Pretty Girl of the Day, June 11, 2014

Okay, one more picture in honor of Muff Day.

On the occasion of Muff Day, several people have quizzed the Dean about some of the finer points of the Dress Code. So we thought it would be good to hear what he has to say:

First, let me stress that “Muff Day”, as it’s called, is not a College Sanctioned Spirit day. It’s something a bunch of freshman girls invented a few years ago, and although it’s all in good fun, it’s something, quite frankly, that I wish would just go away.

People have asked me why girls wearing pubic hair as their bottom always seem to also be topless. I don’t know, why don’t you ask them? Maybe they think wearing a top will just draw attention to their lack of clothing down below. Or maybe they’re worried about an “overlap” violation. Or perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve instructed the Inspectors to not only strip any girl with pubic hair stark naked, but also force her to spread her legs and bend over while fellow students are encouraged to do unspeakable things to her.

You may have heard some stories about girls celebrating Muff Day who were tortured and raped. These stories are exaggerated, to be sure, but they have a grain of truth. You see, the Code of Conduct allows students to fondle girls’ bare skin. This unwanted fondling is allowed simply to encourage girls to show less bare skin. In particular, girls should keep their genitals covered to avoid being fondled in that region. Interestingly, pubic hair isn’t considered clothing for the purpose of this rule. So students are perfectly within their rights to fondle a girl’s genitals if all she’s wearing is her muff. Moreover, a girl isn’t permitted to interfere with her fondler by doing such things as covering herself with her hands, keeping her legs together, failing to bend over when her anus is fondled, and the like. Now, as for the torture, yes, there was torture, but it was of a sexual nature. For fun, a student will fondle a naked girl, watching her closely for signs of sexual excitement, such as secretions, vocalizations, shallow breathing, accelerated heart rate, goosebumps, hard nipples or clitoris, and clenching or pulsing of the anal and vaginal muscles, When she appears close to orgasm, the fondling subsides, but continues just enough to keep the girl at the edge of having an orgasm. A clever fondler can sometimes keep a girl at the edge of cumming for an hour or more, while a crowd gathers to watch her suffer. So is this torture? I suppose so, but it’s completely permitted by the Code of Conduct. Now, a girl in this condition is certainly exhibiting signs of sexual excitement, and as every girl knows, doing this in public is a sign of permission, or “consent” to sexual activity. It’s a kind of trick against the girl, I’ll admit, because her clearly visible sexual excitement is not purely voluntary on her part. Often, a girl subjected to merciless fondling does not consciously desire sexual relations, especially not in public, and with one or more strangers. But rules are rules, and girls who give their consent this way have no one to blame but themselves for any sexual contact that results from the chain of events they started: First, they appeared in public wearing too little clothing, then they were fondled, then they became sexually excited, and then sex was forced on them. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for a girl who later claims the consent she gave was coerced, if the whole chain of events was one she set in motion in the first place. The fact remains that she gave her consent, and if she doesn’t like it, she should avoid that whole chain of events in the future. She should shave, and wear a nice dress, long enough to cover her pussy and her butt crack.

I know what you’re going to say next, so let me stop you right there. The Inspectors do not profile girls, and preferentially inspect the ones wearing nice dresses long enough to cover their pussies and butt cracks. That rumor was started by a bunch of boys who just want to see girls wearing short dresses! It’s simply not true. Of course, a girl is free to wear a top, and no bottom, if she wants to, and many girls leave the top few buttons of their top undone, because of the excitement of possibly accidentally flashing a breast. That’s fun for the girl, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But then, to continue unbuttoning button after button, until her top is completely open, well, that’s too much. Yes, I’ve heard girls say they do this to avoid being Inspected. While I’ve heard the logic, and it seems reasonable — that if their tits, ass, and pussy are all fully in view, then an Inspector won’t waste his time — I reiterate there’s absolutely no profiling in our Inspections.

Thank you, girls and boys of the College, for allowing me to address these important concerns.


