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Advisory to Students Re: Shower Availability for Females

Hello again, campus residents! This is another message from your beloved Campus Office of Decency, which as you may recall has helped improve conditions and decency on campus before, with our innovative Campus Shaving Service ( And now, we have another exciting update! As you are no doubt aware, female shower arrangements on campus have been problematic for some time. As boys and inspectors may burst in on them for peer inspections or just to check up on their dear female friends, all too many girls have suffered embarrassment and humiliation at this unexpected exposure in a presumptively private location. To help illustrate how girls may be embarrassed in this manner, we have chosen to publish several photographs of such embarrassed girls to help our readers better understand what we mean. We are certain these girls, in the spirit of public service, are more than happy to help out in this manner, though technically we did not actually check.





As you can see, these girls seem to suffer acute embarrassment – albeit generally borne with a good-natured smile, as befits a good campus girl – from such exposure in their private showers, as evidenced by the photos taken (and now made widely public). They even seem to forget the campus guidelines against “covering up”, which should of course be understood to apply at all times as we believe decency should know no bounds or limits – and that goes for the measures designed to enforce and encourage it as well, naturally.

Well, worry not, campus residents – your Office of Decency has divined a solution! The problem was clear – embarrassment of our female population by male viewing of their private showering activities. After careful analysis by our finest experts, the solution became self-evident. Since it was the interruption of their private showers that caused the embarrassment, logically making all female showers completely open to public viewing by design should completely eliminate this kind of embarrassment! Now our girls can get wet and rub down every part of their young nude bodies with soap (or those of their friends in the spirit of helpfulness our girls are so well known for) in full view of the entire campus population. Thus, embarrassment from intrusion into private showering spaces will be totally eliminated, as there will be no private showering spaces available for female use.

Of course the simplest way of making girls’ showers open to public viewing is simply to move them outside, avoiding the need for costly and impractical internal renovations. This way students all around campus can admire our naked young coeds as they demonstrate their commitment to personal hygiene as they wash up where absolutely anyone can see them – fellow students, professors, visiting parents, tourists seeing the sights in New Town and stopping by our Central University, which has acquired quite the reputation. For our lovely architecture, we assume. Why else take so many pictures here, and share them so enthusiastically with friends and online? It simply stands to reason. And to our now publicly showering girls: rest assured that your decency is perfectly preserved, as of course nudity is simply expected when showering and thus should not be viewed as indecent at all. No matter how much the boys on campus may take advantage of the fondling rule to grope every part of your totally exposed bodies, even to the point of provoking a sexual reaction in some shamefully indecent girls necessitating an immediate consensual rape by whichever boy (or boys, plural) may be closest. Simply rise above, ladies. Or go down, as the circumstances may indicate.

In any event, the documentary evidence clearly supports the success of the new initiative, already launched into its preliminary stages. The easiest installations were those set up at the beach nearby campus, as showers for washing off sand were already present – they simply had to be designated as repurposed. Take a look:



girls showering outdoors (ccc) 03


girls showering outdoors (ccc) 17

As you can see, no embarrassment is evident, despite the extremely public nature of the shower setups. Or should we say, BECAUSE of the extremely public character of the showers, as our logic is clearly vindicated.

Encouraged by this success, we have proceeded with installing more showers by the sides of buildings and other public locales.

girls showering outdoors (ccc) 24

haydee-navarra-oct-H-extremo-09-830x1056 (ccc material - showering)

joanna-krupa-playboy-02 (ccc material - shower)


Some girls are so eager for the changeover that they are even bathing in water fountains!




We do have two more points to note before we conclude, however. First, the changeover is completely mandatory and must be complied with as soon as possible. We are confident this has nothing to do with the enthusiastic embrace of the new system documented above, as we believe our girls would be fully persuaded that this was the best course of action in any case. Despite our decision not to spend resources on consulting them on the change at all. The mandate is thus simply a fail-safe. Second, to avoid issues such as theft of clothing while in the showers, all girls must be completely naked for the entire trip to and from the new public showers. If time constraints do not permit them to return home before their next class (this applying especially to any girls who have chosen to live off-campus), they must simply remain naked as they go about their day until such opportunity arises, and are expected to bear any prolonged fondling of their most private areas and/or consensual rapes with good grace as simply necessary implications of the new system. They may, however, bring a towel with them so they do not have to walk around wet from the showers. While of course it is possible they may choose to wrap the towel around them, this of course simply means they are likely to be inspected and reveal themselves in an embarrassing public spectacle, as with this girl:



Instead, we recommend they take the lead of these girls, and simply wrap their towels around their heads both before and after showering:

out of the shower (ccc material)

deserea 01 (ccc material - shower)

And so, this concludes our message on the update of female showering facilities. We hope you have all found our frank (and revealing!) explanation to be helpful and informative!

–Your Campus Office of Decency

Preventive Medicine Health Project Part 5.8

Wednesday morning arrived much like other mornings with one exception. Franny was taking advantage of Coach Wilson’s morning wood. The little blond vixen was going for broke. “What a wonderful way to get up!” Eddie looked up, watching her cute teeny boobies bounce.

He could feel the warm bodies of Georgette and Thea snuggled up on either side, their hard little nipples poking into his ribs. “This morning is getting better and better,” he said to the cuties as he hugged them. Franny was working her hips fast now. Really fast. Eddie could feel her inner muscles tighten as she came with a long moan.

Suddenly, Franny was pulled off her perch. Mika jumped up on Eddie. “Coach, that made me so hot, I’m dieing here. Please, just a quickie to get me through. I don’t care who sees.” What was a nice Coach to do?

Eddie smiled and said, “Knock yourself out.” What Eddie and his snuggle bunnies saw that Mika didn’t, was Nikki sneaking up behind. Wearing only an evil grin, she pressed her finger to her lips. She ‘shushed’ them and pointed to Mika who was getting ready to do a quick ‘dick drop’ on Eddie.

Just as Mika made her move, Nikki grabbed Mika’s target, pulling it back a couple inches, using her other hand to help Mika impale herself and hold her down. Eddie, still wet from Franny’s romp, slipped right in. Fortunately Mika was totally relaxed. Then she wasn’t.

“Holy Mackerel! Oh. My. God. Wrong place! What happened? So full, nasty. Is this nasty? Never done this,” she blathered continuously, getting louder.

Eddie, being a nice guy, started a slow thrust. His snuggle bunnies, who were catching on pretty quickly for beginners, played with Mika clit.

Mika, coming into this already hot enough to burst into flames, was getting off on the novel sensations, the shock and the boost from Thea and Georgette. She started her own pumping action and squealed. Eddie spurted at the same time but stayed firm inside her slowly clenching bottom.

She looked down at Eddie, saying with as straight a face as she could manage, “That was different and not a bit like I planned. I feel like a Popsicle on a stick. Is that supposed to hurt at first?”

“And I’m the Good Humor Man. It usually hurts if you cannot relax completely, and probably some even then. You seem to have done OK” Eddie answered, “You still OK?”

“I was pretty distracted anyway and that ball bat was in before I knew what was happening. Then the shock and sudden weirdness sent me over,” she blurted as she noticed the audience. “Nikki, I don’t know whether to thank you or set the tickle monster free on your butt.”

“Whatever you decide, don’t tell her before it’s too late. And that’s how you play the girl game. Now, we have to clean up. No more “stress relief’ with the Coach until everyone has a shower.” Ms Martin insisted. “By the way, Nikki, nice trick. Mika, you give a great floorshow. The girls were quite entertained.”

Everybody cleaned every body. Ms Martin told the lovely teenagers to stay ‘as you are’ and check the refrigerator for breakfast. Immediately eighteen delightfully naked firm young girls raced to get fed.

“Thanks, Megan, I love to see them move. They don’t know just how pretty they are.”

“You keep telling them. It makes them, it makes me, feel so feminine to hear it.” Megan allowed.

“When I say it, I mean every word.” They gave each other a very naked hug. They nearly took the day off. They separated as the girls returned. They had cold cuts, fruit, juices, butter, and jam, bagels and toast makings. They bounced and jiggled to the kitchen. The girls were beginning to treat the volleyball gym as their giant dorm room.

A dorm room large enough to feel the excitement of being naked in public.

The Coach and the Director conferred briefly. Decisions were made.

All the girls were to dress as they would if the Project never existed. Eddie began, “Stay within the regular Code of Conduct. Wear your normal clothes whatever that is. You can be sexy and modest at the same time. Be cool. Don’t flaunt your exception status, but don’t deny it. Tell other girls that you are under more severe restrictions than the average coed, and have more serious penalties for code violations, just not from the same inspectors. They can read the newspaper for more details.”

“Do not get inspected. Discourage personal touching. Set your phones for a preset group SOS text. We’ve got your back.” Coach Wilson told them.

Ms Martin picked her part, “Franny doesn’t start attending classes until next semester, Janie is part-time and the classes she does have are unnecessary review, Claire is in Journalism which gives her a bit of flex time. Those of you in hard sciences and humanities need to attend regularly, no matter what the Project needs. Grades are paramount. Franny and Janie will spend most of their time here, crunching numbers, transcribing notes, etc. Claire will handle press releases and start drafting reports.”

“We are working on getting all of Monday dedicated to the testing. You will receive schedule changes soon. Same classes, different days and maybe some online, we will have to see what bubbles to the surface.” She yielded to Coach Wilson.

“We are going to make an effort to conclude this round of Kegel tests Friday evening. In the meantime, we will finalize the details of the next series of tests so we can start promptly Monday. We are considering using a few of the new members as control subjects. The original ten teens who have been through the Health Classes will be compared with the girls who haven’t.”

Eddie had more. “The report, if the results and findings are as we expect, will reflect most favorably on this Institution, the Athletics and Student Health Departments in particular, and the Administration. The corporations who have given major research grants will stand to profit hugely.”

Ms Martin started, “Girls, your willing participation and your acceptance of the necessarily personal and intimate nature of the procedure is understood and appreciated more than you can know. The administration knows no real details, but assumes a certain of sacrifice of modesty is involved. In recognition, you are to receive a generous stipend in compensation. Back to Coach Wilson.”

Eddie adds, “Also, we are scheduled to return to the remodeled dorm tomorrow so don’t spread out too far. We may have to pack up on short notice. That’s all for now. See you cuties after classes. I’ll miss you terribly until then.”

“Oh. I will inspect you for compliance before you go. Gotta be sure.” He patted bottoms right and left to get them moving. When the girls started moving he just watched as they charged off to get ready for school. A whole fifteen feet away.

Lingerie and wispy things, cut off tee shirts and teeny bikinis flying in all directions, the mini-riot roiled up to the Coach.

At parade rest, “Ready for inspection, Coach!” the teens barked in unison like they had practiced for years. Eddie looked them over like a general would the troops.

“You did fine. Remember, the trick is to make the Inspectors want to inspect you, but give them no reason. Normally, they would do it anyway, trying to find out if you can be aroused. If they can, it’s open season, and you are fair game. Use your bracelet. You cuties are irresistible.”

Megan came trotting out of the office. “Late breaking news!! We received a memo from the Dean’s people. Let me quote:”

“In order to build school spirit, we instituted a new game, campus wide called, ‘UnStrip Poker.” At the entrance to each building, dealers will have decks of playing cards. Each student will take five. At the end of the class, all students will reveal their hand. The two boys with the lowest hand will remove one item of clothing. The two girls with the best hand will wear what the boys lost until the end of the day. Likewise, the boys may not get their forfeit back until the end of the day. Winners and losers will meet in front of the cafeteria at 5:00 pm, to settle up. Good Luck. Have fun”

“Girls be warned. The normal inspection rules were not suspended. The boy’s clothes will cover more than the code allows. Winners will be inspected. They will probably have the boy’s clothes and their own confiscated and wind up naked all day. You are exempt and will not play but your friends must. Advise them to go for a low hand however they can. Or not. They might want to check the cards,” Megan told them.

The girls had to go or be late for class. Some girls they knew would never get the warning. Some coeds would ignore it on purpose. No matter what, it was going to be an interesting day.

Ms Martin had regular day with her Non-Project life: dealing with policy meetings, new class proposals and reviewing new scientific studies. Except she also had to pass Project inspection. Megan wore one of Crysta’s babydolls, a bit less see-through than Crysta preferred, and some sexy panties. Megan pinned her Project broach between her tits to hold the pajama top closed. All in all, she was the pretty picture of the young professional.

Eddie recalled the article they helped Claire write. That’s not quite right. She wrote it alone, but within the guidelines of the Project. She chose her words carefully. For example she did not write that the coach fucked four members of the newspaper staff, naked, on the conference room table, two of whom were virgins, while three respected members of the University Administration, played with the fuckee’s titties and their own. After which a naked Project Director gave the Coach a blowjob.

Claire wrote instead that the Dean was very impressed with the demonstration of the alternate enhanced inspection technique and was sure that compliance will be complete. Photos were included, showing the dignitaries full face speaking with the Director and Coach, shot from behind their backs. Inside, after the jump, were pictures of Lisa in her transparent underwear, of Megan naked, on profile. Her head was turned so that you were not familiar with her tits, you might not know who she was. Thea’s full body as she tried to stand during her fuck and Georgette, tits up, with Eddie between her out stretched legs, Kate watching in the background. Eddie’s upper body was off frame. Martine and Kate were not forgotten. The pictures had generic captions or none at all.

The penalty for code violation was made very clear.

Claire and Janie were in the background or seated at the table in many shots with their nipples chained together. No administration boobs were in evidence.

Eddie thought it a well written and illustrated piece of journalism. The girls were to find out later what a fine picture editor he was that day. He had picked out and cropped his choices and sent them himself. ‘Really, how many young teenagers who lose their cherry in public to a tall stranger are lucky enough to have the cherished event published in the paper?’

