FTSFD – Part Three (Genevieve Takes a Shower and Makes a Friend)

(Part 1, Part 2)

Genevieve strode briskly along, trying to ignore her totally nude state relative to her (primarily) (comparatively) clothed female counterparts. This was made harder by the way boys and girls alike would still point at her and snicker, as well as occasionally snap photos. This wasn’t helped by the fact that Genevieve had failed to realize that even after her very dirty cleanup job, she still had several long streaks of cum in her hair, making it very obvious that in addition to being very naked she had very recently been very well fucked.

As she walked Genevieve was surprised to see a girl who was evidently taking a shower and lathering up right in public!




Genevieve blushed prettily as the girl, catching on that she was being watched, turned and clearly spotted Genevieve staring. Genevieve was surprised (though far less so than she would have been even earlier that day) as the girl continued to lather up with no sign of embarrassment whatsoever, even turning around to face her.




The girl spoke to Genevieve directly, looking her right in the eye. “So, little voyeur, enjoy the show?” Genevieve blushed even more intently and hoped the girl hadn’t noticed the way her cute little pussy had flushed along with her face as she watched, offering mute testimony that yes, yes she had. “I – I mean, I’m not like – that is, I didn’t mean to-”, Genevieve stammered. The girl laughed at her obvious embarrassment as she stood up to rinse off. “It’s alright. Always nice to have an admirer.”, she said with a smile.


“Say”, she said, looking back at Genevieve, who was still unable to tear her eyes away, “you look like you could use a turn washing up yourself.


Genevieve considered. Well, she was already naked in public anyway, and while her seminal – no, that should be semen-al – (get it? get it? –ed) luncheon earlier had removed (most) of the obvious cumsplatters from her face and body, it couldn’t be denied she was still decidedly… sticky. Not to mention the annoying fact that she’d been pumped so full of cum by her various consensual rapists that it had been leaking down her legs out of both her pussy and asshole as she walked. Yes, she decided, a shower was just the thing – public or not.

“Thanks! Let me just, um, step on in here…” Genevieve said, easing her way under the water as the now suds-free other girl made room. Genevieve looked about for the soap, but was surprised to find it in the other girls hands. Well, really more surprised to find the other girl’s hands on her body, gliding over its smooth surfaces and delightful curves. “Oh!” Genevieve gasped. “That’s really – really not necessary…” The other girl smirked. “Nonsense. Always happy to help out a fan.” Genevieve blushed again, both from the girl’s words and from the way her pussy was moistening and her nipples were standing erect and almost painfully hard from the feel of the girl’s attentive hands – not to mention the way she kept pressing her naked body against Genevieve’s.

Genevieve gasped again as, while the warm falling water sluiced the suds away, the girl slid down her body as well to stick her tongue up Genevieve’s still cum-filled asshole. “Mmm. Tastes like somebody’s been having fun.”, she said, much to Genevieve’s further embarrassment. “Here. Let me help clean this up for you too.” Genevieve’s previous embarrassment catapulted to new heights of humiliation as the girl enthusiastically went to work on both her pussy and asshole, switching back and forth from one to the other as she tongued and sucked the cum out of Genevieve’s still tight young holes, vigorously fingering each to pump out still more cum to be devoured. Genevieve moaned louder and louder in increasing arousal and pleasure under the girl’s expert administrations, almost but not quite oblivious to the gathering crowd admiring yet another of her humiliatingly public sexual displays. With a cry of unrestrained ecstasy Genevieve came hard in front of all her witnesses as a knee-weakening orgasm pulsed through her receptive body.