Pretty Girl of the Day, June 10, 2014

I’m so glad I did the Muff Day thing. I was so scared, growing it out, especially in the last week or so, when I thought it was so obvious. Can I tell you my secret? I kept my lips shaved, as you can see, and I always wore a top that just barely covered my muff – and I always kept my butt completely bare – making it look like I was completely bottomless.


Whenever I would pass an Inspector, I would always smile, then look down, and then when I’ve passed by, I turn my head to catch him looking at me, then I smiled again, not just to be coy, but at my secret victory over the Inspector. I’m getting wet now, just thinking about it!


But now, the victory is mine. With my nice, fluffy muff covering my pussy, I can go out in public, and feel fully dressed without a stitch of clothing on. Hey, check this out: If I pull my hair over my tits, I’m fully covered! My pussy and my tits, both covered with hair. I love being naked and fully decent at the same time!


So exciting!


Pretty Girl of the Day, June 9, 2014

“I know I could wear a top if I wanted to,” said today’s pretty girl. “but I’ve heard that any top longer than, say, belly-button length, is grounds for Inspection, and horrible things happen to girls who are Inspected, right? Besides, what’s the use? If I’m going to be completely bottomless, I might as well show my little titties, too, right?”

I think she’s right about that, don’t you?


Pretty Girl(s) of the day, June 8, 2014

After months of secrecy, “Muff Day” has finally arrived. It’s a tradition at the College, based on a quirk of the Dress Code. Although most girls shave completely, girls are allowed to grow their pubic hair if they want. Some girls like to have a little bush for modesty. “I’m never completely naked, as long as I have my bush,” said one freshman. “It’s almost like wearing a thong,” she added. Like a thong, a girl’s bush covers her pussy, helping her feel decent.

“That’s the problem,” said the Dean of Students. “Girls feel decent even if their dress is way too short, as long as they’re wearing a thong or even a little pubic hair.” This is why the Dress Code classifies a girl’s bush as an item of clothing, akin to underwear. “You, see,” explained the Dean, “It serves the same function. It covers the girl too much. It’s a crutch. It allows her to cheat on her outer clothing, and wear something too — well, too sexy, if you want to know my real opinion.”

So that’s it. The quirk in the Dress Code. Girls aren’t actually required to shave, but if they don’t, their bush counts the same as panties, and we all know not to wear panties under our dresses or skirts. Which means, you guessed it: girls with bushes can’t wear dresses or skirts. At least, not without risking getting caught.

“Pubic hair isn’t a big problem at the college. The Inspection process is pretty good at catching cheaters. Besides, all freshman girls start the year fully shaved, we make sure of that.” The Dean was referring to the practice of stripping all incoming freshmen girls naked on arrival, and requiring them to remain naked until after their student ID photos have been taken. “We can only take so many pictures a day, so, naturally, some of the girls are naked for several days until their picture can be taken. It doesn’t take them long to discover that we only take their pictures when they’re fully shaven,” laughs the Dean.

“It’s all about secrecy,” said an adorable blonde freshman with cute little breasts and an adorable, wispy muff. “You have to grow your muff in secret, until it’s ready. Muff day is exactly 31 days after the first day of school, not a lot of time to grow a big bushy one. So you have to get your picture taken on the first day, and then you need to avoid the Inspectors. Most girls are scared of getting inspected. After all, it’s embarrassing to have to take off your clothes, and stand there, stark naked, with all your classmates gawking at you. But it’s even worse for a girl growing out her pubes. If she’s caught violating the Dress Code, the punishment can be severe. They want to use these girls as examples to scare the rest of us. I remember one poor girl in particular, seeing what she went through almost made me give up on Muff day and shave. They sat her in a chair, right in the middle of the commons,  with her arms and legs handcuffed behind her, leaving her no semblance of modesty. She had to beg passers-by to shave her. They told her that once she was completely shaved, she would be released. Next to her was a bottle of baby oil and a razor. Some of the students took pity on her, and they were very nice to her. They gently rubbed the baby oil on her lips, and did some shaving. But other students laughed at her, and made fun of her obvious sexual excitement. Even though she came half a dozen times, it wasn’t any fun for her.”