She did clearly explain the importance and necessity of the Exemption Bracelets, being careful to detail the criminal charges, which would be brought against any one, regardless of position, who attempted to bypass the exemptions. She emphasized the importance of the Project to the University.

She did run the topless photos of herself. She credited Thea, Kate and Georgette as contributors to the article and as demonstration participants so she published their new stock photos as a courtesy, of course. Eddie picked the best poses. which just happened to be tits bared, at parade rest. At least it only from the belly button up. Oh, and with that well-fucked look. He made sure to pick a new photo of Martine, the editor. The Dean would make sure it ran in a featured spot.

The article ran front page, above the fold. Coach Wilson sent Claire and Janie to pick up as many copies as they could. He let them wear panties and their nipple clamps. “You’re not topless. Your nips are covered. Now run before they sell out.”

Screaming, they dashed to the newsstand a block away, grabbed the last 10 issues and ran even faster back. With hair and boobs flying everywhere, they were still recognized from their pictures.

The two sexy teens were mortified when they saw the pictures. Janie and Claire also got very, very hot thinking about what they had done. Eddie was forced to fuck the stress out of both until they were calm enough to stand still. By this time Franny, in sisterly sympathy, was in need. She demanded satisfaction, and the Coach was able to oblige.

After cleaning up again, they went to the office, trying to get actual work done. Around 2:00, Coach took a call from Ms Clary in Facilities. “There are complications.” Eddie put her on speakerphone. ” The construction crew discovered gas lines where they should not be. And those were in walls listed as movable. The rest of the lines in the entire building had substandard couplings. They would leak at any slight shake. We closed it down until repairs could be done. Roxanne went to confer with the original contractor. She takes the safety of our coeds seriously. He will be lucky to survive the discussion. Dead or alive, he will not do the repairs, but sure as hell, he or his estate, will pay.”

“Ms Clary right now I’m shaking thinking of the danger the students were in. This could easily have been tragic. Thank you and your staff. Where have you put the displaced students? And where does that leave us?”

“We scrounged enough space to house those girls there without too much disruption. They will be pampered a bit for the interruption. Your people, however, would overwhelm the system. I’m going to have to ask you to keep them in the gym. I checked your volleyball schedule and you have one more regular season game and it is away. If you make the playoffs, and you probably will, the tournament is sited at the State University.”

“I have arranged to have a rather spacious portable classroom installed just outside the exit door closest to your office with an enclosed breezeway connecting the unit to the door. The sides are secure safety glass, with movable screens. We think that with so many teenagers in one place, you will need to be there as much as possible. You can use the extra space as you see fit. You might need some place quiet every so often.”

“Sounds good so far. We’ll just live here and I will sublet my apartment.”

Ms Clary poured it on, “We have established standing purchase orders with a deli, a grocery store and a good caterer. I’ll email the details. The sleazy contractor is picking up the bill, not your budget, so get what you and the girls want. The Administration is quite annoyed at the disruption to the Project and the participants. What you need, you will get. The girl’s schedules are set to free up Fridays and Mondays. All of them are great students and will be given the grades they have now as the final if the schedule could not be tidied up. They will complete the work anyway we’re sure.”

“I will get with Ms Martin to find out how this development affects her scheduled progression, but you might get a better sense calling her office. Ms Martin has regular office hours, today. As for me, there are advantages and disadvantages. There is a need to secure the building better. We will be crowded a little. They won’t suffer too much. Central University coed’s wardrobes simply do not get that much use, and what gets worn doesn’t take much space. He laughed. “We will need more towels.”

“Another advantage is that the subjects are building a camaraderie among themselves. They are becoming a tight working group that would not exist under other circumstances. Total immersion,” Coach added, “should move the Project research along faster and let us expand into similar areas. I will talk to our Director and get her thoughts.”

“Coach, we appreciate your co-operation during this inconvenience. Many researchers would go all ‘prima doña’ on us.” Ms Clary said.

“Our primary concern is the safety of the girls. Then the integrity of the Project and the University come next. I’m a coach. I have to teach the athletes to accept that sometimes you have setbacks. You learn, cope and move on. If you can’t adapt, get out of the way of those who can. I’m reasonably certain Ms Martin and I will work it out,” Eddie reassured her.

“Coach, I’ll talk to you later. I tell Ms Martin the news. By the way, the newspaper article was outstanding. A picture is, in fact, worth a thousand words!” With that, she hung up.

The three girls were horrified at what might have been. “You guys could have gotten blown up!” Franny cried. Eddie hugged the frightened teens in his arms. A long time later, he got them calmed enough to talk about the new living arrangements.

“So, what do you think?” He asked. “Can we live here until the end of the semester and beyond? Can you think of things we cannot live without?”

“We don’t need much, Coach. Maybe some cabinets or shelves to put our private things,” Claire suggested. “Some stuff is not public.”

“Most of ‘us’ has been public, but a girls gotta have some secrets!” Janie giggled, “We might need an entertainment system. Giant screen TV, good sound system and cable service would be very cool. Something we can hang on the wall like our own movie theatre.”

Franny, trying to look shocked, “I’m not even living on campus and I’m already a refugee! What is to become of little old me?” Claire and Janie took care of her right there. Eddie was tempted to take care of all three teenagers. But, he had to prepare for an eighteen teen siege.

In the next hour, every one had returned to their new home. No one objected to the arrangements. They were actually thrilled. “Where else will we get seventeen girlfriends as roomies? Throw in Ms Martin and Coach Wilson to take care of us and it’s all good,” was the consensus.

The teens were most assuredly not thrilled at the situation at the dormitory. The hubbub around the campus had overshadowed the ‘UnStrip Poker’ game. Most of the people who would have been ‘dealers’ were helping relocate the dorm residents. The inspectors were being pretty cool, too. Delays were minimal though anyone way out of line got her expected treatment.

They were both scared to pieces at the deadly danger they had been in and relieved that the danger had passed. Soon, being the young girls that they were, the teenagers began to get excited about their new home. Plans were made and lists were written. Eddie let them stay dressed as they were, for now, as they scurried around the gym, mentally rearranging the furniture.

The teens had a lot of space to play with. The gym had four courts at 30″x60″ each, with a 5″ aisle between. That made the playing surface 65″x125″ alone. Add 10″ at the ends and 30″ each side for the bleachers and the total is 125″x 145″. The room was huge! The ‘testing area’ took up space at one end, estimated to be 30″x 125″, leaving living space at 95″x 125″ or thereabouts when the bleachers were collapsed. The ceiling was 50″ tall.

Beanbag chairs, big sofas, futons, throw pillows, side tables, reading lamps, and plant stands, some furniture store was going to have a good month. Shelving and dressers topped today’s version. There were to be no partitions. One giant open space was a little bit like living in the open, so the feeling of being naked in public was never far from their thoughts. Even the teenagers who were sort of used to parading their titties around were not real comfortable being naked all the time.

Megan and Eddie went to the office and related their days. Eddie recalled his conversation with Irene Clary. He admitted to milking the situation some, just to see if they were going offer what he wanted ask for.

Megan told him that her conversation went about the same. Except that Ms Clary expressed admiration at Megan’s courage. When asked why, Irene described the photos in the newspaper, saying that “a better illustration of the sincerity and commitment to the Project could not be expected. And you looked glorious, Ms Martin. May I call you Megan? After what we’ve shared and seen, ‘Ms Martin sounds so pompous.”

I said that ‘Megan’ was quite all right and that I had not seen the paper. “I’ll get a copy now.”

“Eddie, you are such a rat. I got so hot seeing you nail those girls, seeing me naked in the newspaper knowing doubt that people were staring at my boobs, made me so hot and drippy I could not stand it. It was all I could do not to jill off in the lobby. But I did look good, didn’t I?”

“You are under no such constraints now’ are you. Let’s see that body that every one had admired all day. Is your pussy still wet? Do you want the girls to be playing with each other while the little cunts watch me stick my cock in you?”

“You are killing me! Right now, right here!” she panted.

“Take that gown off! Perch your ass on the desk and spread your legs.” Eddie ordered.

He stepped between her wide legs. “Put it in.” He rammed in all the way as hard as he could. He hit bottom and kept going.

Megan could do nothing except try to breathe. Megan had been so hot all afternoon that his words alone made her come there in the office. When he entered her cunt her mind blanked. She was aware of his dick inside. She was aware that it entered the inner gate. She was aware of her body coming apart and falling back together. She was aware of him filling her up. Then she was not aware.

Megan woke up wearing nipple clamps and her workplace panties. Eddie was tugging her chain.

“Wake up you pretty thing. Time to put on your Director persona. We have young impressionable minds to twist and data to collect. Get that ass in motion before I spank it pink.” Eddie laughed, “I plan to anyway. Come out in five minutes.”

Coach Wilson exited to the gym and a room full of chatting girls. “Dress code for the night is the neck collar from your new suit. You are naked otherwise. Wear your new broach. It looks good on you. You have three minutes. Hop to it.” Eddie had them moving so quickly, the sexy girls had no time to realize what they were doing. He watched the tasty titties and asses zooming around the room. The view was, as always, delightful. It dawned on him that there was no indication the girls had seen the newspaper.

“Lisa, Claire, get the velvet bindings and KY. Franny, get your tape measure. Marti, Janie, you get the plugs, clips and clamps. OK you hotties, we are going to show the new girls what the wall is all about!”

Megan arrived to cheers. The teenagers really admired the young teacher. She was willing to do whatever the teenagers did and look hot and sexy and feminine to boot. “OK girls, those being tested go to the wall. Coach Wilson has provided platforms to equalize your height from the ground. There are extra platforms for Georgette, Thea and Kate.”

“You three, back up to one of the empty spaces, then spread your feet until they touch the sides. Franny, record the distance from their clits to the floor then raise the platforms so that each girl has her twat at the mark on the wall. Now, when we do the strength-resistance test, each subject is working from the same angle.” She was in full Director mode.

“Will the original ten twats please tie the new pussies to the wall in the same manner Coach secured you, legs out arms up, ankles, thighs, stomach, upper arm and wrist. Now, Marti, measure and adjust Franny’s perch. Janie tie her to the wall. Not so tight as to cut circulation, but tight enough to make her aware that she is not in control any more.” Megan turned to Coach Wilson

“You remaining girls, take your places, in alphabetical order. Lisa, Claire, Janie and Marti, tie them up. Ms Martin and I will prepare the ‘apparatus’ as soon as your Director is naked.” The four naked assistants went about their tasks with practiced efficiency. Now fourteen little teenagers were helpless on the wall, and they knew it. “Janie and Claire, please face the powerless cunts on the wall at parade rest. Ms Martin, you will bind their hands, then pull their elbows back enough to push out their tits for everyone to see and pinch.” She did and he did.

Megan and Marti began to prepare the pink plugs with KY. Eddie went ahead, touching, caressing each girl on the wall, playing with clits rolling nipples, generally enjoying the bound and helpless girls. Coach constantly reminded each teenager how he could do anything to them he pleased. How people could see every dirty nasty they wanted him to do. Whenever a plug was ready, he slowly pushed into a steaming cunt, twisting and turning as he worked it in all the way.

He walked back to Ashley and turned her vibrator to low, then proceeded to do the same to Audrey, Becca, Beth, Crysta, Donna, Jen, Melissa, Mika and Nikki. Then the recruits, Georgette, Thea, Kate, and Franny were tuned up. Fourteen vibrators in fourteen teenagers, all in a day’s work at Central University.

Eddie teased every little girl in line, the new girls last. “Marti, go to the office and get two copies of today’s news. Ms Martin, would you get two pairs of nipple clips? When Marti returns, put a pair on her and Lisa. We don’t want them to feel neglected. Ms Martin, I believe we need to catch up on the news. Lisa, be a dear and get the scissors. Thank you.”

Eddie and Megan spread the paper and attacked it with the scissors. A few minutes later, they had cut out the ‘interesting photos. Coach and the Director called for Marti and Lisa and, using the nipple clips, they turned his obedient pets into very cute teenaged bulletin boards. Coach sent them to the line of naked girls, telling his pets to set the pink pussy plugs to high, starting with Ashley. “And please, it would be such a shame if their tasty nipples weren’t as hard as possible.”

“Yes, Master. That would be a terrible thing.” Lisa grinned.

“We promise to do a good job. We’ll make you proud,” said Marti. With wiggling titties, the hotties turned their attention to Ashley. Slowly, the assistants worked the line.

Eddie walked the short distance to the bound Janie and Claire who were worried and excited wondering what Coach would to them. Holding them by their very interested nipples, he led them to the four new girls. Playing with the new girls, Coach turned the vibrators to ‘high’ and watched the helpless teens squirm against the bindings.

Eddie ordered Claire and Janie to stand at parade rest, putting the Director between and about a foot back. He pushed Megan to her knees and pointed to his dick. “Keep that busy for a few minutes.” He started to keep Claire and Janie busy.

“You little cunts, how did you like yesterday? Was it fun bouncing your titties and asses all over town? The guys at the carpenter’s shop loved staring at your nipples. You enjoyed being exposed, didn’t you. Why else would your nipples have been so hard?” he asked, all the playing with their soppy pussies, “Did you want to spread you legs and let them watch you tease your clits?”

“That’s enough, Director. Please hold these drippy twats. We wouldn’t want them to fall down when I fuck their cunts like they let me at the sex store. They were so afraid the perverts were looking, more afraid they weren’t. Now, these dirty girls have a captive audience, bound to watch.”

Bending them over, Eddie eased into one wet pussy and stroked a few, them into the other. Coach alternated until Marti and Lisa had worked over the first ten. He stopped them. “How many came for you?”