Genevieve barely had a moment to recover before she suddenly felt another, thicker, undeniably male set of fingers probing the inside of her pussy from behind. “Yup, soaking inside and out!” She could practically hear the grin in his voice as he continued, “Ready for your punishment, sweetheart?” Ready or not, here he came, bending her over and plunging his big hard cock deep inside Genevieve’s wet eager pussy in yet another consensual rape for her day. As he pounded her tight hole so hard she was lifted partway onto her toes with each thrust, her combined pleasure and humiliation barely left her enough awareness to see another boy similarly bending over and fucking her shower friend right in front of her. When she leaned forward a little further to lock lips (and tongues) with Genevieve as they each got the public deep-dicking of a lifetime (or perhaps a weektime on the Campus), Genevieve was so overcome with gratitude for this kindness (not to mention with arousal) that she returned the kiss eagerly, making out enthusiastically with the other girl even in the middle of getting fucked hard. Her consensual rapist considerately lessened the force of his strokes to help enable this tender moment of connection, causing Genevieve’s pussy to moisten still further in gratitude for his thoughtfulness. Even if she wasn’t in the shower, she’d still have been dripping.

Suddenly, with almost simultaneous cries of pleasure, all four of them came together, the two boys pumping the two girls pussies full of their hot sticky cum. As they pulled out the two girls had to lean forward and cling to each other to stay upright, their orgasms had been such knee-tremblers. The watching crowd applauded this fine foursome’s performance with enthusiastic appreciation, causing the already-flushed Genevieve to redden still further from her deep embarrassment.

As she clung to her comrade-in-fuckery, one wet young body pressed against another, it occurred to Genevieve that right after her cleanup by her friend, here she was full of cum again. Well, there was only one thing for it, she told herself. And with unspoken agreement, the two girls arranged themselves in a 69 on the ground – ready to help each other clean out their cum-sticky holes this time.

And to think – some people say it’s hard to make new friends on your first day on a new campus.

[to be continued! and comments, as always, welcomed]

Advisory to Students Re: Shower Availability for Females

Hello again, campus residents! This is another message from your beloved Campus Office of Decency, which as you may recall has helped improve conditions and decency on campus before, with our innovative Campus Shaving Service (http://www.collegecodeofconduct.com/campus-shaving-service). And now, we have another exciting update! As you are no doubt aware, female shower arrangements on campus have been problematic for some time. As boys and inspectors may burst in on them for peer inspections or just to check up on their dear female friends, all too many girls have suffered embarrassment and humiliation at this unexpected exposure in a presumptively private location. To help illustrate how girls may be embarrassed in this manner, we have chosen to publish several photographs of such embarrassed girls to help our readers better understand what we mean. We are certain these girls, in the spirit of public service, are more than happy to help out in this manner, though technically we did not actually check.





As you can see, these girls seem to suffer acute embarrassment – albeit generally borne with a good-natured smile, as befits a good campus girl – from such exposure in their private showers, as evidenced by the photos taken (and now made widely public). They even seem to forget the campus guidelines against “covering up”, which should of course be understood to apply at all times as we believe decency should know no bounds or limits – and that goes for the measures designed to enforce and encourage it as well, naturally.

Well, worry not, campus residents – your Office of Decency has divined a solution! The problem was clear – embarrassment of our female population by male viewing of their private showering activities. After careful analysis by our finest experts, the solution became self-evident. Since it was the interruption of their private showers that caused the embarrassment, logically making all female showers completely open to public viewing by design should completely eliminate this kind of embarrassment! Now our girls can get wet and rub down every part of their young nude bodies with soap (or those of their friends in the spirit of helpfulness our girls are so well known for) in full view of the entire campus population. Thus, embarrassment from intrusion into private showering spaces will be totally eliminated, as there will be no private showering spaces available for female use.

Of course the simplest way of making girls’ showers open to public viewing is simply to move them outside, avoiding the need for costly and impractical internal renovations. This way students all around campus can admire our naked young coeds as they demonstrate their commitment to personal hygiene as they wash up where absolutely anyone can see them – fellow students, professors, visiting parents, tourists seeing the sights in New Town and stopping by our Central University, which has acquired quite the reputation. For our lovely architecture, we assume. Why else take so many pictures here, and share them so enthusiastically with friends and online? It simply stands to reason. And to our now publicly showering girls: rest assured that your decency is perfectly preserved, as of course nudity is simply expected when showering and thus should not be viewed as indecent at all. No matter how much the boys on campus may take advantage of the fondling rule to grope every part of your totally exposed bodies, even to the point of provoking a sexual reaction in some shamefully indecent girls necessitating an immediate consensual rape by whichever boy (or boys, plural) may be closest. Simply rise above, ladies. Or go down, as the circumstances may indicate.