“So I learned quickly what I needed to do. I shaved my lips, and wore the shortest dress that still covered my muff. I made sure my butt wasn’t covered, and I tried to show my tits as much as possible. I didn’t want to give the Inspectors any excuse to pull me aside and make me strip. If I needed to bend over for any reason, I always put my legs together, and bent at the waist, often sending my top billowing around my face as I mooned whoever was behind me. In class, I always spread my legs so the professor could see I wasn’t wearing panties.”

PrettyGirl2014-06-08cFinally, all the secrecy, and all the wearing of skimpy dresses to avoid Inspection paid off. Muff Day finally arrived. All the girls who had avoided stripping for an Inspector all month did the unthinkable: they stripped voluntarily, and paraded about campus in the nude. But, of course, they weren’t nude. They were wearing their secret girl armor, and they were proud of it! Best of all, it’s like wearing a kind of clothing that no one can make you take off. You were naked, but not naked.


Happy Muff Day, everyone!



Pretty Girl of the Day, June 6, 2014

I’m sitting down to a delicious watermelon treat, wearing socks and my watermelon panties. Do you like them?

I like them, too. They cover my pussy, so I can bend over without worrying.


Do you think I haven’t noticed the crowd of students who have gathered to watch me eat? I see you!


And I hear you, too. You’re saying you’re worried that my panties will get stained from the watermelon juice. Maybe you’re right. Do you mind very much if I take them off?


Ha ha! It’s easier to play without panties. Thanks for the suggestion!


You know what? You were right. Watermelon is messy. I would have stained my panties for sure.


All done! What a mess! Would anyone like to help me clean up?



Pretty Girl of the Day, June 5, 2014

I’m not sure about other colleges, but at this one, the girls are so sweet, it’s such a delight to take a stroll about the campus. That’s especially true on Wednesdays, which the Spirit Committee has renamed “Onesdays” because girls are asked to wear just one item of clothing — a top or bottom, please, no dresses — to show their school spirit. The idea is to start from a two-item ensemble that meets the Dress Code, and remove one of the items.

Spirit days are fun for the girls, too, because it gives them an excuse to wear outfits they might not ordinarily wear. For example, even though the Dress Code allows girls to wear tops as dresses, some girls are shy about wearing really short tops by themselves. Other girls are shy about going topless. But on Onesday, they have an excuse.


Inspectors like Spirit days, too, because they get a break on their quotas. The Inspectors don’t like it when I mention quotas, but it’s well known that each Inspector has to cite a certain number of girls for “indecency” every day. It’s hard to believe, but some girls still try to cheat the Dress Code. They might wear panties under a dress, for example. Or a top that’s just a little too long, and overlaps their micro-miniskirt by half an inch. Or they might just forget to shave. Of course, a girl can be fully in compliance with the Dress Code and still be found indecent just by talking back to the Inspector, or by failing to obey his instructions.

So when girls wear less clothing, it’s harder for them to cheat. And with less cheating, the Inspectors get some relief. But even on Spirit days, some girls try to cheat. Wearing shorts is one of the most common ways to cheat, so this girl shouldn’t have been surprised when I asked her to please remove them.


Did you see the look on her face? Like a deer in the headlights. What was running through her mind? Maybe she was wondering if I’m really an Inspector. (I’m not, by the way!) Or maybe she was worried she had accidentally worn panties this morning. For whatever reason, she fumbled with the snap and zipper for such a long time, I started to feel a bit sorry for her. I think it was a relief for both of us when she finally lowered her shorts, and proudly demonstrated her compliance with the Dress Code.


