way exposed than being merely naked! I fluttered all over. I could not even hide behind me. I wanted to expose my body. I was humiliated that I wanted people to stare. My brain spun away. It made my body take over.”

“Coach Wilson did exactly what I needed. Wanted his dick in my pussy. Needed him to take me hard while you watched. He didn’t take my maidenhood any more that I gave to him. When I came, doors opened for me that were never there before.”

“Even now, I’m embarrassed, excited, proud and scared. But I’ve crossed a line. I’ll never be comfortable about being naked, partially or totally. I have to learn to wear whatever the Code calls appropriate. It will take a lot of imagination to accept and live with the choices I’ve made.”

That Amazon sashayed through the circle of naked girls. “Claire, I’m the only one other than this group, who saw your first fuck. You were outstanding. You made us proud to be girls. But I need to let you in on your little secret. You think out loud. Very loud. Coach Wilson would never have hurt you more than you wanted. But he always gives you what you need. I know first hand. Coach consensually encourages good play.”

Amazon girl, wearing nothing but wet panties, started laughing. “But this was a no-brainer. Which is lucky because yours was on vacation. You told the Coach exactly what you needed. You directed your first fuck yourself, complete with lectures and lab practices. You could teach. ”

Claire blushed madly. The assorted MuskeTits giggled and shook. “We would have told you but it was so much fun.” Donna confessed. “By the way, your titties look very lickable when they wobble.” Claire didn’t blush, she magenta-ed.

Coach Wilson cut in. “Girls. Allow me to introduce Bridget, ace spiker and chief executioner of opposition blockers on our volleyball team. Bridget, would you lose the wet panties before you freeze that pussy off?”

“Sure, Coach. Claire is the reason they are wet.” Bridget teased.

“Now, put your arms up and pirouette. Show them why we would win the championship if they would let you play naked. Your tits alone will get us to the semifinals. Lisa, you should put Claire’s nipple clips on Bridget so I won’t have to incentivise her.”

“Thanks, Coach. I feel so pretty in my new clothes. Who knew that I could swap clothes with a girl a foot shorter than me? Must run. Work-study at the gym. Hope you have good leftovers.”

“Take Claire’s coat and leave it in my office. She won’t need it tonight. Thanks, I’ll see you at practice. Take some extra sets from Rae. You girls’ will kick ass.” He turned to Megan.

“Ms Martin, are we agreed that Claire is our writer and publicist?” Megan nodded.

“Lisa, please give me two more nipple clips, stand behind Claire and hold her boobs again while I make sure her cute nipples are still hard enough to let the steel jaws grip her sweet tips tight enough to stay on while we walk around campus on the way home.” He smiled, knowing that Claire might orgasm just thinking about it.

He and Lisa took their time and little Claire was going nuts. Without thinking, she jumped up wrapped her arms and legs around Coach Wilson. Lisa, always ready, lightly pushed Coach’s cock up as Eddie let Claire slip down, impaling herself.

Megan took over. “Girls form up to march. We’re outta here! I’m on point”

The MuskeTits lined up, hands clasped behind. Eddie, wearing Claire, took drag.

Megan called cadence: ”Left foot forward on my mark, 4-3-2-1-MARK.”

“Without a bit of extra luck, Claire just took her virgin fuck. Sound Off, 1—2” Sound off, 3–4.”

The girls joined in: “Sound Off 1—2—3—4. ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR!

The chorus followed as before, between announcements from Claire describing what she was doing to Coach, what his dick felt like, how deep it was, how nasty she was, how good nasty made her feel, when she was coming, how often she came, how she came harder when Coach put his finger in her tight ass while she fucked faster, etc.

Audrey: “Pulsing, pumping, extra spasms. I’m having multiple orgasms. Sound Off, 1—2”

Mika: “Strangers watch and I don’t care. I’m fucking Coach with my twat bare. Sound off 1—2”

Megan: Us naked girls march in the night. We’re proud to be a lovely sight. Sound Off, 1—2”

Melissa: ‘Melissa’s pussy can’t be beat. Her ass is soft, her tits are sweet. Sound off, 1—2″

Eventually, they arrived at the dorm. Megan lined them facing the building. Eddie unplugged himself from Claire and sent her to the line. He sat on the steps, looking at the girls. They were glowing. They looked proud of themselves. Every one, including the two virgins he popped tonight. Execise is good for the soul.

Nikki, seeing that Coach had not come in Claire on the way home, shyly removed her nipple clips and purred, “Coach, I’m out of uniform.” She strolled up and sat on Eddie’s lap, letting Coach’s cock go up her ass.

As the others watched, she started:

“Marching naked, here I sat. Thank you, Coach. I needed that. Sound Off 1—2”

With that, they went inside.

Preventive Medicine Health Project, Part 5.2

Megan looked around the room and smiled. Becca noticed, saying between bites of yellowtail sushi, “Penny for your thoughts, Ms Martin?”

Melissa giggled. ”I don’t think so. The Director ain’t cheap!”

“At least 8 cents, maybe as high as a dime,” added Nikki.

“I bid 12 bright shiny pennies!” Jen called out.

Megan cut in, ”Hey, you silly girls! I’m right here. I was thinking that I have been fucked forcefully in every hole bigger than my nose, multiple times. I have been used as a sex toy as if I had no choice. I have licked the pussies and clits of my students. I have tied ten naked teenagers to a wall and have used them as lab equipment. I have had nipple clamps squeeze one, really two, of the most sensitive parts of my young body. I have had my arms bound for hours. Coach Wilson ass fucked me while I had a vibrator in my cunt. He fucked my pussy and filled me with a butt plug, calling me a cheap slutty whore, while you watched and cheered me on. While a naked girl with a leaking pussy and nipple clamps took pictures for publication.”

“And, if that wasn’t a full day, I’ve seen marginally legal young teenaged virgins fuck their maidenheads away on the Coach’s dick. I have done a lot of those very things to several of my test subjects. I endured the embarrassment, exposure and humiliation.“

“I’ve discovered that every use and abuse of my body only made me hotter and want more. I felt like a girl who could take anything in my path. I feel more feminine than ever. After all that, I’m sitting here eating yosenabe with my students and still a member of the faculty of Central University of New Town. And still the Project Director.”

“And it doesn’t even matter that Audrey has a finger in my ass and Beth has a finger in my pussy rubbing my G-spot. Wait, it does matter. It matters a lot! Excuse me for a moment. I’m going to come now.” And did just that in spectacular fashion as Janie leaned across the table to pull Ms Martin’s nipple chain. Janie’s up and down motion on Coach Wilson’s dick in her ass and his hard pinch on her clit set both of them off with Megan.

The MuskeTits must have been attending to their own wet little twats because squeals and moans were heard around the table.

“So, Becca, that’s what I was thinking.”

Becca giggled and grinned, saying, “Coach may have called you a cheap whore. I think he got it wrong. That was worth at least $3.75, maybe even 4 dollars.”

Megan snorted and threw a piece of tempura at her, scoring a direct hit on her nipple. Mika jumped to lick it clean. She forgot she had been putting wasabe on her sushi. “Yikes! My tit is on fire!”