“Every single one.” Lisa bragged.
“We left ‘em begging for more.” Marti preened. “What’s next, Master? We still have Franny, Kate, Thea and Georgette to do.”
“Yep,” Lisa agreed, “them we’ll have collected the whole set.”

“Knock ‘em out, my pets. Made very sure they read your cute booby bulletin boards. I don’t think saw how hot they were getting their cunts stuffed at the meeting. Now everybody can see their wet pussies impaled on my cock with the Dean staring.” The new twats gasped and their nipples got harder. “I’ll be back soon to help you relive the thrills but first I need to check the other cunts. This edition went to a third printing.”

Eddie slowly strolled the length of the line. He paused in front of each teenager, telling her how pretty she was, how sexy she looked and how much better a picture would be with his hard dick in her pussy instead if the vibrator. ‘They are ready now’ he grinned to himself as he finally came to Ashley. ‘There’s no way the girls will last long.’

Without a word, he pulled the plug and re-plugged Ashley with his dick. His cock seated perfectly when her clit contacted his hair. She lifted slightly as his knees straightened. On his fourth plunge, he twisted her aching nipples. Ashley came hard and cried out. He stayed buried deep until her pulsing pussy calmed a little.

Eddie pulled out and pushed the pink plug back in effortlessly. He kissed her sweetly and turned the vibrator to ‘low’. He moved on to Audrey, Becca, and Beth with much the same result, except Beth came continuously. He finally had to stop. She was not going to calm down and he didn’t want to come in her cunt.

“Ms Director, please bring your pussy here. I have need of a depository. On your hands and knees, I would appreciate ever so much a piece of your cunt, doggie style.”

“Coach Wilson, how could I refuse since you asked so politely?” Megan dropped into position and wiggled her ass. Eddie knee-walked up and thrust to the bottom, Megan’s back arched as he pounded over and over. He exploded as she spasmed. He pulled out, leaving her on the floor. He resumed his tour with Crysta. She was already moaning before he touched her.

Eddie touched her anyway and touched her quite thoroughly, several times. Crysta was a happy teeny twat. Donna, Jen, and Melissa were very ready. Eddie helped the helpless girls come to the same conclusion as the others.

Coach Wilson, after Melissa tried to drain him, called for Lisa to take Ms Martin’s place, in the same manner. He took her so hard, Lisa thought he was attempting to come out her mouth. She fainted as her orgasm peaked as she felt his cum fill her pussy. He again made her feel special.

Nikki and Mika tried to fuck him as vigorously as he fucked them. All three were nicely pleased at the result. “Franny are you ready to get your leaky twat fucked?” Eddie asked the squirming blond. She had just enough sense left to nod. “My pets, you did an outstanding job no Franny. You do good work. My complements.” Marti and Lisa blushed at the praise.

After Franny, Eddie used Marti to keep from coming in a wall girl. He did not want to influence the test result. Marti got her pussy filled to her delight. “Master, my pussy is happy to be used anyway you wish. Thank you.”

To the three leftovers, “Now. I am going to fuck each of you sluts, now, in front of anyone who wants to watch. And you remember the meeting, how you never tried to escape, you never uttered a word in refusal. You knew people could see what a filthy nasty cunt you are, letting a stranger use you for his pleasure. There you all are in the newspaper, Thea with a fat dick in her dripping pussy, Kate taking it from behind with her tits swaying in full view of the Dean’s wife, and Georgette with her titties reaching for the sky, thinking about her cunt felt being violated by the dick still wet from her trampy friends.”

“And you are secretly proud to be pretty enough to have someone want to do these embarrassing and humiliating to your hot bodies. To have us push your depravity to new limits made you feel like a girl good enough to take that and more. You know that girls are looking at your pictures today wishing they were you, being pushed way past anything they can imagine. We all know you wanted it. I knew you needed to be fucked right there on the table.”

“There you are, getting used as a sex doll, coming like a whore with the world staring, and enjoying the exposure, So now, you get to feel that way again.” He, without another word, pounded them rougher than he had fucked the others. They did all the talking, describing in smutty detail what Coach was doing to their powerless bodies, how deep, hard and fast he shoved his cock into them. They talked through their own orgasm and the spasms of the other two. They kept it up when Eddie was inspired to fuck their cunts again.

Eddie was ready to flood a pussy now. He ordered Megan to plug their pussies again. His dick raging hard, Eddie untied Claire and Janie’s arms. Putting Janie on her back and Claire face down on top of her, pussy to pussy. Getting between the four widespread legs, he proceeded to fuck the hell out of both teenagers. A few strokes in one, then a few in the other, Eddie gave them their turns as fuck toys.

The sheer nastiness and the complete exposure drove the gasping girls into massive orgasms simultaneously. Eddie went over the edge also, pumping some hot semen into both hungry twats.

After he caught his breath, he called for Ms Martin and the assistants to get some drinks and finger food ready to refresh and hydrate the girls on the wall. Claire and Janie, he sent to the locker room to get hand towels so the helpless teens could wipe their hands and faces. Then he went down the line, releasing their wrists and arms, making sure the vibrators were securely inserted, but turned off. He warned them not to touch anything below the belly button. The punishment would be having to go to class with a butt plug in its proper place.

The naked caterers returned from the kitchen with a pile of sandwiches and drinks on a rolling cart. The girls tied to the wall were given food and something to drink. The others served themselves. The girls all talked about what they felt about all the ‘foreplay’ and how it seemed to amplify the slightest sensation.

Director Martin brought the break to an end by telling Coach Wilson that it would be such a waste to have gone through this much effort to set everything up and not collect some Project data.

They had the four helpers gather up the scales, shortened ropes, D-rings, hooks, nipple clamps, leashes and clipboards. The girls on the wall were re-tied. All was in place.

“All the equipment is ready, Coach, shall we proceed?”

‘It really is a good day to know how to be a girl’ she thought.

‘I do not know how I got here, but it sure as hell is good to be me.’ Eddie mused to himself.

Preventive Medicine Health Project Part 5.6

The new emblem for the project. Will appear on letterhead, charge cards, bracelets and jewelry. Made of silver and cloisonné, with ivory background, black border and initials, navy symbols, and a rose colored drape. The lovely girl will be lovely girl colored.

“Lisa run, you need to catch up with Kate. Bring her back. She will get her Code hearing with us. I don’t think we should throw her to the dogs.”

“Cool, Master. They were headed to Admin. Mind if I pick up some things at the Dorm?” Lisa said over her shoulder.

“Send the others, too, if you see them,” Eddie shouted at her disappearing butt. “Claire and Janie, you get to the dorm as fast as you can. Bring the black towels, Becca’s, Nikki’s and my laptop and whatever else we might play with. Get some safety pins.”

Janie asked, “Naked, again?” Claire rolled her eyes.

“No. Wear some nipple clips, not clamps, from the bag we carried all morning. Bring me the bag before you leave. And maybe wear some panties I will like.” Eddie shoo-ed the naked girls out, “The faster you run, the sooner you’re back.”

“The faster the girls run, the more their firm little boobs bounce, too.” Megan said. “What are we going to do with Thea and Georgette? They look pretty nervous.”

“I need to thank Bridget and the team. They’re probably in the kitchenette, stowing the snacks.” Glancing at the two schoolgirls against the wall, “The two of you, follow us.” Janie and Claire passed the coach at a sprint, handing him the bag, clipped nipples going in all directions.

Megan and Eddie went to the kitchen, the new Siamese Tits close behind. Bridget and the others were just finishing. “Thank you, girls. The Dean’s people were impressed. They send their complements.

“Coach, don’t sell Ms Martin and yourself short. We peeked. You got four extremely pretty girls naked in minutes. You righteously screwed their brains out, with two cherries on top.” The Siamese Tits moaned and blushed and moaned again. “And if that wasn’t enough, you told Ms Martin to strip and clean Georgette’s traces from your unit. Ms Martin jumped to it, getting Ms Clary and the wives topless in the mix. Those guys never tasted the pastries. Bet they couldn’t tell you what they drank.” Bridget was almost on the floor laughing. “Ms Martin, what were you thinking?”

The very naked Megan hopped up and sat on a counter. “It’s easy to say and hard to explain. I had agreed to be under the Coach’s thumb when it came to discipline. So, I did as I said I would.” Staring directly at Georgette and Thea, she shivered and continued, “Inside, I felt like those two teenagers felt and feel now.” The teens were nodding rapidly. “In front of the Dean and very powerful members of the faculty, of which I am a member, I am discussing critical Project business in open-front, see-though babydoll top and transparent panties. I’m embarrassed totally. And, excited because of it. He has already fucked Martine sideways and claimed Thea’s virginity in a very erotic manner, making her clean the dick that took her maidenhead.”

“With my help, he plows Kate into next week, talking to the faculty ladies like every thing is normal. My nipples are so hard, they are going to break off and my pussy is doing Niagara Falls. Coach is describing in detail how he is going to fuck this virgin to the faculty ladies, getting then to play with Georgette’s tits. I have my finger on her clit and two ex-virgins are spreading her legs. I place his cock at her pussy lips. Then he sticks that monster halfway into Georgette’s cunt. She’s bouncing up and down with a baseball bat in her dripping twat and he orders me to strip off completely in front of my boss, his wife and the world.”

“Naked, drippy wet, I see Ms Clary strip topless, followed by Mrs. Parsons and the Dean’s wife. We proceed to fuck her to pieces. Then do it again just for laughs. He makes me suck him clean while the Dean talks about it!”

“I’m embarrassed and humiliated beyond belief. I couldn’t be more exposed I’m feeling powerless and so hot I am going to explode. Now, I’m more naked than naked, sitting at the table two men and three topless women, about plans, logistics and personnel. The coach is playing with my clit under the table and makes me come like crazy, just as the Director of Finance is giving me a charge card. Exposed tits shaking like insane Jell-O, we say our ‘goodbyes’ like it is another regular Tuesday at the office.”

“And that, Bridget, is how I felt. And if coach does not fuck me in front of you, your topless teammates and those two fucked out ex-virgins right this minute, I’m going to scream!”

Eddie grinned, stepped out of his shorts and up to Megan. He picked her up, taking her out into the gym. Eddie placed her on the mats and proceeded to pound her into the flood. Two noisy orgasms later, he rolled over, keeping his dick in her. “Ride ‘em, cowgirl!” he shouted as Megan did just that.

“Watch those titties bounce! Go girl, go!” chanted Bridget. She dragged Thea and Georgette by their boob chain closer to the action, “Look at Coach’s dick drill that soaking cunt. Bet you looked like that. You want so more, don’t you sluts?”

Eddie looked at the two girls. “Play with Ms Martins tits like she did yours. Pinch her hard nipples as tight as you want. Make her feel like you. Do it now!” The stunned followed orders. They pinched Megan’s tits like anti-stress toys.

Megan started babbling some unknown language and came for what seemed like days. Minutes later, that her eyes got that ‘look’. She stood up, and pulled Thea down by her chain. “Sit on that cock, cunt.” Megan held Eddie’s dick up and pushed Thea down, impaling her pussy. “Ride him hard.” Georgette had a very good view. She was attached to Thea by the tits.

Megan stood behind the suddenly fucking Thea and grinned at Eddie. “Fuck me with this little girl, you whore,” he snarled to Megan.

Reaching over Thea’s shoulders, Megan began pumping Thea up and down by her tits. As she caught the rhythm and starting fucking the Coach on her own, Ms Martin played with he clit. As the orgasm washed over Thea’s entire body, Megan released the nipple clamps. The pain amplified the pleasure. It was Thea’s turn to scream and that she did. Megan pulled Thea up and off.

Megan replaced Thea with the astonished Georgette, impaling on the dick still wet from Thea. Using her tits as handles, Megan set the ex-virgins pace on the cock stuck deep in her twat. Georgette started to come quicker than her fellow fuckee when Megan pinched her clit. Megan removed the nipple clamps and sent the little girl to outer space. Then she passed out and fell over.

Eddie jumped up, grabbed Megan, forced her to her hands and knees and fucked her tight ass until he came with a roar. Megan did not mind at all.

Bridget and the others gave them a standing ovation.

Eddie and the three well-fucked girls went to the showers. He and Megan pampered the two slightly shaky girls. Megan concentrated on their girly parts, gently washing as she made sure their nipples and twats weren’t too sore. Eddie massaged as he did their backs, arms and legs, telling how soft and smooth their skin felt and how feminine the sweet bodies appeared. He said, “You both have a ‘glow’ you did not have before, like you learned something about yourself.”

“I’ll leave you two in Ms Martin’s hands. The carpenters will be delivering some items we ordered this morning. It’s 3:00 now. That gives us an hour or so to prepare. Kate and the others will start to drift in soon.”

“Coach. Can we wash you, too? Kind of go exploring?” Thea asked.

Georgette shyly added, “We really know how you feel, but not how you look.”

“Like I told the folks at the meeting, I’m no exhibitionist, but neither am I shy. Turn about is fair play. And besides, I saw all of you. I loved every inch.”

Eddie let them examine him for a little while. “This feels really good. You’re getting me excited again. So I need to get to work now unless start all over.”

Megan nudged him out. “Go work. I’ll stay here with these two hotties and we’ll met you in the gym.”

Eddie got a towel and dried as he walked into the gym. Kate was just coming in. “I sent Lisa to catch you a log time ago. What happened?” he asked.

“Lisa caught up just as we got to the Admin Building. I was way embarrassed by then. She told me to hustle back here, so I started toward my dorm to get something to wear. The Dean stopped me and said I had to stay naked until a hearing could be held. Even if you were going to handle it, I had to stay naked until I got to the gym.”

“I was half way back when a bunch of rude boys trapped me. They tried to touch me, saying some awful things. Some of the stuff you’ve said, but when they said it, the words sounded meaner. When you said sorta the same, it made me get excited and embarrassed at the same time. It was weird. I tried to get away but they had me surrounded. I was about to start swinging.”