She was such a beautiful girl, I couldn’t resist touching her. And she couldn’t have been nicer about it. When I began fondling her breasts, she let go of her shorts, and raised her arms, making it easier for me to run my hands down her gorgeous body. As I helped her out of her shorts, she raised one leg, and then the other, oh, so cute! After I stood up, I noticed her nipples were hard. And something else was hard, too. I thought about raping her, which would have been completely permissible according to the College rules, because any expression of sexual excitement by a girl is considered consent. It’s what the College calls “consensual rape”.


She must have seen my moment of indecision. “Would you like to keep my shorts?” she asked, still smiling sweetly. I placed my hand gently between her legs, and like a good girl, she spread them apart, just enough. Her pussy was soft and wet. She closed her eyes, and I kissed her.

“Thanks,” I said, as I walked off with her shorts.

Pretty Girl Of The Day, June 4, 2014

Can I tell you about my high school “College Prep” class? Like most high schools in the area, our CP class was geared mostly toward girls, to help us get over our shyness. Our CP teacher, Miss Swan, was so nice. She graduated from the College, so she understood how important it was for us to be prepared.

From the first minute of my CP class, I knew this class would be different from any other class I would ever take in high school. There I was, sitting in my little chair, feeling really uncomfortable in a plain white top with no bra and short denim skirt, as instructed. At least the other girls were dressed the same way. Even Miss Swan wore a low-cut top, and a skirt so short that her top almost covered it!

Then Miss Swan laid a bombshell on us. Before the end of the period, one of the girls — the “chosen one” — would be naked! “Each one of you can decide for yourself if you will be the chosen one,” she said. “All you have to do is overcome your shyness to a greater extent than at least one of your classmates, and you won’t be chosen. Pretty nice, right? And then, if that’s not fun enough, you’ll get to see one of your classmates forced to strip stark naked in front of the whole class.”

I felt myself getting wet just thinking about it, and I could tell the boys were thinking about it, too. That’s right, I forgot to tell you, our CP class was co-ed. I was surprised, too, but it makes sense when you think about it. The boys have just as hard a time (no pun intended) as the girls, adjusting to the College Dress Code.

“You’re all such good girls, wearing your tops, skirts, and panties,” said Miss Swan. “But it was a trick. I really wanted you to wear just a top and panties, but I kept it from you because I didn’t want to influence your choice of top. You see, today’s lesson is that just about every top is long enough. So each one of you girls is going to take off her skirt now, and pass it up to the front of the room. You won’t be needing it today. You’ll see that a top and panties is enough. Yes?”



One brave girl had raised her hand. “But my panties will show,” she said.

A few of the boys laughed. Miss Swan glared at them. “Stand up, honey,” she said. The girl stood up, and sure enough, her top was way too short to cover her panties, especially the back. “It’s not so bad,” Miss Swan said. “But to be safe, you should probably take them off.”

“To– to be safe?” she stammered.

“The Dress Code is still in effect, even for girls taking CP.” Did I tell you about our high school’s Dress Code? It was pretty simple. Girls aren’t allowed to wear a dress or skirt so short her panties showed. The penalty was simple: the offending girl had to remove the item of clothing that was too short. All us girls knew which dresses were too short, and we either wore a thong or no underwear at all, just to make sure it wouldn’t show. Sure it was embarrassing to be caught not wearing underwear, but it was a lot worse to have to take off your dress and wear only your underwear! “You think about it, honey. You don’t have to take off your panties right away.”

Then Miss Swan called all the girls to the front of the room. We must have been quite a sight, all wearing our tops and panties! I knew what was going to happen. My heart was beating fast. “Would any of you girls like to strip down to your panties? If you do, then I’ll let you sit down.” A couple girls took her up on the offer, but I couldn’t imagine going from class to class topless. I was willing to take my chances. “Now, who wants to take off her panties?” With my heart was beating out of my chest, I did it. I took off my panties, and handed them to Miss Swan. I knew my top wasn’t long enough, but I was even more afraid of having to strip, so I took the risk. A few other girls did, too.