Mika grabbed an ice cube, removed Becca’s nipple clip and touched her bright red nipple with the ice. With the other hand, she pushed another piece of ice into Becca’s cunt and pinched her clit.

Pain and pleasure. Hot and cold. Squeeze and caress. The combination sent Becca, screaming, over the edge. “And that is how you soothe a sister,” said Mika with an evil grin.

“Best. After. Dinner. Speech. Ever.” Lisa insisted. No one disagree.

As they relaxed after dinner, Megan asked Janie, “Tell us how you came to be here. We already know how you came after you got here.”

Janie laughed and answered, “I got to New Town by way of North Carolina. My parents are from Denmark and Ireland. They came to the US to attend college at Dartmouth where they met and married. Both joined the Peace Corps and stayed in Asia for 2 years, coming back to America to get citizenship, then went to grad school at Duke in Durham where I debuted. So I’m a Blue Devil. They sponsored the immigration of a couple friends from Viet Nam”

“Three years ago, we moved to Texas when both parents took jobs at Texas Tech. I remained a Blue Devil at heart. Last year, we had a family meeting. Mom wanted to know if it would torque me out if we went to Katmandu for a few years. KATMANDU!!”

“Dad told me to cool it and let him tell me option number 2. Their friends, and mine, Van and Sue had become new citizens, moved to New Town and opened a Japanese restaurant. They were more than willing to let me live with them while my hippy parents lived up the Himalayas in the thin air, freezing their asses off. New Town or having to cross a freaking glacier to take a pee? Believe me when I tell ya, it was no contest.”

“I got a scholarship to study math and physics at Central U., but entered as a part-time day student so I could help Uncle Van and Auntie Sue at the restaurant until it grew enough to hire more staff. Today was my last day at the store and my eighteenth birthday. I go full time at the end of the semester.”

“I have never been inspected, never been consensually raped. I have seen a few on the campus, but from such a distance that I couldn’t see details. Half-dressed girls and totally naked girls I was almost used to by now. Dressing within the Code of Conduct was embarrassing at first but I took off my big girl panties anyway. The classes are great. With the nervous anticipation and excitement of accidentally exposing my titties and ass and pussy in public, I stayed hot all the time. I hoped that my first sex would be at least nice, not like some girls who got raped by boys who are plain mean spirited or who did not care about the object at the end of their little peter. I knew that it would happen eventually, but wished it would be nice, or at least, not hurt I think the code is a little one-sided. Even as it seems well-intentioned.”

“I was stunned when the naked girls met me at the door and went outside to help me bring in the order. More stunned when they brought me in here. And you know the rest.”

“Now, I have been stripped naked by two girls who played with my boobs and munched my twat until I came I have been fucked in my cunt, I then sucked the same dick that took my cherry until it came down my swallowing throat. I rammed that cock in my ass and sat on it all through dinner. I watched a room full of naked girls play with each other and I came like a bandit when two girls finger fucked the naked Project Director to an epic orgasm as the girls’ volleyball coach filled my ass with a gallon of cum.”

“Picture me now. I’m sitting, naked, in a room full of naked teenagers, with that astonishingly still hard dick in my ass, talking calmly about my past, like this is a normal everyday conversation with friends and a beautifully naked Project Direct wearing gold nipple clamps. Just another normal day for little Janie.”

“Welcome to the New Normal!! Happy Birthday!!” The entire crowd pulled her off Eddie’s dick; put her on the table in a spot cleared just for her. Marti cleaned her Master’s prick and sucked it enough to keep it interested. Janie got bent over the table, Ashley shoved a vibrating butt plug in her pussy and they gave her a hard birthday spanking including a dozen or so for good measure. They flipped her unto her back with her butt and legs hanging over the end. Some naked girl yanked the vibrator out of her pulsing pussy and jammed it in her ass, keeping it set on max. She was coming and screaming and coming and screaming as Eddie spread her legs wider, pushed her knees to her nipple-clipped tits and drove his dick all the way to the bottom of her cunt in one thrust.

Eddie had more cock than Janie had pussy so he pierced her cervix on every stroke. He pounded her like a machine while one girl pressed Janie’s clit, two more girls pulled and twisted her boobs and one girl reached between Eddie’s legs and pumped the butt plug in and out of Janie’s ass. Marti and Megan licked her ears and neck, telling her what a dirty little whore she was, what a nasty schoolgirl, what filthy girl she was, getting her little girl cunt fucked by the Coach’s big cock and again fucking her in every nasty hole, how she was a sextoy, a cum dump. How boys will jerk off looking at the pictures Lisa was taking. Hands were spanking, tickling, kissing pinching every inch of her body.

Janie was coming constantly. Her pussy could bend steel. Her world was her tits, ass and cunt. Her whole body was shaking out of control

Eddie squeezed her nipple clips tighter, then pulled them off and pinched her nipples hard. He started spurting and pumping and spurting and pumping. She opened her eyes, stared into space for a few seconds. Janie froze up. Eddie, with an animalistic growl, drove in deep one last time. Janie unlocked and went off like unbalanced blender for what felt like hours. They claimed that her porcelain skin was glowing cherry red. Nikki, the techno-babe become comedienne claimed that Janie could not be cherry red because she gave her cherry to Coach Wilson just an hour so ago. It had to be fire engine red ‘cause she was smoking hot. They gave poor little Nikki the appropriate amount and kind of abuse she so richly deserved.

When Janie slowed enough for them to move her, the girls gave her a sweet birthday massage, bringing her back to this planet. Eddie sat down in a padded armchair to get his legs back. Lisa put the camera on the table and sat with Marti in their Master’s lap. Both, in unison, told him that they could not wait for their own birthday to come. ‘From such cute naked seeds, traditions are grown,” he thought, not aloud. And why are the naked pets talking like twins?

A bit later, the coeds and Megan were recovered enough to pack up the leftovers and stack the dishes. Some carried stuff to the kitchenette to put away the food; some cleaned and straightened the conference room/scene of the Bacchanalian crime of all traces. Eddie told the girls not to do the dishes. He had invented some work/study programs for some of his volleyball girls because they needed a little extra income. Office work and clean up were part of it. The kitchenette was part of the deal. This batch of dishes would be the first work they had to do. Actually working might make the girls feel better about themselves for taking the department’s money.

He would pay them out of his own pocket just to watch them play but the NCAA would frown large. “We could take Regionals in a walk if they were allowed to play naked.” He laughed.

Eddie and Megan sent the naked girls to the showers, staying behind for a brief conference. Talking rapidly, they hugged in agreement. Both joined the teens in the showers. When all were squeaky clean, he took them to the gym for a talk.

Coach Wilson, using his command voice, said, “We have decided to draft Janie into the Project. We need a data recorder and she’s perfect. Here is your bracelet. It exempts you from all Code of Conduct Inspections and Consensual Rapes. It does allow fondling of any body part exposed. There may be no, I mean NO penetration. If penetration is even attempted by any boy or staff on Campus, with or without your consent, criminal charges will be pressed. You may not consent. Period. The bracelet cannot be removed. Not just may not, it cannot be removed. Do you understand?” Janie happily agreed and Eddie attached the bracelet to her wrist, sending her back to sit on the floor with the others. They welcomed her to the group.