In any event, the documentary evidence clearly supports the success of the new initiative, already launched into its preliminary stages. The easiest installations were those set up at the beach nearby campus, as showers for washing off sand were already present – they simply had to be designated as repurposed. Take a look:



girls showering outdoors (ccc) 03


girls showering outdoors (ccc) 17

As you can see, no embarrassment is evident, despite the extremely public nature of the shower setups. Or should we say, BECAUSE of the extremely public character of the showers, as our logic is clearly vindicated.

Encouraged by this success, we have proceeded with installing more showers by the sides of buildings and other public locales.

girls showering outdoors (ccc) 24

haydee-navarra-oct-H-extremo-09-830x1056 (ccc material - showering)

joanna-krupa-playboy-02 (ccc material - shower)


Some girls are so eager for the changeover that they are even bathing in water fountains!




We do have two more points to note before we conclude, however. First, the changeover is completely mandatory and must be complied with as soon as possible. We are confident this has nothing to do with the enthusiastic embrace of the new system documented above, as we believe our girls would be fully persuaded that this was the best course of action in any case. Despite our decision not to spend resources on consulting them on the change at all. The mandate is thus simply a fail-safe. Second, to avoid issues such as theft of clothing while in the showers, all girls must be completely naked for the entire trip to and from the new public showers. If time constraints do not permit them to return home before their next class (this applying especially to any girls who have chosen to live off-campus), they must simply remain naked as they go about their day until such opportunity arises, and are expected to bear any prolonged fondling of their most private areas and/or consensual rapes with good grace as simply necessary implications of the new system. They may, however, bring a towel with them so they do not have to walk around wet from the showers. While of course it is possible they may choose to wrap the towel around them, this of course simply means they are likely to be inspected and reveal themselves in an embarrassing public spectacle, as with this girl:



Instead, we recommend they take the lead of these girls, and simply wrap their towels around their heads both before and after showering:

out of the shower (ccc material)

deserea 01 (ccc material - shower)

And so, this concludes our message on the update of female showering facilities. We hope you have all found our frank (and revealing!) explanation to be helpful and informative!

–Your Campus Office of Decency

Pretty Girl of the Day, November 7, 2013


Today’s pretty girl shows us the best side of her “little red dress”. The truth is she’s a little embarrassed about her “outie”.

“Lots of girls have outies,” we told her.

“Yeah,” she said, “and boys have penises. But neither boys nor girls want to wear a little red dress and have something dangling, now, do they?”

Well, it’s true that boys who wear little red dresses typically tuck their penis out of the way, and girls with outies don’t have that option. “We never really thought about it,” we told her.

Thanks for bringing this important issue to the forefront!


Pretty Girl of the Day, November 8, 2013

“I’m wearing the top of my favorite two-piece outfit,” says today’s pretty girl.

“Very nice! Can you try on the bottoms for us?”

“Nope! I threw it away,” she laughed. “I tried wearing the bottoms a few times at the beginning of the school year. But then every Inspector, and even some of my teachers wanted to make sure I remembered to shave. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the attention. But after a while, stripping for people got, well, boring, and so I figured I would just lose the bottoms, and just wear the top. Do you like it?”

Yes, we do!


Pretty Girl of the Day, November 10, 2013

We picked today’s Pretty Girl for her pretty smile. “It’s a beautiful day,” she said as she stepped out of her dorm room, still buttoning her shirt. “Maybe I should stop here,” she said, leaving the top few buttons undone. “I don’t want any Inspectors to think I might be wearing a bra!”

We completely understand how this pretty girl feels. Covering too much of her pretty body with clothing  is an invitation to being Inspected, and while Inspections are not at all supposed to be embarrassing, some girls find it a little embarrassing to be stripped naked, and then forced to bend over, spread their legs, and the like.