I sat my bare butt down on my chair wondering how I would go from class to class so obviously bottomless, Did I make a big mistake? Isn’t this just as bad as being naked? Maybe I should have held out. What if all the girls stood firm, and refused to let Miss Swan whittle away at our clothing?

“Pay attention, class!” said Miss Swan. I looked up to see just two girls — Audrey and Natalie — looking very scared. I understood why they were still there. Each one of their tops was too short to wear without panties, although Audrey’s was almost long enough. “Audrey,” said Miss Swan, “I’m leaning toward stripping you, but I’m not sure yet. If you like, you can take off your panties, and that might help, but I might strip you anyway. It’s totally up to you, Audrey. Would you like to take off your panties?”

Poor Audrey. I totally understood the look on her face, and I felt really bad for her as she bent over to pull them down to her ankles. Her top hardly covered any of her butt. She really might as well be naked. I felt so bad for her as she stood there, covering her pussy with her hand. It is definitely going to be a hard day for Audrey.

“Natalie,” said Miss Swan. “I’ll make you the same offer.” Now, I’ve gotta tell you, Natalie was looking so cute in a tiny little top and bikini panties, her gorgeous belly completely bare. If she took off her panties, she would be completely bottomless, and Miss Swan would almost certainly strip one of the other girls. Isn’t a top better than nothing?

I really expected Natalie to knuckle under to Miss Swan the way Audrey had done, so I was surprised when she said, “No, I might as well be naked. If you want to choose me, then go ahead. But I’m not going to let you force us all to get half naked!”

Good for you, Natalie! I started clapping, and the whole class joined in. Miss Swan raised her hand to silence us. “Then I’m afraid you’re the one, Natalie. I want you to start with your cute little top. Will you take it off, please?” Natalie practically tore it off, and threw it defiantly to the floor. “Thank you, Natalie. Now, I know this part is hard. I’ve seen many girls crumble at the prospect of removing their last item of clothing, and going back to their seat completely naked. So I’m going to let you take your time. You can keep your panties on for the time being. Go back to your seat, and savor the last few moments of wearing your panties.”

Natalie looked relieved as she sat down.

But Miss Swan wasn’t done yet. Audrey, completely bottomless, was still standing in front of the class. “Audrey, can you imagine how hard it will be for Natalie after she finally takes off her panties? Look at her breasts. Do you see how erect her nipples are? Her pussy is probably pretty wet now, which is common for girls who are about to be stripped naked.”

Audrey looked like she was about to cry. “You should have stripped me instead,” she whispered.

“There’s still a chance,” Said Miss Swan.

Without another word, Audrey took off her little top, patted Natalie’s shoulder as she sat down, tears streaming down her cheeks.


Later that day, I happened to see Natalie in the cafeteria. She was as naked as Audrey. “What happened to your panties?” I asked.

“I felt so bad for Audrey, it didn’t seem right to wear them,” she said as she sat down.

I knew how she felt. I even felt a little guilty wearing my top. But not so guilty I was willing to take it off!

Just then, Audrey showed up. “Sit with us,” she offered. So I did. Audrey sat to my left, and Natalie to my right. Our three naked butts must have made quite a sight that day. I relaxed a bit as my naked classmates stroked my inner thighs.

Pretty Girl Of The Day, June 3, 2014

Here at the College, we have a Dress Code for a very simple reason. Decency. We girls have a responsibility to dress decently and behave decently, and so we have rules to help make that happen.

My story today is a happy story, about the rules and how they work. It starts with this pretty white dress. When you see it on me, you can tell right away that I’m not wearing any underwear. You can’t really wear underwear under a thin, white dress, especially not one as thin as this one. But even if I could wear underwear, I wouldn’t because it’s against the rules. The rules are there to encourage girls like me to wear dresses that are long enough to be decent, since there’s nothing else to protect me.