Ms Martin came next “Girls, the bracelets do not exempt you from following the Code of Conduct. We expect you to conduct yourselves as if penalties were to be paid. That includes double coverage, banned garments, etc. You know the drill: shaven pussies, skirts short enough to almost cover your butt cheeks, no piece of any shirt or skirt or panties covering nor being covered by any other covering. It must be obvious to any Inspector, at a glance, that you are compliant girls. In short, act as you would as good girls attending college in New Town. Your continued good behavior is important to the Project, the college and to us. By the way, Coach Wilson is not constrained by the terms of your bracelets. He will take you any way he deems necessary anywhere he wants. Both of us may alter your personal dress code at any time as long as it does not violate the Official Code by increasing your coverage. We will decide what constitutes a particular item of clothing.” She paused, looking them over. “You might be as surprised as I was when I discovered in the fine print of the Project Exemption Agreement, that I, your Director, am required to dress and behave by the same Project conduct code we create. Simply put, the gander will gladly and thoroughly guarantee that what’s good for the goose is good for the goslings. Anytime, any place.”

Coach Wilson spoke. “ Girls, these terms in no way diminish the Director’s capacity or authority to run the Project. She is the final word while we are testing or evaluating data. I am her prime assistant. When not conducting the Project, remember, you are mine.”

“Now let’s take a final class photo. It will be great.”

He put Ashley, Melissa, Donna, Crysta, Audrey, Nikki and Jen against the wall where they were bound earlier. He had then spread their legs about 18 inches apart with each girl’s feet touching the foot of the girl on either side. They were to hold hand with their arms raised above their heads at if they were declaring each other champion.

He positioned Lisa, Marti, Janie, Mika, Beth and Becca in front of the others, except these teens were on their knees, sitting back, so their cute butts touched their heels, directly in front of the pairs of feet, knees spread to touch the knees of the girl on either side, hands clasped behind their backs. Through the viewfinder, Eddie could see the thirteen twats and twenty-six titties he had been having fun with for weeks.

He put Megan to the left, close but not in the group. Her hands were clasped on top of her head. She stood, legs eighteen inches apart like the others he had fucked. Megan was slightly forward of Ashley and slightly behind Lisa.

The stage set, he took pictures of the lovely, intensely sexy group with and without the nipple jewelry. With the timer, he took more of the same with him posed on the right, placed as Megan.

They excited girls wanted to see the photos. He switched to “review”, showing them the poses. They jumped and squealed like all excited girls seem to do. All of them, Megan included, wanted copies. He agreed to print some up. He then found and put on his boxer shorts

“OK girls. Time to go home. Secure your nipple clips and clamps. Make sure they are tight enough. Lisa, please put the camera and extra clips in that little equipment bag and take with us. It is cold enough tonight for your tasty nipples to pop them off. I will find you in violation of our Code and take you right there if that it happens.”

Cries of It’s cold, we’re naked, in public, outside, with nipple clips, on campus, we’ll be seen, touched, naked, everybody watching. Oh my god. Et Cetera.

“Ms Director. Turn on the nightlights, turn off the brights. Hang your keys on your tit chain. Girls, line up single file, hands behind your backs. We are outta here.”

He had them wait for him to close and lock the door. Then marched them toward the dorm, Megan on point, him last.

He only had to fuck two by the time the girls got home. But is really about the journey and not the destination.

Anna enjoys the dress code to a point

I’m one of the few girls on campus who enjoys the freedom the dress code gives us. While I like wearing pretty tops and bottoms,sometimes, I do enjoy when the boys (and girls) admire my breasts. I think they are cute and perky. I never wear a bra. Not even before coming to this college. Other places, I had to just flash my tits to get noticed.

While fun for me and others, it wasn’t relaxing. I much prefer to just go topless, and let everyone see. I get more nice comments this way. Don’t you agree? Would you stop to say something nice about my breasts?

Of course, since coming here and having this freedom to go topless now and then, I have discovered something annoying. I want the attention on my breasts, but some guys still try to look up my skirt. I mean, I cannot even kneel down to pick up something without some guys looking up my skirt. Are you looking up my skirt right now? That’s not very nice.

So it seems, I have little options to stop them from doing that, except to not wear a skirt.

At least here, I can enjoy showing my breasts even if I have to let some see my butt and pussy, too.

images from

Preventive Medicine Health Project, Part 5.1

After Mr. Wilson had finished in Ms Martin’s pert bottom, he so very gently eased her to the floor, helping her to sit Indian-style facing the girls on the wall. Quickly going to Lisa, he picked her up and carried her to Megan’s side, sitting her on the floor, also. But instead of Indian-style, he put her legs straight out and spread them apart. The Coach did the same for Marti, placing her between Lisa’s spread legs, the two girls facing one another, their bodies about a foot apart.

Clearly concerned for their comfort, he loosened the nipple clamps enough to restore some circulation. The pain in their nipples was breath taking. Coach Wilson explained that he knew that it hurt but, as he softly rolled the sensitive little buds with his fingers, the pain would fade to a memory. He put Lisa’s left leg over Marti’s right leg, and her right under Marti’s left. Next, he attached a six-inch chain to the middle of Marti’s nipple chain, the other end crimped to Lisa’s.

To the approval of all, Eddie unbound their arms, allowing them to hug their partner. “To show your appreciation for having your arms freed, you must do as I say. You may caress each other’s pussy. You may not touch your own. You may not touch either your own nor the other’s tits. If you feel the need for stimulation, use the chains. Keep in mind that you will be using your titties to pull your partner’s nipples. You will receive the same effect, at the same time. After this little break, the clamps will be tightened again. You may, however rub your cunts together at any time. Remember, you may never touch your own. Learn to love and trust your partner. Learn to love and trust me. I will teach you well.” He kissed both the teens on the forehead, them turned to face the girls bound, immobile, on the wall.

“For you pretty teens, I’m going to release your arms only. You are allowed to touch yourself anywhere above your cute little belly buttons. You must do exactly as told. The vibrators must remain in your pussies”

“Ms Martin, Would you be a sweetie and get some water and Gatorade from the cooler? I believe our lovely girls need a drink.” She said that she would like nothing better than to help him comfort the coeds.

As she prepared the drinks, Eddie untied the girls, one by one, playing with their neglected titties and turning up the pink vibrators. Pulling each lightly as he twisted the butt plugs in their cunts.

After the girls were tended, the Coach and the Director walked away for a quick conference. Ms Martin was satisfied with the day’s progress. “If we continue to advance at this pace, we will have no problem completing the analysis and presenting our finding to the University.” she added.

Coach Wilson voiced a serious concern related to the integrity of the controls. “We must convince our esteemed Dean to widen the scope of our Participant’s Inspection Exceptions to include Consensual Rape. We must not allow the girls’ vaginas to loose tension or change sizes outside the confines of the Testing Area. We might want to continue to allow the teenagers to be fondled when their inviting parts are exposed in public. We still support the intent of the Code. The coeds must understand and accept that the Code guides their behavior on Campus. Ms Martin. You were guided by the Code of Conduct, ant if I may be so bold, I think that you turned out to be quite fine young lady.”