Kate began talking faster, “Anyway, Claire and Janie showed up, carrying a bunch of towels and stuff. It took about a millisecond for those two warriors to get right in those boys’ faces. Claire told them to get the hell out there, right now. Janie showed her bracelet to the loudest boy and told him if he did not know what that bracelet meant, then he better find out fast or he would be in real big trouble. These two tiny girls were wearing their sheer bikini panties and nipple clips like it was full-body armor. They were not backing down.”

“They checked me over to made sure I was OK and Claire told me to run here and not stop for nothing. If anybody bothered me, make him or her chase me in. You would deal very harshly with the bozos. Janie called it, “extreme prejudice.” They got their towels and whatever they were carrying and left, looking for the other girls. So, Coach, that’s what took so long.”

“Kate, I am so sorry you had to through something that rough. I’m glad you’re OK. Remember, steel is forged in the hottest fire. You are going to be a very strong girl. I’m proud of you. Ms Martin and I will find a place for you here.” He hugged her tight.

“You damn straight we will.” Megan stated like gospel, “Lisa did you get that?”

Eddie and Kate spun around. “I came in right behind Kate. I saw what happened but could not get the camera out ‘cause I was getting ready to wade in when the SWAT team showed up. Every word Kate said was the honest truth. I did get every word since Kate came in. And some footage or her setting records in the 200-meter sprint. The Coach and Kate were so involved they didn’t notice. It’s on new card. We can show it on the big screen when the others get here.”

Megan said, “Kate let’s get you to the showers. We’ll get you looking like a girl, again. Georgette and Thea, you stay and help Coach Wilson get ready for the carpenters.”

Janie and Claire strolled in like conquering heroines. “We wuz bad. Those boys ran from us!” Janie giggled. They were talking to each other so fast the tiny warriors didn’t see the crowd listening.

Claire just plain laughed, “I was scared as hell but those jerks made me so mad I forgot I was naked. Coach makes us do scary embarrassing stuff naked but his stuff make me hot.”

Janie started laughing like Claire, “We get pulled all over town showing our tits to everybody, we run through a nasty neighborhood full of perverts, he makes us wait outside of a sex store, then strips us naked and fucks us brainless against a wall in the street. I never had so much fun in my life!”

“I was terrified someone would see and afraid they wouldn’t. Go figure.” Claire gasped.

“And then, we try to beat up five boys messing with a girl who we helped Coach screw until she passed out.” Janie squealed like a little girl. She was.

“Naked with our boobs chained together in front of the Dean. And less than a day ago, we were virgins. What’s next?” Claire asked. “I love being a girl!”

“I love you being girls, too” Eddie chuckled. They jumped out of their skin.

“Oh my god! How long have you been here?” Janie said.

“Never left. Heard the whole thing. Nice panties.” Eddie laughed again.

‘Now, I’m embarrassed for the millionth time today!” Claire fussed.

Megan said, “The word on the street is that embarrassment looks very pretty good on both of you. Now put the stuff you brought in the conference room and hit the showers. We’ll set the dress code later. Stay naked. Keep the clips. Got to wear something.”

Within minutes of each other Audrey, Ashley, Becca, Beth, Crysta, Donna, Jen, Melissa, Mika and Nikki rolled in. Arms full, they asked Coach Wilson where they could put everything they owned in the world. Marti arrived with more stuff, telling Eddie, “Master, a Ms Clary told us to bring this stuff over here. We live here til Friday.”

Donna added, “Marti’s right. Facilities is tearing the dorm room apart. Ms Clary is sending over some dressers for the conference room and a bunch of mattresses and linens. We can put it the gym.”

“Yeah. ‘Home, Sweet Home’ until she calls Ms Martin Thursday or Friday morning,” Beth put in.

“Master?” Georgette wondered, “When did that happen, Marti?”

“About the time he screwed us stupid, with ten girls watching, tied to the wall, staring at us. We picked him. He didn’t pick us. He gave us things we needed, not what we thought we wanted.” Lisa answered quickly, “You will understand, soon, if you haven’t learned already.”

“Girls, those two with nipple clips are Georgette and Thea. The new naked girl is Kate. They have stories to tell. Stow your things in the conference room until the dressers get here. Hit the showers. I’ll join you. Stay naked, you class up the gym.” Eddie grabbed the camera and started the video. What he saw was priceless. He lost his shorts in solidarity. His dick had solidarity to spare.

Thinking ‘I love my life.’ Eddie watched Megan and seventeen crazy naked wiggling teenaged hotties scurry around, talking all at once. He handed the camera to Thea and Georgette telling the naked girls to film anything that wiggled. He had to make some calls.

From his office, he called the carpenters’ shop. The foreman said the order was ready and being loaded for delivery. His delivery girl would ring at the service entrance in about 45 minutes. Eddie thanked him and hung up.

Next Eddie called Arlene at the fabric shop. She was glad he called. The order was ready. Once they got started, they assembly-lined the job. She threw several extra of each size in some odd colors. Her staff tagged each piece by size. The seamstress was on her way, now.

‘Wow, Arlene, you give great service. I’m very impressed. Thank you and your staff.” Eddie praised.

“We want to see pictures of what we made when it’s in use. Gotta be great!” Arlene said.

“She is here. What’s her name?” Eddie asked.

“Franny. She’s cute and fun. You can play with her. Can’t steal her. Just borrow her. Between you and me, she’s a virgin. She likes girls but I think she’s bi.” Arlene said. You could hear the gleam in her eyes.

“Later, Arlene. You’re worse than me.”

He answered the gym door. Standing there was a spitting image of Janie with blond hair instead of red. She was gloriously naked except for a small leather tool belt, loaded with scissors, a flexible tape measure, precut Velcro in all colors, grommets, laces, safety pins, straight pin, plus needles and thread. And handcuffs?

“Hi. I’m Franny. Arlene made me dress like this to deliver your order. I’ve never been naked like this. It is making me crazy.” She could barely whisper.

“You are a beautiful girl. I’m Coach Wilson. Welcome to the crazy house. Pardon me for noticing, but your lovely pink nipples need some attention before they explode and your pussy is dripping down your pretty legs.” He reached to take her hand

Franny found herself shocked and wildly excited by this hypnotic man. She reached for his hand and he did not let go. She watched in a haze as he pulled her into a full body hug. His dick up trapped against her tummy. Franny felt this strange Coach pick her up like she was a feather and press her back to the wall beside the door, he lifted her some more until his dick touched her wet virgin pussy, finding the entrance. He started to let burning hot body slid down the wall, using her weight, letting her impale herself on this hard cock.

She was staring at something no one else could see. Franny hugged Coach Wilson as hard as she could. He unbuckled her belt and let it drop. Her nipples were trying to punch a hole in his chest. That made her wetter. Franny heard someone’s voice say, “I’ve never done this before. Why do I want you to make love to me, now? How are you making me need to feel you inside? I have to give my virginity to you this second.” She was almost sure she could recognize the voice.

Franny locked eyes with his. She slowly loosened her hug and felt her body slide down, felt herself accept his dick. Franny set her face and let her body drop trying to take it all at once. Her maidenhead parted and Eddie’s dick was suddenly half way in. It felt huge, she felt like she was stretched to the splitting point.

Eddie caught her weight. “That’s enough for now, Dear. Let your incredibly tight pussy get used to being used. The sting of giving your precious gift will pass soon, leaving you a life of pleasure. I’m only half in. Let’s get comfortable. Then we can do this the easy way.” He said in a soothing voice.

Franny clamped her arms and legs around like a tiny octopus. Eddie took her to a mat in the middle of the room. He lay on his back and pushed her up by her titties. “Now Franny, go at our own pace. Lift yourself up a little and push yourself down. Work me in a little at a time. When you’re ready, we’ll do this thing proper.”

Franny rocked her hips back and forth, working his dick in slowly. She felt so good he had to force himself to be still and let her go at her own rate. “Oh, wow, it feels so good. So tight So full.” She got a look of discovery on her face. “There, yessss. That’s it!” She started pumping furiously.

Eddie took this as his cue and started thrusting back, driving to the bottom in two strokes. With eyes wide open, Franny stopped talking and began to fuck him as fast as she could. Change angles and pump. Rotate and pump. She found that perfect spot inside herself and rode him faster than before, chanting, “Deeper, so good, harder, oh my god, what’s happening to me. Please, fuck me harder.”

Eddie was glad to oblige. He flipped them over staying buried in this wonderful, sweet pussy. He reached back and pulled her legs to his shoulders. Eddie went to town on that virgin. She took all he was giving. Franny shouted, “It’s here. I’m comingggggg.” Her abdominal muscles started to ripple and her cunt tried to milk his balls dry. In the middle of her first dick driven orgasm, Eddie drove the last inch he had been holding in reserve all the way through the end of her cunt. He started short, hard strokes, hitting her clit hard each time, his dick head never leaving her womb. “Now I’m all the way in, dear.”

She slowed, stared at that invisible something, and went completely wild. Moaning and screaming and wailing like a banshee, her body went out of control, bouncing and wiggling and bouncing some more.

Eddie held on to her for dear life, his and hers. He was trying to fill her up. She was trying to empty his balls. He knew for a fact that he had blown his brains out the end of his dick He was not sure where hers had gone.

Eddie rolled over again, staying buried deer inside her hot tightness. They finally noticed every one, all naked eighteen of them, standing there speechless. Franny lifted her head enough to look at him and wink. He put his hands on her titties and pushed her vertical, still attached at her pussy.

Then she said loud enough for everyone to hear, “Hi, my name’s Franny. You must be the Coach Arlene sent me to see. Pleased to meet you.”

There was dead tomb silence for about seven and a half seconds. Then Donna started giggling, “I’ll be damned. That little twat got us good first time out. She is one of us. Franny, we will get even.”

The whole room erupted. The girls were hooting and laughing their cute asses off. Titties bouncing around like Jell-O. Lisa called out, “Girls you need to thank me. I started recording when Franny knocked on the door. Coach was fucking her within 15 seconds, up against the wall. You all started watching then and that was 45 minutes ago. Better call ‘Guiness’, we have a record.”

Lisa continued, ”Let’s review.” She started laughing, “A week ago, Marti threw her shiny new twat on his sword. Last night Janie and Claire gave it up for dinner. At lunch, he nails Thea and Georgette. And now for a late afternoon snack Franny jumped his bone. That means 6 virgins total, 5 in the last 20 hours. What’s up with that?”

Megan, batted puppy-dog eyes at Eddie, “Daddy. She’s cute. If we promise to feed her and clean up her masses, and get her shots, can we keep her? Please, please, Daddy. Can we keep her?”

“I guess so, children. Arlene told me that I could play nice with her, borrow her, but I can’t keep. You’ll have to check with the fabric shop lady. Use the phone in my office. Hit redial.”

“Coach. She will give me to you free, and throw in cab fare. Arlene’s my mom. She’s messing with you. I’m supposed to figure out what Coach Wilson designed and do fittings. The stuff is just out the door. I need a shower and where do I sleep?” Franny blurted, not stopping to breathe.

Megan said, “Coach Wilson, while you were getting delivered, the carpenters’ shop dropped off your field levelers, Ms Clary sent the dressers, mattresses and sheets already. It’s too early to order supper. Tell us what to do.”

Eddie sat up, then stood, still plugged into Franny’s pussy. She hung like a limpet. “Girls lose the nipple jewelry. It’s blocking my view. Get the video camera and the tripod ready, fresh tape is in the cabinet in the conference room. I believe Ms Martin can repair the tape head. Take my goody bag, all the “testing supplies” to the area in front of the ladder wall. Put the stuff the carpenters brought there also. Next, get four chairs, and some stools from the storeroom. If I think of anything else, we’ll deal with it after I shower and deal with this sticky little girl stuck to my chest.”

‘Got it, Coach. Girls, stop dripping all over the gym and hop to it. Coach, we’ll be done before she is.”

Franny looked at Megan, asking, “What have I gotten myself into?”

Megan answered, “That isn’t the question. The real question is, ‘What have we gotten into ourselves?’”

Crysta shook her tits at Franny and said, “Girl, hang on tight. You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Giggling, the other teenagers shimmied their naked titties and set to work. Eddie watched the scenery for a few minutes, bouncing a moaning blond on his dick. “They are getting hot looking at my cock pump in and out of your cunt,” he whispered in her ear.

“ Oh lord, that’s so nasty. Fuck me harder. Give them something to see.” She started her orgasm before they got out of sight. Eddie was coming, too, filling her twat to overflowing.

They made it to the showers, where he taught the willing girl how her liked his blowjobs. She swallowed. Eventually, they finished, returning to the gym. All eighteen very naked girls were lounging around on the mats, talking about the crazy day they had survived. Each story topped the one before. Their hands were not idle.

“Ok My, my, but your titties look quite perky this evening, girls.” Eddie said, smiling at the mob.

“That’s what you said to Vera.” Said Georgette.

“Vera?” Becca asked.

“The Dean’s wife. Coach Wilson was talking to her naked tits, when he popped my cherry while she, Betty Parsons and Irene Clary rubbed their nipples in my face, on the conference room table.”

Megan laughed, “It’s good to be a girl, isn’t it?”

“Thanks to the Coach, we’re getting real good at this girly stuff,” said Mika, blushing deep crimson. The mob cracked up again.

Watching tits and asses and pussies rolling all over the floor laughing, Eddie, once more, thought to himself, ‘I love my life. It’s good to be me.’