PrettyGirl2014-06-03a Then, something happened that made me very proud. I was selected from among all the girls walking to our first class, and given the opportunity to show that I’m a good girl. That’s right, an Inspection. I took off my dress right away, eager to show the Inspector, as well as the gathering spectators what a good girl I am. I held onto the fence and spread my legs, just as he asked.

PrettyGirl2014-06-03bHe was so nice and gentle when he checked to see if I was excited. I’ll admit I did get a little excited when he touched me there, but he patted my butt and told me it was okay. All the girls get a little wet when they’re forced to strip like this. As he stroked my breasts, he mentioned that I should try not to get nipple hard-ons, whatever that means. He was nice, though.PrettyGirl2014-06-03cI really didn’t want to turn around and face all the people watching, but the Inspector told me I had to, so I did. It seemed like I was there a long time, but I think that’s just because I was so scared to be stripped naked in front of my classmates. The Inspector told me I could leave now, if I wanted, so I thanked him and asked for my dress back. Was that funny? The guy couldn’t stop laughing. Apparently he wanted me to just leave without my dress!
PrettyGirl2014-06-03dWell, I wasn’t having it. I stood there, like a good little girl, for over an hour, while the Inspector let one boy after another fondle me, and even some girls, too! I pretended I didn’t like the fondling, because that’s what good girls do, but secretly, I kinda liked it! The first time I came, I was so embarrassed, but everyone said it was okay. It happens to a lot of girls when they’re inspected.

One boy seemed to get off on teasing me. I was a bit annoyed at him, but he was cute, so I let it go. He made me spread my legs, and then he got down on his knees in front of me, and massaged my ankles, then my knees, then my inner thighs, and I’m sure he could see how wet I was getting, but he never touched my pussy. He let his hands skip right past the part of me that was aching to be touched, and massaged my butt, my belly, and then my breasts before working his way back down my body. He had an amazing ability to sense exactly when I was about to cum, and then he stopped for a minute. “Please,” I begged him. I said that word over and over, but he seemed not to know what I wanted. Finally, he let me get down on my hands and knees, and tried to relax as he pushed into me, holding me by my hips. When he was inside me, he hugged me, oh, it felt so good! Oh, oh, oh! I was dizzy. I was delirious. Oh! OH! So good!

I felt myself blushing when the people watching us started clapping. The boy was free to leave, but I had to remain naked and face the crowd, my legs spread, and my pussy, well, I didn’t notice it then, but it must have been pretty obvious that I enjoyed having sex with that boy. The Inspector offered me another chance to leave — naked — which I coyly declined, stroking one finger behind his ear. We both knew he could have fucked me right then, if he wanted to. But he was a gentleman. He kissed me, and rubbed my back. I spread my legs to give him full access, but he just stroked my asshole with the fingertips of one hand as he kissed me. And then, just like that, he gave me back my dress, and wished me a good day.

Pretty Girl Of The Day, June 2, 2014

Do you like my outfit? Me too! It’s got everything I love in an outfit: pretty colors, it fits me perfectly, and, yes, even if I say so myself, it’s sexy. I’m just a little worried about being Inspected today, after that incident the other day. Did you hear about it? A girl was cited for indecency because she wore two bottoms. One of her bottoms was a pair of thigh-high socks, just like these.


But this outfit is different, don’t you think? Even the most ruthless Inspector wouldn’t call this two bottoms, would he? This is just a top and a bottom — the top is my purple dress, and the bottom is my socks. No overlap, and just one bottom and one top. I think it’s legal, don’t you?

I just worry the purple dress is too long, you know? Listen, if my dress came down halfway to my knees, it would overlap the socks and I would be in big trouble. Obviously it’s not that long, but, well, I guess I just worry too much.

Anyway, what’s the worst that could happen? I’ll just go out and enjoy my day, and if it turns out my dress is too long to wear with thigh socks, well, it’s a lesson worth learning, and I’ll try to do better next time.