A blushing Ms Martin said, “Thank you for the compliment. And, yes, you have been just bold enough, so far. Let’s call the Dean now. He should be in the office. We’ll ask for a total exemption, fondling included, for all twelve subjects. If he balks, we will concede the fondling. It will allow him to maintain the sense of control over the details of the Project. The Dean will feel good that we trust him to make decisions.”

Ms Martin called the Dean and presented the potential issues involved, the dangers to the integrity of the Project and, by extension, the University’s reputation. She went on to suggest the best way to prevent data corruption was to extend the inspection exception to include fondling and consensual rape. She asked for his opinion as related to the total University community.

The Dean was very pleased by the young Director’s concern for the University’s image and her Project. He asked for best guess for presentation. She replied that it would be a wrap by semester’s end and that was no guess.

Her confidence in the team’s performance her concern for their safety encouraged him to grant the additional term, except the fondling. She hesitated then said she might be willing to concede the public fondling but asked fro a ban on any penetration for the exact reasons applying to consensual rape. He agreed. He liked the give and take with a sensible faculty member. She yielded something, as did he. The Dean ordered the new bracelets to be readied immediately, feeling great about his administration.

Eddie had been listening to both sides of the debate, telling Megan that her had this campus politics deal down cold. She was a natural.

Megan hugged him, laughing all over her body. She told him to put on some big boy pants and get his ass to the Dean’s offices and get those bracelets. The teens would need them tonight. She would stay here and keep the girls calm.

Less than 20 minutes later, Eddie returned with twelve shiny new bracelets. He went to each girl to fasten the bracelets to their wrists permanently. The Dean insisted on that to prevent loss of duplication. The bracelets were well designed, very feminine but also very strong, just like the girls. They loved them. Wearing the bracelets all the time was no problem.

Ms Martin asked the teens if they needed to take a potty break the coach would untie the girls in pairs long enough for the Director to escort them to the locker room. They were not allowed to touch the pussy plugs. Ms Martin would remove and rinse the appliance. When the teens finished, Ms Martin would reinsert the apparatus, after checking the batteries.

When they were rebound securely to the wall, powerlessness proven, the next pair would be released to get relief. The process repeated until all the schoolgirls were secured, helpless, to the wall. Eddie described them as precious jewels displayed for the world to admire. He took a series of group shots so the teens could see how sexy they looked all in a row. His sweet compliments caused them to remember his gentle caring treatment given to Lisa, Marti and Ms Martin. Even after roughly fucking and using the three like cheap whores, he showed that he really deeply cared about them. Coach Wilson forced each girl to take exactly what she needed, not what they thought they wanted. The ten helpless teenagers, tied to the wall in the brightly lighted volleyball gym, naked, pink vibrating cunt plugs in their pussies and on display to the world. Their nipples hardened, their twats dripped thinking of what would come next.

Would they look as good as Ms Martin when the coach brutally fucked their firm teenaged bodies in all three holes? They were getting wetter in anticipation of finding the answer to that question. The Project was turning into an exciting and bumpy road to self-discovery.

The coach removed the connection chain, retied the two assistants’ hands and arms. He pulled the two fucktoys to the locker room by the nipple chains. He made them relieve themselves while he watched, to their total embarrassment. As they blushed new shades of crimson, he bent the girls over the sink and fucked them both to almost instant orgasms. He pulled out before he came inside Marti’s cunt, pushed both to the floor where he ordered them to alternate sucking his dick, then share the load. With a warm, wet cloth, he wiped their little pussies clean.

After the schoolgirls swallowed, he tightened the clamps and used the nipple leash to lead them back to the rack of moaning girls.

“Ms Martin, what do you have in store for us next?” Coach Wilson asked the Director.

“Coach, Jen and Crysta asked us to demonstrate the method by which the measuring would be done and how we would account for the differing levels of arousal from girl to girl. It was your idea originally. Will you elaborate?”

“I would be delighted. Since the girls on the wall obviously cannot help, I will need for you and the two lovely assistants to work with me. Do we have more KY jelly?” He looked at the Director.

With raised brows, Director Martin asked, “Me. Both assistants and the lubricant? What do you have in mind?”

“It will be easier and quicker to show you than tell you. Don’t worry. You have been an excellent ‘crash test dummy’ so far. Now, follow me. This won’t hurt at all.” He said, giving a brief Evil Overlord laugh.

He lead Marti and Lisa to the center of the Line of test subjects, moving away from the wall so that every girl, from Ashley on the left to Nikki on the right, had a good view.

“’This won’t at all?’ Like my doctor says as she tries to re-enact the Spanish Inquisition?” Megan wondered aloud.

“Not so bad. You will just feel a little pressure. Trust me. You may enjoy it”

He positioned her between the assistants and went to the equipment bag, taking out a pink butt plug, a length of rope with a hook, a set of scales and the KY. Returning to the trio, He started talking in his Gym teacher voice.

“First I will prepare the Director for the demo.” He began to massage her pussy, rolling her clit as he continued. “When the subject begins to lubricate, I will insert the vibrator into her vagina, exactly as we have done for you girls lashed to the wall.”

He tied a short rope with a hook to the vibrator plug and hung it from Lisa’s nipple chain; “Lisa will hold the testing apparatus while I get the lubricant. It is important that it stay clean” He got the KY, put a glob on one hand. Using the dry hand to hold the plug base, he spread the jelly on the bulb and shaft. Coach Wilson turned toward the wall, showing the teens the vibrator, pulling it away from Lisa, pulling her chain.

Letting the plug drop to Lisa’s tummy, Eddie went to the locker room, washed the excess lube away and returned to the waiting group.

“If the Director will brace herself on our assistants and spread her very nice legs, I will let you watch as I put the device in. First I need to get all the supplies.” Leaving Megan standing there with her legs spread, feeling the cool air on her exposed cunt lips, he retrieved and hung the clipboard on Marti’s chain, then tied another rope and hook assembly to the scales. The scales replaced the vibrator on Lisa’s chain, maintaining a constant pressure on her nipples. She whispered to him, “I was hoping you would turn on the vibrator. I think it would feel very nice.

“Maybe next time, Sweety.”

Speaking to the schoolgirls tied to the wall, watching them stare at their Director’s wet pussy, he said “ Now I turn on the vibrator and gently touch the tip to our Director’s clit, stimulating her vagina to prepare her for insertion. I can gauge her degree of readiness by observing her lower lips and nipples. When her breasts begin to display a slight blush and the nipples are hard, I will touch her vagina, going slightly inside with a finger. Once sufficient moisture is achieved, I will insert the plug.” He demonstrated each step as it was described. “I will maximize the vibration rate so that the subject may rapidly match the arousal level of you girls tied to the wall. Megan smiled the entire time. Marti began to pant and Lisa was soaking wet.