Preventive Medicine Health Project, Part 5.4

The wiggly silly parade went straight to the showers. Everybody washed and polished every body. Getting the heavenly herd of kittens back to the room was a task just a tiny bit easier than The Twelve Labors of Hercules. Swatting butts and pinching boobs, Eddie and Megan got them moving. In the interest of complete disclosure, teen girls are always in motion, but not necessarily together. That is never unpleasant. Shackles and tasers were starting to lose that “cruel and unusual” stigma.

Still ”decently” attired in the boob adornments, the Fourteen MuskeTits caressed, bumped and bounced into Donna and Crysta’s room, jiggling and giggling. “The girls really have become a tight teen team.” Megan spoke quietly to Eddie, “Let’s get them settled. They need the sleep. We have a lot to do before next Monday.”

Eddie agreed. “We should meet in the Common Room in a while. It’s only 8:30 even though it seems much later. We can borrow a notebook and pens from the girls. A “do list” will come in handy.”

Teens in, with the door fastened, Megan and Eddie collected the clamps and clips. The teenagers and Ms Martin soothed and caressed the sharp sensations away. Not so soon after, the room was a pile of sleepy girls. Megan borrowed the stationary. “Coach and I need to talk for a bit about the Project. We’ll be in the Common Room if you need us.” Megan borrowed a babydoll pajama top from Crysta, also. With that, they left.

Two girls were in the room, pouring over some textbooks, in the corner. “Doing homework. We have some good students here.” Megan observed, smiling. The pair sat on a sofa against the opposite wall.

Megan began. “First I think we need to work with Claire. The article she’s planning needs to contain the information we plan to distribute. I suggest we arrange for her to do interviews in the gym’s conference room, for a follow up column. We’ll invite the Dean to attend. He should get some credit for his efforts. We can control the details. Claire can knock ‘em dear with her columns.”

“Good thinking. If you will get her in here and bring her up to speed, I will run to the gym, get my laptop and be back in ten minutes. We can help her knock out a preliminary “late breaking news” teaser column in time to beat the deadline. I discovered that they put the newspaper to bed at 1:00 AM when I was emailing team scores to the Sports page.”

Megan went to get Claire, her photo-phone and Eddie’s camera. Eddie split for the gym and was back just as Ms Martin was finished clueing Claire in. The girls had claimed a table. The cub reporter loaded her pictures to the laptop; Eddie dumped some of the pix from the camera and the video of the walk home.

They batted ideas back and forth, while Claire typed up a storm. Eddie complimented the teenager. She blushed a little. “This is so different from writing at that Charter School. They censored every word. I can break out here.”

Eventually, the story was ready. At the top was a three column wide photo of the line of girls, shot from the rear and side, revealing The Coach, on the left, fourteen girl’s cute bottoms, and ending with the Director’s butt in the distance, on the right. No faces were visible, nor were any nipples, just tantalizing under boob views.

Underneath Claire explained how she came upon the group, the significance of the exception bracelets, and their participation in the Project. A picture of Mika’s bracelet (and her twat) was inserted there. Claire detailed the extent of the exceptions precisely but changed “penetrative fondling” to “overtly fondling” (They hoped to eliminate it altogether.) She was careful to write up the penalty for boys’ violation of the restrictions.

She wrote that the Project was a closed test and study to improve the college coed’s health and well being, emphasizing its importance to the girls on campus and to the University in general.

She continued with the Dean’s agreement on the reasons for the exemptions, his concern that the girls obey the spirit of the Code even if they were exempt from normal inspection, and Coach Wilson’s role as overseer. The participants could look forward to a somewhat more strict definition and enforcement of the Code. The other coeds should never have reason to be envious or jealous about the Project girls’ situation.

Claire added that Director Martin, though not subject to the Code of Conduct as faculty, was required to follow the Code as interpreted by her and Coach Wilson. This was the Dean’s way to keep the Director on target. The dress code would relax a little bit when she was involved in her regular duties in the Health Department or during office hours. When not in the office and while working with the Project however, the Director was subject to the same penalties as the girls. She briefly described the public Consensual Rape Becca received for a dress code violation without giving up many details. Claire closed with a promise to hold interviews with the individuals, directing and leading this important study. A follow-up article with more photos would appear tomorrow.

Ms Martin insisted that she include a “reporter’s picture” in the email. Eddie took it with Claire’s phone. To her embarrassment, he cropped it to a head and shoulders. The top half of both nipples was clearly exposed for publication. “If you become a regular contributor, that stock photograph will appear next to your byline over every story.” Megan explained. ”People will look forward to your next report. Your face will be on refrigerators all over town.” Claire got squirmy in her chair and panted that this was OK for now.

All agreed the story was a “Go”, so Claire sent it in with time to spare, including the “reporters portrait” that Eddie had “adjusted” so that all of her titties were in the new crop. Claire saw only the file name. Readers would see Claire’s body from her belly button up. They immediately got an acknowledgement of receipt from the Night Editor’s deck. She, Martine, wrote that it was a slow news day, so the story was being bumped to the front page, above the fold. Claire was overjoyed. “Front page, top!! For a reporter, it can’t get better.”

She whispered to Megan and Eddie, “ This is so strange and very exciting to me. I got out of “bed” wearing nothing but a smile, sat down in the Common Room, really naked and worked with Coach Wilson, wearing silk boxer shorts. We are with Director Martin of the faculty and my Project boss. My Director is wearing an open-front baby doll gown. Even when it’s closed I can clearly see her charming boobs. And it is OK to talk about her boobs.”

“In addition we just completed a newspaper story about naked girls in public, Coach fucking Becca, people watching, the Dean insisting that he do the same to the Director at will. And this whole piece of “weirdness” is important to the University and is not abnormal in the least!”

“While we were working, a bunch of half dressed or buck naked girls and two boys strolled through, talking, watching TV or us, and no one reacted, including me. The “taboo-ness” of it is making me crazy hot.”

Claire hopped up on the edge of the table, spread her legs and told Eddie “I’ve been bad. I’m naked and deserve to be raped, Coach. Please show me how to be a good girl.” Megan pulled down Eddie’s shorts. He stepped out of the boxers and pushed his sudden hardon all the way into Claire’s pussy. She leaned back on her elbows. “My tits shake like Jell-o when you hit bottom. Do me harder. I’m so close! Ms Martin, play with my boobs. It’s so dirty, oh God, I want a teacher to feel me up while another fucks his dick into my smelly cunt because I deserve it.”

Ms Martin called three girls over. One was naked, just out of the shower. Two were only topless after sending their two boyfriends home, unsatisfied. “This little slut was a virgin three hours ago. Now the little cunt wants people to watch her take Coach Wilson’s cock in her pussy. Can you believe this girl? See what happens when total strangers play with her tits. Go ahead, the wants it.”

The girls, Barb, Mattie and Eve, started tweaking Claire’s bobbing tits, telling her exactly how bad, nasty and whorish she looked. She was so humiliated she came big time within a minute. Claire was out of commission for now. Eddie left his prick in.

“We know who two are. You’re Coach Wilson. We go to all your home games. Your team makes us proud to go to the same school. And you are Ms Martin, rising star on the Health Department. Why are you wearing Crysta’s dress? And why did Coach Wilson just use that now comatose girl like a fuck toy? Isn’t the dorm a Consensual Rape free zone?”

Megan told them that “neither Claire, still on the table nor the thirteen girls down the hall were ever in a free zone from Coach Wilson. The official inspectors were to keep hands off all of them. I’m considered ‘one of the girls’ even though I’m on Faculty. He could take me here, or anywhere, at any time if he determined that I might be violating the Code of Conduct. Trust me. The Coach is quite the taskmaster. Read the details in the newspaper tomorrow morning.”

“Ms Martin, watching your nipples harden at the thought of the Coach’s ‘taskmaster’, having your compliance enforced doesn’t seem such a burden.” Eve giggled. Mattie and Barb could only nod.

Eddie laughed out loud. “I may get the Dean to extend my mission to the entire coed population. Be careful.” The laughing motion translated into dick motion and was transferred to Claire’s twat, which was still home to said dick. She rapidly came back to the marginally real world.

“Follow my lead.” Megan whispered the three watchers. Eddie started stroking hard. Ms Martin started talking to Claire as she was opening her eyes. Claire, you cheap little schoolgirl, these naked girls are still looking at the Coach use your wet cunt any way he pleases. You are helpless to stop them. There you are, lying tits-up on a table with strangers watching. These girls are going to play with your boobs and you have to let use you, too. How do their fingers feel on your dirty nipples?” Claire was almost insane with lust at this point. Megan just knew how to push buttons and was playing her fantasies like Yoyo Ma at Carnegie Hall.

“I bet they will see you come in public, you nasty little girl. Mattie pinch her wet clit, hard, NOW!” Mattie did, but not really hard.

Claire was shaking like a crazy person. In fact, she was a crazy girl. She gasped, froze, squealed, imitated a paint mixer and fainted again. Her pretty body shivered for a few more minutes. Eddie pulled out. He had not come. He picked up his boxers and redressed, packing his prick away. They left Claire on the table until she came to
Barb swore, “That was the damnedest thing I have ever seen. Tomorrow’s paper? We’ll be waiting at the newsstand.”

The three left. Megan and Eddie softly and slowly rousted Claire. When she was mobile, they sent her to shower off and go back to bed. As she was headed to the door, she asked, ”Did that really happen or was it a dream? Did I ask Coach to fuck me? Were people watching the whole time? Did I let those three girls do that to me when Coach did me again?”

“Yes to all of the above. And ‘Yes’, it was all your dream.” Megan told her, gave her a gentle swat in the butt and sent her to the showers. Claire put her hands over her wide-open mouth, turned bright red and left, mumbling furiously to herself.

Megan said to Eddie, “That was fun. Bet she tells the others everything. And I bet that those three girls will be at the newsstand. Now, let’s work on the ‘do list’ and get this show on the road.”

“First I must call Martine at the paper. Ill put it on speakerphone. Claire left hers here.” Eddie called the paper. Claire had Martine on speed dial.

Martine answered, “Night Desk. Got news? We are almost on deadline.”

“This is Coach Wilson. I need you to do me a favor. That photo of Claire you received. She thinks it was cropped to the middle of her nipples, with just a little color showing. Claire did not see me substitute the version you got. Use that one just for this article. I’ll send a real stock shot later.”

They heard Martine laugh. “She doesn’t know her boobs are going to be on the front page? This rich. She should be proud. The Boob Fairy was good to her.” They all laughed.

Martine went on, “Coach. You and Ms Martin are very dangerous people. Can you return the favor”

“Sure. What do you need?”

“Is there some way you can get similar shots of all my girl reporters? I’ll pose, too, if you are able to finagle a legit reason. Those girls have tricked me into flashing my tits way too many times. I’ll show my tits voluntarily just to put one over on them.”

Coach thought a few seconds, “We are arranging for Claire to hold interviews with the Dean and other parties interested in the Health Project The stated purpose is that Ms Martin and I are demonstrating the enhanced inspection techniques to the newspaper staff and to the people assembled. I’ll invite the girl reporters and you to come to observe for the paper. We will want to prove to the opinion makers that even though the Project personnel are exempt from normal Code compliance inspection, they will be held to an even stricter standard. You and l will ‘volunteer’ your staff as crash test dummies after all the pieces are in place.”

“So far, so good. What next? Coach?”

“Martine. Make sure they attend. I will get them excused from class if necessary. Have them dress just barely within the Code, but wear something a bit opaque that might hide a bra, or a dress that might conceal panties. My stricter and more demanding interpretation will almost guarantee that the Dean will be satisfied with his decisions. Of course, your staff will wind up topless if not altogether naked in public.”

“Remind me never to piss you off, Coach,” Martine asked.

“Then I, or my assistant, will take several pictures to embarrass them further to emphasize the importance of Code of Conduct compliance. Demonstration of this extra touch will please the Dean plus letting him gaze at some nice boobs to his heart’s content, all in the line of duty, an unavoidable consequence of doing his job. You simply list the girls as contributing writers when the story is published and run their photos with their names. ‘The editor is proud of her staff and wants to be sure they get the credit due’. You have your ammunition, the Dean and the others will be delighted and vengeance will be served. We’ll do it in the volleyball gym conference room. We’ll let you know the time. Probably when the Dean breaks from lunch. OK with you?”

“This is gonna be the best. You and Ms Martin are great. Sneaky, but great. Talk to you tomorrow.” She hung up.

Megan was giggling madly. “Eddie Wilson! You are the Devil Incarnate. That is the best trick ever. I’m proud to be part of it. This is going to be legendary at the paper. And what you are doing to poor Claire!”

“Claire is in the big leagues, now. People are going to see her titties. She will have to start getting used to that fact soon. She has to realize that she will be treated like you and I treat the other girls.” He leered at Megan, wiggling his eyebrows like Groucho Marx. ”And like I will be treating you, my dear.” More eyebrows.

She clutched her hands to her chest dramatically, “Be still my beating heart!” she said, throwing a good eyelid flutter.

“But seriously, we need to make sure the girls are protected from the general population to protect the Project. Back to work. So, Coach Wilson, what have you in mind?”

Eddie answered, “I need to elevate the girls to the same level so the testing apparatus will exert force at the same angle for all the test subjects. That eliminates a potentially serious variable. I’ll measure from the floor to the bottom of the vaginal entry and have platforms or adjustable shelves added to the wall.”

“Next I think we need to create a communal study space for the staff and participants. They can maintain their excellent GPAs if they can work at the gym conference room. That will save a lot of travel time No one uses that room but the volleyball team. I’ll have the work-study girls bring some nice bookcases from the storeroom and set it up as a library. We should still attempt to minimize the number of classes missed.” He added

Megan began to list her thoughts, “We should keep fresh clothes at the gym and at the dorm. Clean clothes, however scanty, make the girls feel pretty. Speaking of the dorm. That is a two-edged sword. The teens need both to socialize with their friends not in the Project to have a complete college experience and to have a place to unwind as teammates, isolated from listening ears. I think Donna and Crysta’s room is in a section of that building with ‘adjustable’ walls. We can have Facilities Management remove the dividers and make one room from three. With fourteen participants in the dorm taking seven rooms, we will be freeing up four to make more room for the next incoming class, at no cost to the University. I’m sure we can get some extra bookshelves and futons. We’ll have six beds already. We may not need more clothing storage space because they hardly disturb the dust on the dressers now!”