“I much prefer to watch other girls get Inspected,” said today’s pretty girl.


Pretty Girl of the Day, November 11, 2013


“Not now!” giggled today’s pretty girl as we snapped her picture. “I’m not dressed yet!”

But we couldn’t resist, she was so adorable slipping into her navy blue sweater.

As she dressed, she told us a story about a day that was her most fun, scariest, and most exciting day ever in high school. It was near the beginning of my Junior year. The class was called “College Prep”, or CP for short. This class was optional for girls, but I’m glad I took it because it really prepared me for College, especially the Dress Code. It was fun to be in the class because it meant we didn’t have to obey the high school dress code any more, but we did have to start obeying the College Dress Code.

We were supposed to change over to the new dress code at our own pace, but the teacher helped the girls along by doing “mock inspections” every few days, which meant she would pick a girl, and make her strip, and then if she wasn’t following the College Dress Code, she would have to name her own punishment, which had to be worse than just not wearing panties for the rest of the day, but the teacher never said how much worse it had to be. If a girl had been wearing a t-shirt and shorts that overlapped, then she would usually agree to wear just the shorts for the rest of the day. I think some girls secretly wanted to be forced to go topless, just so they could pretend it wasn’t their idea.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that the girls with the longest dresses were the ones our CP teacher stripped, and forced to name a punishment for themselves, so I started wearing t-shirts with nothing underneath, so I wouldn’t ever get picked to strip. Although a few of the other girls were also dressing this way, it still felt really strange to come to school with nothing covering my bottom.

And gym class was a little embarrassing for me, too. You see, our gym uniforms were really just t-shirts. We were supposed to wear a bra and panties under our uniforms, but the underwear was optional. Most girls didn’t wear bras, and every now and then, a girl would forget to wear panties for some reason, but the girls in the CP class were consistently naked under their gym uniforms because we never wore underwear to school after the first week.

But I digress… So I was sitting on my bare butt in CP class, because the t-shirt I wore that day wasn’t long enough to sit on, and the teacher announced that Monday would be “Pajama Day”. There was a lot of hooting and general commotion. Apparently, the boys knew all about Pajama Day, but it was new to me, so I listened intently as our teacher explained the rules. All the girls would wear a pair of baggy pajamas to school, a top and bottom. (Obviously, nothing underneath!) Then here’s the fun part: The girls would walk around the classroom, up and down the rows of seats so the boys could decide how baggy each girl’s pajamas were. Then all the girls would sit down, and the eight girls with the least baggy pajamas would have to strip stark naked in front of the whole class! But wait, it gets better! Each of the naked girls gets to pick a partner—a girl still wearing her pajamas—and the girls switch bottoms.

So you can see the strategy, right? You need to wear the baggiest possible pajamas, not only so you win the competition and don’t get stripped naked in front of all the boys, but also so you can keep that baggy top on for the rest of the day. So I went home, and found a pair of my dad’s pajamas. Did I tell you he’s a portly guy? Well, it was hilarious! I went to school holding my pants up, because they wouldn’t stay up on their own. Not that it mattered if I “dropped trou” in front of everyone, because my top came down to my knees!

So, all laughing and giggling, the girls sat down in their baggy PJs waiting for the festivities to begin. “Take off your tops, now, girls,” said the teacher.

[Sound of record skipping] Wait, what?

She smirked. “Oh, did I forget to tell you that part? We won’t be able to judge how baggy your pants are unless you take off your tops first. Didn’t you realize that? Chop chop, girls!”

Well, we all looked at each other for a while, and then some of the girls took off their tops, so I finally gave in, and took off my top. Even though I was just topless, my pants were so loose that I felt completely naked, as if I was wearing nothing but a towel draped over my lap.

“Fold them neatly, and place them on your desk. Now, stand up, and begin walking up and down the aisles.”