Eddie picked up the camera and took several pictures of the trio “I will need to obtain photographic evidence documenting this stage of the Project. We may need to include the pictures to illustrate our report to the University.”

The aroused girls bound to the wall paid rapt attention to their Director and their two girlfriends, as the three girls experienced major orgasms at the thought of their lewd nakedness being exposed to the University Administration, wearing nipple clamps and girly pink vibrators.

Eddie faithfully recorded every moment.

“After our Director recovers from her orgasm, which was to be expected of any young girl under these exceptional circumstances, we will continue. And if you will allow me to be more personal, you looked great when you came. Your inner spirit is beautiful. As for our assistants, you did a good job staying steady and strong as you supported the Director during her rather impressive orgasmic performance. Especially, as you experienced equally memorable orgasms of your own. They must have been very good, because I, and the girls tied to the wall, can clearly see the liquid running down your legs. Please continue to stand still while I document the aftermath, proving that you were able to stay composed enough to execute your duties under quite distracting circumstances. I’m sure the Review Committee will agree when they see the pictures.”

Megan experienced emotions ranging from humiliation at being used as an object to be manipulated for public view, though extreme embarrassment at having my picture seen by the faculty naked, legs spread with pink pussy plug stuffed into my throbbing, gushing cunt, and my nipples hard enough to drive nails. My exposure, humiliation and embarrassment making my hot twat even hotter, hot enough to melt steel. The soft little titties pressed into her my by the two naked bound little girls holding me upright. Feeling their sexy nipple clamps. Coach Wilson’s hard dick trying to escape his silk shorts. She wished it would escape and hide in my pussy. Maybe let him put the butt plug in its namesake hole, cranked up to the max, while he fucks me like the whore she is.

“OK, Madame Director, I can do that.”

“Oh. My. God. Was I thinking out loud? I’m so ashamed.”

“Your shame is meaningless. I’m going to grant your wish and grant it now. Untie Marti and Lisa. You will need their hands.”

Megan untied the assistants. She was so hot she had trouble with the knots. Her vibrator was still on “high”. He pulled his shorts off and tossed them aside.

Eddie pulled a new bundle from his toybag and took it to the wall of helpless schoolgirls. Starting with Nikki, he set her plug on “high”, wiggled it a bit in her pussy, and showed the crazed little teen what he had taken from the bag. She shivered all over, making her titties shake and sway most delightfully. He clasped her tit and put an alligator clip on her nipple. Speaking loud enough for everyone in the room to hear, Coach Wilson announced, “It’s going to be all right soon. You need to get used to the pain. The teeth are rounded and the spring is weak, so it will not be as tight as Marti and Lisa’s. But to compensate for that, you will wear them until I finish using your young Director.” He proceeded along from girl to girl, max-ing out the vibrators, playing with their titties, giving them alligator clip.

Turning to the three girls waiting, Eddie bound Megan’s arms and hands as he had bound the two assistants. Eddie stared straight into her eyes and placed a pair of chained nipples clamps on her tits. Testing the grip he decided to tighten them a lot more. Admiring his work, Eddie took more pictures, several of the three girls in front, many of the girls on the wall.

Eddie handed the camera to Lisa ordering her to “take lots of pictures of our pretty Director being taken in every hole. Make sure you get close ups of the ropes and vibrator so everybody who sees will know that she let herself be put in a position to let anyone use her sluttish naked body like a cheap whore. Marti. Get on your hands and knees while I bend this cunt of a Director over you and fuck the hell out of her dripping pussy.”

Marti became a human ottoman. Eddie bent Megan over the wet teenager, pulled the plug out of her pussy and stuffed it her ass. Ramming his cock in her cunt, he thrust as hard as he could, in and out.

Lisa took pictures as he pulled the young teacher up by her hair until everyone could see her clamped tits shaking like maracas, could see her cunt clinch his prick driving in and out. Megan screamed as her second orgasm crashed. Eddie pulled his dick out, spun her around and, standing up, plunged in her cunt again. He gripped her ass cheeks, keeping her impaled, and walked over to the wall, giving the helpless a visual taste of what was in their future. Megan was coming almost constantly now, so he pulled her off his cock, dropped the stunned girl to her knees and stuck his dick into her mouth, deep-dicking her throat until his orgasm dumped a load of his juice directly into her belly.

He ordered Marti to get him a clean butt plug. NOW! She was there in seconds. He jerked the plug out of Megan’s ass, replacing it with his prick, then forced the new butt plug, set on high, into the suddenly whorish Director’s cunt.

“Damn. That feels great. You got a tight ass, a cunt like a velvet vise and a mouth that won’t quit. I love the vibrator in your pussy. How does it feel to be fucked in both holes at the same time? How do you like being used as sex toy, like a cum dump? Like a bitch in heat? You begged me for it; now take it like a good little slut. Is that what you are? Is that what all little nasty girls are? Lisa ‘s pictures will look hot in the report”

His words drove Megan over the edge one more time, taking Eddie with her. They came screaming their pleasure to the world.

Eddie pulled the Director to her unsteady feet by her nipple clamp chain and snatched the plug from her tight snatch. “I want Lisa to photograph the Project Director, with cum dripping down her legs from both her cunt and her asshole. That will look good on the faculty page in the Yearbook.” She looked hot with her arms still bound behind her, thrusting her tits forward, nipples bursting on the clamps.”

Eddie just had to fuck her one more time. He put her on the floor and used her missionary style until he came, albeit weakly, in her cunt. He stood up but made the assistants help Megan stand. More pictures of the trio. He then put all three on their knees, in front of the girls tied to the wall. He backed them against the vertical posts, legs open, guaranteeing great full body, full-face shots of all thirteen girls.

“Group photos are always a favorite in the newspaper” he told them. All thirteen over heated girls came again at such a hideous image.

He said to Megan, “Ms Director. I suggest a break before we continue. OK?”

“Coach Wilson. That is an excellent suggestion. The girls might want a smack..I meant to say SNACK.” The room cracked up.

“Ms Martin!! Are you thinking out loud, again?” Donna asked, trying to keep a straight face, but failing miserably.

From Jen: “We saw what happens when girls think out loud”

Melissa: “Most of us wish we were you. Did I say that out loud?”

Ashley: “My Psych professor calls that a ‘Freudian Slip.’”

Mika: “Freud was a cross-dresser? He wore slips?”

Audrey: “I don’t even have a slip anymore. I cut it half and wear it as a skirt and top set.”

Donna: “I saw Becca in a tutu on Topless Day. Does that count?”

Becca: “When I sat down, it flipped up and exposed my bare pussy. When I stood, it flattened out and you could play with boobs. All day long, someone was playing with some part. I was ready to consensually rape a boy! Seriously!”

Donna: “But Chrysta and I kept the boys away until we got to the dorm.”

Crysta: “That’s when we blew her fuses, ourselves.”

Becca: “You starred in my diary for weeks. You and your bad girl accomplices are tied to the wall. Reckon this is karmic revenge. Ha!”

Nikki: “Hey, Karma can’t take the rap. We walked in eyes wide open!”

Beth: “Did you watch Marti? There for a minute, a Frisbee would not have covered hers!”