“I’ve been thinking about a unique ‘costume for you and the girls on days we decide to call nipple clips ‘clothing’. We will have to do that every so often to let the teenagers and the Dean know we are serious about compliance. This nip-clip day will be very important to our public reception on Spirit Day, Topless Day and the other College special events.” Eddie continued his thoughts, “We will have to visit the fabric shop and a seamstress, not that she will be making gowns for the Red Carpet but the girls will appreciate any thing we do to make them look good. I’ll get back to you on some design ideas. You have anything else?

Megan laughed. ”Let’s see,” she said grinning, “We have leveled the playing field for the testing equipment, we have worked with Claire on the newspaper article and worked Claire over and have hatched a evil plot with her editor. Then we created a common study space and invented the team barracks, making room for incoming girls for free. Lastly we are filling a need for a uniform costume to allow our young girls to participate on College special days. That is a full plate. Most committees would have decided to delay any decision to decide to make a decision until they’ve decided on whether or not they actually need to decide to make a decision later or not. What we actually did would take years any where else.”
Still grinning, she added, “I’ll have to recuse myself from any nipple clamp choices, any decisions involving enforcement of the Code and especially any ‘costume’ arrangements. I will be affected personally. I’m a participant and am ineligible to vote.”

And they hugged, wished each other “good night” and went to sleep, spooned together, in a roomful of sleepy teenagers with Eddie’s dick nestled warmly in Megan’s neglected pussy. “I love my life.” thought Eddie.

“It’s great to be a girl.” Megan thought

The morning and next day were going to be interesting.

Preventive Medicine Health Project, Part 5.2

Megan looked around the room and smiled. Becca noticed, saying between bites of yellowtail sushi, “Penny for your thoughts, Ms Martin?”

Melissa giggled. ”I don’t think so. The Director ain’t cheap!”

“At least 8 cents, maybe as high as a dime,” added Nikki.

“I bid 12 bright shiny pennies!” Jen called out.

Megan cut in, ”Hey, you silly girls! I’m right here. I was thinking that I have been fucked forcefully in every hole bigger than my nose, multiple times. I have been used as a sex toy as if I had no choice. I have licked the pussies and clits of my students. I have tied ten naked teenagers to a wall and have used them as lab equipment. I have had nipple clamps squeeze one, really two, of the most sensitive parts of my young body. I have had my arms bound for hours. Coach Wilson ass fucked me while I had a vibrator in my cunt. He fucked my pussy and filled me with a butt plug, calling me a cheap slutty whore, while you watched and cheered me on. While a naked girl with a leaking pussy and nipple clamps took pictures for publication.”

“And, if that wasn’t a full day, I’ve seen marginally legal young teenaged virgins fuck their maidenheads away on the Coach’s dick. I have done a lot of those very things to several of my test subjects. I endured the embarrassment, exposure and humiliation.“

“I’ve discovered that every use and abuse of my body only made me hotter and want more. I felt like a girl who could take anything in my path. I feel more feminine than ever. After all that, I’m sitting here eating yosenabe with my students and still a member of the faculty of Central University of New Town. And still the Project Director.”

“And it doesn’t even matter that Audrey has a finger in my ass and Beth has a finger in my pussy rubbing my G-spot. Wait, it does matter. It matters a lot! Excuse me for a moment. I’m going to come now.” And did just that in spectacular fashion as Janie leaned across the table to pull Ms Martin’s nipple chain. Janie’s up and down motion on Coach Wilson’s dick in her ass and his hard pinch on her clit set both of them off with Megan.

The MuskeTits must have been attending to their own wet little twats because squeals and moans were heard around the table.

“So, Becca, that’s what I was thinking.”

Becca giggled and grinned, saying, “Coach may have called you a cheap whore. I think he got it wrong. That was worth at least $3.75, maybe even 4 dollars.”

Megan snorted and threw a piece of tempura at her, scoring a direct hit on her nipple. Mika jumped to lick it clean. She forgot she had been putting wasabe on her sushi. “Yikes! My tit is on fire!”

Mika grabbed an ice cube, removed Becca’s nipple clip and touched her bright red nipple with the ice. With the other hand, she pushed another piece of ice into Becca’s cunt and pinched her clit.

Pain and pleasure. Hot and cold. Squeeze and caress. The combination sent Becca, screaming, over the edge. “And that is how you soothe a sister,” said Mika with an evil grin.

“Best. After. Dinner. Speech. Ever.” Lisa insisted. No one disagree.

As they relaxed after dinner, Megan asked Janie, “Tell us how you came to be here. We already know how you came after you got here.”

Janie laughed and answered, “I got to New Town by way of North Carolina. My parents are from Denmark and Ireland. They came to the US to attend college at Dartmouth where they met and married. Both joined the Peace Corps and stayed in Asia for 2 years, coming back to America to get citizenship, then went to grad school at Duke in Durham where I debuted. So I’m a Blue Devil. They sponsored the immigration of a couple friends from Viet Nam”

“Three years ago, we moved to Texas when both parents took jobs at Texas Tech. I remained a Blue Devil at heart. Last year, we had a family meeting. Mom wanted to know if it would torque me out if we went to Katmandu for a few years. KATMANDU!!”

“Dad told me to cool it and let him tell me option number 2. Their friends, and mine, Van and Sue had become new citizens, moved to New Town and opened a Japanese restaurant. They were more than willing to let me live with them while my hippy parents lived up the Himalayas in the thin air, freezing their asses off. New Town or having to cross a freaking glacier to take a pee? Believe me when I tell ya, it was no contest.”

“I got a scholarship to study math and physics at Central U., but entered as a part-time day student so I could help Uncle Van and Auntie Sue at the restaurant until it grew enough to hire more staff. Today was my last day at the store and my eighteenth birthday. I go full time at the end of the semester.”

“I have never been inspected, never been consensually raped. I have seen a few on the campus, but from such a distance that I couldn’t see details. Half-dressed girls and totally naked girls I was almost used to by now. Dressing within the Code of Conduct was embarrassing at first but I took off my big girl panties anyway. The classes are great. With the nervous anticipation and excitement of accidentally exposing my titties and ass and pussy in public, I stayed hot all the time. I hoped that my first sex would be at least nice, not like some girls who got raped by boys who are plain mean spirited or who did not care about the object at the end of their little peter. I knew that it would happen eventually, but wished it would be nice, or at least, not hurt I think the code is a little one-sided. Even as it seems well-intentioned.”

“I was stunned when the naked girls met me at the door and went outside to help me bring in the order. More stunned when they brought me in here. And you know the rest.”

“Now, I have been stripped naked by two girls who played with my boobs and munched my twat until I came I have been fucked in my cunt, I then sucked the same dick that took my cherry until it came down my swallowing throat. I rammed that cock in my ass and sat on it all through dinner. I watched a room full of naked girls play with each other and I came like a bandit when two girls finger fucked the naked Project Director to an epic orgasm as the girls’ volleyball coach filled my ass with a gallon of cum.”

“Picture me now. I’m sitting, naked, in a room full of naked teenagers, with that astonishingly still hard dick in my ass, talking calmly about my past, like this is a normal everyday conversation with friends and a beautifully naked Project Direct wearing gold nipple clamps. Just another normal day for little Janie.”

“Welcome to the New Normal!! Happy Birthday!!” The entire crowd pulled her off Eddie’s dick; put her on the table in a spot cleared just for her. Marti cleaned her Master’s prick and sucked it enough to keep it interested. Janie got bent over the table, Ashley shoved a vibrating butt plug in her pussy and they gave her a hard birthday spanking including a dozen or so for good measure. They flipped her unto her back with her butt and legs hanging over the end. Some naked girl yanked the vibrator out of her pulsing pussy and jammed it in her ass, keeping it set on max. She was coming and screaming and coming and screaming as Eddie spread her legs wider, pushed her knees to her nipple-clipped tits and drove his dick all the way to the bottom of her cunt in one thrust.

Eddie had more cock than Janie had pussy so he pierced her cervix on every stroke. He pounded her like a machine while one girl pressed Janie’s clit, two more girls pulled and twisted her boobs and one girl reached between Eddie’s legs and pumped the butt plug in and out of Janie’s ass. Marti and Megan licked her ears and neck, telling her what a dirty little whore she was, what a nasty schoolgirl, what filthy girl she was, getting her little girl cunt fucked by the Coach’s big cock and again fucking her in every nasty hole, how she was a sextoy, a cum dump. How boys will jerk off looking at the pictures Lisa was taking. Hands were spanking, tickling, kissing pinching every inch of her body.

Janie was coming constantly. Her pussy could bend steel. Her world was her tits, ass and cunt. Her whole body was shaking out of control

Eddie squeezed her nipple clips tighter, then pulled them off and pinched her nipples hard. He started spurting and pumping and spurting and pumping. She opened her eyes, stared into space for a few seconds. Janie froze up. Eddie, with an animalistic growl, drove in deep one last time. Janie unlocked and went off like unbalanced blender for what felt like hours. They claimed that her porcelain skin was glowing cherry red. Nikki, the techno-babe become comedienne claimed that Janie could not be cherry red because she gave her cherry to Coach Wilson just an hour so ago. It had to be fire engine red ‘cause she was smoking hot. They gave poor little Nikki the appropriate amount and kind of abuse she so richly deserved.

When Janie slowed enough for them to move her, the girls gave her a sweet birthday massage, bringing her back to this planet. Eddie sat down in a padded armchair to get his legs back. Lisa put the camera on the table and sat with Marti in their Master’s lap. Both, in unison, told him that they could not wait for their own birthday to come. ‘From such cute naked seeds, traditions are grown,” he thought, not aloud. And why are the naked pets talking like twins?

A bit later, the coeds and Megan were recovered enough to pack up the leftovers and stack the dishes. Some carried stuff to the kitchenette to put away the food; some cleaned and straightened the conference room/scene of the Bacchanalian crime of all traces. Eddie told the girls not to do the dishes. He had invented some work/study programs for some of his volleyball girls because they needed a little extra income. Office work and clean up were part of it. The kitchenette was part of the deal. This batch of dishes would be the first work they had to do. Actually working might make the girls feel better about themselves for taking the department’s money.

He would pay them out of his own pocket just to watch them play but the NCAA would frown large. “We could take Regionals in a walk if they were allowed to play naked.” He laughed.

Eddie and Megan sent the naked girls to the showers, staying behind for a brief conference. Talking rapidly, they hugged in agreement. Both joined the teens in the showers. When all were squeaky clean, he took them to the gym for a talk.

Coach Wilson, using his command voice, said, “We have decided to draft Janie into the Project. We need a data recorder and she’s perfect. Here is your bracelet. It exempts you from all Code of Conduct Inspections and Consensual Rapes. It does allow fondling of any body part exposed. There may be no, I mean NO penetration. If penetration is even attempted by any boy or staff on Campus, with or without your consent, criminal charges will be pressed. You may not consent. Period. The bracelet cannot be removed. Not just may not, it cannot be removed. Do you understand?” Janie happily agreed and Eddie attached the bracelet to her wrist, sending her back to sit on the floor with the others. They welcomed her to the group.

Ms Martin came next “Girls, the bracelets do not exempt you from following the Code of Conduct. We expect you to conduct yourselves as if penalties were to be paid. That includes double coverage, banned garments, etc. You know the drill: shaven pussies, skirts short enough to almost cover your butt cheeks, no piece of any shirt or skirt or panties covering nor being covered by any other covering. It must be obvious to any Inspector, at a glance, that you are compliant girls. In short, act as you would as good girls attending college in New Town. Your continued good behavior is important to the Project, the college and to us. By the way, Coach Wilson is not constrained by the terms of your bracelets. He will take you any way he deems necessary anywhere he wants. Both of us may alter your personal dress code at any time as long as it does not violate the Official Code by increasing your coverage. We will decide what constitutes a particular item of clothing.” She paused, looking them over. “You might be as surprised as I was when I discovered in the fine print of the Project Exemption Agreement, that I, your Director, am required to dress and behave by the same Project conduct code we create. Simply put, the gander will gladly and thoroughly guarantee that what’s good for the goose is good for the goslings. Anytime, any place.”

Coach Wilson spoke. “ Girls, these terms in no way diminish the Director’s capacity or authority to run the Project. She is the final word while we are testing or evaluating data. I am her prime assistant. When not conducting the Project, remember, you are mine.”

“Now let’s take a final class photo. It will be great.”

He put Ashley, Melissa, Donna, Crysta, Audrey, Nikki and Jen against the wall where they were bound earlier. He had then spread their legs about 18 inches apart with each girl’s feet touching the foot of the girl on either side. They were to hold hand with their arms raised above their heads at if they were declaring each other champion.

He positioned Lisa, Marti, Janie, Mika, Beth and Becca in front of the others, except these teens were on their knees, sitting back, so their cute butts touched their heels, directly in front of the pairs of feet, knees spread to touch the knees of the girl on either side, hands clasped behind their backs. Through the viewfinder, Eddie could see the thirteen twats and twenty-six titties he had been having fun with for weeks.

He put Megan to the left, close but not in the group. Her hands were clasped on top of her head. She stood, legs eighteen inches apart like the others he had fucked. Megan was slightly forward of Ashley and slightly behind Lisa.