We all got up, most of us holding our PJ bottoms so they wouldn’t fall down, but one or two girls realized that gravity would identify the baggiest bottoms, and let them slowly slip down as they shuffled around the room. One of the boys “pantsed” me as I walked past him, which he thought was very funny. I immediately bent over to pull up my pants, which gave the boy an opportunity to whack me on the butt! How embarrassing!

“Okay, girls, I think we’ve seen enough. Everyone return to your seats, now.”

I was glad to get back to my seat. The teacher called the eight girls with the baggiest pants. Each girl was made to stand next to her desk without holding onto her pants. The class laughed as each girl’s pants fell about her ankles. The laughing subsided after the eighth name, however, as the remaining eight girls had to strip naked, and turn in all their clothes. Each of the naked girls found a partner, and my partner was a cute blonde with small breasts. She sat on my lap and spread her legs in case I wanted to stroke her pussy as we negotiated the splitting up of my pajamas, which I thought was sweet, although it was her soft, supple breasts that I most wanted to touch. She rested her head gently on my neck as I stroked her sexy body, then hugged her tight, and kissed her first sweetly, then passionately.

As the teacher started wrapping up the class, an idea came to me. Why lose the intimacy of this sweet little girl? We can share the bottom and the top. I took off my pajamas, and then with her sitting on my lap, I put them back on again, around both of us! One of each of our legs was in each leg of my dad’s pajama bottoms. And the same with our arms in the top! We went around to our classes—some of mine, some of hers—and had a really fun day!




Pretty Girl of the Day, November 19, 2013


Today’s pretty girl is an adorable blonde, wearing a blue top, and—wait, what’s this? Shorts? Oh, darling, didn’t you know about the new revised Dress Code? So many girls were wearing panties under their dresses, and trying to get away with it by saying their dresses were really “tops” and their panties were really “shorts”. So then the college changed the Dress Code to include a “no overlap” provision.PrettyGirl2013-11-19a

Now, honey, you could take off your top, but then you would be topless. But if you take off your shorts instead, then you can think of this top as a very short dress, and you’ll be fully clothed.


I know what you’re thinking: you don’t want to go out in public wearing just this top, because it’s too short to serve as a dress.  But then we remind you of the overlap in the first picture. Didn’t this top overlap an awful lot of your shorts? So now, honey, take a deep breath, stand up, and picture yourself out in public wearing nothing but this top. Can you do it?

PrettyGirl2013-11-19eOr will the thought of wearing just this top make you want to curl up in a fetal position, and wish the Dress Code away?



Pretty Girl of the Day, November 18, 2013

I was just getting a bite to eat when the Pretty Girl team took my picture. Naturally, I was delighted, but what’s so special about me? I’m just one of hundreds of girls on campus, wearing a very decent little dress.


They wanted me to pose for them, doing the kinds of things I normally do every day. I said sure. I got up from the table, and started to adjust my dress, but they told me not to. They wanted me to just act natural, as if there were no camera. But when I sit down, my dress rides up, I told them. And so I naturally pull it back down whenever I stand up. Your dress hardly rode up at all, they assured me. I didn’t really believe them, but I followed their instruction, because they know best.

What about some sexy poses, they suggested. They told me how cute my butt was, and what a shame to cover it up. So I lifted my dress a little, so they could take a picture of my cute little butt, ha ha!


I so desperately wanted to pull my dress down, but they insisted I was way cuter if I just left the dress as it was, so I reluctantly agreed.


They said the posing was all very cute, but they wanted a picture of me playing.

Playing? I asked. Like the way kids play?

Exactly, they said. Well, I was a little embarrassed to tell them how much fun it is for me to play at the local playground, but they assured me it wasn’t embarrassing at all. They said it was “cute”. Well, I’m always ready to be cute, that’s for sure. But I begged them, can I please pull my dress down over my butt? In a few minutes, they promised. But first, let’s get some pictures! To be honest, I was flattered they thought my butt was too cute to cover, so I let it go.