Mika: “I heard that revenge is a dish best served cold. Karmic revenge must be different. I’m so hot I might melt this vibrator.”

Ms Martin cut in, “This place is like a comedy club. You crazy little teases crack me up.”

Coach Wilson started laughing. “Ms Director!! Teases? Cracks? Do we want to get home tonight? Don’t get me started.”

“Coach. It’s 4:30. Let’s break and stretch for a while. I’ll order a whole Japanese menu. That might be enough to feel this mob.”

Lisa quietly asked, “Do you want us to ask Coach if he will let us untie your arms?”

“That’s OK. The ropes are soft and not too tight. Just tight enough. It’s weird, but it feels good and makes me feel good.”

Marti blushed furiously, as the little coed confessed, ”Ms Martin, it is OK. I understand. I was a virgin before Master took me. It’s not weird one bit. It’s just right.”

Eddie called Marti and Lisa. He asked them to come over to where he stood in front of the wall of squirmy teens. In an incredible show of sisterhood, each girl hooked the other’s nipple chain as they pulled each other to Eddie, their faces beaming.

Eddie and the girls on the wall saw their pretty teenaged titties lifted and stretched ever so gently as the girlfriends neared. Coach Wilson started clapping. The girls on the wall did not applaud, because their hands were busy. Actually, their hands couldn’t have been unbusier, being tied to the wall. So they began to shout, “Clap. Clap. Clap!” over and over.

Eddie hugged them in a three-way, feeling their soft boobs pressed into his body. “I’m going to loosen your clamps. You know already that it will hurt a lot but it can’t be helped. Later, when your nipples are not so hard, I am telling you to make the clamps just tight enough to stay attached. I love seeing them on such wonderful titties on such cute little hotties. Don’t wear them to bed and don’t wear them around campus unless to order you. When I have you wear your clamps in public, be absolutely certain that you follow the Code of Conduct.”

Coach released the pressure quickly, watching their eyes as the pain blossomed. He massaged both firm pairs until the pain turned to pleasure. He kissed them on the nose.

“Go help wipe and clean the mats, put the equipment in the carry bags, and then you can play with Ms Martin.” Swatting their leaky little cunts, he set the schoolgirls to work.

“Mr. Wilson, will you let us have a taste of the gift you gave to them? We want to feel like they do.”

Eddie heard those words, or a variation, echoed down the line. He mentally sent a “shout out” to his ancestors. Those folks left me some fine DNA, he chuckled, as his soldier came to attention.

“Madame Director, if you can spare the time, would you be able to get some the of the black towels from that stack by the mats.”

“I will do what I can.” Megan trotted to the towels. Feeling playful, she spread her legs as wide as she could and bent over, grinning back at the Coach from between her knees. She intended to pick up the towel with her teeth.

“Lisa, get the camera and take some pictures. We might have to show our Director hard at work.” The teenager hopped right to it. Megan, still playful, sucked the coach’s prick for a few strokes after delivering each towel. Eddie let Megan keep bringing towels until three were piled at his feet. He was tempted collect the whole set.

Nikki and Becca, about to hyperventilate, breathed sigh if relief. They were the only MuskeTits who knew where Marti’s camera was hidden: under the fourth towel. How in the name of Ken Burns were they going to get it back to the dorm?

“Marti, as soon as you stow the tools, I’ll need your naked young body over here. Hop to it. In fact, hop to me now. We want to see your schoolgirl tits bounce. Wish we had video, don’t you, Marti?”

“Tools stowed now, Master. Hopping to it.” She hopped, bopping bubble-butt below and behind B-cup boobs, both bouncing beautifully, begging to be bitten, as she stuffed the last of the testing apparatus in the bag, wondering if Sister Mary Margaret would get aroused if she saw the video of the naughty schoolgirl’s drippy cunt getting a hymenectomy on her Master’s hard dick.

In short order, the three awesome ambulatory asses arrived and stood at parade rest awaiting further instruction. Coach Wilson, back in Master mode, not so gently, pulled Megan by her nipple chain to where Beth was tied to the wall, bouncing her tits with the chain. Eddie did the same to the two assistants. Le ordered Lisa to get the camera, switch it to HD video mode, and record what came next so he could show it on the public access cable channel. The camera had a good microphone.

He turned to Beth and twisted the alligator clips on her nipples and pressed the pink pussy plug tight against her pussy. The look in his eyes excited and scared the coed. Then Eddie really shocked the panting teen.

He suddenly reached to his left, grabbed Becca’s plug and jerked it out. Before she fully grasped what was happening, he jammed his cock all the way into her empty cunt. As his dick hit bottom, Eddie removed her nipple clips causing a burst of pain in her titties. He then proceeded to power fuck her against the wall until the little slut truly understood just how powerless the girls on the wall were. Her orgasm was legendary. Every muscle in her body rippled, her brain nearly shut down.

Coach Wilson pulled his prick from her twat He stared into her bulging eyes and hissed, “Sometimes, little girl, you get what you ask for. Is this what you wanted?”

He ordered Megan and Marti to release the cunt’s bindings and put her on the mats. “Don’t drop her. She get hurt and I might want her tight slutty ass later.” Eddie knew there was no way in hell he would last that long but the girls didn’t.

Coach Wilson went up and down the line giving each girl a variation on the theme. But every girl got fucked hard while tied to the wall. Eventually, nine thoroughly screwed and enlightened schoolgirls were heaped on the mats. He had saved Mika for last. She was dripping like Niagara Falls, ready for a honeymoon.

Eddie looked into her eyes, moving closer making her look up. He twisted her tits and removed the alligator clips, one at a time, dropping them to the floor. Then rolled the throbbing tips with his fingers. He was not gentle. Mika never made a sound. He pulled her cunt plug out slowly, pressed the end into her mouth and rammed his into her pussy. Lifting her up slightly with his dick, Eddie took the weight off her feet, mashing her to the wall.

“Marti. Untie this useless fucktoy. Hurry.” Marti started at Mika’s ankles and worked her way up. She watched the only cock that had ever been in her own pussy drive in and out of her girlfriend’s cunt, stretching it open, scraping against her clit. She saw her girlfriend’s little titties with their hard red nipples flatten against her Master’s chest. She pushed her titties into her Master’s back, feeling him stroke him plunge his shaft into her girlfriend, following the motion with her entire body as if she was fucking Mika herself. She saw Mika in constant orgasm Heard herself become aware that she was describing what she was seeing and feeling out loud. Heard Lisa gasp that the voyeur camera was catching every sound and every detail of Mika’s brutal debauchery. Marti watched Mika take Master’s cock deep in her tight pussy on every hard thrust, over and over as Master fucked his newest toy into the wall.

Mika finally broke her silence. She screamed, as her hips became a blur, fucking Master back, until her cunt seized in her final spasm, feeling her cervix open to welcome the dick delivering hot seed directly to her soul. As Master’s cock softened and her body relaxed, Mika smiled like an angel, went to her knees and slowly licked Eddie clean.