The stage set, he took pictures of the lovely, intensely sexy group with and without the nipple jewelry. With the timer, he took more of the same with him posed on the right, placed as Megan.

They excited girls wanted to see the photos. He switched to “review”, showing them the poses. They jumped and squealed like all excited girls seem to do. All of them, Megan included, wanted copies. He agreed to print some up. He then found and put on his boxer shorts

“OK girls. Time to go home. Secure your nipple clips and clamps. Make sure they are tight enough. Lisa, please put the camera and extra clips in that little equipment bag and take with us. It is cold enough tonight for your tasty nipples to pop them off. I will find you in violation of our Code and take you right there if that it happens.”

Cries of It’s cold, we’re naked, in public, outside, with nipple clips, on campus, we’ll be seen, touched, naked, everybody watching. Oh my god. Et Cetera.

“Ms Director. Turn on the nightlights, turn off the brights. Hang your keys on your tit chain. Girls, line up single file, hands behind your backs. We are outta here.”

He had them wait for him to close and lock the door. Then marched them toward the dorm, Megan on point, him last.

He only had to fuck two by the time the girls got home. But is really about the journey and not the destination.

College Newspaper Article – Afternoon with the Olympic Swim Team

Peter Kent reports

Last time, I interviewed three girls that had been selected to represent the USA at the 2012 Olympics as part of the badminton team. I was asked to follow it up with a look at two other very talented girls who will also be at the Olympics representing the USA but this time, as part of the synchronised swim team.

The two girls in question are Angel and Aleska.

I joined the girls as they were warming up and rehearsing part of their routine in their dorm room before they headed out to perform it in the college pool.

(By the way, don’t let the attractive backdrop fool you. The two girls are in their dorm room. What is behind them is a large picture, but more on that later.)

You may find it a tad strange that they are topless but Angel explained that they both have always had sensitive skin and found tight swimwear to be very irritating so they only wore it at competitions when they really had to.

Angel and Aleska have been friends since “forever”. In fact, they grew up living next door to each other. As the two girls helped each other stretch, they told me more.

Aleska: “I was always asking my parents to go round to Angel’s to play in her paddling pool whenever I saw her out there.”

Angel: “Yeah, and we both started imitating what we saw the swimmers on TV do and before you knew it, our parents had enrolled us at the local sports centre.”

As they talked, I noticed the great care they had for each other as they stretched. Each was paying close attention to the other to make sure they wouldn’t injure themselves by stretching incorrectly.

The duo moved over to the bed to start prepping there routine. Angel began scratching at the waist band of her briefs.

“You see? These are a bit tight. As a result of the sensitivity, I don’t usually wear anything under my skirts so that was one rule with of the dress code I was right at home with,” Angel told me.

I asked the girls if I was correct in assuming that they usually practice naked.

Aleska: “Yes, we usually do but didn’t want to offend you or your readers so thought it best to wear something.”

I didn’t want to stop them practicing to their full extent and told them that I was sure none of the readers would be offended and that they should not put themselves out just because of me.

They appreciated this greatly and couldn’t wait to get their uncomfortable bottoms off.

Not wanting to appear that I was ogling them while they were removing their briefs, I turned my attention to the very impressive wall hangings which turned out to be state of the art LCD displays with moving pictures of a tropical paradise designed to inspire and relax the pair.

Angel: “We saw these while at a contest in Japan and thought it was just the thing to come back to when we had had a demanding session in the pool.”

Now fully naked and completely comfortable, they continued their stretches and routine prepping.

I asked them if it was difficult coming up with new routines.

Aleska: “It can be sometimes. You can spend hours racking your brain trying to come up with something. Other times, you can be just mucking about and you get a great brain wave!”

Angel: “Yes! Just like this position. We were fooling around and came up with it and decided that since we’ve never seen any other swimmers do it, we’ll incorporate into out routine.”

Impressed as I was, I thought there might be a problem and asked if they would both be able to float like that in the water.

Angel: “Oh, you’ll be amazed at what we can do! We both agreed that this unusual position would be used because Aleska will then rotate 180 degrees so she’s orientated the same way as me like this,”

I couldn’t help but remark on how wonderful they were and asked how they felt with the games coming up.

Angel: “We’ve worked so hard for this and dreamed about it loads over the years and it’s finally going to be a reality! We just hope we do everyone proud.”

Aleska: “Yeah, we’re really focused and dedicated, always perfecting our routines. We don’t want to make any mistakes.”

I watched the girls transfixed, going from one position to another, never being able to second guess them. The look of confusion on my face must have been obvious as they decided to revert back to their previous position and let my deduce what they move to next but I just couldn’t get it.

Angel: “We’ve decided to go from that to this,”

I was really impressed, these girls clearly had talent. With their routine being the topic of the conversation again, they could not contain their excitement and began transitioning again through more positions and ended on this:

The two girls continued to show great care and dedication towards each other, making sure they had both done the position correctly.

With all the careful attention to detail I could clearly see that they would indeed perform very well at the Olympics and told them that as with the badminton girls, they too had the support of the whole college.

Angel: “We’ve both felt the support and love from the other students, many have come up to us wishing us lots of luck.”

Aleska: “Students have even been offering to help us with our routines. We had lots of offers, particularly from boys. I can’t understand why they would want to hang out with two girls doing girly stuff like this. I guess they’re being very nice and really want to encourage us.”

My time with the girls was up but before leaving, they asked me once again to guess their next position. I studied them closely and contemplated hard. Eventually, I thought I had it and told them my answer.

“Correct!” they both yelled and showed me I was right.

College Newspaper Article – A Day with the Olympic Badminton Team

Peter Kent reports:

With the 2012 Olympics only months away, I was given the very special task of reporting on three of the college’s students who are talented enough to be part of the 2012 Olympic badminton team representing the USA. I was accompanying them on a very special training trip, something that would help to prepare them for their challenge in a few months time.

May I introduce Lexa, Kala and Caprice.

Their special training session actually began with a 3 mile trek to this beautiful location.
You may be able to tell that the three girls are not wearing the standard college gym kit. Because they have been selected for the Olympic team, they have been given special kits that are made with the very latest technologically advanced sports clothing material which helps to keep the athletes cool and supported.

The girls told me that as soon as they put these special kits on, they could tell the difference instantly. They felt that they were really prepared for a hard training session. They told me that even the way the back was ribbed added to the support the kit gave them.

As any athlete serious about their sport would do, the girls first start their training session by warming up. They have been practicing and training with each other for quite some time now so have automatically become quite synchronised when exercising.

The girls wanted to show me the very special technique they used for preparing their buttocks for the strenuous workout ahead. They explained that stretching these particular muscles prevents the leg muscles further down going into spasms later.

After a while of warming up, stretching, bending and twisting, the girls were ready to start training. As soon as they began, I could see exactly how they had made the team. They were handling their rackets and shuttlecock with such deft professionalism.

Over and over, they batted the shuttlecock to each other at lightning speed! None of them missed a single stroke! They were going so fast, I could hardly keep up.

They went on furiously like this for quite some time without pausing for a moment but suddenly, Kala had to stop. She realised that somewhere in all the frantic action, she had somehow lost a contact lens. Lexa and Caprice were appalled to hear this and all three of them scrambled to look for it before it was accidently trodden on.

Kala eventually found it and the three girls cheered with joy. After a quick break for refreshments, they got back to the training. Caprice however wasn’t feeling right. She said she had an issue with her kit. Even though it was made with the latest technology, she still found it a bit ‘clingy’. Lexa and Kala both agreed. They all decided to take their kits off and continue unrestricted.

Would you believe that without their kits on, the girls were batting the shuttlecock to each other even faster! It was whizzing between them in a blur.

They continued like this for a long time. I didn’t want to interrupt them but it struck me that I had not yet taken individual photos of them for this article. I apologised to them and explained and they were only too happy to oblige.

I asked Caprice while she was posing for her thoughts on the upcoming games.

“I’m very excited and can’t wait. It will be my first time travelling to England and I’ve heard lots of great things about it.”

Lexa told me that it would be her first time in England also but she had one reason for slight concern.

“I’ve heard it rains a lot, even during the summer! I’m grateful that we’re going to be in indoor courts, not affected by the weather. I’d hate to be a sprinter and it suddenly started raining!”

Kala though, had been to England many times.

“I’ve got family over there and visit them regularly. The rain isn’t that bad! At the height of summer you’ll occasionally get the odd thunder storm after a few very sunny days but it’s only natural, something to do with the air pressure build up.”

I thanked the girls for their precious time and for letting me interrupted their important training session and asked them for one last group photo for all the readers. They said it was no problem on condition that every reader throws their support behind them when the games begin. I asked them how best would they like the readers to show their support. Lexa said that every reader would show support in their own special way but if you needed help thinking up something, just look at the photo and do the first thing that comes to mind.

Message from the Dean; re:Unstreaking

A Message From The Dean:

A disturbing practice has erupted on campus that must immediately stop. Harsh disciplinary action will be taken if this trend continues. Of course, I’m talking about the recent prank of unstreaking. While many view it as harmless, it is upsetting to the order of things on campus.

For those fortunate enough to not have had their classroom unstreaked, let me describe the unruly behavior some have engaged. Some girls wear as many items of clothing as possible, and race through classroom lectures flaunting the Dress Code. This is a direct violation of the Code of Conduct and must cease.

While we agree that college life sometimes requires students to unwind and do things that normally they would not do, this particular behavior crosses all lines of decency. The inspection team was able to catch up to one student, and upon confiscating her clothing determine she was wearing several layers of clothing. The sight was so upsetting to many students as layer after layer was removed, that once decency was restored and the inspector had all her clothing, the naked girl escaped before a positive identification could be made. A donation to the needy was made of her jeans, sweats, leggings, panties, thong, g-string, pantyhose, thigh highs, knee sock, tube socks, bobby socks, bra, camisole, tee shirt, blouse, pull-over, sweat shirt, sweater, coat, scarf, and two hats as no hearing could be set.

If you or others are planning to unstreak on campus, be warned that additional measures will be taken to end these disruptive stunts. We encourage you to talk your fellow coeds out of participating in such acts. You will remember fondly your days of college life without such gross displays of lewd behavior flaunting the good discipline the Dress Code provides all of us across campus.


College Newspaper Article – End of Year Fancy Dress Party

[Peter Kent reports]

It is approaching that time of year again, the time that all the girls enjoy – the annual fancy dress party. Over the years, the girls have enjoyed it much more than the boys because they took pride in making their outfits rather than just buying them from the store. They spend many months preparing for this one day.  To reward the girls’ efforts, a best fancy dress outfit competition was started to end the party with, the winner getting money donated to their favourite charity.

However, the first obstacle for the girls was to make it onto the nominations list, which meant the girls’ costume had to be accepted by three judges. Over the years, the judges had come up with a suitable brief for any girl wanting to be considered for the finals.

Any participant had to produce a faithful representation of the character they were dressing as and if they were depicting a historical figure, they had to remain historically accurate. They had to do all this while still conforming to the college dress code as much as possible. The judges however, knew that keeping to the code might be difficult because of the costumes so with the Dean’s permission, students participating in this competition have the dress code rules relaxed a little for this one night only (although the girls are not informed of this so that they do not take liberties and try to bend the rules too far).

Usually, on the day of the fancy dress party, the three judges spend their time visiting all the girls who have put their names down for the competition. They check over their outfits and decided if she should be submitted to the final later that evening.

I, Peter Kent, spent the day accompanying the judges as they assessed the costumes for the evening’s party. Here are the highlights…

Tina and Rose

Our first visit was to Tina and Rose. They are cheerleaders and best friends and do everything together, entering the competition is no exception. When we found them, they were busy adding finishing touches to a painting.

They presented themselves to the judges without naming their characters.

“Well?” The judges asked.

“We’re two Disney characters!” Tina said gleefully.

“Yes, but which ones?” one judge asked with a little exasperation.

“Oh, you have to guess!” Rose exclaimed.

The judges were in no mood to play games considering the workload ahead of them and decided not to put the duo down on the nominations list. The girls were a little disappointed that the judges didn’t what to play but for some odd reason, they still did not want to give their characters away. Instead they decided to try and make the judges reconsider by showing off their cheerleading skills…

…but it takes more that fancy leg work to impress the judges who were not swayed and they moved on to their next candidate.


Koika was very excited to show us the Chinese costume she had handmade.

One of the Judges was concerned about the amount of flesh on display but Koika gave a good explanation, “I’m a Chinese ‘Comfort Woman.’”

“Comfort woman?” a judge asked.

“Yes, from World War 2. Maybe you should Wikipedia it. Being a comfort woman, I would have probably had to attract customers and I thought the best way a comfort woman would do this would be to ‘display her wares’,” she said. “You see? I am sure you would have to make yourself look very desirable, like this…”

The judges huddled around one another to look up what she was saying on one of their mobile devices. After finding the information, they were a bit unsure to the tastefulness of what she was dressed as but satisfied with her answer and costume and seeing that she was trying to be authentic, they put her thorough to the final.


Miranda’s costume was instantly recognisable but was also instantly dismissed.

“I’m Super Girl!” she proclaimed proudly.

“The brief said ‘…an accurate representation of your chosen character…’” one of the judges quoted to remind her.

“I know, I know, but I just couldn’t find anything else and I really wanted to be Super Girl.

With her costume not being up to scratch, the judges could not let her through to the final.


When we found Shelly, she was very upset and in tears.

“What’s wrong?” a judge asked her.

“I really wanted to be nominated,” she said in between snivels, “but my costume is ruined!”

“We’re sure something can be done. Why don’t you get it and let us have a look anyway?” another said.

“I’m telling you, it’s ruined!” she said getting up and going into another room to put her outfit on.

The judges being concerned for her wellbeing got together to conspire, “I think we should put her through to the final no matter what she is wearing,” one of them said.