But I put my foot down when it came to sliding my bare butt down the slide. Have you ever tried that? Even if your butt is completely dry, it doesn’t slide very well. And my butt was, shall we say, a little moist, after taking all these sexy pictures. So I insisted on pulling my dress down to cover my butt, and finally they agreed. Even though my butt is covered, the picture came out pretty well, don’t you agree?


I thought that was a really great end to the picture shoot, and I was happy to sign the releases, as long as they didn’t publish the “squatting” picture. Oh, I didn’t tell you about the “squatting” picture? Well, it’s funny, actually. Did you notice that my dress was hiked up almost to my waist in some of the pictures? After the first picture at the restaurant, the photographers made me promise not to adjust my dress until the photo shoot was over. Well, when I stood up and saw my dress was only slightly out of place, I agreed. But they didn’t tell me they were going to make me squat with my legs spread apart. That forced my dress way up off my butt! And then, they paraded me off campus to this playground where I wasn’t allowed to cover myself up! It was so embarrassing! But in the end, I think the pictures came out really nice. All except for the “squatting” picture, that is. I’m glad they promised not to use that one!


Pretty Girl of the Day, November 17, 2013

Today’s pretty girl is Sasha. Normally, we don’t reveal their last names, to protect their anonymity, but Sasha gave us the go-ahead, and we think her full name is extra cute: Sasha Paine-Diaz.PrettyGirl2013-11-17a

We invited Sasha to sit down for an interview, but she declined at first. “Why?” We asked.

Sasha blushed, and said “Isn’t my dress too short?”

We laughed, and said “Of course not, honey! It’s a good two or three inches longer than necessary.”

She laughed, and sat down for us. “I’m sorry I’m so shy. I know other girls wear shorter dresses than this one. But I can’t help it. Are you sure this dress is okay?”

PrettyGirl2013-11-17d“Of course, honey,” we replied. We chatted for a while before we noticed the ladder behind her. “What’s up there?” we asked.

“Oh! I’m so sorry, where are my manners? Would you like some wine?”

“We’d be delighted!”

Then Sasha blushed, and said “Don’t look, okay?”

“But, darling,” we said, “how can we take our eyes off a beauty such as yourself?”

She giggled, and climbed the ladder to fetch some wine.


“Did you see anything?” she asked.

“Just the most beautiful girl in the world, climbing a ladder!”

“No, I mean…” she sighed, and then lowered her voice. “did you see my pussy?”

“Your… Oh, honey, no,” we laughed, then lied through our teeth, the way one does whenever a drop-dead gorgeous girl asks us that question. “Of course not. Your dress is several inches longer than necessary to cover you completely.”

We expected Sasha to be relieved by that news, seeing how shy she was, but instead she looked sad. “But I thought you could see my pussy if you looked up my dress when I was climbing the ladder.”

“Did you want us to see your pussy?”

She turned beet red, and looked coyly down. “Yes,” she said quietly.

“Does it turn you on when people see your pussy?”

Still quite crimson, she admitted that it does. Still looking down, she got very quiet.

“Are you crying,” we asked.

“No,” she said, then took a deep breath.

“Listen, sweetie, we can take an upskirt picture, if you like.”

She instantly snapped out of her funk. “You can?”

“Like we said, your dress is pretty long, and we hate to ask you to do this, but you might have to spread your legs apart…”

Without waiting for us to finish our sentence, she jumped on the table, and squatted.

“There’s not a lot of light in here, so can you spread—that’s fine!” Sasha was a delight to work with. Her pussy was indeed beautiful, so pink and moist. It was clear she was turned on. We asked her if it would be okay to touch her inner thighs, and of course she agreed, but she asked her not to touch her pussy, because that would make her cum, which would be too embarrassing for her. We agreed, and let our fingers play across her beautiful, silky thighs before playfully pinching her sexy little rump, and feeling her soft, puckered anus between her sexy cheeks.

“Please stop,” she begged, “or I might cum!”

PrettyGirl2013-11-17cWe respected her wishes, and snapped the picture. What a delightful girl! She wasn’t at all the way her name suggested.