She stood up, kissed Master on the nose like a little girl and put her nipple clips back on. Mika gathered the towels and wiggled her little ass on the way to the mats. Looking over her shoulder at Eddie, she giggled. “You can have this next.” She said, giving her sweet butt one more wiggle, and went to help clean up sisters.

Lisa caught every second of the incredible encounter in color. Marti said, “we fucked her good, didn’t we, Master?”

When everyone recovered a little, Coach Wilson sent the Twelve MuskeTits to the showers, telling them to take the butt plugs along and clean them with soapy water, “Wipe them down with the alcohol towelettes in the cabinet under the sink. I’ll order Japanese for all.”

He went to his office and made the call, paying by credit card with a generous tip included to encourage prompt service. The feast would be there in about 30 minutes.

He hastened to the showers where the schoolgirls cleaned him up. They also cleaned Ms Martin who insisted on keeping her restraints. Eddie did loosen the clamps. She moaned as Crysta rinsed her red nipples with a shower massager. She told the girls that the sensation, although painful, was a reminder of what she had been strong enough to take. The pain would recede, but the pride in her femininity and inner strength would remain. That made her happy. The journey was long and hard, but the end was worth it.

Audrey said it was like the Coach’s dick. Ms Martin agreed. “Now, your Director joins the All Girl Naked Comedy Revue. Should we take the show on the road? First appearance is booked in the conference room. The curtain goes up in five minutes. OK. Let’s dry off and get ready for dinner. Towels in the cabinet by the door.” Megan hip bumped them into action.

Soon they were gathered in the conference room, lounging about talking about the Project and the day in general. Nikki and Becca were trying to figure a way to keep their camera hidden.

Eddie heard the door buzzer. Pointing to Beth, Becca and Nikki, he said,” You all go to the door and get the food. I’ve taken care of the bill and the tip.”

“We’re naked!” Beth said, “Open the door and flash the delivery guy?”

“Don’t be a sissy. You have been naked for all to see, tied to a wall, teased to no end, and got fucked to pieces against that same wall. With everyone watching and a camera recording every detail. Now put your nip clips on and go get the food.” Director said. “While they are gone I want nipple clips on every tittie here. Coach, will you do the honors? I’m a bit tied up at the moment.”

“With great pleasure, Ms Director. Marti, go get the clips. Lisa, take pictures of the naked girls and the delivery guy.” The five blushing teens ran out the door. “And no covering the girly parts. You’re pretty when you blush. Show it. Be proud of your tits and pussies. I am!!” Eddie shouted at their asses. He hoped the delivery could hear him.

Marti grabbed the alligator clip and ran back, giving them to her Master one at a time.

Quickly, Nikki got some white velvet binding strips and bundled the towels into a square bundle to hold and conceal their contraband camera that she had, at least, remembered to shut down.

The four nervous naked teenagers went to the door, cracked it open a few inches and Beth peeped out. She saw a petite redhead stand beside a pile of food. It’s not a boy, she thought. The relieved girl opened the door more, and motioned the girl in

The redhead said she needed help. “There are two more bags in the car. It’s cold tonight. Could you girls carry some?” Then she realized she was looking at naked teenagers and lost her voice. Nikki pushed Beth and Becca out the door before they could resist. “Knock when you get back.” She giggled as she almost closed the door, leaving it open enough to peep. The breeze through the little opening made her nipples harden immediately.

Lisa looked at Nikki’s titties in the LCD screen and commented, “Becca and Beth are gonna be so frozen. Wanna talk the cute redhead into warming them up?” Both naked girls dissolved in laughter. They heard a soft bump at the door. “Open up. If I push it with my ass, I’ll stick. Hurry up, it’s cold as a witch’s tit out here.” Becca called through the door.

Nikki held the door open, accidentally exposing her boobs and pussy to the world. Her pink nipples got harder. Beth and the redhead added the pile on the sidewalk to the bags they brought from the car in the parking lot and rushed in behind Becca, Lisa shooting all the while.

The redhead handed over some bags for Nikki to carry. “Hi. The name is Janie. The owner told me to get Coach Wilson to check the order. She wants to make sure it was packed complete. Where is he?”

“Follow me.”

Janie followed one naked teen as the other naked girl. It dawned on her that the girl in front was wearing alligator clips on her it is and the one taking pictures had real nipple clamps with a nice gold chain swinging between her boobs.

She was speechless, simply speechless.

Lisa rushed into the conference room and turned to catch the look on Janie’s face when she first walked into the room. Janie’s eyes became saucers as she scanned the room. Each detail caused her whole face to get redder. She saw about a dozen very cute, very naked girls, seventeen to nineteen years old. Naked.

She saw Coach Wilson putting an alligator clip on a naked girl’s erect nipples. He appeared to have been at the task for a while, but he had several yet to go.

She saw two with proper nipple clamps, with a gold chain swinging as their titties swayed.

Janie finally noticed that one of the girls with proper clamps had her arms tied behind her at the wrists and elbows, pushing her nice boobs out and up. She acted as everything was normal

Then her eyes locked on Coach Wilson’s rather impressive dick. “I’ve only seen naked guys on the internet, never in person. Has Coach Wilson fucked every girl here? I wonder what that thing would feel like inside my virgin pussy? Would it even fit?”

Nikki leaned and whispered Janie’s ear, “Yes he has. It feels better than you can imagine. If you ask, I’m sure he will let you find out.”

Janie whipped her head around and stared at Nikki. From the far end of the room, a girl said, “You were thinking out loud. We’re used to it.”

“Hello. We haven’t been properly introduced. Nikki, tell us about your new friend, “said the girl with the bound arms.

Nikki answered sweetly, “We met her 2 minutes ago and have become inseparable ever since. Crowd of naked people, I present you Janie, bringer of Japanese delicacies.”

The naked, tits thrust, nipple-clamped, gold chained, arm bound girl said, “And I am Megan Martin, Director of the Health Project in which we are involved. You seem to know Coach Eddie Wilson. Shall I introduce the rest of these naked teenagers? Should I hang name tags from their boobs, reading ‘Hello, my name is ‘Megan’?”

“That’s not necessary. I have what the head shrinks call an eidetic memory. Once I hear it or see it, I have it forever. Actually, I haven’t lived forever yet, but so far, so good.”

“Whoa, I’m Ashley, not Megan!” squealed another naked teenager with her boobs in Coach Wilson’s hand.

Reaching out automatically to shake Ms Martin’s hand, them realizing how dumb that looked, Janie thought ‘What the hell” and shook her chain maybe for a couple of seconds too long and said to Megan’s bouncing titties, “Pleasure to meet ya.”

Another naked girl laughed,” I’m Mika. And I’m sure you’re pleased to meet Ms Martin, too. You seem to be getting along with her tits already.”

Janie nodded once more to Ms Martin’s actual face, shook the chain one more time and let it go. The redhead looked at Coach Wilson’s cock, Uncle Van and Auntie Sue told me to get you check the order and make sure you approved. They want to take care of their regular customers.”