“I agree! This girl really needs her spirits lifted and reaching the final will put her on top of the world.”

They all concurred and called Shelly to tell her the good news. She came out of the other room wearing her costume and leaned against the wall.

“You see? It’s ruined! I put it in the wash but the temperature was too high and it shrunk! I was supposed to be a one of Santa’s little helpers and I was sure I had a good chance of making it to the final,” she said looking up at the judges with hope in her eyes.

The judges had no idea that Shelly’s outfit would end up being so revealing, had they known the state of it before hand, they wouldn’t have put her through but as they had already given their word to each other, they could not go back on it.

“Well,” they said hesitantly, “despite your laundry mistake, we’ve decided that your costume would have been a very accurate representation of one of Santa’s little helpers and have added you to the nominations list.”

Shelly was ecstatic, “Oh thank you sooooo much! I’ve been looking forward to this all year!”


Tabitha had always failed at the cheerleading tryouts and had never been given the chance to join the squad, so the choice of costume for her was obvious.

“I’m sorry, I did have a skirt to go with this but…  I lost it…,” Tabitha said thinking that without the skirt, the judges wouldn’t let her through to the final. She suddenly thought of a good idea to try and get them back on side, “…but look! Even though I’m not a cheerleader, I can do real cheerleading moves…!”


The judges actually thought that she didn’t have a skirt because she was trying to conform to the dress code. They liked her outfit, especially the addition of the pom-poms and put her through to the final.


Zara showed her costume declaring that she was Red Riding Hood. She gave her luscious red cape a great swirl as she greeted us.

One of the judges spotted something, “Wait a minute Zara, come closer. What have you got on underneath that cape?”

“Oh, nothing.” Zara replied as she opened it up to show us.

The judges had a problem with this.

“I have never read a Red Riding Hood story wear she was naked under her cape.”

“Well,” Zara had been thinking about this, “Firstly, I Knew that the cape was very long and would usually break the dress code so I decided to make up for it by not wearing anything underneath. Secondly, I’m sure that as the real Red Riding Hood was running through the forest, she would have gotten extremely hot and would have had to remove some clothes. Now, she would hardly remove her signature red cape so of course she would have taken off her other clothes and open the cape up to let the forest wind cool her down like this…”

The judges found her logic irrefutable and allowed her into the final.


Reanna knew her Snow White costume was great and she expected to see smiles on the judges’ faces but instead of smiles, she saw them frowning. This confused her but suddenly thought that the problem could be the length of her dress.

“I know the dress is a bit long but maybe I could have some leeway since I’m not wearing panties, see?” she asked.

The judges were amazed by Reanna’s outfit. Dress length was not a concern today as for this event, the rules had been relaxed a bit but they noticed her hair and demeanour and thought that this might be some sort of Gothic interpretation of Snow White.

Reanna could see they still had apprehension on their faces and asked them if they liked her costume.

“It’s not the outfit itself that’s a cause for concern, it’s that you don’t look like you’re not enjoying yourself. In fact you seem a bit scary.”

“Oh, ok. How about this?” she asked.

“Much better!” The judges liked her smile and put her though to the final.


Polina was dressed in a traditional Roman costume.

“Hmm… That looks very authentic,” one of the judges commented.

“Yes! I made sure it was when I was making it. I don’t think the Romans, especially the ones with less money, wore any kind of underwear, so I followed suit and tried to be as authentic as possible by not wearing underwear too,” Polina said.

“Yes, that is very authentic,” a judge said. “But are you wearing a bra? I’m sure Roman women did not have that kind of lingerie either.”

“No, of course not, see?” Polina replied.”

“Like I said, I’m trying to be very authentic!” she said.

“Excellent!” The judges exclaimed and added her to the nominations list.


We visited Christine (who shared a room with Anita). We knocked on the dorm door and Anita answered, “Yes! Christine is waiting for you in the bathroom.”

“Well if she’s not ready, we can see your costume while we wait,” one of the judges said.

“No, Christine said she’s ready for you. I’ll be ready when you come out,” Anita Said.

We followed her directions into the bathroom to meet Christine. After closing the door, Christine leapt out from behind the shower curtain surprising us by presenting herself like this:

At first the judges thought she had lost her mind and should be disallowed from attending the party altogether.

“What on earth are you doing?! Why are you naked?! Where is you costume?!” they demanded to know.

“This IS my costume!” Christine said defiantly. “I am dressed like a streaker.”

After some thought, her ‘costume’ made sense to the judges and they apologised to her. Two out of three were not completely happy with her total nudity (they thought it defeated the object of a ‘fancy dress’ party), but logically speaking, out of all the girls they had seen so far, Christine was probably the most accurate at portraying who she was meant to be, so for that reason alone, they had to put her through to the final.


After trying to get over our shock of Christine, we heard Anita call out to us, signalling that she was ready with her costume. We entered back into the dorm room to find Anita like this:

“Don’t tell us you’re a streaker too!” the judges said flabbergasted.

A streaker?! No. I’m Eve, from the Bible, before she ate the apple,” Anita said. “Don’t I look all innocent and carefree?”

“Well, yes you do but I don’t think we can allow two naked girls in the final,” one judge said.

TWO naked girls?!” Christine and Anita both exclaimed.

Christine came hurriedly out of the bathroom, still naked, and they both looked at each other in shock.

Well you can understand the girls’ upset; even though they had dressed as different people, both of them had been caught wearing the same outfit!

“Hey! You’ve stolen my outfit idea!” Christine said to Anita.

“No I didn’t! I didn’t know what you were going to dress as!” Anita said.

A judge interrupted, “Whatever the case, we don’t think it would be a good idea for two girls in your attire to be in the final and we’ve already put Christine through.”

Anita slumped to the floor disheartened and scratching her head, trying to think up something.

The judges began to feel a bit sorry for her.  They could tell her heart was really set on being in the final as well and could see all the hard work she had put into representing Eve. Reluctantly, they decided to put her through too.


Lastly, we visited Elise who surprised us by not only being in costume but in character also.

“I AM ELISE, THE MIGHTY DRAGON WARRIOR!!!” she shouted at us in her most heroic voice. She was swinging a sword about quite violently.

“Careful with that, we don’t want you to hurt yourself… or us,” one judge said.

“We like your costume but your armour doesn’t protect your modesty. I don’t think this is very authentic.  Wouldn’t your armour have been a problem to a… warrior woman like yourself? Wouldn’t all the other warrior men be looking at your…  feminine areas?” another judge asked.



The judges decided to put Elise through to the final, more out of fear than anything else.

Later that evening…

The party is in full swing with all the students enjoying themselves. All that is left to do now is for the public to decide which finalist will win the best costume award so now it is over to you:

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College Newspaper Article – Panty Inspections

[WARNING: Contains pictures some readers may find distasteful (3 near the end which I've uploaded smaller)]

Peter Kent reports

With more and more girls of the college choosing to wear panties as their only bottom, a troubling occurrence has started to arise. Many are choosing to wear their panties for longer periods of time, neglecting the hygienic aspects to what they are wearing and walking around in dirty panties. To prevent this becoming an epidemic, the Dean has introduced a new ‘Panty Inspection’. Inspectors and peers can implement this to ensure that girls who choose to wear panties as a bottom, are always wearing clean ones.

An inspector may approach any girl he sees wearing panties as a bottom, and inform her that he would like to perform a panty inspection. He then asks her to pull her panties down so he may look inside them.  As with the other forms of inspection, the same rules apply to the girls whereby it is in the girl’s best interest to obey the requests of the inspector.

Some girls may choose to assist this inspection by lifting up their tops or removing them completely so that there is no chance of extra shadows being cast on their panties, hampering the inspector’s view. It is unlikely that the inspector will ask the girl to remove her panties completely, however, because he is thinking of her wellbeing and does not want her to be completely bottomless in case she feels embarrassed.

Advice For Female Students:
So if an inspector asks to inspect your panties, remember that you just need to pull them down so he can see inside your underwear and not take them off. If you are standing up when you pull your panties down, the inspector may not be able to get a clear view as to whether your panties are clean or not.  It is best to give him full access by bending over as much as you can. You can bend over a chair if you need to, like this.

This position for a panty inspection is nearly perfect.  As you can see, there is a clear view of the inside of Amada’s panties proving that they are nice and clean. The same can be said for Aaliyah, perfectly displaying the inside of her panties.

Amy is also exhibiting her panties well but the inspector may have to step in quite close for him to see inside them properly.

Aaliyah here again, demonstrates how to show an inspector her panties.

And Charlie lets an inspector get a good look at the inside of her panties by assuming a similar position.

Rather than spending extra time seeking out a chair, for convenience, the girl having her panties inspected can bend over on the floor to show the inspector that she is wearing clean panties, like Tiffany is doing here:

If you do bend over to display your panties, you have to make sure that you pull them down far enough and not like this next girl Cassandra:

She has two problems. The first is that because she has not pulled them down far enough, her vagina is casting a shadow on her panties which makes it hard for the inspector to see inside them.  Secondly, her panties are black making it even harder for the inspector to see the state of them clearly. I’m not advocating never wearing black panties, just warning that inspectors scrutinising black panties will have to look extra closely at them bringing their face extremely close to a girl’s vagina while she is in an inspection position, but…

…A better way to give the inspector a good peek inside your panties (without him becoming so intimate with your vagina) would be to sit facing the inspector, dropping your panties then raising your legs like this:

From this photo, you cannot quite see whether the crotch of her panties are clean or not but for an inspector, a girl in this position is nearly perfect. He can walk all around her, examining both sides of her panties for cleanliness.

If the girl being examined finds the floor uncomfortable, she can of course use a chair or other piece of furniture to display her panties in this position.

Most of the girls fully understand the importance of this new inspection and demonstrate this by being quite enthusiastic when raising their legs, being proud to show that they are wearing clean underwear.

Another advantage of the female student being on an object while she raises her legs is that it makes the inspector’s difficult job easier by bringing the panties closer to his face for him to examine.

As Nikki is showing, an inspector will not have to bend down too much for him to see the state of her panties, making the inspection go quicker.

Georgia is keen to help the inspector do his job in this way by raising her legs nice and high, bring her panties up to the inspector’s face.

Faith was already sitting on this chair in her t-shirt and panties when an inspector happened by and asked to check if her panties were clean. She was happy that she didn’t have to get up and just slid her panties down and raised her legs.

Rather that opt for a chair or sofa, Aaliyah thought a table would be even better so she could bring her panties right up to the inspectors face and he would be able to see without a doubt that her panties were clean.

On occasion, an inspector will be passing a dorm room and may spot a student he ought to check over. He will inform her of his intensions and the girl can make use of her bed to make it easier for the inspector to investigate her panties, as shown by Sheila and Olga:

Here is another enthusiastic student happy to prove she is wearing clean panties:

Sometimes, a girl can become a little too enthusiastic when showing off the state of her panties. Remember girls, it is not necessary to remove your panties completely like Diamond has done here:

Simply pulling them down will be enough. You may ask would it not be simpler for the girl to just remove her panties and hand them to the inspector for him to examine. Perhaps it would be, but as mentioned above, the inspectors themselves have decided that this was a better route to go down because they did not want to leave the girls completely bottomless while inspecting their panties, as this could make them feel extremely embarrassed while they waited. If the girl being inspected is still wearing her panties, even if it is just around her ankles, she’ll feel much better.

It is also necessary to state to the female students that when showing the inspectors that you are wearing clean panties, there is no need to be too fancy in your display. It is just a waste of the inspector’s (and your own) time.

Here a girl removes one leg from her panties but tries to keep them on with the other leg and her teeth!

This makes no sense and does not make it any easier for the inspector to examine her panties so there really is no point in trying to be fancy like this. Another example is Chloe:

In trying to be fancy and clever, she is actually obscuring the inspector’s view of her panties and by using her teeth to hold her panties, she may cause herself an unforeseen problem. If she accidently gets saliva on her panties, the inspector is likely to think that the fluid is something else and deem her to be wearing sticky, dirty panties.

And while we are on the subject, what happens if a girl is found to be wearing dirty panties?
Her panties are confiscated for evidence and she is placed on Sine Interulus. She is banned from wearing panties for one month. After that month, for the two weeks following, she is allowed to wear panties again but is put on a watch list. Students on this list must carry around a signatory form and must approach a tutor or inspector every daytime college hour for them to check the cleanliness of her panties then sign her form to show that her panties were clean at the stated hour. After this two week period, the form is presented to an adjudicator and if he finds it satisfactory, she is removed from the watch list, taken off Sine Interulus and she can continue her college life as normal.

Case study 1:
This case shows that it is not always necessary for the girl to pull her panties down. While still wearing her panties, she may turn the gusset over so the inspector can see the crotch area. Ash did exactly this but the inspector was not happy at what he found.

Click to supersize (don't say I didn't warn you! :))

Her panties were filthy. They were taken for evidence and she was place on Sine Interulus.

Case study 2:
This girl was stopped by an inspector who requested to carry out a panty inspection. From her manner, he could instantly tell there was something wrong. She was also stalling. She had removed her top first claiming that she did not want it to get in the way but she did this very slowly.

Unlike most of the girls having their panties inspected, she did not demonstrate the enthusiasm that the inspector usually saw when a girl was proving that she had on clean underwear. She slowly pulled them aside.

Click to supersize...

Just as he had suspected from her attitude, her panties did not look clean, but to be absolutely sure, he went in for a much closer look. should know what this is going to say by now...

His instincts were correct; she was wearing very dirty panties. Like the case above, her panties were confiscated and she was placed on Sine Interulus.

These two cases are examples of how this new inspection is benefiting the college and the female students themselves. In time, girls wearing dirty panties will be a very rare thing indeed.