“Audrey. Hang the menu I marked as I placed the order on Director Martin’s chain. It’s on my desk in the office. Get a pen.” He continued to adorn firm little boobs and said, ”Jen, Melissa and Crysta. Will you go to the kitchenette next to my office? We have plates, bowls, silverware, glasses, napkins, ice, and basically the works. Set the table for a feast.” They went about their chores, leaving as Audrey trotted back in.

“Audrey, darling. Hang the clipboard. Mika, help unload the bags as Janie names each dish. Audrey can mark my list. By the time you finish, the girls will have set the table.” Eddie put clips on the last little girl, Ashley.

Coach Wilson put a chair near the girls checking in the order. He could see Audrey and Megan. Audrey held the bottom oh the clipboard, pulling Megan’s red nipples down every time Janie named a dish. Megan’s face was flushed and her eyes were closed as the brave and proud girl smiled.

Jamie called the last items, “Three Cokes, three Sprites and two Dr. Peppers, 2 liters each. And a pot of green tea, still hot, not on the list, it’s a freebie.”

Audrey marked the list as she answered, “Check. Check. Check .2 liters. Check.” Looking up at her shaking Director, She wrote a as she said, “one pot, green tea, still hot, freebie.” Audrey playfully reached down and pinched her Director’s swollen clit. Megan came instantly.

Audrey caught her as she slumped, gently guiding her to a chair. “Eddie said, “Audrey, she needs for you to loosen her nipples clips. See that little knob? Turn it slowly.” Megan squealed. “The other way. Both at the same time.”

The intense agony of returning circulation in her abused nipples made Megan come, again making the pain her pleasure. Crysta sat down beside her. The teen, with Audrey, kissed and soothed Megan’s pointy breasts.

Marti was beside herself. She straddled Eddie’s lap. Facing Janie, called the astonished girl, “Janie. This is how Coach Wilson took my cherry while all my new sisters watched. It hurt a little but the hurt became passion, then beautiful sweet ecstasy. I want you to watch how I made him my Master.”

Eddie reached around her, taking a soft tittie in one hand, then played with Marti’s clit with the other. He waited, looking at Janie’s blushing cheeks. He tightened Marti’s nipple clamps more than ever.

Marti lifted her hips, delicately held Her Master’s dick, and positioned it at the entrance to pussy. “Watch me lower my girly cunt, see me impale my hot pussy on my Master’s prick. Look how slowly his cock is filling my dirty little girl.” She started rocking her hips up and down, side to side. Marti leaned back into her Master’s chest and moaned.

Donna and Crysta moved to either side of Janie and began to undress her. Janie stood there and let them move her around like a hypnotized mannequin. Her eyes never left Marti. Her jacket off, they discovered a semi-transparent tank top, ending just below her B+ cup titties, her rosy nipples hard as marble. “She’s one of us!” whispered Crysta. Donna unfastened Janie’s pants and pulled them down with her pink thong. “Nice legs, wet pussy.” Crysta kept the inventory of charms going. Donna gently each leg and removed her jeans and thong. Janie did not appear to notice.

“Janie. Can you imagine how wonderful it feels as his hard dick rubs my g-spot, my secret pleasure place? I’m going to cum soon. I want you to see what you can feel if you want.” Marti whispered her Siren’s plea. Janie was lost, never to return, never looking back.

Chrysta lifted the tank top. Janie lifted her own arms letting Crysta take her last covering. Janie was finally naked and reveled in her nakedness. She was proud.

Donna knelt in front, licking her virgin pussy. Crysta caressed the redhead’s breasts from behind. Donna looked up between Janie’s alabaster white titties at Crysta. “Let’s make her cum with Marti.”

Marti’s hips went into overdrive. Eddie matched her stroke for stroke pushing her higher. As her cunt began to spasm. Eddie released the tension on her nipples as he pumped his hot semen into her locked pussy. She screamed her joy to the world, triggering Janie’s howl. She leaned into her Master’s chest, slowly moving her hips. “I feel so good afterwards. I can feel you deep inside me. I know that you could still pound me to heaven. I could not and would stop you.”

“Let’s give our new sister her turn. Look at her. She’s ready. It makes me proud that my Master is so powerful.” Marti lifted herself up and off of Eddie’s prong, kneeled between his legs and licked his cock.

Janie’s knees buckled, forcing her twat into Donna’s tongue. Crysta pressed her own boobs into Janie’s, arms holding her up by her titties. When Janie became aware of her rapt audience, she whimpered, but let Donna and Crysta lead her to womanhood.

The two girlfriends left Janie standing before her future. He touched her softly all over her young body He caressed her pretty face, kissing her soft lips lightly. He cupped her titties gently, rolling her nipples ever more firmly. He moved his hands to her hips, one behind, clasping her cheeks, one rubbing her bare mound, reaching down to her wet lips, brushing her clit, feeling her heart beat.

She was shaking like a leaf in the wind. Eddie signaled Becca to bring two clips. Handing the nipple clips to the teen, he growled softly in her ear, ”You know what I want. You know what you have to do.” He slowly twisted her titties as he sat back down.

Janie turned to face the rest of the girls, smiling. Lifting one breast she put the alligator clip on her nipple and moaned. She did the other nipple, moaning again. Constantly smiling, Janie shimmied her boobs slowly. She turned back to Coach Wilson and straddled his lap, looking him in the eyes. She nodded.

As Eddie lifted her by her hips Janie rubbed her chest against his, the clips creating amazing sensations. Marti knelt behind Janie and spread her virgin lips, placing her Master’s cock at the entrance. Marti stood up, placed her hands on her Master’s on the virgin’s hips. She pushed down, and then moved aside so her sisters take another girl to the moon. Marti was proud Master had claimed her first.

Janie felt Coach Wilson’s heart beat. She felt his dick at her gate. She pressed down, letting her lips part around the invader. Janie looked at Eddie, smiled like a redheaded angle and dropped herself. Letting the invader take and destroy her maidenhead. Giving her most precious gift. She stretched around this hard cock inside her most private place.

In a move the watching teens talked about for days. She lifted her leg over Coach’s head and turned completely around to face the girls. They watched in envy as Eddie drilled her to oblivion and back. Janie leaned back as Eddie played with her nipple-clipped tits. Ms Martin came around the table and licked the redhead’s pussy until she came again.

Janie let Eddie lift her off his dick put her on her knees, He simply pointed to his prick and waited. Janie pulled dick down to her mouth and gave her first blowjob ever. She pulled his cock out, looking it over. “I must be a natural. He looks like he’s having a good time,” she thought.

She heard Jen shout, “You are and he is. Stop thinking out loud and blow the man.” Janie redoubled her efforts, swallowing a load after about 10 minutes. She stood up, took a bow and announced, ”Two down. One to go! Now let’s eat.”

Pussies, tits and asses (and one very hard dick) everywhere. They served up. Even Megan let herself be untied. There was room at the table for everyone, but they were one chair short. In a flash of girly genius, Janie asked Coach Wilson to turn his chair sideways to the table, sat on his lap impaled her ass on Eddie’s cock. That hurts a little, but it will get better. Three down, none to go.”

Lisa grinned hugely, saying, “If you need a recount, I’ve been filming since you came in.”